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  • President Barack Obama has managed to retain a narrow lead in his race for re-election despite a spate of bad economic news and surging GOP optimism about Mitt Romney#39;s prospects, a new Wall Street Journal/N News poll finds.《华尔街日报》和美国全国广播公司(N News)最新民调显示,尽管近期经济方面不利消息频传,尽管美国共和党人对罗姆尼(Mitt Romney)的选战前景越来越乐观,但美国总统奥巴马(Barack Obama)仍在谋求连任的竞选中保持了微弱的领先优势。The president outpolls Mr. Romney, his presumed Republican rival, 47% to 44%, a lead within the survey#39;s margin of error and similar to the advantage he enjoyed a month ago. Mr. Obama#39;s lead is wider in swing states, where the campaigns have battled most intensely.民调显示,奥巴马的持率为47%,超过将成为其对手的共和党候选人罗姆尼44%的持率。奥巴马的这个领先优势在民调的误差范围内,与他一个月前享有的优势差不多。奥巴马的领先优势在;摇摆州;较大,那些州也是选战最激烈的地方。The poll highlights challenges facing both candidates. While Mr. Obama retains a durable base of support, his standing among white, working-class voters, which was low to start with, continues to erode. Interest in the campaign isn#39;t nearly as intense as it was four years ago among young people and Latinos, who were important to Mr. Obama#39;s victory in 2008.这次民调凸显出了两位候选人各自面临的挑战。虽然奥巴马仍拥有牢固的持基础,但他在白人工薪阶层选民中的声望持续下降,而且他在这些选民中的声望一开始就不高。年轻人和拉美裔选民对奥巴马竞选的兴趣远不及四年前那么浓厚,而这些人的持对奥巴马2008年成功当选美国总统十分重要。At the same time, more people viewed Mr. Romney unfavorably than favorably by a 6-point margin, with nearly one-quarter of those polled viewing him ;very negatively,; twice the level found in December. Mr. Romney#39;s business background, which he has made a central element of his candidacy, is a draw for many, the poll found. But it is viewed negatively by even more people.与此同时,不喜欢罗姆尼的人比喜欢他的人多了六个百分点,近四分之一的被调查者对他持非常负面的看法,这一比例是去年12月的两倍。罗姆尼将自己的商业背景作为选战的重要卖点,民调显示,这一点吸引了很多人,但同时有更多人将其视为负面因素。Overall, the survey presents the presidential race as both tight and stable. ;It looks like a dead heat on a merry-go-round,; said Peter Hart, the Democratic pollster who conducts the Journal survey with Republican Bill McInturff. ;There is the appearance of motion, but the horses#39; positions haven#39;t changed.;民调显示,这次总统竞选整体而言格局稳定且势均力敌。美国民主党民调专家哈特(Peter Hart)说,两个人难分胜负,这就好像是坐旋转木马一样,外表看是在动,但木马的位置并没有改变。这次民调由哈特与共和党人麦金塔夫(Bill McInturff)共同完成。Mr. Obama#39;s advantage is more pronounced in 12 battleground states which, taken as a group, favor him 50% to 42%. His larger lead in those states, which include Nevada, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Virginia, could reflect the impact of negative ads aired by his campaign that have criticized Mr. Romney#39;s record as a businessman and portrayed him as out of touch with middle-class voters.奥巴马在12个;摇摆州;的优势更为明显。若把这些州当作一个整体,它们与美国其它州对奥巴马的持率分别是50%和42%。奥巴马在这些州(包括内华达、科罗拉多、宾夕法尼亚和弗吉尼亚等)的较大领先幅度或许可反映出他打出的负面竞选广告所产生的影响。这些广告批评罗姆尼作为生意人的过往经历,将罗姆尼描绘成一个与中产阶级选民脱节的人。;There are two campaigns─the one being fought out in the press, and one in swing states,; said Mr. McInturff. ;We#39;re seeing some indications that the advertising could be having an impact.;麦金塔夫说,现在出现了两个竞选,一个是在媒体上进行的,一个是在;摇摆州;进行的,我们发现有一些迹象显示,竞选广告可能有不小影响。The poll of 1,000 adults was conducted June 20-24, after a month that seemed to offer much to buoy Mr. Romney. His fundraising was strong, the May jobs report was weak, and Mr. Obama was widely criticized for saying the private sector was ;doing fine.; Republican confidence grew after an effort by labor unions and their Democratic allies to recall Wisconsin#39;s Republican governor failed.这次民调在6月20日至24日期间采访了1,000名成年人,而此前一个月似乎传出了很多可提振罗姆尼选情的消息。例如,他在竞选筹款方面的表现十分强劲,以及5月份美国就业报告疲弱,奥巴马因说私营部门;表现还行;而遭到普遍批评。在工会及其民主党盟友罢免威斯康星州共和党籍州长的努力失败后,共和党的信心得到增强。 /201206/188478。
  • PARCEL deliveries are often thwarted by menacing dogs, doorstep thieves, unanswered doorbells or a host of other impediments that keep goods from their intended destination. Even demography plays a role: young consumers are less willing than older folk to stay at home waiting for a delivery. Businesses suffer as a result. Two-fifths of online shoppers said they stopped buying products from a website following a troublesome delivery, according to the Interactive Media in Retail Group (IMRG), a British industry association.包裹配送经常会遇到麻烦:凶得要咬人,有人冒领,按门铃却没人回应,或是许多其他障碍,导致货物无法送到收件人手中。甚至连年龄架构都会对货物配送产生影响:和老年人比,年轻的消费者不太情愿在家里等货物上门。结果,蒙受损失的却是企业。据英国行业协会“互动媒体零售集团(IMRG)”所说,2/5的网上购物者表示,如果一家网站的货物配送务很糟糕,他们就不会在这儿购买产品了。Customers and sellers should welcome the growth of a new way to ensure that goods are delivered quickly and safely. Parcels are increasingly shipped not to home addresses but to local businesses, where they are held for pick-up. This summer Amazon, an American online-retail giant, is expanding a network of delivery lockers in local shops in some of America#39;s biggest cities as well as in London. A locker pops open when a customer enters an access code received by e-mail or text message. Other companies are building even bigger locker networks, especially in Europe.为确保货物快速、安全地配送,一种新方法出现了。对此,顾客和商家应该非常欢迎。越来越多的包裹被送往当地商店,等人来取,而不是送到家庭住址处。今年夏天,美国的在线零售巨头亚马逊,正在扩大美国一些大城市以及伦敦的当地商店寄存柜网点数目。顾客收到邮件或短信,得到一个取件代码。只要输入该代码,寄存柜就打开了。其他公司甚至在建设更大的寄存柜网络系统,尤其是在欧洲。Some shoppers are willing to pay to avoid home deliveries. ByBox, a British firm, charges shoppers about pound;2 (.15) to retrieve a parcel from one of its 1,350 locations around the country. Other locker networks are free. Delivery firms can save lots of money by sending a batch of parcels to a single place, where delivery is guaranteed, so they are naturally keen to provide the service. Nine out of ten Germans live or work within about ten minutes of free lockers operated by Deutsche Post DHL. The French and Turkish post offices also provide free locker services.为避免送货上门,有的购物者愿意付一定费用。ByBox是一家英国公司,在境内有1,350个网点。在其中任意一处寄存一个包裹,顾客需付约2英镑(3.15美元)的费用。别的寄存柜网点是免费的。在快递能到的区域,如果把一批包裹送到一个地方,快递公司会省一大笔钱,因此,他们特别乐意提供这项务。敦豪速递公司(DHL)拥有很多免费寄存柜,10个德国人中,就有9个人在其网点附近居住、或工作,不超过10分钟就可以拿到包裹。法国和土耳其的邮局也提供免费的寄存柜务。There are other advantages too. More efficient deliveries can take the strain off lorries and other shipping infrastructure. In Britain this is running close to capacity at peak periods, says Andrew Starkey of IMRG. Merchants, then, welcome the deployment of more and better infrastructure. Add-on innovations should make buying and selling online even easier. For example, Cleveron, an Estonian firm, has introduced lockers with credit-card ers across northern Europe. These cubby holes can collect payment for the goods being collected.寄存柜务也有其他优势。这种配送方式更有效率,可以减轻卡车等交通工具的运输压力。IMRG的安德鲁#8226;斯达克(Andrew Starkey)说,在英国的高峰时期,车辆几乎都是满载货物。其次,配置更多、更好的基础设施,商人也是很乐意的。额外加入一些创新元素会使网上交易更方便。比如,爱沙尼亚的一家公司Cleveron,在整个北欧地区的寄存柜上加了信用卡读刷卡器。这些“扁扁的插口”可以为柜子里面的商品收费。A lower-tech delivery system also shows great promise. Growing numbers of shops and other businesses are holding packages behind the counter for later collection. One delivery network has signed up over 1,050 local shops in America and Canada and is adding about two dozen outlets a week. Gareth Sudul, head of Kinek, the firm behind the scheme, says that businesses like the simplicity of providing a ;KinekPoint; service. No special kit is required. All shops have to do is log deliveries and pick-ups through a website that automatically sends e-mail and text-message alerts to addressees.技术含量较低的配送系统也是大有前途的。在越来越多的商店和其他公司,柜台背后都存放着大量包裹,等人领取。有一个配送网络系统已和美国、加拿大的1,050家当地商店签约,还以每周二十几家商店的速度在增长。Kinek是该计划的策划公司,公司老板加雷斯#8226;苏杜(Gareth Sudul)说,商家喜欢这种简单的“Kinek网点”务。它不需要任何特殊设备。商店只需在一个网站上录入配送和取货状态,然后网站就自动发邮件、信息,提醒收件人。Pick-up locations typically charge from about to release a package, passing on to Kinek. People fetching a parcel also often buy a few items. The lure of extra sales has led some shops to hand over the packages for nothing, coughing up just to have someone walk through the door.一般来说,在取货点领走一个包裹,需要付3美元左右的费用,其中1美元归Kinek所有。而取包裹的人也经常会买一些东西。在这种额外销售的诱惑下,一些商店愿意负责无偿寄存包裹。多付1美元,只为多一个客户光临。Not everyone will join in. Questions over insurance liability might hamper the growth of pick-up services. And in America online merchants avoid charging sales tax in some states by neither having a physical presence nor hiring staff there. So they may be wary of putting lockers in these parts of the country. Some consumers, having paid for door-to-door delivery, will not want to traipse to a nearby shop or petrol station to collect their parcels. But the growth of online sales means that exasperation levels with home deliveries and the attraction of a rapid pick-up are sure to rise.但并不是每个人都会加入这个行列。保险责任上的纠纷也许会阻碍取货务的发展。在美国,一些在线商家为了不付某些州的营业税,既不在那儿开实体店,也不招聘员工。所以,要在美国这些地区安放寄存柜,他们也许会非常谨慎。而已经为送货上门付过费用的顾客,是不愿意晃到附近的商店或加油站取包裹的。但网上销售业务在不断发展,送货上门肯定会越来越令人头疼,而这种快速取货务也必然会更引人注目。 /201209/197588。
  • Primary schools in Beijing will open Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) classes during the following semester in order to sp knowledge regarding basic TCM among students, according to the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration Bureau.记者从北京市中医药获悉,为了在学生中普及基础中医药知识,下学期起,北京市各小学将统一开设中医课程。In an aim to popularize TCM culture on campus, this new program is to be carried out as part of the TCM Culture Construction Year and is spearheaded by several municipal government departments including the Beijing TCM Administration Bureau, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Health.;中医文化进校园;是北京市开展中医药文化建设年工作的内容之一,由市中医局、市教委、市文化局、市卫生局等多部门联合举办,旨在在校园内传播中医药传统文化。An official has stated that the TCM classes will not feature on the students#39; official curriculum and will solely focus on the popularization of the topic, the class will also not be listed as a test subject.相关负责人表示,这项课程旨在普及中医文化,课程不进课表,不列为考试项目。Teachers for the courses will be selected from applicants who possess previous experience teaching biology, Chinese, history, or traditional culture. After they make it through the selection rounds, they will attend a training course provided by TCM departments.该课程教师将从生物、语文、历史、国学文化老师中选拔,报名遴选结束后,合格者将接受中医部门培训。New TCM education textbooks will be introduced to Beijing pupils next semester. The textbooks for primary school students feature various short stories and cartoons about traditional Chinese medicine and teach the children about body care, psychological well-being and traditional culture through school courses, interest classes and onsite-practice in herbal gardens.下学期起,北京市统一的中医校本课程(小学版)将正式启用。小学版读本通过一个个小故事和漫画,向小学生们传递生活保健、心理调节、国学等传统文化的元素。该读本将通过中医药校本课程班、中医药兴趣班、中药种植园地等多种形式进行普及。;The TCM program is not merely an introduction to a certain knowledge, but a cultural inspiration as well,; said a source from Beijing#39;s TCM Administration Bureau. ;Both classroom teaching and herbal planting are aimed at improving students#39; physical and mental health.;北京市中医药相关负责人称,中医文化进校园不仅是要讲中医知识,也是一种文化的熏陶。不论是开设中医选修课,还是让孩子们亲手种百草,都是想让孩子身体、心理的成长发育更健康。Meanwhile, the bureau has set out to pilot TCM education in several Beijing middle schools. A unified TCM textbook for middle school students will be compiled as soon as next year.北京市中医局介绍,目前,中医文化在中学内也已经有一定程度的试点探索。中学版读本的编制工作正在进行中,最快有望明年面世。In one of the pilot schools, the Beijing No. 5 Middle School Junior Branch, students apply their newly gained TCM knowledge in various optional courses such as cooking and martial arts. In those classes, they learn how to brew healthy herbal teas or do some shadow boxing to reduce stress, said some students.在试点学校之一的北京五中分校,烹饪、武术等校内特色课程让学生们将掌握的中医传统文化由理论应用到实践。他们在这些选修课上学会了如何煮养生药茶,或如何通过打太极拳缓解压力。 /201206/188199。
  • The lone survivor of one of the two Sandy Hook Elementary School first-grade classrooms where Adam Lanza allegedly shot and killed 20 children tricked the gunman by playing dead, the girl’s pastor said.在近日美国校园击惨案中,凶手亚当#8226;兰扎在桑迪胡克小学的两个一年级班级中开射杀了20名学生。唯一的生还者是一名女孩。据她的牧师称,女孩装死蒙骗手,躲过了一劫。“She ran out of the school building covered from head to toe with blood and the first thing she said to her mom was, ‘Mommy, I’m OK but all my friends are dead,’” Pastor Jim Solomon told A News’ Lara Spencer this weekend.“她跑出教学楼时,浑身上下全是血。她见到母亲后的第一件事就是安慰她,‘妈妈,我没事,但我的朋友都死了’”,牧师吉姆#8226;索罗门本周接受美国广播公司新闻台记者劳拉-斯宾塞采访时说道。“Somehow, in that moment, by God’s grace, [she] was able to act as she was aly deceased,” he said.他表示:“不管怎样,谢天谢地,在那个时候,她能通过装死保住性命”。The girl, a 6-year-old whose name is not being released for privacy reasons, was the first student to emerge from the lockdown at Sandy Hook, Solomon said. He said the young girl described the shooter to her mom in a way that only a young child can.索罗门称,这个6岁大的女孩(出于保护个人隐私,名字未予公布)是第一个从桑迪胡克小学案发现场冲出来的。他表示小女孩在向母亲描述凶犯时的表现只有小孩子才有。“Well, she saw someone who she felt was angry and someone she felt was very mad,” Solomon said. “I think it’s impossible outside of divine intervention. She has wisdom beyond her years, for sure.”“她眼中是一个愤怒、发疯的人,”所罗门说道。“我想,没有神的帮忙,她不可能做到这一点。她的智慧远超她的年龄,这一点我深信不疑。”Of the 20 children killed Friday in the Newtown, Conn., school, eight were boys and 12 were girls. Six staff members, all female, were also killed.在丧生的20名学生中,有8名男生,12名女生。另外还有6名女教职工遇难。这起击案上周五发生在康涅狄格州纽顿一所小学中。“The mom told me – and I thought this was very insightful – that she was suffering from what she felt was survivor’s guilt because so many of her friends no longer have their children but she has hers,” Solomon said.“这位母亲告诉我——我认为这确实是很有见解的想法——她一直怀有作为幸存者的内疚感,因为她的许多朋友都失去了孩子,而她却没有”,牧师说道。“I think as well as you can expect them to,” he said of how the girl’s mother and father are handling the trauma. “I don’t know that I would have the type of faith that they have if the same thing happened to me.”“我想你们也会觉得他们会有这种想法”,他提到女孩父母如何应对心理创伤时表示。“我不知道,如果同样的事发生在了自己的身上,我会不会也有这种信念。” /201212/215210。
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