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Who am I? -- 3:56: 来源: Who am I?Hello! My name is Feifei. My mother is very beautiful. My father is very handsome. So I’m very lovely. Look! My coat is white. My eyes are blue. I have a long tail. Fish is my favorite food. I like mice too. Guess! Who am I?留学英语口语:语言交流 Language Exchange-- :6:1 ALLEN: Excuse me. Do you study Chinese at the university here?SUZY: Yes, I do. But my characters are very bad.ALLEN: It takes a long time to learn Chinese writing.SUZY: Are you Chinese?ALLEN: Yes, I am. I am from Taiwan. I came here to study political science.SUZY: How do you like it?ALLEN: I like it so far. But my English still needs work.SUZY: I want to study Mandarin and international relations.ALLEN: Does the Chinese department here teach regular characters or simplified characters?SUZY: They teach regular characters.ALLEN: I see. I'm from Taiwan, so I know regular characters better than simplified.SUZY: You just said your English needs work, yes?ALLEN: Yes, that's true. Especially my writing.I think my papers aren't good enough. I make too many grammatical mistakes.SUZY: Well, I am very serious about learning Chinese.But me the hard part now is pronunciation.You have the four tones in Chinese. It is very hard.Maybe, if you have time, maybe we could do a language exchange.ALLEN: You mean you and I?SUZY: Yes, why not?I mean, if you come to this cafe often,maybe we could meet here and practice Chinese and English.ALLEN: That sounds like a good idea. How often would you like to do it?SUZY: Let's see... My schedule right now is quite busy.But I think I could spend 90 minutes a week in language exchange.ALLEN: How would we manage it though? How would we spend the 90 minutes?SUZY: First, we could spend 5 minutes working on your English writing.If you want, I could help you edit your papers.Or we could do English conversation. Whatever you want.And then the next 5 minutes you would help me with my Chinese.ALLEN: Would I help you with writing?SUZY: No. me right now, the important thing is spoken Chinese.I need practice. So you could tutor me in speaking.We could use my textbook, and you could ask me questions.Then you could correct my mistakes.ALLEN: I think it sounds like a good system. But when is it convenient to meet?SUZY: Well, today is Monday.Actually, me Monday at this time would be the best.I am free from now until :30 every Monday morning.ALLEN: Me too. In fact, I'm free until 1: on Mondays.SUZY: So if you want to meet at :00 here next Monday, we could start.ALLEN: It sounds good. I will bring the papers I'm working on.SUZY: And I will bring my textbook and a tape recorder.I would like to record some things so I can practice on my own.ALLEN: Let me give you my phone number.SUZY: Sure. I'll give you mine too. Then we can call if we have to cancel some reason.[1][]我的生日日记(A diary of My Birthday) -- :55:7 来源: 我的生日日记(A diary of My Birthday)   a diary of my birthday  today is my nine-year-old birthday. i am very happy, because my father buys a big cake me and my sister just comes to guangzhou . after dinner , my family celebrate my birthday .  i make a wish and blow out the candles . do you want to know my wish ? let me tell you , i wish i can study harder and harder ,then get the no.1 in our class. then i cut the cake and my family share the cake with me . how nice today!!!选举 Electio-- ::59 BRIAN: What are those?BILL: Those are campaign placards John Black.BRIAN: Who is John Black?BILL: There's an election coming up soon.I'm voting John Black the U.S. Senate. I'm going to put the placards out in my yard.BRIAN: Oh, I see. So it's an election.BILL: Yes.BRIAN: I don't know anything about American politics. Can you tell me a little?BILL: What do you want to know?BRIAN: Well. Maybe you could tell me why you are voting John Black.BILL: That's easy. There are a few different reasons.But the main reason I'm voting Black is that he's a Democrat.BRIAN: Hmm. So he's in the Democratic Party, is that right?BILL: Yes.BRIAN: How many political parties are there in America?BILL: Oh, there are many parties. But now there are only two powerful parties:the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. I always vote Democrat.BRIAN: Why is that?BILL: Because I think the Republicans are only good at giving money to big business.When the Republicans had more power, in the Eighties,the American economy was all screwed up.The Democrats do a better job of managing our country.The Democrats are more balancedbetween the interests of business and the interests of average people.BRIAN: I see. So the Republican Party is the conservative party.And the Democratic Party is the more leftist party. Am I right?BILL: I wouldn't say the Democratic Party is "leftist." I would say they are moderate.BRIAN: I in the paper that not so many Americans vote. Is that true?BILL: Yes, untunately it is true. And I think it's a shame.Because we Americans not only have the right to vote, but we have the duty to vote too.I think people who don't vote are bad Americans.They don't realize that living in a democracy has some responsibilities.BRIAN: I can understand your position. I always vote in elections in Taiwan.BILL: It's important in a democratic society people to understand politics.And they must make their voices heard by voting. That is how a democracy works.布莱恩:那些是什么?比尔:那是约翰?布莱克的竞选牌子布莱恩:约翰?布莱克是谁?比尔:选举即将到了我要选约翰?布莱克当参议员,我要把牌子立在院子里布莱恩:我明白了,这是选举比尔:是的布莱恩:我不了解美国的政治,你可以跟我说一些吗?比尔:你想知道什么?布莱恩:也许你可以说说为什么要投给约翰?布莱克比尔:很简单,有几个不同的理由最主要的就是他是民主党人布莱恩:那么他是民主党的,对吗?比尔:是的布莱恩:美国有多少个政党?比尔:有很多个,但是只有两个强大的政党:民主党和共和党我总是投给民主党布莱恩:为什么?比尔:因为共和党只会拿钱给大企业八十年代,共和党较强势的时候,美国经济一团糟民主党把国家治理得比较好他们比较能够取得平衡在企业的利益和普遍大众的利益之间布莱恩:我明白了共和党是保守党,而民主党比较倾向左派,对不对?比尔:我不说民主党是左派,我说他们是稳健派布莱恩:我在报上看过不是很多美国人投票,是真的吗?比尔:是的,很不幸是真的我觉得很丢脸我们美国人不仅有权利投票,更有义务投票不投票的人不是好公民,他们不晓得住在民主国家中是有义务的布莱恩:我了解你的立场我在台湾都有投票比尔:民主国家中的人民要了解政治,这是很重要的人民必须通过选票来反映民声,那就是民主的运作方式一次活动(an Events) --01 18::5 来源: 一次活动(an Events)  in order to make our city cleaner and more beautiful, the young volunteers of our school went to the people's park this morning and offered our help.  at eight, the head of the park met us at the gate. after being divided into groups, we set out to work at once. some tidied up the parking area and had motorbikes paiked in the right place. some took care of the flowers and bushes, and persuaded people to keep off the grass. around the tiger den, one group kept order to prevent accidents from happening. at the aquarium, another group worked as guides and advised visitors not to smoke. when some of us were doing cleaning, an old man praised us and said, "well done, young fellows!"  we were all tired but happy. what a morning we had today

:文化节保卫战 --01 3:3:56 来源: :文化节保卫战The battle of defending festivals  一、剧本创作手册:  1:节日介绍要拟人化,例如复活节:人戴着南瓜头饰,手握南瓜灯,想国王提供供品每个人都是节日,头上戴着节日的标牌(节日是从学生中央上台,大家都可以近距离欣赏——位置要安排好)  :有坏人想毁灭节日,不择手段(如杀死圣诞老人,盗走旦等等)节日是世界经济和文化吉祥物如果没有节日,生活平淡无奇,人就失去精神寄托经济危机就慢慢出现国将不国为了扞卫自己的节日,大家团结一致,共同击推敌人  3:舞台演员只是哑剧表演,由四个配音演员(男女)进行整台表演配音(MIC太有限)中英结合配上节日音乐  :节日宣传画挂在演员的背后,由中场逐一向舞台走上国王等人在舞台上开设文化节贡品活动,体现世界经济繁荣,国泰民安但索马里文化海盗劫持文化使者,企图在制造经济危机后又制造文化危机,颠覆世界,毁灭人类  二、剧情发展:  1:向国王进贡,引出“我和你”,引出节日介绍(节日拟人化名字,生日,国籍,供品,欣赏节日音乐)——6分钟 ;  :节日大灾难众人团结一致,共扞卫节日索马里文化海盗想毁灭人类的思想文化,制造经济危机——3分钟(打一些有代表性的迹象)  3:节日回归,佳大欢喜——分钟  重要备注:要准备好道具,选好最好的人选头上戴着高统帽,前面英文,后面中文身上挂节日饰物,手上统一拿着供品穿校  贡品:复活节——旦;母亲节——康乃馨花;父亲节——红白玫瑰花;圣诞节——圣诞袜子(表演一个魔术);感恩节——火鸡;万圣节——南瓜灯;春节——饺子年糕;清明节——考乳猪;端午节——粽子;中秋节——月饼  The battle of defending festivals  (文化节保卫战)  第一场: 向国王进贡,引出节日介绍  旁白: (欢快的音乐起)In the future years, the world is one. The world is full of all kinds of festivals. The king of the world are going to hold a festival party in Beijing of China. Many people from western and eastern country get together to show its own speacil festival. People give festival gifts to the honourable king.  (这时候,国王领着女儿,带着一群大臣出现在舞台,国王在等待文化使者的献礼)  King: the world is one. We are family. Welcome all of you, my great festival comers.  Subject: (大臣) welcome the comers of festival.  (有一个大臣领着数十人在舞台下方正中央迈向舞台,并向国王进贡他们是节日背挂节日宣传画,头戴节日帽,身挂节日特色食物,手捧着节日贡品配乐)  春节: (来到国王身旁,指着周围) my king. My name is spring festival . I come from China. many people get together to celebrate my birthday. These are gifts you. (递上鞭炮,春联,财神给国王,国王,哈哈笑了))  Subject: (大臣) next one. Welcome the Easter.  Easter: people call me Easter. I am from the U.S.A. My birthday is on 1th, March. People have colored eggs and dress up on my day. The U.S president invite children to play colored eggs the next day. (递上旦给国王,国王,哈哈笑了)  Subject: (大臣) next one. Welcome Mother\'s Day and Father’s Day.  Mother\'s Day: my dear king . everybody call me mother on the second Sunday of May. People give carnation flowers to me. Mother is the greatest in the world. (递上carnations给国王,国王,哈哈笑了)  Father’s Day: my dear king. Everbody call me father on the third Sunday of June. I can receive many roses flowers on my day. My boys and girls send their love to me. Father is the hero of kids. (递上roses给国王,国王,哈哈笑了)  Subject: (大臣) next one. Welcome Tomb-sweeping Day.  Tomb-sweeping Day: I come from China. On th, April, every family come to sweep the tomb of their gone ancestors , shootoff firecrackers, fly kites ,plant willows and so on. (递上烧猪,元宝给国王,国王做出景仰祖先的动作)  Subject: (大臣) next one. Welcome Dragon Boat Festival from China.  Dragon Boat Festival: dragon boat races and rice dumplings wrapped in lotus leaves are my popular things on the fifth day of the fifth month .not only in memory of a poem ChuYu, but also people pursuit a love of country.(爱国主义) (递上粽子给国王,国王,哈哈笑了)  King: love the world, love the peace. love your own country.  Subject: (大臣) next one. Welcome Mid-Autumn Festival  Mid-Autumn Festival: I come from China. on the fifteenth day of the August, Chinese calendar , people enjoy the moon and mooncake. Family get reunion on my day. (递上mooncakes给国王,国王eat,哈哈笑了)  Subject: (大臣) next one. Welcome Holloween , Thanks-giving Day and Christmas Day. (万圣节,感恩节和圣诞节迟迟没有出现,原来她们索马里文化海盗绑架了这时个勇士上来禀告国王)  勇士1:my king. thehave robbed the Holloween , Thanks-giving Day and Christmas Day. They all from America.  勇士:they have robbed many ships bee and they threat the safety of the economics and the festival culture.  King:(very angry) let’s destroy the bad pirates(海盗)organization of suomali(索马里). All of us , let\'s fight our better future life. Let’s defend our festivals . we call it The battle of defending festivals.  (众人下,两名海盗绑架着3名节日使者万圣节,感恩节和圣诞节)  第二幕 节日大灾难  (这时舞台上出现俩个两名海盗,手拿“Sars”苹果和灭人剑)  pirate1 (奸笑和愤怒):I hate the U.S.A. I hate the festival cultures. We are going to kill all the festivals.  pirate (奸笑): As long as they took these festivals away, they must go to die, poorly. And we can control the whole world.  Ghost1(奸笑): And we can enjoy all the good in the world.  (两海盗对视大笑,然后围着三个节日使者,折磨他们展示“Sars”苹果和毒剑)  pirate1 (对着观众) let them eat the Sars apples and kill all of them.  pirate : that’s a geart idea! Kill them first and kill all of the festivals and the king.  (三节日反抗但始终了Sars apples昏迷这时国王刚好出现,并与海盗展开撕杀)  King: conquer the pirates and save the festivals.  (舞台上展开了一系列的撕杀活动最后海盗被擒拿,但三节日死了)  第三幕:节日回归,佳大欢喜  旁白:(放节日歌)The battle of defending festivals lasts 999 days. Finally , the pirates were all conquered by the king. but Christmas, Holloween and thanks-giving all die. In order to save them, people have to e their hands to pray(祈祷) the gods.(主题:世界的人必须要团结才能成功拯救人类突然一位天使从舞台走上,靠近三节日,并喂仙丹三节日突然醒来放节日歌)  King: thank you your help, my great angle.  天使: you , as a king , must call up the people from all countries to e. e , you can win ; e you can make the world peace. 众人: happy kingdom, long live.(武士押小鬼上舞台谢幕)

快乐的日子(Happy day) -- :8: 来源: 快乐的日子(Happy day)  Today I'm very happy,after I have breakfast,I go to park.  It's a sunny day ,the bird is singing,I'm singing too.When I get to park,I see some girls are playing games ,so I join them.We play very happy.then I have lunch with my friends.We both have a good time.what's a happy day!

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