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集美区激光祛斑要多少钱厦门祛斑贵不贵福建省三院主页 If your teenage son or daughter is blighted by acne, they can take heart.如果你那处在青春期的儿子女儿正饱受粉刺痤疮的摧残,那么是时候振作起来了。For while they may feel greasy and unattractive at the moment, by middle age they will be the envy of their peers.因为尽管这一阵子他们可能会觉得皮肤油油的毫无魅力,但步入中年后同龄人就该羡慕他们了。British research shows that acne sufferers#39; cells have built-in protection against ageing that is likely to keep them looking younger than their years.英国研究发现,长痘痘的人细胞中有天然的抗衰老屏障,可能使他们看起来比实际年龄小。So while their former classmates bemoan the appearance of crow#39;s feet and other wrinkles and crinkles, their skin is more likely to maintain a youthful lustre.所以,当他们的老同学为出现鱼尾纹哀叹不已、脸上涌现层层皱纹时,这些长痘痘的人更有可能还保留着年轻时的光泽。The suggestion comes from King#39;s College London researchers who studied tiny structures called telomeres.这一结论来自伦敦大学国王学院的研究员,他们研究了一种叫做端粒的微小构造。These are caps on the ends of chromosomes that protect the DNA in them from damage, much like caps on shoelaces prevent fraying. Thought of as tiny biological clocks, telomeres get shorter as we age and eventually become so short that cells die.这是染色体末端的帽子,保护内部的DNA不受破坏,就像鞋带头上的绳花让鞋带不散毛。端粒被认为是微小的生物钟,它会随着人变老而越来越短,达到最短之时细胞也就死亡了。Previous studies have found men and women with long telomeres tend to be biologically younger than those of the same age but with shorter ones. All in all, telomeres are considered so important that the scientists who discovered them seven years ago were awarded a Nobel Prize for medicine.之前已研究发现,端粒长的男人和女人一般比端粒短的同龄人生理上更为年轻。一言以蔽之,端粒十分重要,七年前发现端粒的科学家还因此获得了诺贝尔医学奖。The King#39;s College study measured the telomeres in the white blood cells of more than 1,200 twins, a quarter of whom had suffered from acne.国王学院的研究测量了1200多对双胞胎白血球内的端粒长度,其中受粉刺困扰的人占四分之一。Telomeres were significantly longer in those who had a spotty adolescence, even when factors such as age were taken into account.即便考虑了年龄等因素的影响,这些青春期长过痘的人端粒明显更长。A second experiment looking at skin samples showed that a cluster of genes involved in cell death was less active in acne sufferers.第二个实验观察了一些皮肤样本,发现长痘者体内的一组造成细胞死亡的基因活跃度较低。Dermatologists have long noted that the skin of acne patients seems to age more slowly, with wrinkles and thinning appearing much later.皮肤病学家早就指出粉刺患者的皮肤看起来老得慢,皮肤变薄、长皱纹来得更晚些。It was thought excessive oil production contributed to their Peter Pan looks, but the rest of the biology was unknown.据认为是过多的油脂分泌造就了这些人彼得·潘式的不老容颜,但其他生物学原因还不得而知。Previous research from the same university has suggested adults with lots of moles may also look younger for longer. The latest study is reported in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.这所大学早前的研究显示,长有很多痣的成年人可能也会青春常驻。上文提到的最新研究发表在了《皮肤病学杂志》上。Longer telomeres also tend to signal stronger bones and a less frail old age, meaning dealing with spots may have more than one silver lining.端粒长通常也意味着骨头更强壮,这样的人到了老年体质也不会太弱。这样看来长痘长痣的人还真有可能是福气多多。All of the study participants were women but the finding is also likely to apply to men who suffered from acne as teenagers.参与研究的对象均为女性,但研究结果可能对青春期长痘的男性也同样适用。 /201610/473053福建省厦门市第一医院收费贵吗

厦门省中医医院专家宁德绣眉一般要多少钱 Hot, fresh pizzas are on their way to fatigued voters in long lines at the polls, thanks to two Portland, Oregon-based web developers.多亏了俄勒冈州波特兰市的两位网站开发者,选票站前排着长队的疲惫选民可以吃到新出炉的热乎披萨了。Pizza to the Polls, a nonpartisan initiative to get free pizza to hungry voters, launched Sunday in hopes of remedying at least one aspect of voter frustration. The message is simple: It doesn#39;t matter whom you vote for, as long as you vote.6日发起的Pizza to the Polls是一个无党派倡议活动,目的是让饥肠辘辘的选民吃到免费的披萨,借此让选民失望的心情得到一点慰藉。该活动传达的讯息很简单:只要你投票,无论投给谁。The brainchild of Scott Duncombe and Noah Manger grew out of the remains of the Americans Against Insecure Billionaires With Tiny Hands PAC, an anti-Donald Trump super PAC launched earlier this year by a Portland activist.斯考特.邓库姆和诺亚.曼格提出了这个设想,并利用the Americans Against Insecure Billionaires With Tiny Hands政治行动委员会的余款使其得以实现。这个反对特朗普的超级政治行动委员会是在今年年初由一位波特兰的活动家创建的。Here#39;s how it works: Voters can report long lines at their precincts through Pizza to the Polls#39; website, using the precinct#39;s address and a social media post about the voter line. Duncombe and Manger#39;s group, using donated money, then orders a pizza from a nearby shop, which delivers the pie right into the hands of the voter.Pizza to the Polls运作方式如下:选民可在活动网站上提供其所在选区排起长队的情况,要给出选区的地址和一张选民排队的网帖。随后,邓库姆和曼格的团队会用募捐来的资金在就近的商店订购一份披萨,送到选民的手上。;I had been doing work with nonpartisan civic voter engagement groups for a long time, so I had been on the ground at a lot of polling places with lines in, like, Colorado and Montana, and I felt the joy of handing people, in line or volunteering, a pizza,; said Duncombe, a software engineer for a financial tech company. ;I was reflecting with some of those friends who were doing this too, and we started thinking, #39;I wonder how we can get pizza to more people.#39;;邓库姆是一名科技金融公司的软件工程师,他说:“我长期在无党派选民拉票组织工作,因此我曾去过很多排着长龙的投票点,比如科罗拉多和蒙大纳,我能感受到为排队等候的选民或志愿者分发披萨的快乐。我和同样参与其中的一些同事开始思考,如何能够将披萨送给更多的人。”Duncombe, who also served as the PAC#39;s treasurer, said Pizza to the Polls is his way of putting the PAC#39;s leftover money to a ;friendlier effort.;邓库姆也是the Americans Against Insecure Billionaires With Tiny Hands政治行动委员会的会计,他表示Pizza to the Polls就是把剩余的政治行动委员会资金转化为“友善的行动”的方式。;After I became treasurer, I had access to that fund, and we didn#39;t have any plans for it,; he said. ;This felt like a good way to make sure that money went to a good cause.;他说,“我成为会计后可以接触到这笔资金,可我们没有任何计划。这是一个确保把钱花在善事上的好方式。”So Duncombe partnered with his friend Manger and used the PAC#39;s remaining money - about ,500, according to Duncombe - to start Pizza to the Polls. As of Monday morning, it had gotten about ,000 in donations and given away about 0 worth of pizza at polling locations in Ohio and Florida.于是,邓库姆和他的好朋友曼格一起用该组织的剩余资金——据邓库姆称,约2500美元——开始了Pizza to the Polls活动。截至7日上午,活动已经募集约1000美元,并为俄亥俄和佛罗里达州的投票站送出了价值500美元左右的披萨。While Pizza to the Polls came out of an anti-Trump PAC, Duncombe said there#39;s no political strings attached when it comes to the pizza.虽然Pizza to the Polls活动是由一个反特朗普政治行动委员会发起的,但邓库姆表示送披萨没有任何附加的政治条件。;It#39;s for everyone who#39;s there: voters, poll workers, volunteers. We#39;re just trying to bring a little bit of joy to people waiting to vote.;“这是为投票站里的所有人准备的:选民,投票站工作人员,志愿者。我们只是想给等待投票的人带来一点快乐。” /201611/476840厦门市第一医院正规吗

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