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Only the highest office in the land seemed to have survived unscathed.似乎只有国家之首 才能幸免于难Edward III, once the glamorous, invincible warrior,was now an ageing father to a fragile nation.爱德华三世 曾经战无不胜的武士 现在是这个岌岌可危之国的年迈国王Still, the royal succession seemed secure.但是皇室的继承还未受动摇Edwards son, the Black Prince, the heir to the throne,was aly a legendary hero.爱德华的儿子黑太子 王位的继承人 已经是一位传奇英雄了But then, against all expectation,the picture changed.但是 出乎所有人的预料 形势急转直下The Black Prince succumbed to dysentery in 1376,and a year later, the old king himself finally expired.黑太子于1376年死于痢疾 一年后 年迈的国王去世And so the crown passed to Edwards grandson,Richard of Bordeaux.王位由爱德华的孙子 波尔多的理查继承A boy-king, called upon before his time,Richard was ruler in name only.年幼的国王 涉世未深 过早登基 只能沦为傀儡Everyone knew that his uncle,John of Gaunt, worked the levers of power.世人皆知 其叔 冈特的约翰 操纵实权Richards coronation was orchestrated by John of Gaunt as a festival of loyalty,理查的加冕礼由冈特的约翰精心策划为 一场标榜其忠诚的表演a statement of faith in the undimmed future of Englands glory.宣称前途未卜的英国 前途光辉There had been no coronation for half a century,but the mix of solemnity and festivity never failed to work its spell.英国已半个世纪没举行过加冕礼了 但这种既庄严又欢庆的场面 从未失去其吸引力Knights of the shire rode in from all over England to witness the spectacle.英国各地的骑士纷纷涌来 见这一盛况 /201611/479593襄樊第一人民医院无痛取环More than 30 people are dead and around 150 others injured after explosions and gunfire rocked Istanbuls Ataturk Airport. 伊斯坦布尔阿塔图尔克机场发生爆炸和炮火,造成至少30人死亡,另有约150人受伤。The governor of Istanbul told Turkish media that three suicide bombers carried out the attack Tuesday evening.伊斯坦布尔州长告诉土耳其媒体,周二晚上三名自杀式炸弹袭击者进行了此次袭击。The New York Times reports that police fired at two of the bombers inside the airports international terminal before they detonated their explosives.纽约时报报道称,恐怖分子引爆炸药前,在机场国际航站楼警方向两名炸弹袭击者开火。Flights in and out of Ataturk were stopped, and a U.S. official told A that all U.S. flights going to or from Istanbul have been suspended.进出阿塔图尔克的航班被停止,一名美国官员告诉美国广播公司,所有前往或来自伊斯坦布尔的航班已经暂停。The attack happened just one day after the U.S. Department of State updated its travel warning for Turkey, advising Americans of increased threats from terrorist groups.就在袭击事件前一天,美国国务院更新了对土耳其的旅行警告,通告美国人会遭到恐怖组织增加的威胁。Facebook activated its Safety Check feature and the State Department urged Americans in Turkey to check in on social media to let friends and family know theyre safe.脸谱网开通安全检查功能,美国国务院敦促在土耳其的美国人在社交媒体上签到,让朋友和家人知道他们是安全的。After news of the explosions sp, the airports website was overwhelmed with traffic forcing the page to stop displaying their normal website and show only a list of scheduled flights. 随着爆炸消息的传开,大量流量导致机场网站崩溃,迫使页面停止显示他们的正常网站,只显示一列航班计划。Ataturk Airport is the countrys largest airport and one of the busiest in the world. The B reports that other bombings in Turkey have been linked to ISIS or Kurdish separatist groups. The most recent attack, a car bombing on June 6, killed 11 people, but neither terrorist group claimed responsibility for it. 阿塔图尔克国际机场是土耳其最大的机场,也是世界上最繁忙的机场之一。据英国广播公司报道,土耳其的其它爆炸袭击一直以来与ISIS或库尔德分裂组织有关。最近6月6日的一起汽车炸弹袭击事件,造成11人死亡,但两个恐怖组织都没有声称对事件负责。译文属。201606/451918襄樊市铁路中心医院治疗妇科炎症怎么样The state of things now is, I dont want to say grim, but it feels like the studios of Carnegie Hall, the legendary studios, are on its last legs.现在事情是这样的我不想说现在形势很严峻但是Carnegie Hall的这些工作室这些传奇的工作室,有的已经走向末路了。There are six tenants remaining in the building, all rent control.留下的六家租客,都受到了租金管制。Everything is turned into offices. Corporate offices.现在到处都变成了办公室,企业的办公室。Beautiful artist studios like this have been divided up...with partitions and computers and telemarketers.那些美丽的艺术家工作室正被电脑和推销员们分隔取代着。Agnes de Milles studio...This is the famous one, Ballet Arts, where she choreographed Oklahoma.Agnes de Mille的工作室,是最著名一个芭蕾舞团她编排了俄克拉何马州的芭蕾舞剧。Can you imagine how big that studio was? That is now a sea of telemarketers.你能想象这个曾经的芭蕾舞团工作室现在什么样了么?现在那里到处都是推销员。For us it feels criminal.对此我们真的有负罪感。It feels immoral that these people, at this stage of their life, are going to spend their twilight years, fighting to hold on to these studios.这样做似乎很不道德,让这些年老的艺术家必须在暮年去抗争来保住他们的工作室。Thats why its a treat to see Bill and Editta Sherman standing their ground...and being the last holdouts here of the Carnegie Studios.这也就是为什么Bill和Editta Sherman在这件事上这么受关注他们是最后守在Carnegie工作室的人了。Editta Sherman!Editta Sherman!Come on in!进来吧!What is this thing?这是怎么回事?How come theyre not doing something on me?为什么他们不拍我?We did something on you. This is all of you.我们在拍你,这都是你。Were doing something on all of you now.我们现在都在拍你。Well, why?好吧,为什么?Here I am. They dont even bring a cup of coffee.好吧,我在这儿他们怎么都不拿一杯咖啡来。Well, I think theyre not very civilized.我觉得他们不是很懂礼貌。Edittas always hungry.Editta总是会饿。Shes always hungry.她总是很饿。You see? This is a crazy house.你瞧这真是个疯狂的屋子。Thats so beautiful. -I know that.那真漂亮。-我知道的。Suzette, how long have you known Editta?Suzette,你认识Editta多久了?Were you here when I moved in in 49? No. You were here first. -Forty-nine. I moved in here in the 40s. I guess I must have been here around 1940, huh?我49年搬进来的时候你住在这儿么?不,你先搬进来的。-49年。我五十年代搬进来的。我记得我大概1940前后搬进来的吧。201608/460210We take a breath every few seconds.我们每几秒钟就要呼吸一次Our life depends upon inhaling oxygen, but we never think about how we breathe.我们依赖吸入氧气以维持生命,但我们从未想过我们是如何呼吸的It just seems to happen automatically.呼吸的进行表面上是一种自然而然的过程How can something that seems so simple be the key to keeping us alive?怎么会有如此简单的东西,成为我们维持生存和关键因素Breathing starts with the environment around us.呼吸开始于我们所存在的环境The air we breathe in, or inspire,我们吸入或产生的空气has a mixture of gases including nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen, which is the most important for our survival.是一种包含氮气,二氧化碳和氧气的气体混合物,它对我们的生存具有最为重要的作用It enters our body through the nose and mouth, moves down into the pharynx, trachea and bronchial tubes,空气通过鼻子和嘴巴进去我们的身体,然后向下移动,经过咽喉,气管,气管and ultimately reaches the alveoli air sacs in the lungs.最终抵达肺中的肺泡气腔The alveoli use pressure to move oxygen and nutrients into the blood.肺泡通过气压将氧气和养分压入血液The diaphragm and intercostal muscles are a pumping system that facilitates this air exchange.隔膜和肋间肌肉组成一个泵压系统促进空气交换How you breathe affects your energy level, especially when you are under physical or emotional stress.你的呼吸,尤其是在当你受到来自身体或者情绪的压力时又是怎样影响你的能量等级的Think back to the last difficult test you had to take.回想一下你上次进行的高难度测验Its likely that as you became more nervous, the tension in your body increased, and your breathing quickly sped up.似乎你开始变得紧张,身体开始变得紧绷,呼吸也快速的急促起来。The shallower our breath, the less oxygen that reaches our brain, and the harder it is to focus.我们的呼吸越浅,就会有越少的氧气能抵达我们的大脑,注意力也越难集中Whats our response to physical stress, like a fast-paced game of field hockey after school?我们对身体压力的回应就像一场放学后的高节奏的曲棍球赛事As we exert pressure on our bodies, the muscles require a great deal of energy and demand additional oxygen.当我们对身体施加压力时,我们的肌肉需要更多能量和氧气Our panting breath starts to kick in, which creates pressure to draw in more air and oxygen to the body,我们急喘的气息会反冲,它们增加压力从而引诱更多空气及氧气进入身体and regulates body temperature by allowing it to cool down naturally.控制体温让身体自然地冷静下来These arent the only times our breathing is affected or altered.这些不是仅有的我们的呼吸被影响或取代的时刻Think about the last time you got angry or emotional.回想上一次你感到生气或激动。Anger creates a metabolic reaction in the body, which stresses it out and heats up our internal temperature.生气在身体里制造了新陈代谢的反应,释放物质使我们的体温温度升高。Have you ever seen anyone lose their cool?你之前见过有谁失去理智吗Ultimately, if were breathing under stress over long periods of time, there are consequences.总体而言,这就是,我们在长时间的外部压力下呼吸.的后果When the cells of a body arent getting the oxygen they need,当身体细胞无法获取到它们所需的足够氧气时the nutrients available to the body decrease and toxins build up in the blood.身体可获取的养分逐渐减少,毒素也开始在血液中积累It is thought that a hypoxic, or oxygen-poor environment, can increase cancerous cells.这就是为什么在氧气稀薄或缺氧环境下会增加癌细胞的出现几率The good news is that we can control our breath much more than we realize.值得庆幸的是,我们对自身呼吸的控制远超我们实际认知This means we can increase both the quality and quantity of the breath.也就是说,我们可以从质和量上同时提高我们的呼吸能力The science of breathing has been around for thousands of years,呼吸的科学研究已经存在了数千年from ancient yogis in India to respiratory therapists working with patients today.从印度的古瑜伽修行者到现在的治疗病人的呼吸疗养专家Both would tell you that there are specific techniques that will help you improve your breathing.他们都会告诉你,对于帮你改进改善你的呼吸,他有特殊的本领Breathing is all about moving air from a higher-pressure to a lower-pressure environment.呼吸说到底其实是讲空气从高压区转移到低压区环境的过程More breath means more oxygen,呼吸越频繁氧气就越充足and ultimately a greater amount of nutrients thats available for our cells and blood.最终将为我们的血液和细胞提供更多的可用营养We naturally do this when we let out a big sigh.当我们叹气的时候会自然的这样做Changing the air pressure going into the lungs is one of the main ways to alter breathing.改变正进入肺部的空气压力是改变呼吸的主要方式Our body automatically does this when we cough, sneeze, or have the hiccups.当我们咳嗽,打喷嚏或者打嗝的时候,我们的身体会你懂的进行上述的调整Heres a simple experiment. Close off your right nostril with your right thumb.让我们进行一个简单的实验。用你的右手拇指塞住你的右鼻腔。Breathe in and out just through the left nostril.只用左鼻腔进行呼气吸气Notice how much harder it is to get the breath in.感受吸入空气相比往常困难的程度变化You have to focus your attention, and use your diaphragm and muscles much more than normal.你不得不集中注意力,比往常更频繁的应用隔膜和肌肉By decreasing the surface area of the airways, youre increasing the pressure of oxygen, moving from the alveoli to the blood.通过减少气腔的表面积,我们增加了氧气的压强,使其从肺泡进去血液。Yogis often practice alternate nostril breathing to slow down the breath,瑜伽大师经常锻炼交替使用左右鼻腔呼吸以降低呼吸频率increase oxygen, and activate the bodys parasympathetic nervous system,增加进氧量,激活人体交感神经which deals with the bodys operations when its at rest.交感神经处理身体静态下的运行Lets try another exercise. Visualize the way a dog pants when it breathes.让我们在进行另一个练习。想象一下是如何呼吸的。Now try doing the same type of panting, first with your tongue out, then with your mouth closed.现在试试做出一样的呼吸动作,首先伸出你的舌头,然后闭上嘴巴You will find yourself using your stomach muscles to push the air out as you exhale.你会发现当呼气时,使用腹肌将空气推出Place your hand under your nose, and youll feel the strength of the breath coming out.把手放在你的鼻子下边,你会感觉到呼吸出来的力量。Breathing this way is hard because it requires an active movement of our diaphragm and intercostal muscles.因为需要隔膜和肋间肌的活跃运动,这样的故意方式较为困难Our body temperature changes quickly during this exercise from the amount of pressure we are exerting on our breath.当我们运用在呼吸上练习的结果,我们的体温迅速变化Its no surprise that youll find dogs doing this breath often to cool down on a hot day.毫无疑问,你会发现通常都是为了在热天降低体温才这样呼吸When we sleep at night, the medulla center of the brain makes sure that we keep breathing.当我们晚上睡觉时,大脑中心的髓质确保我们保持呼吸Lucky for us we dont have to think about it.真庆幸我们用不着老想着这回事During the day, our breath is much more vulnerable, especially under stressful or difficult situations.在白天,我们的呼吸更加脆弱,特别是在压力或困境下Thats why its helpful to pay attention to your breathing.这就是为什么将注意力放在呼吸上更为有用If you can monitor and change your breath,如果你能监视并改变你的呼吸you can improve both the quality and quantity of oxygen that enters your body.你就可以从质和量上改进进去你身体的氧气量This lowers stress, increases energy, and strengthens your immune system.这将缓解压力,增加活力并强化你的免疫系统So the next time someone tells you to relax and take a deep breath, youll know exactly why.所以,下次要是有人告诉你要放松一下,来次深呼吸,正如你所知。201706/513109襄阳中心医院无痛人流多少钱

襄阳樊城区治疗包皮包茎多少钱鱼梁洲开发区妇幼保健中医院治疗妇科炎症多少钱TED演讲视频:一个你可能从未听过的职场建议你做了工作中所有正确的事情,采用了所有正确的建议,但就是没升职。为什么会这样?苏珊·科兰图诺分在此分享了一个简单又令人惊讶的你可能从来没有这么明白地听人说起过的建议。这个演讲的目标听众虽然是女性,但也有普遍适用性——不管是对男性还是女性,职场新人或是处于职业生涯中期的人们。201705/508277栏目简介:Students at Shanghai Experimental Primary School spent Childrens Day learning some safety tips from educational games. Huang Yue takes a look...201706/511019襄阳治疗慢性细菌性前列腺炎多少钱栏目简介:With Shanghai Disney Resort opening on June 16th, domestic theme park operators are working on plans to compete. 800 people within the industry attended a summit about the future of theme parks in China. Cui Huiao tells us more.201704/499916湖北医药学院附属襄阳医院处女膜修补

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