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女性多吃豆类 男性多吃鱼Women who ate soy regularly as children have a lower risk of breast cancer, American researchers report. And men who eat fish several times a week have a lower risk of colon cancer, a second team of researchers have told the American Association for Cancer Research.The studies add to a growing body of evidence about the role of diet in cancer.Cancer experts now believe that up to two-thirds of all cancers come from lifestyle factors such as smoking, diet and lack of exercise.The US National Cancer Institute and researchers at the University of Hawaii found that women who ate the most soy-based foods, such as tofu and miso, when aged 5 to 11, reduced their risk of developing breast cancer by 58 per cent. It was not clear how soy might prevent cancer, though compounds in soy called isoflavones have estrogen-like effects.A second study showed that men who ate fish at least five times a week had a 40 per cent lower risk of developing colorectal cancer compared with men who ate fish less than once a week.Many kinds of fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which interfere with the cyclooxygenase-2 or COX-2 enzyme. COX-2 affects inflammation, which may play a role in tumour growth. 据美国研究人员报告,儿童时期经常吃豆类食品的女性患乳腺癌的风险较小。另一组研究人员则向美国癌症研究协会提出,一周吃几次鱼的男性患结肠癌的几率较小。这两项研究进一步明了饮食对于防癌的作用。癌症防治专家认为,在所有种类的癌症中,多达三分之二都是由吸烟、节食及缺乏锻炼等不健康的生活方式造成的。美国全国癌症研究所和夏威夷大学的研究人员发现,在5岁至11岁时经常吃豆腐、味噌等豆类食品的女性患乳腺癌的几率要低58%。至于豆类食品为什么可以防癌还不清楚,不过大豆中所含的名叫异黄酮的化合物具有雌性激素的作用。另一项研究表明,一周吃鱼至少五次的男性患结肠癌的风险要比那些一周都吃不到一次鱼的男性低40%。很多鱼类中所富含的Omega-3脂肪酸能够抑制环氧化酶2的活性。环氧化酶2会引起发炎,这可能会刺激肿瘤的生长。 /200803/32263I sometimes seem to gain about 10 pounds during the day. Is it water retention?Q: I weigh myself both in the morning and again at night. In the morning I'm around 193 pounds, but in the evening, my weight sometimes hikes up to 204 pounds. I use the same scale and weigh in the nude, so I feel like my ings are accurate. My friend says that I have a water-retention problem. What can I do to treat this?A: It's normal for body weight to fluctuate widely throughout the day. It's likely that your weight in the morning, and especially after you've used the bathroom, is at its lowest since you have probably not consumed any food or water for the past 12 or so hours.How much and what kind of food and fluids you've consumed, as well as how much and how often you've evacuated, and even how much you have sweated all play a role in the pounds that register on the scale at any given point during the day.Be careful not to mistake the increased scale weight as a conclusive sign that you are gaining or losing weight because going by pounds alone can often be misleading. While most people cite one number as their current body weight, it may be more realistic to cite a range, since the number does fluctuate daily. Most weight-loss programs advise to weigh at the same time of the day to try to minimize this variation. But still, if you were to weigh yourself every two or three hours you are likely get a whole range of weights, and here's why:You can even sit in a sauna and sweat off five pounds, but that doesn't mean that you've lost five pounds of body fat. In fact, you'll gain that 'weight' right back after you replenish the fluids you sweated out. Water is retained and lost throughout the day and while it may be contributing to your varying ings, these fluctuations are most likely normal, and not necessarily the problem that your friend suggests. (If you have signs of bloating, check with your physician, however.)If you eat a meal that consists of lots of plant foods like beans, grains, veggies and fruit, the food might weigh quite a lot because of all the fiber and water in it. On the other hand, you could eat the exact same amount of calories in the form of processed high-carb or high-fat foods and since this food is very condensed (much of the fiber and water is processed out of it), it's very light. If you ate the more healthful food you might take in a couple of pounds of actual food that would actually make you seem heavier if you weighed yourself after eating it. The processed item such as a fluffy, light croissant may not register as much extra scale weight at all even though it's very high in calories.So does the heavier-weighing food make you fatter? Not at all. Here's why: The body gains weight from accumulating more stored body fat by eating more calories than are expended over time. (You can also gain more weight for other reasons such as increased muscle, but you would need to be doing progressive, heavy resistance training and eating more calories over time.)When you eat a large meal, and if it's an unprocessed, plant-based meal, it's likely to be lower in calories, even if it has greater volume. Check out this comparison from the book Picture Perfect Weight Loss (Grand Central Publishing, 2003) by chiropractor Howard Shapiro. One small muffin is around 720 calories, and a huge platter consisting of an entire pineapple (that weighs several pounds), half a melon, half a papaya, plus two pears, some grapes, kiwi and two small whole-wheat rolls are also 720 calories. Not only would it would be nearly impossible to eat the healthful meal at once (who can eat an entire pineapple without feeling stuffed?), if you managed to even eat half of this, you would have ingested a pound or two of food, compared to a few ounces by eating the muffin.So after eating this plant-based meal, you would temporarily weigh more while the food is going through your digestive system. That doesn't mean you are heavier, though, because it's the caloric load that ultimately leads to excess body fat. In reality you might only be able to eat about 400 or 500 calories worth of this healthful meal, even though you ate much more in terms of volume of food. Most of the fiber and water in the plant-based meal is calorie-free and would be excreted out, NOT turned into extra body fat.Another example in the book compares two 400-calorie options: a high-fat choice such as three small ribs or one egg roll, or a large meal consisting of brown rice, vegetable soup, a fortune cookie and Chinese-style broccoli and shrimp.Chances are that you'd not feel full eating only one egg roll or a few ribs. One could easily eat double, triple (or more!) than the 400-calorie serving shown to make a meal. So you could easily take in 800 to 1,600 calories at one sitting choosing the high-fat options. In comparison, it might be difficult to eat the entire healthful meal shown. But even if you did, it would consist of only 400 calories. So you'd feel satiated, but you still be dieting because you are controlling your caloric intake with these plant-based foods that are high in both fiber and water.The major point to keep in mind is that, while weight is important, it is not a total reflection of your body composition such as the amount of body fat and/or muscle that you have. When losing large amounts of weight, the scale is a useful tool to gauge the change. But avoid getting too nit-picky with daily ings, and look for trends over time. If you have access, try getting your body composition measured, either through a DEXA scan at your doctor's office, or by using body fat calipers by an experienced trainer at your gym. An underwater weighing tank in the exercise physiology department at a local university is another option (some gyms occasionally offer measurements taken in portable tanks). It's also important if you are losing weight to make sure to include some resistance training in your routine so that you can minimize the amount of muscle loss that inevitably accompanies weight loss. /200812/59853Whether it's curled up in the fetal position, flat on the stomach or stretched out across the bed, the way people sleep reveals their personality, a British sleep expert said.Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service and a visiting professor at the University of Surrey in southern England, has identified six common sleep positions and what they mean."We are all aware of our body language when we are awake but this is the first time we have been able to see what our subconscious says about us," he said.Crouched in the fetal position is the most popular sleep pattern and favored by 51 percent of women, according to the results of the study he conducted for a large hotel group.Fetal sleepers tend to be shy and sensitive while people who assume the soldier position, flat on their back with arms at their sides, are quiet and reserved.Sleeping on one's side with legs outstretched and arms down in what Idzikowski refers to as the log, indicates a social, easy-going personality. But if the arms are outstretched in the yearner position, the person tends to be more suspicious.The freefall, flat on the tummy with the hands at the sides of the head, is the most unusual position. Only 6.5 percent of people prefer it and they are usually brash and gregarious.Unassuming, good listeners usually adopt the starfish position--on the back with outstretched arms and legs.Idzikowski, who identified the positions by comparing personality traits of people, their preferred way of sleeping and the most common positions, said once a sleeping style is adopted it is rarely changed. /200812/59759摘要:由于猫生性狡猾,且喜欢在夜间四处游荡,中世纪的欧洲人将它们与巫术与妖魔联系在一起,对它们怀有恐惧和仇视。Throughout much of the Middle Ages, cats were feared and hated. Since they are very sly and in the habit of moving about in the darkness at night, people used to associate them with witches and the evil spirits. Cats were treated cruelly, and even burned together with witches. People used to believe that cats took away a baby's breath by magic. Even now when mothers see a cat near their baby, they take the cat away because they think that the cat often lies on the baby, and then the baby can't breathe and dies. It was a general belief that witches and evil spirits especially liked taking the form of a black cat. Because of this belief, black cats came gradually to be looked upon as the cause of misfortune and ill luck. A popular idea is that if people see a black cat crossing the road in front of them, something unfortunate will happen to them. Some superstitious people believe that killing the cats does not necessarily mean killing the witches, for a witch can take on the body of a cat for nine times. It is said that Napoleon saw a black cat before the battle of Waterloo. He lost the battle, and the British won. Probably for this reason, the black cat is unlucky on the continent, but in Britain, it is lucky. /200906/72268The point of articles such as these isn't to dictate how you're supposed to live. The point is to offer you different perspectives to consider, so you can make more conscious and deliberate choices for yourself。   这些观点并不是要指示你如何生活,而是提供不同的思路供你参考,从而使你自己做出更为深思熟虑的选择。1. Get to know your authentic self. 认清真实的自己。  Discover the real you. Don't blindly accept the role you were conditioned by others to fill. You have your own path to follow. Be your own independent person. Don't allow peer pressure to force you into an inauthentic role。  发现真实的自己。不要盲目接受别人习惯施加给你的角色。你有自己的路去走。成为独立自主的个体。不要在压力的屈从下扮演不真实的自己。 /200911/88786

McDull is a male pig who can be distinguished by a birthmark on his right eye. He has a heart of gold, but he isn't very smart and ordinary in every way; nevertheless, he has many dreams. However, every time he tries, he fails; he is disappointed, but tries again, exploring other dreams. In this way he creates his own colourful world. He lives his life simply and naturally. He is not perfect, but his attitude towards life, namely of never giving up, makes him a popular character。The name McDull actually has a story itself. When Mrs Mak was going to give birth to McDull, she saw a magical plastic basin (pronounced roughly as "dull" in Cantonese) flying over her head. Believing it a sign from the gods, she named her son as "Dull"。 麦兜系列主要人物中英文名对照: 麦兜 McDull 麦唛 McMug 麦太 Mrs. Mak(麦谭玉莲 Mak Tam Yuk Lin) 麦炳 Mak Bing 大爱麦兜!!不知道有没有T友和我一样喜欢麦兜啊~~想当年我和同学张嘴闭嘴“鸡包纸、纸包鸡”“马尔代夫……椰林树影,水清沙幼……”,不亦乐乎~~最近新的麦兜又要上演了呢~~我的小心脏美滋滋的~~那阵我弟弟、同学、秦苏珊英语的好朋友过生日,我几乎都送画着麦兜的东西,到最后我同学都无奈了,哈哈~~他为什么叫麦兜呢?相信看过动画的人都知道,但是可能也有的人没看过,为了让麦兜被更多人知道,我给大家介绍一下~~下面还有找来的英文哟!麦兜是一只右眼上有个胎记的小猪。傻乎乎的,过着平凡而又温暖的小生活。每一次他尝试着达成自己的理想,都会失败;他会感到失望,但依旧进取,追逐着自己其它的梦。生活十分单纯,虽不完美,却积极向上的生活态度和永不放弃的精神,就像一只小蜗牛,爬的虽然慢,但是却一点一点的爬,冲着自己的小幸福努力~麦兜名字的由来有一个故事。麦太临盆去医院准备生麦兜的时候,她看到了一只神奇的塑料盆(粤语中叫做“胶兜”)从她头顶飞过。由此她向塑料盆许了一系列的愿望,希望将来的儿子能很聪明、读书好,长得帅,像梁朝伟或者周润发,还有运气要好,最后塑料盆终于落地。麦太认为这是老天爷传递的异象,而麦胶这个名字不好听,于是决定取名麦兜。麦太也是很可爱的,哈哈 /200910/85935

It is research that is guaranteed to delight men - and infuriate the women in their lives. A controversial new study has claimed that men really are more intelligent than women. The study concluded that men's IQs are almost four points higher than women's. British-born researcher John Philippe Rushton, who previously created a furore by suggesting intelligence is influenced by race, says the finding could explain why so few women make it to the top in the workplace. He claims the 'glass ceiling' phenomenon is probably due to inferior intelligence, rather than discrimination or lack of opportunity. The University of Western Ontario psychologist reached his conclusion after scrutinizing the results of university aptitude tests taken by 100,000 students aged 17 and 18 of both sexes. A focus on a factors such as the ability to quickly grasp a complex concept, verbal reasoning skills and creativity - some of the key ingredients of intelligence - revealed the male teenagers had IQs that were an average of 3.63 points higher. The average person has an IQ of around 100. The findings, which held true for all classes and levels of parental education, overturn a 100 year consensus that men and women average the same in general mental ability. They also conflict with evidence that girls do better in school exams than boys. But Prof Rushton, who was born in Bournemouth and obtained his doctorate in social psychology from the London School of Economics, argues that the faster maturing of girls leads to them outshining boys in the classroom.这项研究结果一定会让男人高兴,惹女人生气。一项具有争议的最新研究表明,男人确实比女人聪明。 研究发现,男人的智商比女人高四分。 英国籍研究员约翰·菲利普·鲁什顿此前提出的"智商受到种族影响"的观点一时引发众怒,他说,这项最新研究结果可以解释为什么很少有女性能成为职场精英。 他说,造成这种"玻璃天花板"现象的原因可能是由于女性的智商不及男性,并不是性别歧视或缺少机会。 这位西安大略大学的心理学家对10万名17至18岁的男女学生进行了大学智力测试,他在分析测试结果后得出了这个结论。 此项测试着重对学生快速理解复杂概念、语言推理能力和创造力等几项智力指标进行了考察。结果发现,男学生的智商平均高出3.63分。普通人的智商水平在100分左右。 这项研究结果适用于各类人群和各个年龄阶段,同时推翻了长期以来认为"男女智力相当"的普遍观点。此外,这项研究结果和女孩的考试成绩总比男孩好的事实相矛盾。 鲁什顿教授他说,女孩比男孩学习好是因为女孩比男孩成熟得早。鲁什顿教授出生在伯恩茅斯镇,在伦敦经济学院获得了社会心理学士学位。Vocabulary:glass ceiling :玻璃天花板;是指在公司企业和机关团体中,限制某些人口群体(女性、少数民族)晋升到高级职位的障碍。正如玻璃一样,这个障碍虽然不是明文规定的,但却是实实在在存在着的。 /200808/46427

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