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Very much to the taste of foreign market符合国外市场口味A:I am here to tell you that the clothes are very much to taste of our market and the customers are quite satisfied with the excellent quality.A:在这我想说,衣很符合市场口味,消费者对它的上乘质量相当满意。B:We are very glad to hear that. We are sure that there will be a bigger market for our products in this country.B:听到这消息很高兴。我们确信我们的产品在这个国家将会有更大的市场。A:Well, we have an extensive sales organization and a thorough knowledge of Asian market. Your products would sell very well here. We are prepared to do more business with you. We are also interested in handing a sole agent for you.A:嗯,我们有庞大的销售组织并且对亚洲市场了如指掌。你们的产品在这将会卖得很好。我们准备和贵公司有更多的生意来往。我们对做你们的独家销售代理很感兴趣。B:We really appreciate your efforts. Before we go to the core of matter, can you give us some idea of them on which you would be willing to operate as our agent?B:我们很欣赏你们的努力。在我们谈到核心问题之前,贵办可以给我们谈一谈该怎样运作以作我们的代理商的想法吗?A:No problem.A:没问题。 /201509/399867Please remind me to phone Alice before I go out. 请提醒我在出去之前给爱丽丝打电话。Please remind me to phone Alice before I go out.请提醒我在出去之前给爱丽丝打电话。All right.好的.知识扩展: Please remind me that I must call him up before noon.请提醒我需要 在中午之前给他打电话。Hello, this is Mark returning your call. 我是马克,您给我打过电话。Hello, BM Company.你好,这里是BM公司。Hello, this is Mark returning your call.你好,我是马克,您给我打过电话。知识扩展: This is Marie calling back.我是马克,回您的电话。 /201405/300867French voters turned their backs on the political establishment last night in round one of the presidential election.在昨晚的第一轮总统大选中,法国选民舍弃了法国的政治体制。Emmanuel Macron an independent centrist won first place ahead of National Front leader Marine Le Pen.独立的中间派候选人伊曼纽尔·马克龙赢得了首轮选举,领先于法国国民阵线(极右翼党派,极端民族主义阵营)领袖马丽娜·勒庞。The result will have major implications as Miss Le Pen wants to completely renegotiate France’s relationship with Brussels while Mr Macron wants closer links.该结果会产生重大影响,因为马丽娜·勒庞想彻底重新谈判欧盟与法国之间的关系,而马克龙先生想要与欧盟保持更紧密的联系。According to Frances Interior Ministry, 46 million people voted in the first stage of the elections which knocked the traditional mainstream Right and Left parties out of the running for the first time in 60 years.法国内政部指出,在第一轮选举中,600万人参与了投票,并在60年中首次将法国传统主流党派右翼政党和左翼政党淘汰。Macron had never before stood for election and only started his independent centrist movement 12 months ago. He served as an economy minister under President Francois Hollande, ran without the backing of an established party, forming his own called ‘En Marche!’之前马克龙从未担任过候选人,并且只2个月之前才开始他的独立中间派活动。在弗朗索瓦·奥朗德总统执政的时候,他曾担任过经济部长。他没有任何公认党派的持,成立了自己的党派“En Marche!”(不左不右党)。With 97 per cent of the vote counted, Macron achieved 23.9 per cent, followed by Le Pen on 21.4. But it is thought that Le Pens chances of winning the second round are limited as supporters for Republican candidate Francois Fillon, who conceded but has gained 19.9 per cent of the votes, will support Macron. Moreover, Frances Prime Minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, also called on voters to support Macron.在计数的97%的选票中,马克龙赢得了23.9%的选票,其次是获得1.4%的选票的勒庞。不过人们认为勒庞赢得第二轮大选的可能性有限,因为共和党候选人弗朗索瓦·菲永的持者会持马克龙。菲永退出了大选,但他获得9.9%的选票。此外,法国总理伯纳德·卡泽纳夫也号召选民们持马克龙。Macron acknowledged widesp anger at traditional parties and promised new transformations in French politics. And he has vowed to reinforce Frances commitment to the EU and euro. However, Le Pen has vowed to offer French voters a referendum to leave the EU and wants to leave the euro, known as Frexit.马克龙认识到人民普遍对传统党派感到愤怒,他承诺会在法国政界进行“新的改革”。而且他还郑重声明会加强法国对欧盟和欧元的投入。然而,勒庞则郑重宣告会为法国选民举行一次脱欧公投,并且她还想脱离欧元区,也就是法国脱欧(Frexit)。Initial election results triggered riots across the country, initially sparked in Paris Place du la Bastille, the birthplace of the French Revolution, tonight against the Le Pens National Front.初步选举的结果在法国各地引发了暴乱。为了反对勒庞的国民阵线,暴乱首先于今晚在法国大革命的发源地巴士底广场爆发。The second round of voting between the two front runners of todays poll will take place on Sunday 7 May.在今天投票中领先的两位候选人之间进行的第二轮选举将于5日星期天举行。来 /201704/506020

1.Accountant 会计A: So you sound like an accountant.B: I'm a certified public account (CPA).A:听上去你像是一个会计师。B:我是个注册会计师。 2.Appreciation 增值A: Could an asset appreciate?B: It could. Like the real estate may appreciate over the years.A:资产能够增值吗?B:会的,例如房地产可能会随时间增值。3.Break even 收平衡A: Did you guys make any money last year?B: No. We just broke even.A:我们去年盈利了吗?B:没有,只是不亏不盈。4.Cashier 出纳员A: Who is the Cashier of our company?B: Mr. Liu.A:谁是我们工司的出纳员啊?B:刘先生。5.A/P (Account Payable)应付账款A: What does Accountant Payable record?B: It records all the payments we need to make.A:应付账款都记录些什么?B:记录所有我们需要付的款项。 /200809/50361

must- ------- 1.必读作品(名词,非正式);2.必读的(形容词,非正式)英文释义 1. (noun, INFORMAL) Any written narrative, such as book or magazine story, that has great significance, value, or special interest to ers.2. (adjective, INFORMAL) Describing an important written narrative that should be .例句 The young novelist has written a must- for anyone interested in contemporary fiction.这位青年小说家写出过所有对当代小说感兴趣的人的必读著作。The new, must- novel by the famous writer reveals a different side of his brilliant creative mind.由这位著名作家撰写的必读的新小说展现出了他与众不同的聪明而富有创造力的头脑。 /201501/353001

投资顾问Jerry跟客户Frank见面,向他推销一种投资想法。Jerry: I believe the iron is hot right now in the field of energy and transportation. Everyone is looking for new ways to reduce energy consumption.F: Yeah, youre right. I bought a hybrid car last month...saves me as much as 50% in gasoline use!J: Hybrids are the hottest thing on the market these days, and I think they fill a niche right now, but Im betting that the future belongs to fully electric-powered vehicles.Jerry 觉得,能源和交通是投资的正确方向,一定要趁热打铁。Frank表示赞成,说自己上个月刚买了一辆汽电混合动力车hybrid,耗油量少了一半。Jerry承认,汽电混合动力车现在很流行,有自己的市场定位niche, niche is spelled n-i-c-h-e,但他觉得,汽车今后还是要向纯电动的方向发展。F: That might be true. But I manufacture in China. Millions of people there dont even have a gas-powered car yet.J: Yes...but dont you see? This is a golden opportunity! Millions of middle class Chinese could potentially leapfrog over the old technologies and embrace electric vehicles.F: Its an interesting idea. I know the government is supporting electric vehicles since many cities have serious air pollution.Frank的工厂在中国,而中国很多人连汽油动力车都没有,哪谈得上什么纯电力车呢?Jerry却觉得,这是绝好的机会。This is a golden opportunity. 因为中国数以百万计的中产阶级都可以跨越陈旧的技术,直接利用新技术,这里所说的leapfrog蛙跳,是跃过,跨过的意思。Frank觉得,这种想法有道理,因为中国政府为了治理空气污染,非常持电动汽车的发展。J: Just imagine! You could make a lot of money AND help make China a better place for people to live.F: So you want me to invest in producing electric cars?J: I think the real area of interest here is batteries. Battery technology needs to catch up. We aly have a lot of companies that can make the cars, but batteries are far too expensive.开发电力汽车,这种既能赚钱,又能改善中国生活环境的事何乐而不为呢?Jerry补充说,他其实不是建议Frank投资电力汽车,The real area of interest is batteries,真有干头的是电池这一块,因为battery technology needs to catch up,电池技术还需要改进。Frank会被Jerry说,投资电力汽车电池技术的开发吗?我们下次继续听。 /163683

陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作,他的美国同事Amy来找他谈事儿。(Office ambience)A:Hi Chen Hao, have you got a minute?C:Amy, 刚才你过来的时候,我正在电话上。A:It's not polite to hang around when someone is the phone so I decided to come back.C:嗨,别提了。我刚才一直在电话上等。想挂,可是好不容易才打通,挂了又得从头来,我就在那儿傻等着,烦死了。A:I know what you mean. Putting callers on hold for more than thirty seconds is bad for customer relations.C:半分钟,别说半分钟;我刚才足足等了半小时。不过,Amy, 说实话,我让别人等的时候,有时候也容易把时间忘了。What can I do?A:Watch the clock. Time passes quickly for the person who is busy with other callers or issues, but for the person on hold, time creeps by.C:就是这么回事。在电话上等,确实觉得时间过得特别慢,所以越等越不耐烦。A:Since your job doesn't involve answering other people's calls, I would guess that your callers are waiting for you to look up information while they hold.C:没错,一般情况下,我都会让客户在电话上等着别挂,我马上设法帮他们解决问题。A:There is a difference in holding for someone to answer the phone and holding for someone to look up information for you.C:在线上等别人接你的电话和等别人去帮你查资料有什么不一样呢?A:If you ask people to hold while you are looking up information or trying to help them in some way, they are willing to wait.C:我怎么还是不明白?A:People are happy to wait while you work on their behalf.C:噢,他们知道对方是在为自己解决问题,所以等得心甘情愿。那些等着别人接听电话的人呢?A:When you take your time getting to the call, the caller starts to imagine all sorts of scenarios.C:没错,我就经常怀疑对方是把我给忘了。A:The caller may suspect you don't think the caller is important.C:还有呢?A:Maybe you don't value the caller's time?C:对呀,在线上等电话是越等越急,越急就容易胡思乱想。A:Yes, and the result is that your caller is pretty annoyed when you finally answer the phone.C:没错,那客户肯定很不高兴,觉得我没有礼貌。A:Exactly. So if you want to avoid making people feel unimportant or ignored, pick up your phone as soon as you know you have a caller waiting.C:如果没办法马上接电话,我通常都会让秘书请客户决定,是在线上继续等,还是在电话信箱里留言。A:Exactly, good business etiquette as usual is to be considerate of the other person. /04/68379

1.Award 颁奖A: Are we going to have award ceremony at the Annual Party?B: Yes, kill two birds with one stone. A:我们年终宴会上会有颁奖仪式吗?B:有啊,一举两得。 2.Beer 啤酒A: How about beer? B: Beer is fine. I have no problem with it, but it's better to cold. A:那么,喝啤酒呢?B:啤酒还好了,应该没问题,但最好是冰镇的。 3.Christmas party 圣诞晚会A: In the West, the company annual party is always around the Christmas, right?B: It's always before the Christmas.A:西方公司里的年终宴会是不是一般都在圣诞节前后?B:都在圣诞节前。4.Dance 跳舞A: What do they do after eating?B: They would dance.A:他们吃过晚饭做什么?B:他们会跳舞。5.Dress up 盛装打扮A: What is the dress code for the party?B: Man can have suit and tie, and women can wear evening gowns.A:聚会的时候该穿些什么?B:先生们一般穿西装打领带,女士可以穿晚礼。 /200810/52895

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