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American Authors-Ayn Rand; Adirondack Park; to get versus to gain versus to obtain; to have (someone) do (something) versus to get (someone) to do (something); giving an apple to a teacher Words:screenplayfountainhead triumph collectivismmagnum opus to be set in dystopia objectivism pursuit of happinessto merit logging to erode to get to gain to obtain to get (someone) to do (something)to have (someone) do (something) 3990。

Faith轻松电台:Be Free 自由人生Welcome to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I’m Faith. In today’s program, let’s share a few tips being truly free.If you are quick to take offense, then you'll be under the control of those whom you find offensive.If you are easily angered, then your actions will be dictated by those who anger you.If you are obsessed by what other people think, then you will be imprisoned by their thoughts.If you yearn easy answers and quick solutions, you'll fall prey to people who offer nothing but promises.If you find the truth too difficult to bear, you'll be enslaved to those who tell you what you want to hear.When you have the courage to think yourself, the strength to accept what is, the commitment and discipline to make a difference, then you are free. You are truly free to live with purpose, joy and fulfillment.This is Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax. Let your life be defined not by your reactions to what others do, say or think, but rather by your own unique vision. Raise your eyes above the pettiness and follow the path of the greatness that is within you. 3。

Part 3. Young entrepreneurs.Keywordsnew business creations, young people, technology, take risks, opporty, possibility.Vocabularystigma, start-up, influx, venture capital, notch.A. Listen to a report about young entrepreneurs in the ed States. Take notes and complete the following outline.The ed States is in the midst of a bloom in new business creations, one that is being carried out primarily by entrepreneurs in their teens, twenties and thirties.Never bee have so many young people started so many businesses.Technology is changing everything, says Kate OHalloran, who helps run a graduate entrepreneur program at Babson College in Wellesley, Massachusetts.And no one, she says, is more tuned in to the latest technology than young people.Add to that the unusually long recent period of national prosperity, Mr OHalloran says, and you have a youthful generation with a unique outlook on life.This new generation of twenty and thirty somethings have never really seen a war, theyve never really had an economic depression.They are absolutely willing and able to take more financial risks, social risks.The stigma of having a start-up that has failed is almost a badge of honor, which is certainly unique to this country and very, very different than in years past.Business historian Rita David agrees there never been a period in American history where so many young people have started business that have made them so wealthy so quickly.But she says, there have been periods which share some of today characteristics.She points to the turn of the last century, the late 1800s and early 1900s as an example.It was a time of huge technological change, and youve always had tremendous opporty when youve had tremendous change in techonology.You had a huge influx of immigrants into the country, really following the notion of American dream, which is that America was the land of infinite opporty.It was then Rita David said that Scottish immigrant Andrew Carnegie founded a steel plant that would eventually make him the richest man in the world.It was in that period, she says, that banker J.P Morgan provided venture captial such new firms as International Harvester, the American Telephone and Telegraph Company, and General Electric.Like today, she says, there was a sense of limitless possibility.What always happened in the past is that you had these huge boom times,you had this huge movement of entrepreneurialism, which always tricked down to the whole population, and really moved the American standard of living up a notch.Hopefully, she says, today entrepreneurial boom will have similar results. 55。

The Naked Cowboy牛仔It was January in Manhattan. It was a mild, sunny day. A man stood at nd Street and Broadway. His blond hair hung down to his broad shoulders. He was wearing a cowboy hat. He was wearing cowboy boots. He was wearing tight, white underwear. He wasnt wearing a shirt. He wasnt wearing pants. Written on the back of his white underwear was ;The Naked Cowboy.; He was playing his guitar. People stopped to look at him. A young couple looked at him. The woman was laughing. She said something to her boyfriend. She said something to the cowboy. He waved her over. She walked over to him. He put his muscular arm around her. Her boyfriend took a picture. She gave the cowboy a bill. He put it into his guitar. Another woman walked over to him. He put his arm around her. Her friend took their picture.这是曼哈顿的一月这天阳光明媚,气候温和一名男子站在号百老汇大街上金黄色的头发散落在他的宽肩膀上他头戴牛仔帽脚穿牛仔靴他穿了一件紧身的白色内衣他没有穿T恤也没有穿裤子白色内衣后面写着“的牛仔”他在弹吉他人们停下来看他一对年轻的夫妻看着他女孩开怀大笑她对男朋友说了什么她又对牛仔说了什么他招手让她过来她走向他他将强壮有力的胳臂放在了她肩上她的男朋友照了张相她给了牛仔5美元他将钱放进了吉他里另一个女孩走向了他他将胳臂搭在她肩上她的朋友为他们拍了照译文属原创,,不得转载 060。

3 Socrates3 苏格拉底Socratic “irony”苏格拉底的“伪装”Socrates is talking to Hippias of Elis, a travelling “sophist” who sets up as a professional “wise man”,taking money lessons in private and public rhetoric, and managing public business himself. How, Socrates asks, does Hippias explain the fact that wise men in the old days were not rich public figures?苏格拉底正在和埃里斯的希比阿聊天希比阿是云游四方的“智术大师”,将自己称为职业的“智者”,主讲修辞术,收费授课,还亲自负责公众事务苏格拉底问希比阿:为何历史上的智者都不富有呢?Hippias: What do you think it could be, Socrates, other than that they were incompetent and not capable of using their wisdom to achieve in both areas, public and private?希比阿:你怎么想呢,苏格拉底?还不是因为他们无能,不会把智慧运用于个人和国家,并在这两方面有所作为Socrates: Well, other skills have certainly improved, and by comparison with modern craftsmen the older ones are worthless. Are we to say that your skill — sophistry — has improved in the same way, and that the ancients who practiced wisdom were worthless compared to you?苏格拉底:对呀,其他的技艺都有进步,例如与现代工匠相比,古代工匠简直一钱不值我们是否可以说:你这门技艺——诡辩术,也同样进步了?与你相比,那些以智慧为业的古人也同样一文不值呢?Hippias: Yes, you’re completely right!希比阿:是的,你说得没错!Socrates: None of those early thinkers thought it right to demand money as payment, or to make displays of their own wisdom bee all sorts of people. That’s how simple-minded they were; they didn’t notice how valuable money is. But each of the modern people you mention has made more money from his wisdom than any other craftsman from any skill. And Protagoras did it even bee they did.苏格拉底:早先的思想家以为,在各种各样的人面前公开展露自己的智慧是不对的,收费更是错的他们的头脑真简单,居然不知道钱是多么重要但你提到的现代人,每个人靠自己的智慧挣了大钱,超过任何一个工匠在他们之前,还有普罗泰弋拉,早就这样做了Hippias: Socrates, you have no idea just how fine this is. If you knew how much money Ive made, youd be amazed! Im pretty sure that I’ve made more money than any two sophists you like put together!希比阿:苏格拉底,你根本不知道这样做有多棒如果你知道我挣了多少钱,你肯定要吓坏了!我敢肯定,你随便举两个智术师,我一个人挣的钱绝对超过他们的总和!Socrates: What a fine thing to say, Hippias! It’s very indicative of your own wisdom, and of what a difference there is between people nowadays and the ancients.苏格拉底:希比阿,你说得真好!这恰恰体现了你的智慧,也显示出今人和古人的确不一样啊Hippias thinks Socrates is complimenting him. The er, however, sees clearly that Socrates despises the use of intellect to make money, rather than to search the truth, and hence has complete contempt Hippias. This is the “Socratic irony”.希比阿以为苏格拉底在夸奖他然而,读者却能清楚地看出苏格拉底认为智术应当求真理,他蔑视以智术牟利的做法,他对希比阿嗤之以鼻这就是所谓的“苏格拉底的伪装” 99。

Lillian:Look at this! Im going to take this home as a souvenir.莉莉安:看看这个!我要把这个当作纪念品带回家Bruce:You cant do that. That might be an artifact of some kind.布鲁斯:你不能这样做这可能是一件手工艺品It belongs to this archaeological site.它属于这个考古遗址Lillian:It just a rock. No one will miss it.莉莉安:就是块石头而已没有人会在意的Bruce:That not the point.布鲁斯:这不是重点Everything here should be preserved.这里的一切都应该受到保护That the point of doing a careful excavation.正因为这样才进行精心挖掘Everything should be recorded and nothing should be lost.应记录一切而且什么都不能弄丢Lillian:Take it easy. It not like Im defacing anything.莉莉安:放松,我可没有搞破坏And if theyre trying to preserve this site,why are they doing this dig?如果他们试图保护这个遗址,为什么他们还大挖特挖呢?Wouldnt it be better just to leave it frozen in time?干脆什么也不做让历史尘封在这里岂不更好?Bruce:The point is to learn more about the peoples of ancient civilizations who lived here in prehistory.布鲁斯:问题在于要了解更多关于史前生活人民的古代文明Lillian:In my opinion,it disrespectful to disturb burial mounds and tombs.莉莉安:在我看来, 打扰这些被埋葬之人及他们的坟墓是不敬的行为They were never meant to be desecrated like this.他们绝没有想到会遭这样的待遇Bruce:Some people would agree with you,but that the price we have to pay to add to our knowledge about human history.布鲁斯:有些人会同意你的观点,但这是我们必须付出这样的代价才能增加我们对于人类历史的了解I really think you should leave that rock where you found it.我真的认为你应该把你手上的那块石头放回原处It could be a fossil.可能那是一块化石Lillian:Do you really think so?莉莉安:你真的这么认为吗?Bruce:You never know.布鲁斯:谁说的准呢You could hold in your hand the key to understanding this entire civilization.你手里握着的可能是了解整个文明的关键Lillian:Wow,if I take it,I could preserve it posterity.莉莉安:哇,如果我拿着的是这样的一块石头,我可以把它留给后世Bruce:What happened to leaving things undisturbed?布鲁斯:不受打扰的物体离开会发生什么呢?Lillian:That bee I realized I could go down in history my own discovery!莉莉安:那是在我意识到将自己的发现载入史册之前! 395。