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福建医科大学第一医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱福建省泉州丰泽区哪里祛痘福建地区医科大学附属第二医院官网 探索世界奥秘之Life Story(生命物语) 10It is incredible, and it is incredibly hard to believe too, because although we've changed so much, we don't actually see any of those changes happening. Generation after generation, we just look the same. The problem is one of time. The periods over which even tiny changes happen are so long that almost beyond our imagination. But to make sense of those time periods, to see them in some perspective, I've brought you here to a cave deep in the French Pyrenees. In the middle of the last century, a bookseller from a nearby town of Tuluz, used to visit this cave. And as a hobby, he dug around for bones and evidence of prehistoric remains. And he did this for some 40 years. And then late in the afternoon, on June the 11th, 1905, having been digging all day, he prepared to go but chose to go by a different route. And as he left, he was passing this wall and something caught his eye. He lifted up his lamp and this is what he saw--stencils of human hands from nearly 30,000 years ago. They are amongst the oldest images made by human beings on the planet. They are 6 times older than the Pyramids in Egypt and 8 times older than Stonehenge. Quite what they signified to the people who made them, no one knows. They were a Stone Age people and they came here at the coldest part of a last Ice Age. And over here are the most interesting images of all. It is thought that these stencils here were made by someone no bigger than a toddler, a child in a primitive world, the son or daughter of somebody who you would think of as a caveman. And yet if I had taken such a child and brought it up as a baby in my own house, it would be indistinguishable from one of my own children. Because by the time these people pressed their hands against these walls, all the changes which make us what we are had aly happened. The evolution of the human body was, to all intents and purposes, complete. If this child were to be raised with my own children, it would look the same, it would talk the same, it would play the same computer games, and it would grow up wanting to be a doctor, a footballer, or maybe even an astronaut.words and expressionsPyrenees: 比利牛斯山脉:欧洲西南部山脉,从比斯开湾沿着法国与西班牙边境,到地中海在皮科·德·皮妮特,它高达3,406·2米(11,168英尺)stencil:The lettering or design produced with such a sheet.图案,文字:用模板或蜡纸复制出的字形或图案toddler:One who toddles, especially a young child learning to walk.蹒跚行走的人:一个蹒跚行走的人,尤指一个刚学习走路的幼儿indistinguishable:(常与from连用)不能区别的;不能辨别的"The synthetic material is indistinguishable from real silk, but much cheaper.""这种合成衣料与真丝难以区别,但便宜得多。"to all intents and purposes:实际上200707/16010Afghan Report Says 47 Civilians Died in US Airstrike阿富汗称美军空袭炸死47平民  An Afghan government commission says a U.S. airstrike this week that American commanders claimed had targeted militants instead killed 47 civilians. The reports of civilian casualties come as American commanders say they are trying to counter the growing threat from insurgents coming across the Pakistani border. 阿富汗政府的一个委员会说,美军这个星期发动的一次空袭造成47名平民死亡,美军指挥官宣称那次空袭的目标是激进分子。与此同时,美军指挥官说,从巴基斯坦越境过来的暴乱分子的威胁在增加,他们在尽力遏制这种威胁。The Afghan government ordered an inquiry into Sunday's U.S. airstrike after conflicting reports about the attack. Local officials in Nangarhar province said the victims were part of a wedding party and no militants were in the region. U.S. commanders had insisted militants were among the group.  在有关这次空袭出现了相互矛盾的说法后,阿富汗政府下令对美军星期天的空袭进行调查。阿富汗楠格哈尔省地方官员说,空袭的遇难者是参加一个婚礼的民众,当时那个地区没有激进份子。但是美军指挥官坚持认为,参加婚礼的人群中混杂了激进份子。President Hamid Karzai appointed a nine-member government commission to investigate. After traveling to the region, the head of the commission, Senate deputy speaker, Burhanullah Shinwari, tells VOA that the victims were all civilians. 阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊指定一个9人委员会对此事进行调查。这个委员会的负责人、阿富汗议会参议院副议长欣瓦里在访问该地区后对美国之音说,所有的遇难者都是平民。He says that they investigated and found in that area 47 people were killed and nine wounded. He said no militants were present and the victims were mainly women and children who were walking to a wedding party.  他说,我们进行了调查,发现有47人被炸死,9人受伤。他说,现场没有激进份子。遇难者大多数是妇女和儿童,他们当时正在前去参加一个婚礼。U.S. officials say they have not completed their investigation yet.  美国官员说,他们还没有完成自己的调查。Afghan officials have expressed concern over mounting civilian casualties, as U.S. and NATO forces try to counter a surge in attacks by Taliban forces in recent months.  阿富汗官员对越来越多的平民伤亡表示担心。最近几个月以来,塔利班份子的袭击有所增加,美国和北约部队正在尽力打击塔利班。Militants safe havens in Pakistan have been blamed for contributing to the spike in violence that made June the deadliest month for coalition forces since the 2001 invasion.  巴基斯坦境内的激进份子藏身地一直被认为是暴力事件激增的原因,这些暴力事件已经使今年6月成为美国为首的联军2001年出兵阿富汗以来伤亡最严重的一个月。During a visit to Kabul this week, Admiral Michael Mullen said U.S. officials now believe that Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas, called FATA, are attracting an increasing number of foreign fighters.  美军参谋长联席会议主席迈克.马伦海军上将这个星期在访问喀布尔时说,美国官员现在相信,巴基斯坦联邦直辖部落地区正吸引着越来越多的外国战斗人员。"There are clearly more foreign fighters in the FATA, than have been there in the past, and I wouldn't get into any specifics. But what it really speaks to is that that's a safe haven, that's got to be eliminated for all insurgents - not just al Qaida," Admiral Mullen said. 他说:“与过去相比,巴基斯坦联邦直辖部落地区外国战斗人员明显增多。我不想说得太具体。但是这的确说明这里是他们的藏身之处。必须铲除这些地点,不仅仅是针对基地组织,而且要让所有的激进份子无处藏身。”Coalition forces have responded with aggressive operations. American Marines have recaptured Taliban-held towns in Helmand province. Coalition and Afghan forces are pursuing militants operating near the Pakistani border, and occasionally firing at militants fleeing back into Pakistani territory.  为此,联军采取了猛烈的军事攻势。美国海军陆战队收复了赫尔曼德省一度被塔利班控制的城镇。联军和阿富汗部队还在追剿在靠近巴基斯坦边界一带活动的激进分子,有时他们还向逃入巴基斯坦境内的激进份子开火。In June, a U.S. airstrike on a border post accidentally killed 11 Pakistani troops. The Pakistani military sharply criticized the attack.  今年6月,美军对边界上一个检查站发动的空袭造成11名巴基斯坦军人死亡。巴基斯坦军方强烈批评了这次空袭。On Friday, local officials in South Waziristan said mortar shells fired from Afghanistan wounded eight Pakistani troops at a border checkpoint. U.S. and Pakistani military officials have not commented on the reported strike. 星期五,巴基斯坦南瓦济里斯坦地方官员说,从阿富汗发射过来的迫击炮弹炸伤了一个边境检查站的8名巴基斯坦军人。美国和巴基斯坦军方官员都没有对报导中的这次袭击发表。200807/43906福建附属第一医院做双眼皮

泉州隆鼻手术需要多少钱泉港区妇女医院减肥手术多少钱 Discrepancy about Inspection检验争议A: Shall we talk about the question of inspection?A: 我们讨论一下商品检验问题好吗?B: Sure, go ahead. What terms of commodity inspection are stipulated in the contract?B: 好的,开始吧。合同中的检验条款是怎样规定的?A: The goods imported must be inspected according to the legal process, and the reinspection should be carried out within a week on arrival.A: 进口商品必须经过法定程序的检验,而且应在货物达到后一周内进行。B: What would happen if we have some disputes over the results of the reinspection?B: 如果我们对检验结果有争议该怎么处理?A: We can turn to some international authorities.A: 我们可以求助于权威机构做出公正的判定。B: What if that wont help us to find our respective satisfaction?B: 如果权威机构没有给出我们双方都满意的答复该怎么办?A: Then we can solve the problem through communication and negotiation.A: 那么我们也可以通过协商和沟通来解决问题。B: That will be just fine. In what way or process will the commodities be inspected?B: 那很好。商品检验要以什么方式和程序进行?A: Inspections will be made by sampling and they will be made by inspections as well as reinspection.A: 检验应抽样进行并且要经过检验和复验两个步骤。 /201602/425137泉州做双眼皮哪里比较好

福建省泉州市妇幼保健医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱unwarranted ———— 没有根据的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Not based on a foundation of fact; unnecessary, lacking real authority.例句 I have known and trusted our accountant for many years, so I believe your suspicions of his dishonesty are quite unwarranted.我认识和信任我们的会计很多年,所以我认为你怀疑他不诚实基本没有根据。 /201606/451623 Clinton, Obama Stress Democratic Party y民主党竞选人在关键两州展开冲刺  In the U.S. presidential race, both Democratic contenders have stressed party unity before two primary contests that could prove decisive in deciding which of the two will face the presumed Republican nominee, Arizona Senator John McCain, in the November election. Democratic hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both appeared on U.S. television two days before primary elections in the states of Indiana and North Carolina. 在美国民主党在两个州决定谁出线成为总统提名人的关键党内初选之前,两位总统候选提名的角逐者都强调党内团结。民主党总统提名人将在今年11月与共和党的总统候选人、亚利桑那州参议员麦凯恩对决。就在印地安纳州和北卡罗莱纳州举行党内初选前两天,民主党的两位角逐者克林顿和奥巴马双双出现在美国电视上。For months, Senators Clinton and Obama have waged one of the longest and hardest-fought primary battles in modern American presidential history. 几个月来,克林顿参议员和奥巴马参议员进行了一场美国现代总统竞选史上最漫长、最艰苦的党内初选。Rhetoric between the two contenders has often been sharp, with Clinton at one point questioning whether Obama has demonstrated the credentials necessary to be commander-in-chief, while Obama has blasted the free-trade policies adopted by Clinton's husband, former President Bill Clinton. 两位角逐者经常尖锐指责对方。克林顿有一次质疑奥巴马是否有能力成为三军统帅,而奥巴马则猛烈抨击克林顿参议员的丈夫、前总统克林顿所推行的自由贸易政策。 Some Democrats have openly wondered whether the intense intra-party fighting will weaken the eventual nominee and dim the party's chances of capturing the White House. 有些民主党人已经公开怀疑,这样激烈的党内斗争会削弱最终获得提名者的力量,使民主党入主白宫的机会降低。Sunday, the two presidential hopefuls appeared to tone down the heavy criticism and focus on party unity instead. Clinton spoke on A's This Week television program. 星期天,这两位总统候选人角逐者都压低批评的调门,转而强调党内团结。克林顿在美国广播公司的电视节目“本星期”上说:"Both Senator Obama and I have made it very clear that we will have a unified Democratic Party going into the fall elections," said Hillary Clinton. "I have said that I would work my heart out for him [if Obama is the nominee]. He has said he would do the same for me [if I am the nominee]." “奥巴马参议员和我都非常明确地表示,我们将以一个团结的民主党进入秋天的大选。我说过,如果奥巴马获得提名,我将全力以赴为他助选。他也说过,如果我获得提名他也会同样尽力地为我助选。”Obama struck a similar chord on N's Meet the Press program. 奥巴马在全国广播公司的“面对新闻界”节目上也发出同样的论调。"I want a Democrat to win in November," said Barack Obama. "So even if Senator Clinton were the nominee instead of me, I would still be campaigning for Democrats." 奥巴马参议员说:“我希望民主党人能够赢得11月的大选。所以,即使不是我,而是克林顿参议员获得提名,我也仍然会为民主党助选。”Obama leads Clinton in pledged delegates won from primary contests as well as the popular vote of all who have cast ballots in the nominating elections so far. Many political analysts have suggested it would be virtually impossible for Clinton to overtake Obama in pledged delegates in the remaining contests. 到目前为止,不论在党代表的票数上,还是在一般选民的票数上,奥巴马参议员都领先克林顿参议员。许多政治分析家暗示,克林顿基本上不可能在剩余的初选中,在党代表票数上超越奥巴马。Yet Clinton has won the last three contests held in large, populous states - two of which, Ohio and Pennsylvania, are considered must-win states for any Democrat to capture the White House in November. In addition, Obama has had to endure firestorms of criticism stemming from recent comments he made that were perceived as demeaning to working-class voters, as well as incendiary remarks by his former pastor. 但是克林顿却赢得了最后结束的三个人口大州的初选。这三个州当中的俄亥俄州和宾夕法尼亚州又被认为是民主党若要在11月入主白宫就必须赢得的州。除此以外,奥巴马还必须面对一连串批评的猛烈炮火。这些批评源自于他最近所做被认为是贬低蓝领阶层选民的言论,以及他过去的教会牧师的煽动性言论。The controversies appear to have eroded support for Obama in national polls. What remains to be seen is whether they will sway so-called super-delegates, Democratic Party elders who are not bound by primary election results and who also have a roll to play in deciding the eventual nominee. 在全国民意测验上,这两项争议似乎削弱了对奥巴马的持度。现在要观察的是,这种民意会不会左右所谓的超级党代表。这些民主党的超级党代表不受初选结果的约束,而且在最终决定提名人的过程中扮演一定角色。To date, there has been no mass exodus of super-delegate support away from Obama. 而到目前为止,还没有出现有大批超级党代表放弃持奥巴马的现象。Asked whether super-delegates should feel empowered to overturn the will of the voters expressed through pledged delegates, Clinton suggested the nomination battle is more than a numbers game."There are a number of factors that people look at," she said. "We have delegates selected by millions of people in primaries and delegates selected by a few thousand people in caucuses. When the process finishes in early June, people can look at all the various factors and decide who would be the strongest candidate." Obama downplayed any suggestion that the recent controversies surrounding his campaign would torpedo his candidacy. 奥巴马尽量淡化任何有关围绕他的竞选争议可能会危害他的候选人资格的说法。"I think the super-delegates are going to take a look, not at momentary snapshot polls [showing reduced support for Obama], but who has run the kind of campaign that can bring about change in America and can actually govern after the election," he said.Most political observers say Obama remains favored to win Tuesday's primary in North Carolina, although by perhaps a smaller margin than had been anticipated just weeks ago. Recent polls in Indiana give a slight edge to Clinton.  多数政治分析家表示,在北卡罗莱纳州的党内初选上,奥巴马取胜的优势虽然可能会比几个星期前的预测有所减少,但他还是会赢得北卡罗莱纳州的初选。此外,最近的民意调查还发现,克林顿参议员在印地安纳州有微弱优势。200805/37707福建省泉州晋江市激光祛痘费用泉州第一人民医院做隆鼻



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