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Samsung Electronics is following Google and Apple into the smart home with the acquisition of SmartThings, which allows a variety of internet-connected devices to be controlled by a single mobile app.继谷歌(Google)和苹果(Apple)之后,三星电子(Samsung Electronics)也通过收购美国公司SmartThings打入智能家居领域。SmartThings能让用户通过一个移动应用来控制各种联网设备。Samsung, which showed off a range of its own “Smart Home” appliances at January’s Consumer Electronics Show, said SmartThings would continue to operate independently but move to Silicon Valley as part of the South Korean company’s Open Innovation Centre.在今年1月的消费电子展(Consumer Electronics Show)上,三星曾展示过一系列自己的“智能家居(Smart Home)”电器。它表示,SmartThings将继续独立运营,不过会搬到硅谷,成为三星开放创新中心(Open Innovation Centre)的一部分。Washington DC-based SmartThings raised .5m in venture funding after receiving .2m from a Kickstarter campaign in September 2012.SmartThings目前总部位于华盛顿特区。2012年9月,该公司先是在一次Kickstarter众筹活动中获得了120万美元,接着又筹集了1550万美元风险投资。Samsung’s acquisition of the three-year-old start-up, for a reported 0m, represents another bid by a leading technology company to persuade more consumers that the benefits in convenience or energy-saving of wiring up their homes to the internet outweigh the security risks and additional complexities.据报道,三星以2亿美元的价格,收购了这家只有3年历史的初创企业。和其他已涉足智能家居领域的高科技企业一样,三星希望说消费者,将家居设备联网在便利性和节能方面的好处,超过了这么做的安全风险及额外的复杂性。It follows Google’s purchases of Nest, a maker of online thermostats and smoke detectors, and Dropcam, an internet-connected security camera developer, earlier this year. In June, Apple laid the foundation for its own move into the “internet of things” with HomeKit, a way to control heating, door locks or lights with an iPhone.今年早些时候,谷歌收购了Nest和Dropcam,前者生产能联网的温控装置及烟雾警报器,后者则是一家联网安保摄像头的开发商。今年6月,苹果也为自己向“物联网”的进军打响了第一。当时,该公司推出了HomeKit应用,用户可以在iPhone上使用这款应用,控制暖气、门锁或电灯。While Apple has allowed only a select few device makers to work with HomeKit so far and Nest has slowly opened up its developer platform in recent months, Samsung and SmartThings touted their “open platform for the smart home”, which now supports more than 1,000 products and thousands of mobile apps.到目前为止,苹果只选取了少量设备制造商围绕HomeKit开展合作。而Nest则在最近几个月才缓慢开放了其开发者平台。相比之下,三星和SmartThings则在大力推销它们的“智能家居开放平台”,这一平台目前已持逾千种产品和数千个应用。David Eun, head of Samsung’s Open Innovation Centre, said that more investments, acquisitions and partnerships around the internet of things were planned.三星开放创新中心主管戴维#8226;尤恩(David Eun)表示,三星还计划围绕物联网开展更多投资、并购及合作。Samsung’s own Smart Home family of products only worked with its own appliances, such as fridges and washing machines. SmartThings will continue to work with other companies’ products, including those from rivals Google and Apple, after the acquisition, while benefiting from Samsung’s reach and distribution.三星自己的智能家居产品只持三星的电器,比如电冰箱和洗衣机。而SmartThings则会在并购之后,在享受三星市场影响范围及分销网络的同时,继续兼容其他公司的产品,包括那些来自三星对手谷歌和苹果的产品。 /201408/321612A deserted German satellite was close to crashing into Beijing before it eventually plunged into the Indian Ocean last October, Daily Telegraph reported.据英国《每日电讯报》报道,去年10月,一枚废弃的德国卫星在坠入印度洋之前,曾差点坠落北京。The European Space Agency told Das Spiegel magazine that its new calculations have discovered that if the 2.5-ton Rosat satellite#39;s re-entry had been delayed for seven more minutes, the Chinese capital of 20 million people would have faced a deep impact.欧洲宇航局向德国《明镜》杂志透露,最新测算结果表明,如果这枚2.5吨重的;伦琴;号卫星重返地球的时间再推迟7分钟,拥有2000万人口的中国首都北京将面临;深度撞击;。The satellite#39;s remnants, travelling at speeds of 280mph (450.6kph), would have destroyed buildings, left craters and almost certainly caused causalities.卫星的残余部分坠落时速达到280英里(450.6公里),将会摧毁建筑、形成撞击坑,一定会造成人员伤亡。 /201202/169932One study gave participants fake names and biographies to study. Then they were tested on what they could remember. Here are the percentages for different pieces of information that were recalled:某研究让实验者记住的一些假名和传记,测试他们能记忆的部分,籍此作为研究内容。以下是能被记住信息的比率:Jobs: 69% 职业 69%Hobbies: 68% 爱好 68%Home towns: 62% 家乡 62%First names: 31% 名字 31%Last names: 30% 姓氏 30%So names are more difficult to remember than what people do, what their hobbies are and where they come from. And, you won#39;t be surprised to hear, as we age, most of us get even worse at remembering names.因此,相对于那人的职业、爱好和家乡而言,人的姓名更难以被记得住。随着我们年龄越来越大,要记住别人的名字就更难了。But, why?但是,这是为什么呢?All kinds of theories have been put forward. One is that lots of us have the same names. People guess that common first names like ;John; and surnames like ;Smith; are more difficult to remember because, on our minds, one John Smith interferes with another.对此,人们给提了各式各样的理论。其一,大多数人拥有相同的名字。许多人表示,像;约翰;和;史密夫;这些大众化的姓氏和名字更难让人记得住,因为在我们的大脑里,一个约翰?史密夫就能搞到记忆乱乱的。Counter-intuitively, though, some research suggests common names are easier to recall than unusual names. Other research suggests the opposite so it#39;s not exactly clear what is going on.也许没想到的是,有研究表明大众化的姓名比那些不常见的容易被记得住,而有研究得出的则是相反的结果,那人们就更搞不清是是非非了。 /201202/171190

Microsoft Corp. has made big changes to its familiar Windows operating system to stay relevant amid booming sales of mobile devices such as Apple Inc.#39;s iPad. But some corporate customers worry Microsoft has made its workplace workhorse too unfamiliar.微软(Microsoft Corp.)对人们熟悉的Windows操作系统进行了大刀阔斧的变革,以便在苹果(Apple Inc.) iPad等移动设备热销之际不落人后。不过一些企业客户担心,微软让这套在工作场合应用广泛的主力操作系统变得令人过于陌生了。The new operating system, dubbed Windows 8, adds a new way to navigate a computer by touching rows of small windows, called tiles, that represent websites or apps, much like the icons familiar to smartphone users. Microsoft#39;s new interface can also be controlled with a mouse, and used in a mode similar to the old Windows #39;desktop.#39;这套名为Windows 8的新操作系统增添了一种新的操作电脑的方法,使用者可以触摸一排排代表网站或应用程序的小窗口来操控电脑。这些名叫“瓷贴”(tile)的小窗口和智能手机用户所熟悉的图标非常类似。微软的新界面也能够通过鼠标控制,还可以通过类似老版Windows系统的“桌面”模式进行操作。Yet some companies that have tried the new software─particularly those that expect to stick to traditional laptops and desktop computers for now─worry employees will be frustrated with the changes.REUTERS一款使用Windows 8操作系统的三星平板电脑。然而,一些已试用过新操作系统的公司担心员工会不适应这些变化,尤其是那些眼下希望继续使用传统笔记本电脑和台式机的公司。#39;The interface for a tablet is very nice,#39; said Adam Noble, chief information officer for GAF, a Wayne, N.J., building-materials company that uses about 3,000 Windows-based systems as well as some iPads. #39;On a laptop, it#39;s more difficult to use.#39;新泽西州韦恩市(Wayne)建材公司GAF的首席信息长诺布勒(Adam Noble)说,这个界面用于平板电脑非常合适,但装在笔记本电脑上则不太好用。GAF公司使用了约3,000台装有Windows系统的电脑,同时也使用iPad。The new software presents companies with a training issue they haven#39;t faced since Windows 95 first brought innovations such as the Start button, which is replaced by a Start screen in Windows 8.新系统也给企业带来了培训问题。自Windows 95首次采用“开始”按钮等一系列创新技术以来,企业还不曾碰到更换操作系统需要对员工进行培训的问题。Windows 8用“开始”界面取代了“开始”按钮。#39;This is going to be the first time in a decade and half that [companies are] actually going to have to teach someone to use Windows,#39; said Stephen Kleynhans, a Gartner Inc. analyst.研究机构Gartner Inc.的分析师克莱因汉斯(Stephen Kleynhans)说,这将是15年来企业首次需要教员工如何使用Windows。Microsoft officials note that there is always some initial customer resistance to change in its products that is eventually overcome, and insist that the benefits of Windows 8 are worth the learning curve. #39;We#39;re confident about the value we can deliver,#39; said Erwin Visser, senior director of the Microsoft team overseeing Windows for corporations.微软负责人指出,客户最初总是会对微软产品的变化存有一些抵触情绪,但这最终会被克,并坚持说Windows 8所带来的种种好处值得用户付出学习时间。微软负责向企业客户销售Windows操作系统的团队高级负责人维瑟(Erwin Visser)说,我们对所能传递的价值抱有信心。Some technology buyers aly seem to have moved on. #39;We believe today as a tablet, the iPad gives us a strong combination of functionality, security and price,#39; said Peter Hendel, associate director of the global business services arm of Procter amp; Gamble Co., which counts more than 5,000 iPads in use among sales people, executives and other workers who travel frequently.全球业务务部门副主管亨德尔(Peter Hendel)说,我们相信如今作为一款平板电脑,iPad为我们提供了一个集功能性、安全性和适中价格于一身的产品。宝洁公司使用的iPad数量超过5,000台,销售人员、公司高管以及其它经常出差的员工都在使用。Stuart Kippelman, chief information officer of Covanta Holding Corp.#39;s Covanta Energy unit, said he can envision his company and others buying fewer Microsoft computers in the future as the iPad replaces some uses of traditional computers. #39;I can see that happening,#39; Mr. Kippelman said.卡万塔控股(Covanta Holding Corp.)旗下卡万塔能源公司(Covanta Energy)的IT负责人吉普尔曼(Stuart Kippelman)说,将来随着传统电脑的某些用途被iPad取代,自己公司和其他公司购买的微软电脑越来越少。吉普尔曼说,我可以预料到这种情形的发生。Forrester Research Inc. found that about one-third of companies it surveyed plan to adopt Windows 8 eventually, while 57% haven#39;t considered Windows 8 yet or plan to skip it. At the same point before Windows 7 was released in 2009, two-thirds of companies surveyed said they planned to migrate to Windows 7, and 28% said they hadn#39;t yet considered Windows 7 or planned to skip it. One difference is in 2009 many businesses had been waiting for years to update old Windows software. Now, many have spent millions of dollars installing Windows 7 and are reluctant to spend the money again so soon.美国弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research Inc.)发现,三分之一的受调查企业计划最终采用Windows 8,57%的企业要么还没有考虑采用Windows 8,要么打算跳过。2009年Windows 7发布之前的同一时间,三分之二的受调查企业表示打算升级为Windows 7,28%的企业表示还没有考虑采用或打算跳过。2009年的一个不同之处是,很多企业为升级老版Windows系统已经等了好几年。而现在,很多企业已经斥巨资安装Windows 7,不愿意这么快又花一笔钱。One fan of Windows 8 is Joe Simon, chief technical officer of Advance Publications Inc.#39;s Condé Nast, the New York publisher of Vanity Fair and Vogue magazines. #39;I think it#39;s the best operating system we#39;ve seen out of Microsoft for a long time,#39; he said.《名利场》(Vanity Fair)和Vogue杂志的出版方、Advance Publications旗下纽约出版公司Conde Nast的首席技术长西蒙(Joe Simon)是Windows 8的粉丝。他说,我觉得它是很长时间以来微软推出的最好的操作系统。To save money, Condé Nast has stuck with 11-year-old Windows XP for most of the company#39;s 3,000 Windows users, and Mr. Simon said he is enthusiastic to move to Windows 8 #39;as soon as possible.#39; The company has about 5,000 iPads in use; Mr. Simon said he is #39;agnostic#39; about whether he will try to shift those iPad users to Windows tablets.为了省钱,Conde Nast公司11年以来一直坚持让其3,000名Windows用户中的多数人使用Windows XP。西蒙说他非常希望公司尽快改用Windows 8。该公司有5,000部左右的iPad正在使用;西蒙说他“不知道”自己是否会试图让这些iPad用户改用Windows平板。Spending on Windows devices still dwarfs the iPad, though use of Apple#39;s device is growing at a rapid clip. Forrester estimates business spending on iPads will total nearly billion this year, a 76% jump from 2011. Spending on Windows-based computers is projected to dip 3% to 4 billion.企业采购Windows设备的花费仍然远高于iPad,不过iPad的使用正在快速增长。据Forrester估计,今年企业iPad出总额将接近100亿美元,较2011年增长76%,而Windows电脑出总额预计将为1,240亿美元,下降3%。Microsoft and PC makers that are developing tablets to work with its new software say they offer a key advantage: the ability to run popular business software such as Microsoft#39;s Word and Excel. Microsoft also says its software is better at letting technology managers electronically send new software applications to hundreds of Windows computers, or wipe corporate data from a lost or stolen tablet.微软和开发Windows 8平板电脑的PC制造商说,Windows 8有一个至关重要的优势:它可以运行微软Word和Excel等流行企业软件。微软还说,Windows 8还使技术管理人员能够更加方便地通过网络将新的软件应用发送到数百台Windows电脑上,或从丢失、被盗的平板电脑中擦除公司数据。#39;It#39;s the tablet enterprise customers have been waiting for,#39; said Mr. Visser of Microsoft.微软的维瑟说,这是企业客户一直在等待的平板电脑。There is pressure for companies to shift from Windows XP, since Microsoft plans to end extended support for the software in April 2014. Yet Barclays Capital, in surveys of corporate chief information officers, says it has found more desire for customers to upgrade to Windows 7 rather than Windows 8 over the next year.企业也有升级Windows XP的压力,因为微软打算在2014年4月结束对这款操作系统的后续持。但巴克莱资本(Barclays Capital)在对企业IT负责人的调查中发现,未来一年用户更愿意升级为Windows 7而不是Windows 8。 /201210/204696

Ex-factor: One in four men still dreams about past girlfriends.英1/4男性常梦见前女友The battle against the green-eyed monster is hard enough at the best of times.平日里风平浪静的时候和嫉妒作斗争就已经够艰难了。Now though, jealous women have even more to worry about. A new study has revealed that one in four men regularly dream about their ex-girlfriends.但如今,爱嫉妒的女人们有更多需要担心的了。一项新调查揭示,四分之一的英国男性经常会梦见自己的前女友。And the results, released today, revealed that the men in question were not necessarily pining for their exes by day. In fact, the majority reported high levels of satisfaction with their current relationship.今日发布的这一调查结果显示,会做这种梦的男人不一定白天会想念前女友。事实上,他们中的大多数人报告说对现在的恋情很满意。It is not just ex-partners that British men are dreaming about either.出现在英国男性梦中的也不是只有他们的前女友。While romantic-minded girlfriends might allow themselves to believe they are the subject of their man#39;s dreams, they are likely to be usurped during nighttime hours by their partner#39;s colleagues or boss - with 26 percent saying they dream of workmates - or even their mother-in-law.浪漫的女人们也许会让自己相信她们是男友梦中的主角,但在男友的梦中,她们的位置很可能会被男友的同事或上司取代。26%的男性说他们会梦见同事,甚至会梦见丈母娘。Conversely, over a third of British women say they spend their nights dreaming about their current partner, followed closely by dreams about their parents and their children.与此相反的是,超过三分之一的英国女性说她们晚上通常会梦见自己的现任男友或老公,其次是梦见她们的父母和小孩。The Dream Study, carried out by Premier Inn, asked 2,000 Brits about their dream patterns to come up with the findings.英国酒店Premier Inn开展的这一梦境调查询问了2000名英国人的梦的类型,从而得出了这些结果。It found the close friendships women tend to hold also impact on their dreams, with a third of women claiming their dreams frequently feature their friends.调查发现,亲密的友情也会对女性的梦产生影响,三分之一女性称自己的好友常会在梦中出现。However, it seems women are just as capable of fantasy, as 20 percent say they frequently dream about people they have never met.然而,女性似乎也善于幻想,20%的女性说她们经常会梦见自己从未见过的人。The stresses and strains of everyday life also affect the way we dream, with 31 percent of people saying they dream about important things that are playing on their mind.日常生活的压力和负担也会影响我们做的梦,31%的人说他们会梦见心头大事。Given the current economic climate, it#39;s unsurprising that 20 percent of Brits dream more if they are under pressure, demonstrating that it is increasingly difficult to forget about work.在当前的经济环境下,有20%的英国人在压力下更多地会梦见和工作相关的事,这并不奇怪。这表明英国人要想把工作抛在脑后将会更难。 /201112/164182

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