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Did you know that Christmas shopping is even worse for our health than we previously thought?   你知道吗?在圣诞节进行血拼对你的健康有害,这甚至比你原先想象的那样更严重。 /200912/91584Generally, it has been assumed that the need for sleep does not decrease with age, but rather that other factors gradually come to interfere with our ability to sleep through the night.Older individuals, for instance, are at greater risk not only for developing medical and psychiatric disorders but also for taking medications that can disrupt sleep. In spite of these influences, however, it may be that an actual biological deterioration of the sleep drive might also be playing a role.A new study published in the journal Current Biology has been able to shed some light on this puzzle of sleep and aging. The researchers, who wanted to determine the maximal sleep capacity of both young and older persons, arranged for groups of younger adults (ages 18 to 32 years) and older adults (ages 60 to 76 years) to lie in bed for 12 hours during the night and for another 4 hours in the afternoon.The subjects tended to sleep significantly longer at the beginning of the experiment, presumably because they were making up for a sleep debt accrued during their usual daily sleep routines. When the sleep patterns stabilized, however, the younger adults were capable of sleeping for much longer times — an average of 8.9 hours daily — than were the elderly people, who got only 7.4 hours daily. This 1.5-hour difference in maximal sleep capacity is impressive.If your biological drive for sleep seems to have decreased, make sure that you are following the kinds of routines and behaviors that will give you the best chance of getting as much refreshing sleep as possible. Here are some examples of good sleep hygiene:* Make sure that you're going to bed early enough to allow yourself to get an adequate night's sleep.* As your bedtime approaches, develop a relaxing routine in the evening — don't keep busy until the moment before you expect to fall asleep.* Avoid watching TV in bed.* Sleep in a cool, relatively dark room.* Consider going to sleep to the sound of white noise, either from a bedside fan or a machine that generates calming sounds.* Increase your exercising, but don't do it so near to bedtime that it gets your adrenaline flowing and keeps you awake.* Limit your daily intake of caffeinated beverages and avoid them completely after lunchtime.* Avoid alcoholic beverages. 一般来说,假定睡眠所需的时间不会因年龄的增加而减少,而是其他因素逐渐干扰了我们整夜酣睡不醒的能力。老年人,例如,有更大的风险,不仅在不断发展的医疗和精神失调,而且因为药扰乱睡眠。不计这些影响,然而,它可能是一个实际的生物恶化的睡眠驱动器也可以发挥作用。发表在现代生物学杂志上的一项新研究,已经能够阐明睡眠与衰老之迷。研究人员,想要确定年轻人和老年人最大的睡眠能力,安排成组的年轻人(年龄18至32岁)和老年人( 60岁至76岁)夜间躺在床上12个小时,另外下午4个小时。实验开始时试验者的睡眠时间明显偏长,大概是因为他们在弥补日常睡眠期间累积的债务。当睡眠模式稳定下来了,然而,年轻人睡眠的时间更长——平均每天8 .9小时-比老人——只有7. 4小时每天。这1.5小时的最大睡眠能力差异令人印象深刻。如果您睡眠的生物性驱动看起来有所下降,请务必遵循下面的各种惯例和行为,这会给你带来最好的改变,越来越多耳目一新的睡眠。下面是一些好的睡眠保健例子:1.请务必要早点上床,使自己获得足够的睡眠。2.快要睡觉的时候,晚上制定一个相对轻松工作计划——不要忙碌到你希望入睡之前的那一刻。3.避免在床上看电视。4.睡在一个凉爽,相对黑暗的屋子里。5.考虑在无噪声中睡觉,无论是从床头风扇还是机器产生平静的声音。6.加强锻炼,但不是在临近睡觉的时候,因为它会使您的肾上腺素流动,让你清醒。7.控制您每日摄取含有咖啡因(茶精)的饮料,午饭后要完全避免他们。8.避免酒精饮料。 /200811/54706At the start of the freshman year, finding a job after graduation isprobably the last thing on your mind, but before you know it, it willbe senior year and finding that job will be your top priority. Hi, I amLindsey Pollak, generation Y and career expert and author of Gettingfrom College to Career. I am standing here on the campus of ColumbiaUniversity to talk about a four-year plan, to land a job of your dreamsafter you graduate。  在你刚上大学的时候,不用过多担心你的职业规划。尝试大量的活动,让你的足迹遍布校园。去上各种课程,看看你最感兴趣的是什么。  Buteverybody's experience is very different, there are few guidelines youcan follow for each of your four years. Freshman year, don't worry toomuch about your career plans, try a lot of activities, get your feetwet on campus and take several different classes to see what it is youmost enjoy. Sophomore year is a time to narrow down your academic focusand decide on the college major. You also want to narrow your optionsin terms of your extra curricula activities to focus on your biggestcommitments。  大学二年级的时候,你可以缩小你关注的学院范围,决定你的专业。减少课外活动,把精力集中在最重要的事情上。  Andfinally I recommend getting a professional internship the summerbetween your sophomore and junior years to start having professionalexperience you will be able to list on your resume. Junior year is atime to take on leadership positions in the extra curricula activitiesthat you've chosen. It's also really important to get your GPA above3.0 because that is the cutup for many employers to give you a job. Andfinally if you haven't on an internship aly, it's essential to haveat least one on your resume by the end of your junior year。  大学三年级,在你已经选择的一些课外活动中担当一些领导工作。这对于你获得3.0以上的平均分来说至关重要。也会更容易让你在毕业后获得一份工作。 至少找一份实习生的工作来做。实习经历在你毕业的简历上是必不可少的。GPA: grade point average 平均分。美国的GPA满分是4分。  Duringyour senior year, your goal should be to find a balance among theleadership positions you've taken on in your extra curricularactivities. Keeping up your great point average in your college majorand focusing on the job search for a position after graduation. Istrongly encourage you to become involved in your career servicescentre to make sure you are clear on the deadlines and requirements forany jobs you will be applying to。  在大学的最后一年。你的目标是在你的各种课外活动中取得平衡。学好你的主要课程,把精力集中在找工作上。  And finally it's your senior year of college, enjoy it, have some fun, take some time to really enjoy college before you're orphan to the real world。  最后,好好享受你的大学时光,在你独自面对社会之前尽情享受学校生活。  Nowif you'd got your four year college career plan underway, let's talkabout the dorm room situation. For tips on decorating in small spaces,check out the back to school series on fncimag.com. I am LindseyPollak, thanks for clicking on。 /200909/84571

If you are in a relationship with a Sagittarian woman, it is important for you to know about the characteristics of women who are born under this zodiac sign. This article will give you complete information on the traits of a Sagittarius woman.如果你现在正和一位射手座的美女谈恋爱,了解这一星座的女人所具有的特点对你来说就很重要了。本文将详细介绍射手座女人的性格特点。Woman who is born between November 23 and December 20 is said to be a Sagittarian woman. This sign is the ninth among the twelve zodiac signs and is represented by the archer sign. As the bow of the archer always aims high, the Sagittarius woman has big dreams, aspirations and goals. She has the eternal quest for knowledge, as she loves to learn about new things. Due to this, it is difficult to hold her at one place, as once she achieves her goal, she sets another one and starts her struggle to reach there. This makes the Sagittarius woman intriguing as well as interesting. So, let us try to know some of the main characteristics that define a Sagittarius woman.出生在11月23日到十二月20日之间的女人被称作射手女,作为十二星座中的第九个,射手座的标志是一张弓。就像拉满的弓总是朝向高处一样,射手座的女人也有伟大的梦想,无限的渴望以及高远的目标。出于对新事物的热爱,她对知识总是不懈的追求。因此,很难把她拴在某个地方,一旦她达到了目标,便会定下另一个,然后又开始努力奋斗。这让射手座的女人又迷人又有趣。现在就让我们一起来了解一下射手女性格的几个主要方面。 /201103/129582Sometimes itamp;rsquo;s for the best that we miss an opportunity. My mother had a chance to draw for Walt Disney when she was very young. When he died, his death hurt her so bad. Now that I am older, I can see Godamp;rsquo;s hidden reasons why my mother missed that opportunity. It was not meant to be.I have heard wonderful things about Walt Disney as a child. I have never heard anything bad about the man Walt Elias Disney until years after high school, and my mother is resting in peace. On the internet, I have seen a documentary on a show titled amp;;Secret Livesamp;;. It told how Walt Disney treated the women that worked for him. Marie Beardsley (Disney Artist) said that in the big multi- million dollar studio in Burbank, everything was segregated and things got to big and impersonal. She thinks thatamp;rsquo;s where the trouble started. It was said in the documentary that women did the slave work. The women were treated terribly. The animation department was the menamp;rsquo;s department. The women were just in the inking and painting department. They were kept in a room and didnamp;rsquo;t get up. The women had tea break and back to work. The supervisors would stand behind them and watch how well they were inking. The women were timed on how fast they were painting. The supervisors did that to see if they were worth keeping. Some people got fired. Walt Disney was a controlling man and people called him Uncle Walt. Nobody crossed him. If they did, they got fired.It was said that Walt Disney was prejudice. He did not like Jews and especially New York ones. If a person was too dark, they had to go.When I heard about the bad side of Walt Disney, I could not believe my ears. When I about Walt Disney, itamp;rsquo;s always good things. I told myself, amp;;What! No! Not the man that made Walt Disney! Not the man who made Mickey Mouse!amp;;My mother always said that you donamp;rsquo;t know what is going on behind closed doors. As she got older, she could feel something about Disney that wasnamp;rsquo;t quite right. My mother told me that she had lots of opportunities in life. She told me if they had happen, me and my brother might not would have been born. My mother said that she probably wouldnamp;rsquo;t have gotten married. She might would have been a totally different person. I think all of the things my mother said is true. Her outcome in life might would have been different. Now, that she is resting in peace, I am beginning to see what she meant when she said that sometimes things happen for the best. It may be a blessing in disguise. 有时失去一次机会对我们来说是最好的。母亲在她年轻的时候,曾经有一次机会-可以在沃特·迪斯尼的画室里画画,但她错过了。得知沃特的死讯时,母亲很伤心。长大后,我发现母亲错过那次机会的隐藏原因,并不像表面上看起来的那样。当我还是个孩子的时候,我已经听说了沃特·迪斯尼的伟大事迹。从没有听到关于沃特·埃利亚斯·迪斯尼任何不好的消息,直到高中毕业几年后,也就是母亲逝世 后,我才听到一些。我在网上一个名为《秘密生活》的节目里看了一部纪录片。片子讲述了沃特·迪斯尼如何欺骗那些为他工作的妇女的事情。据玛丽·比尔兹利 (迪斯尼的画家)讲述,在城市郊区的一个数百万美元建成的大画室里,完全与世隔绝,虽然什么看起来都有很大影响力,但是却没有人情味的。她认为那是问题开 始出现的地方。据纪录片讲述,妇女们做的是奴隶的工作。她们受到严重的欺骗。只有在男人们的工作室里才能制作卡通片,而妇女们只能待在上油墨和油漆的工作 室里。她们呆在一间不能站立的房间里。有吃茶点的休息时间,然后继续工作。监工们站在她们身后,观察她们上油墨上得怎样,而且对她们上油漆的速度进行计 时。监工们那样做是为了看看那些妇女还有没有留下来的价值。有些妇女因为速度慢而被开除。沃特·迪斯尼是管理者,人们称他为沃特叔叔。没有人能反对他。如 果有人那么做了,他们就会被开除。据纪录片讲述,沃特·迪斯尼有种族歧视。他不喜欢犹太人和纽约人。如果一个人太黑了,就得离开他的工作室。当我听到这些关于沃特·迪斯尼不好的事情的时候,我简直不敢相信耳朵所听到的。以前所知道的都是关于他好的一面。我告诉自己,那些关于他不好的事情,绝对不是真的。没有沃特·迪斯尼,就没有米老鼠。母亲经常说道,你并不知道在关着的门背后发生了什么。随着年龄的增长,她也许感觉到了一些关于迪斯尼不好的事情。母亲告诉我,她在生活中有很多机会,如果 它们都发生了,我和我的弟弟就不会出生在这世界上。她还说道,也许她都不会结婚,也许她变成一个与现在完全不同的人。我想母亲所说的是对的。那样,她在生 活中所取得的成就会变得不同。现在,母亲逝世了,我得想一下她曾经说过的-有时事情发生了是最好的,到底意味着什么。说不定只是伪装下的祝福。 /200811/54703Spring brings the promise of milder weather, but it also usually means more rain. Rainy weather doesn't mean you have to take your runs inside. If you're prepared, running in the rain can be fun and help get you prepared for running races in the rain (since most races won't be cancelled when it rains). Follow these tips to be prepared for running in the rain:春天意味着更风和日丽的好天气,同时往往意味着更多的雨水。雨天并不表示你不得不将跑步转移到室内。如果你有充分的准备,那么在雨中奔跑会别有一番趣味,并且让你在日后的雨中比赛更有准备(鉴于很多比赛不会因下雨而停赛)。照着下面的贴士来准备好雨中奔跑吧:Dress in layers if it's cold. If it's very cold and rainy, you may need to wear a couple of layers. The most important layer is the one closest to your body. Make sure it's a technical fabric such as polypropylene or CoolMax, which wick water and sweat away from your skin. Your outer layer should be a breathable, wind- and water-resistant jacket or vest. Don't wear a waterproof rain slicker because it will trap moisture and heat.多穿几件御寒。如果雨下得又大天气又冷,你可能需要穿好几件衣。最重要的一件是最贴身的那一件。确保那件是高科技衣料,比如聚丙烯或Coolmax料的,这类合成料会吸走皮肤上的雨水和汗水。最外层的衣物应该是一件透气的,既挡风又挡点雨的夹克或马甲。不要穿完全不透水的雨衣,会阻止水分与热量的散发。But don't overdress. This is one the biggest mistakes runners make when preparing for a race in the rain. If you're wearing lots of layers, you won't stay dry -- you'll just be wearing more wet, heavy clothes. Dress for the temperature, just as if it wasn't raining.但也不要穿太多。这是当选手在准备雨天比赛时的大忌。如果你穿得很多,那么你一定会湿身——到时候你就穿着一堆笨重的湿衣。忽略雨水,根据温度来选择穿衣。 Wear a hat with a brim. It will keep the rain off your face, which makes a huge difference to your comfort level.戴一顶有沿的帽子。会防止雨水滴到脸上,大大提高你的舒适度。Don't forget the Body Glide. To prevent chafing, sp Body Glide or Vaseline on parts of your body where you would normally chafe or get blisters -- such as your feet, inner thighs, underarms, sports bra lines (women), and nipples (men).不要忘了防擦剂。为了防止擦伤,把Body Glide 或凡士林擦在你经常擦伤或起水泡的地方——比如双脚,大腿内侧,腋下,运动内衣的肩带侧(女士),和乳头(男士)。 /201104/130982

ARIES (Mar. 21- April 20)Rams have a habit of pushing to the front of the line, both literally and figuratively. And while this quality has helped Aries get ahead, it can also compromise their relationships. Putting an animal, child or plant in their care can correct the problem. As soon as this sign's nurturing qualities are cultivated, their selfishness will diminish. 白羊:羊儿做什么事都急于求成。虽然它有助于白羊座获得成功,但也容易影响与他人的关系。多与动物、孩子和植物为伴不失为改掉这一坏毛病的好办法。一旦你变得更有爱心,自私自利的坏毛病就可以彻底消除了。TAURUS (Apr. 21 - May 21)Bulls love clutter. Being surrounded by all their possessions gives them a sense of security. It also creates headaches, confusion, and chaos. Storage systems that keep their stuff on display will prevent this sign from strewing their stuff all over the house. Stacking baskets, glass jars, and open shelving can promote organization.金牛:牛儿偏爱混乱。虽然身边堆满的东西能给你充实和安全的感觉,但它也会显得杂乱无章。制订一套有规律的贮藏方法可以帮助你纠正这个坏习惯。屋子里多放些整理柜、玻璃缸和书架都是不错的办法哦。 /200911/8879081 因为你的心将我淹没了because i am addicted in your love82 因为有你我就不孤单because of you ,i am not lonely any more83 因为上辈子我们在一起because last generation we were lovers84 因为爱你是我甜蜜的负担because loving you is my sweet burden85 因为你我拒绝了其他的仰慕者because we two reject others86 因为我的朋友都叫我要好好的把握because my friends ask me to hold it well87 因为不爱你实在太过分了because not loving you is excessive88 因为不爱你实在太对不起自己了because i feel sorry for myself,if i don't love you89 因为不爱你我的朋友会打我because my friends will beat me ,if i don't love you90 因为我的目标只有一个...爱你because i only have one aim-love you91 因为说了那么多爱你的理由我不得不爱你because i have said so many reasons of loving you,i have to love you92 因为我渴望101次求婚的结局because i am eager to the result of the 101 proposal93 因为我期待每一个明天的到来because i expect the coming of every tomorrow94 因为我喜欢等你电话的感觉because i love the feeling of waiting for your telephones95 因为我有千千万万的理由爱你because i have thousands of reasons for loving you96 因为我只选择最爱你的一百个理由because i only choose these one hundred reasons to show my best love to you97 因为我特地在情人节这一天对你表白because i chose specially to assert my love to you on Valentine's Day98 因为我已经写的很累了because i feel very tired when i write here99 因为我要向世界大声说because i want to announce to the world loudly100 因为我爱你!!!because i love you!!  /200812/59939A------Accept(接受) “世上没有十全十美的人”。记着,你爱他,就必须接受他的一切,甚至他的缺点。B――belief(信任) 不信任对方,经常以怀疑的口吻盘问对方,这种互相猜度的爱情就只有分手下场。 C――care(关心) 关心的程度正好表现你对她的重视程度,间或打个电话给她关心地问候一句:“工作辛苦吗?”又或者发短信给她:“天气凉了,别忘了加衣”。这些关心未必有实际用途,但起码能令对方暖在心头。如果还有情书,当然更OK:)。 D――digest(理解) 我们不是圣人,总有情绪起伏的时候,若对方是“凸”的时候,你何不做“凹”去忍耐一下她,安慰一下她呢。 E――enjoy(欣赏) 你应欣赏对方的一切,欣赏这段爱情带给你的开心、幸福。这样,你便会爱得更愉快,不要只懂埋怨,在鸡蛋里挑骨头。 F――freedom(自由) 纵然已婚,也应给予对方应有自由及保持秘密的权利。你的另一半不是你的终生奴隶,不要让她认为跟你结婚就等于被困笼中。 G――give(付出) 爱情这样东西不一定是你付出“一”,便会收回“一”。但不付出,便一定没有收获。对你的爱人,应有如对自己一样,毫无保留地付出,这才算得上真爱。 H――heart(心) 爱情最重要的道具是心,你必须真心对待,用心去爱。没有心,又怎称得上真心相爱。 I――independence(独立) 甜言蜜语的人会说:“我是为了你而生。”其实,每个人都有自己的生存意义,不应过分依赖对方,成为对方的沉重负担,甚至累赘。 J――jealousy(妒忌) 适当的妒忌、呷醋能表示你对对方的重视,但切记是合情合理的呷醋;反之,毫不讲理,大发雷霆地呷醋,必惹反感。 K――kiss(吻) 一吻胜过千言万语,轻轻的一吻已能代表你惜她、爱护她,所以请不要吝啬你的红唇 /200910/87752

A public toilet in Munich which has been transformed into an art museum has attracted hundreds of people in the first days after opening, a spokesman for the city's tourism agency said on Thursday.Built in 1894, the toilet house was originally constructed to serve nearby households which lacked necessary facilities.After being in use for over a hundred years, the toilets were locked up in 1992 because they were very rarely used."On the night we opened, around 800 people came to see our work," initiator of the museum project, Mathias Koehler told reporters.He said that a toilet was a great place for artistic expression because art is a form of relief in the same way that going to the toilet is.The art exhibited is mainly graffiti often with a political theme. Examples include images of Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel flanking a urinal in the corner of the room.Four artists contributed their work to the exhibition.Although the 70-square meter museum is only temporary, Koehler said he could not rule out making it permanent if public interest remains high. (德国)慕尼黑市旅游局的一位发言人于上周四称,慕尼黑的一家公厕被改造成艺术物馆后,在刚开放几天内就吸引了数百人前来参观。这个公厕建造于1894年,最初是为解决附近居民上厕所难的问题而建。在被使用100多年后,这个厕所于1992年被停用,因为现在已经很少有人使用它。物馆改造工程发起人玛西亚斯#8226;科赫勒在接受记者采访时说:“物馆开放当晚,约有800人前来参观。”他说,厕所是艺术表达的绝佳场所,因为艺术和上厕所一样,都是一种放松形式。此次厕所艺术展的多数展品是一些政治主题的“涂鸦”作品,比如,(美国总统民主党候选人)巴拉克#8226;奥巴马和德国总理安吉拉#8226;默克尔的画像就出现在屋内角落处的一个便池旁。共有四位艺术家为此次展览贡献作品。尽管这家面积只有70平米的厕所物馆目前只是临时性的,但科赫勒表示,如果公众热情一直很高,他不排除这个物馆会长期存在的可能。 /200811/55021Superhero Party Theme: Be it Batman, Superman or Spiderman, bring your child's crime fighting superheroes to life with this fun theme. The birthday party invitation can include ones which have the logos of these characters. There are many superhero invitations available online for printing. The party supplies can be coordinated with the theme. So you can pick up Spiderman cups, plates, napkins and even a special Spiderman table cloth from any of the party supplies stores. If you cannot find the superhero party supplies then pick up red and blue partyware for your Spiderman birthday theme. For the party favors you can opt for Spiderman favor boxes containing superhero stickers, pencils, toys and candies. /200912/914921.pay attention to temperament首先是要注意修炼气质 /200912/92945

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