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福清医院在那福清市第三医院做药物流产多少钱福建省人民医院专家 Taking a Taxi 坐计程车 -01-6 3:8:5 来源: Miss Kao : Taxi! Taxi! (A cab stops and she goes in.) Cab driver : Where to, miss? Miss Kao : Diamond Hotel on Beach Avenue. How much do you think the fare will be? Cab driver : Well, about three dollars. I can't tell exactly, but whatever it is, it will show on the meter. Miss Kao : I took a taxi yesterday from the station to Diamond Hotel, and the driver charged me six dollars. Cab driver : Was it rush hour? Miss Kao : No, it wasn't. Cab driver : Well, there is nothing I can say, miss. Miss Kao : Do you think he intentionally drove all around instead of driving directly to Diamond Hotel? Cab driver : No. Why would he want to do that? Miss Kao : more money. He thought I was someone who can be taken advantage of. Cab driver : I wouldn't say that, miss. Any cab driver would lose his license if he got caught doing a thing like that. Miss Kao : I didn't know that. Cab driver : Now you know. Are you new in this city? Miss Kao : Yes. I'll probably stay here two more weeks. Cab driver : In that case, you can try to call a cab company to send you a cab next time when you need one. That'll certainly make you feel safer.... Here you are, Diamond Hotel. Miss Kao : Thank you the advice. How much is it? Cab driver : Two dollars and ninty-eight cents. Miss Kao : Here is three dollars. Keep the change. Vocabulary 注释 1. cab n. 即“taxi',计程车 . rush hour 指交通的高峰时间 driver Miss Diamond dollars.口语详解:地道不地道,一看就知道 -- :58:19 来源: 他化学成绩得了87分 Chinese Style :He got 87 points in chemistry.American Style: He got an 87 in chemistry.我是个公务员 Chinese Style I’m a public servant.American Style I work the government.小王在中国是很常见的一个名字Xiao Wang is a common name in China. (popular:流行)她很纯洁(天真) Chinese Style She is pure.American Style She is naive.我有个问题要问你 I have a question to ask you.这本书值得多读几次 This book deserves to be several times. 被动我喜欢红茶 I like black tea. 绿茶:green tea我妈妈喜欢和浓茶 Chinese Style My mother likes to drink thick tea.American Style My mother likes her tea strong.历史重演 History repeats itself.我习惯于早睡早起Chinese Style I make a rule of going to bed early and get up early. American Style: I make a rule to keep early hours.我想去海边 I want to go to the beach(海滩).我回到家的时候门是关着的(表状态)The door was closed when I returned home.我们坐在那个沙发上好吗? Shall we sit on that sofa ?牛排比较嫩 This steak is tender.他的新书会很好卖! His new book will sell well. 习惯用主动就行了总是有很多人占线! There’re a lot of sparrows sitting on the telephone lines.他把我撞的很重 He hit me hard.我的薪水难以维系生活My pay is not enough to live on. (cannot support my living.)他想建立一个甜蜜(温暖)的家He wants to establish a happy home. (sweet)为什么不拿一个驾照呢? Why don’t you get a driving license?去年我去了西雅图,我很喜欢那个地方Last year I went to Seattle. I liked it very much.喜欢那儿我想明天不会下雨吧! I don’t think it will rain tomorrow. 否定提前你的相机是这种类型的吗? Is your camera like this ?昨晚他的房子被雷击了 His house was struck by lightning last night.我的祖母活到了85岁 My grandmother lived to be eighty-five.我有很多工作要做 I have a lot of work to do(做定语).喝酒太多对身体不好Drinking(强调事情) too much is bad one’s health. To drink(强调动作)今天天气非常热It’s hot today. IT可以用来指天气今天下午我爸爸就会到家了My father will be home this afternoon.总数是多少?How much does it come to ?我旅行去了欧洲I made a trip to Europe.Chinese Style: I traveled to Europe.我非常喜欢游泳I like swimming very much.请排队等候 Wait your turn, please.你的表几点了?What time is it by your watch.我不知道他说了什么I don’t know what he said.宾语从句里要用陈述语气澳大利亚的首都是哪?What is the capital of Australia?他肩膀很宽He has broad shoulders我们喜欢这凉爽的风(一般是指微风)We enjoyed the cool breeze. WIND我用50美元买下了这本书I bought this book 50 dollars. Buy-----不要努力工作!--是的,我不会努力工作的 Chinese Style :Don’t work too hard.Yes, I won’t American Style: Don’t work too hard. All right, I won’t 英语里绝对不会出现前面是个肯定的回答,后面出现否定的句子 如,只能出现YES ,I WILL-- 你周末做什么呢? --我准备星期日和汤姆打网球 Be going to do 打算去做某事 What are you going to do over the weekend ? I am going to play tennis with Tom on Sunday.昨天我父亲给我买了一个黑色的小皮钱包My father bought me a small black leather wallet yesterday.形容词排序:大小 颜色 质地一般情况下,萨姆很难时完成作业Most of the time, it is difficult Sam to finish his work on time. It is difficult sb to do sth To do sth is difficult sb这些强盗能够做出很草率的事情These thugs are quite capable of doing really hasty things. Sb. Is capable现在什么感觉?How do you feel now ? 你现在感觉到了什么What do you feel now ?如果你决心要在入学考试中成功,你必须加倍努力学习If you are determined to make the grade in the entrance examination, you must work extra hard.请小心拿着这块金表,它值五千多美元呢!Please handle this gold watch carefully. It is worth(介词) more than five thousand dollars.我昨天早上碰见了玛丽亚她看起来很健康I ran into Maria yesterday morning. She looked healthy. 此句为系表结构,Look在此为系动词,意思是看起来,后面应加形容词做表语.我是家里的独生子,我没有兄弟. I am the only son in the family. I have no brothers. Not与助动词和情态动词连用构成否定式而have在此处为行为动词,不能和not连用. No与可数名词单数,复数或不可数名词连用,意思是没有作为香港公民,我们有必要帮助警察打击犯罪. As the citizens of Hong Kong, it is necessary us to help the police in their fight against crime. it is necessary sb to do sth 为固定用法这个持刀疯子在幼儿园乱跑, 孩子们处于危险之中冒着很大危险The children were in great danger (处于危险当中)as the knife-wielding madman was running amok in the kindergarten.约瑟夫上周没去***会,我也没去Joseph did not go to the concert last week. I did not go either. 在英语中too 和either都表示“也”,too用于肯定句,either用于否定句和疑问句.我们已经等了半小时了,她还没有来. We have been waiting half an hour. She has not come yet. Still常用于肯定句; yet用于疑问句和否定句中,及用于表示怀疑的动词之后, 通常位于句末;在英式英语中通常用于现在完成时或过去完成时.我建议你去放一个长假I recommend that you take a long vacation. Recommend 的用法是后面+that+sb(should)+do小孩子很难能理解It is difficult children to understand that. 所用到的句型是It is +adj++sb to do sth 对于莫人来说做某事很困难我喜欢绿颜色I like green. 因为 green 就能表示绿色的意思所以不能再加上color"Some people think that all engineers are nerds."“有些人认为所有的工程师都是让人厌烦的家伙 ”nerd (noun)[offensive]英:a boring or unpopular person中:讨厌鬼;乏味的人 地道 知道 详解 口语阳下街道妇女儿童医院门诊专家预约

福清高山镇医院哪家做包皮手术好新员工英文自我介绍 -- :: 来源: Teachers, good afternoon. Allow me to briefly talk about myself.My name is - Xianning graduated from the south gate of the private secondary schools. Tourism now studying at the school in Hubei Province. Studying hotel management professional.I was a character, cheerful girl, so my hobbies is extensive. Sporty. In my spare time likes playing basketball, table tennis, volleyball, skating. When a person like the Internet at home, or a personal stereo. Not like too long immersed in the world of books, and family members have told me, Laoyijiege is the best. Talking about my family, then I will talk about my family has. Only three people my family, my grandmother, grandfather and my own. My grandfather is a engineer, I am very severely on peacetime, the Church me a lot. Grandma is a very kindly the elderly, care my life in every possible way. Theree, I have no parents in their care, childhood and growth were full of joy.I like this hotel management professional, because I like to live in a strict order of the management environment. I have my professional self-confidence and hope, as long as the efts will be fruitful, this is my motto. Since I chose this profession, I will follow this path, eft, perseverance path.Thank you teachers. I finished presentation.翻译: 各位老师,下午好请允许我简单介绍一下我自己我的名字叫——毕业于咸宁南门私立中学现就读于湖北省旅游学校学习饭店管理专业我是一个性格开朗的女孩子,所以我的兴趣爱好很广泛热爱运动在我闲暇的时候喜欢打篮球,乒乓球,排球,溜冰一个人在家的时候喜欢上网,或者听歌不太喜欢太长时间的沉浸在书的世界里,家人曾经告诉过我,劳逸结合是最好的说到我的家人,那我就要说说我的家庭了我家里只有三口人,我的奶奶,爷爷和我自己我爷爷是个工程师,他平时对我很严厉,教会我很多东西奶奶是个很慈祥的老人,对我的生活照顾得无微不至所以没有父母的我在他们的照顾下,童年和成长都充满了快乐我喜欢酒店管理这个专业,是因为我喜欢生活在一个有严格管理秩序的环境里我对我的专业充满自信和希望,只要努力,就会有收获,这是我的座右铭既然我选择了这个专业,就会沿着我这条路,努力的,坚持不懈的走下去 员工青口镇妇幼保健医院检查多少钱 Cinderella-The Real Story 37沙埔镇人民医院专家咨询

福清上迳镇哪家医院治疗性功能障碍If somebody tells you, " I'll love you ever," will you believe it?   I don't think there's any reason not to. we are y to believe such commitment at the moment, whatever change may happen afterwards. As the belief in an everlasting love, that's another thing.   Then you may be asked whether there is such a thing as an everlasting love. I'd answer i believe in it. But an everlasting love is not immutable.    You may unswervingly love or be loved by a person. But love will change its composition with the passage of time. It will not remain the same. In the course of your growth and as a result of your increased experience, love will become something different to you.  In the beginning you believed a fervent love a person could last indefinitely. By and by, however," fervent" gave way to " prosaic" . Precisely because of this change it became possible love to last. Then what was meant by an everlasting love would eventually end up in a sort of interdependence.   We used to insist on the difference between love and liking. The mer seemed much more beautiful than the latter. one day, however, it turns out there's really no need to make such difference. Liking is actually a sort of love. By the same token, the everlasting interdependence is actually an everlasting love.   I wish i could believe there was somebody who would love me ever. That's, as we all know, too romantic to be true. Instead, it will more often than not be a case of lasting relationship. 569 口语里的数学表达 -01-7 00::1 来源: "最多"除了no more than 还可怎么说?"总和"除了a total amount of还可以用"combined"表达,你知道吗?"除了……之外on top of that"你会用吗?下文就为你一一来解答1. It's 6 or 7 miles max.最多就是六七英哩No more than (不会比……多) 或是 at most (至多) 这样的片语平常老美用得很多,但是以我听老美的讲话习惯,有时候只要在句尾加上一个 maximum (最大值) 或是简写 max 就可以取代一长串的 no more than 或是 at most例如有人问 "How old is she? (她多大年纪了?)" 假设她不会超过二十岁,你可以回答 "She is no more than years old." 或是 "She is years old at most." 都可以,但是如果你用max,只要说 "She is years old max." 就可以了相同的道理,如果你要表达的是 no less than (不少于……) 或是 at least (至少有……) 这样的意思的话,可以用 minimum (最小值) 这个词来取代例如我想知道下场垒球赛我们需要多少人,可以是:"We need no less than nine people.","We need at least nine people." 或是 "We need nine people minimum." 这三句话的意思完全一样,都是说"我们最少需要九个人"或许你觉得把 No more than 省略成 max 不过节省 1 秒钟,但想想如果这辈子你用 max 六百次,你就省下了……"Oh. You do the math." 总之人生苦短,能节省一分钟是一分钟吧!. I eat more pasta than all other foods combined.我吃的面食比其它所有种类的食物加起来还要多跟 maximum、minimum 一样常常被放在句尾的还有 combined 这个词,(原形是 combine,但放在句尾时用的是 be + 过去分词 combined,省略 be 动词),意思是"总和",也就等于 a total amount of 的意思例如我父母两个人加起来,打算要赚 ,000,这句话就是,"My parents plan to earn a total amount of ,000." 但简单一点的讲法,可以直接说,"My parents plan to earn ,000 combined." 就可以了另外还有一个用法,all other... combined,大家可以把它当成一个片语记起来,意指"其他的东西加起来的总数量",常跟 more than 合用例如,"In 1996, more than 500,000 women died of cardiovascular disease, more than all other diseases combined." (在 1996 年,有五十万的妇女死于心血管疾病,这个数字比死于其它所有疾病加起来的总和都还要多)我想,在句尾加上 maximum 或是 combined 这样的用法真的是蛮特殊的,主要是在中文母语里并没有这样的用法,所以一般人不会轻易去使用,但事实上它们真的是很好用,老美也很喜欢用,大家不妨试着去接受这样的用法,还是老话一句,这样子你的美语才会地道3. I ate salad, soup, steak and pudding. On top of that, I drank two cups of coffee.我吃了沙拉,汤,牛排和布丁,除此之外,我还喝了两杯咖啡讲到"除了……之外",以前老师教我们的都是 besides、in addition to (包含的除外),不然就是 except (不包含的除外) 所以这个例句一般人的讲法会是:"Besides In addition to salad, soup, steak and pudding, I drank two cups of coffee." 但除了 besidesin addition to 之外,老美也很喜欢用 on top of that 这个片语,而且当他们在讲 on top of that 都还会特别强调加强语气,通常能表现出一种夸大的语气来吸引听者的注意比方说:"她的未婚夫不但有五栋房子和两部豪华轿车, 里还有十亿元的存款",这里重点是最后的十亿元存款,所以句子要这么说:"Her fiance has five houses and two luxury cars. On top of that, he has 1 billion dollars in the bank."(改编自小笨霖英语笔记本 英语点津 Annabel 编辑)我要学习更多口语表达 表达 数学 口语 than东瀚镇妇幼保健医院属于几级医院福清最好的医院




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