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厦门腹部吸脂哪家医院好在厦门人民医院皮肤科同安区隆鼻价格 It took a decade to negotiate, offers benefits to Australian businesses and is arguably the flagship achievement of prime minister Tony Abbott, but the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement could be derailed by a trade union campaign.中澳自由贸易协定(China-Australia Free Trade Agreement)在谈判了10年后达成,将给澳大利亚企业带来许多利益,可以说是澳大利亚总理托尼縠伯Tony Abbott)的最大成就,但该协定可能因工会作梗而受阻。The deal, which was signed in June but requires legislation to be passed in parliament, would cut tariffs and remove other impediments to exports while relaxing rules on Chinese inward investment. It underpins a deepening relationship between Canberra and Beijing, which this year saw Australia join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank against the wishes of its key ally, the US.该协定签署于今年6月,但它需要在议会通过、形成立法。它将削减关税,取消其他出口障碍,同时将放宽针对中国投资流入的规则。它有助于推动澳中关系进一步深化。今年,澳大利亚不顾关键盟国美国的反对,加入了亚投行(AIIB)。“It’s a good deal for Australia and it certainly doesn’t need to be reworked or in any way renegotiated,said Mr Abbott, the Liberal party premier. “I call on the Labor party to stop playing xenophobic games here.”“这项协定对澳大利亚非常有利,它肯定不需要修订,或以任何方式重新谈判”,自由Liberal Party)总理艾伯特表示。“我呼吁工党(Labor party)停止在这件事上玩排外游戏。”But opposition to the deal is causing difficulties in passing legislation in the senate before the end of the year. Trade unions, including the powerful Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union, have organised nationwide protests and have financed an advertising blitz against the agreement.但是,该协定遭遇的反对,给年底前在参议院通过立法造成了困难。包括强大的建筑、林业、采矿和能源工会(CFMEU)在内,各工会组织了全国性抗议,并出资进行了反对该协定的密集广告宣传。“This clause in the trade deal would lead to an influx of Chinese labour at the expense of local workers,said Michael O’Connor, CFMEU national secretary. “We favour permanent immigration, rather than temporary migration.”“贸易协定里的这一条款将导致中国劳工的涌入,损害本国工人的利益,”建筑、森林、采矿与能源工会的全国总干事迈克尔攠康Michael O’Connor)说。“我们持永久性移民,不持临时迁移。”The Labor party, which helped negotiate the agreement while in power between 2007-2013, is supporting the unions. Penny Wong, Labor’s trade spokesman, said the deal failed to ensure that skilled foreign workers were only employed when there were insufficient local labourers.工党007年至2013年执政时曾帮助谈判该协定,如今却持工会。工党贸易事务发言人黄英贤(Penny Wong)表示,该协定未能保一个前提条件:那就是唯有在当地工人不足的情况下,才能雇佣技能熟练的外国工人。It also includes a memorandum of understanding on projects worth A0m (0m) or more that are funded by Chinese investment, committing Canberra to negotiate special migration arrangements for these projects. Under the current rules, the threshold is Abn of project investment.该协定也包括一项涉.5亿澳元(.1亿美元)或金额更高的项目的谅解备忘录,这些项目由中国投资持,要求澳大利亚为这些项目谈判特别的重新安置安排。按现行规则,项目投资门槛为20亿澳元。The government said Labor’s concerns were a red herring as adequate safeguards aly exist in Australian law. Some experts warn the union’s campaign risks exacerbating an undercurrent of anti-Chinese sentiment in Australia.澳大利亚政府表示,工党的所谓担忧不过是要转移注意力,因为澳大利亚法律已经提供了充分保障。一些专家警告称,工会组织的反对运动可能加剧澳大利亚国内的反华情绪暗流。“There are clearly some segments of the population that are uncomfortable with Chinese buying property or agricultural land,said Kerry Brown, director of the Chinese Studies Centre at Sydney University.“目前,明显有部分澳大利亚人对中国人购买房产或农地感到不安,”悉尼大University of Sydney)中国研究中心主任克里布朗(Kerry Brown)说。来 /201508/394363在厦门手术去痣多少钱

福建厦门市妇幼保健医院专家门诊Named and shamed! Chinato create ranking of badly behaved tourists for travel companies after string of embarrassing incidents abroad.在一系列发生在国外的尴尬事件后,中国将为旅行社制定不良行为游客排名。China will monitor and rank incidents of misbehaviour by their tourists abroad sothat they can be passed on to tour operators and travel agents, for them to decide whether to do business with them again, state media says.中国将对游客在国外的不良行为事件进行监控和排名,通过将这些数据交给旅行社或者旅游机构,从而让他们决定要不要再为这些旅客提供务,国家媒体报道。The program, put forward by Chinas National Tourism Administration (NTA), is designed to curb incidents of violent or disruptive behaviour by mainland tourists while travelling or on holiday.国家旅游局设立的这个项目的目的是为了抑制大陆游客在旅游或者度假时发生的暴力或者破坏行为。NTA chairman Li Jinzao said that the information would be given to travel companiesto allow them to decide whether to sell the person that ticket, or whether tolet them take my flight, according to South China Morning Post.国家旅游局局长说这些信息将交给旅游机构,好让他们决定是否给某人提供务或者说是否让某人乘坐航班,《南华早报》报道说。The new classification system will be launched in the second quarter and will also include information on the number of complaints received by attractions and hotels, how many had been dealt with and of those that had been handled –how many customers had been satisfied with the outcome.这个新的分级系统将在第二季度发起,将包括旅游景点和饭店所收到的投诉数量的信息,有多少投诉得到处理的信息,以及在受到处理的投诉中有多少客人对处理结果表示满意的信息。The last few years have seen a string of embarrassing and high-profile incidents ofbad behaviour by Chinese tourists, denting their reputation worldwide.最近几年,中国游客引发了一系列令人尴尬和高调的不良行为事件,使得中国游客在世界范围内的名声受到了损害。来 /201501/354916厦门热玛吉价格 厦门地区中山医院在哪

思明区妇女儿童医院早泄治疗 Vladimir Putin was y to put Russia’s nuclear weapons on alert last year during Russia’s annexation of Crimea.去年,在俄罗斯吞并克里米亚期间,弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)曾准备动用俄罗斯的核武器。“We were y to do this,Mr Putin said in comments shown as part of a Russian state TV documentary on the one-year anniversary of Crimea’s annexation.普京在俄罗斯一国家电视台录制的纪录片中表示:“我们曾准备这么做。”当时是俄罗斯吞并克里米亚一周年纪念日。Mr Putin said that Moscow had been prepared to use any military means necessary to defend Crimea against “the nationalistsin Kiev and their “puppet masters the US government.普京表示,俄罗斯曾准备动用所有必要的军事举措,来保护克里米亚,抗击基辅的“民族主义者”以及他们的“傀儡主子”:美国政府。He said Russia’s interests in Crimea and the surrounding region would always outstrip those of its western partners.他表示,俄罗斯在克里米亚以及周边地区的利益,永远超越其西方合作伙伴的利益。Mr Putin, who has not appeared in public since March 5, was the star of Crimea: Return to the Motherland, a two-and-a-half-hour documentary that paid heavy homage to Mr Putin and his role in Russia’s annexation of Crimea last year.普京日以来就一直未在公开场合露面。在这部时间为两个半小时的纪录片《克里米亚:回归祖国Crimea: Return to the Motherland)中,普京是主角,这部纪录片对普京以及其去年在吞并克里米亚行动中的作用表现出极大的敬意。A project eight months in the making, the documentary premiered on state TV channel Rossiya-1 on Sunday evening, 364 days to the day following Russia’s formal annexation of Crimea.这部纪录片的制作个月,上周日晚在俄罗斯国家电视频道Rossiya-1首播,距俄罗斯正式吞并克里米亚的日子64天。While Mr Putin initially denied that Russia had sent any military personnel into Crimea ahead of the peninsula’s referendum to join Russia, over the past year he has gradually refined his version of events.普京最初否认俄罗斯曾在克里米亚公投之前派遣军事人员进入克里米亚,但过去一年他逐渐修改了措辞。In a TV call-in session last April, Mr Putin casually announced for the first time that “the little green menhelping Crimean pro-Russian self-defence forces during the referendum, had indeed been Russian military personnel.在去月一次电视节目电话通话环节中,普京首次漫不经心地提到,曾在克里米亚公投期间帮助克里米亚亲俄罗斯自卫部队的“小绿人”,实际上就是俄罗斯军人。In Sunday evening’s documentary, Mr Putin went even further, admitting for the first time that the unidentified gunmen who took the Crimean parliament building in Simferopol early in the morning of February 27 were also Russian servicemen.在上周日晚的纪录片中,普京更进了一步,他首次承认,去年27日凌晨攻占辛菲罗波尔克里米亚议会大楼的身份不明的武装人员也是俄罗斯军人。The documentary depicted the pro-Europe protesters on Kiev’s Maidan Square as an angry nationalist mob who had specific designs against the pro-Russian Crimean people and gives Russian viewers a dramatic retelling of events there, with a specific narrative bent.这部纪录片将基辅独立广场的亲欧抗议者称为愤怒的民族主义暴徒,并称他们针对亲俄的克里米亚民众制定了特别计划,纪录片以叙述的方式,用特定的语调向俄罗斯观众重构了当年的事件。In the documentary, Mr Putin said he personally came to the decision that Russia would have to intervene in Crimea after staying up all night with a small group of advisers on February 22-23 the night before the Sochi Olympics closing ceremony and a full three weeks before Russia formally annexed.在这部纪录片中,普京表示,他是在去年22日至23日与一个由几名顾问组成的小组彻夜讨论后,亲自做出俄罗斯必须干预克里米亚的决定的,当日是索契冬季奥运会闭幕前一天。整整三周后,俄罗斯就正式吞并了克里米亚。While admitting that Moscow had been preparing to take Crimea well before the referendum, Mr Putin insisted that Moscow only acted the way it did because it knew it had the backing of the Crimean people. The president said that the Kremlin had conducted a secret poll in Crimea ahead of its intervention there and found that 75 per cent of the population wanted the peninsula to become part of Russia.普京承认,俄罗斯早在克里米亚公投之前就曾准备吞并克里米亚,但他坚称,俄罗斯是在确认获得克里米亚民众持后才这么做的。普京表示,在吞并克里米亚之前,俄罗斯曾在克里米亚秘密展开民调,调查发现,75%的克里米亚人民希望加入俄罗斯。来 /201503/364801厦门e光美白嫩肤价格厦门做青春痘手术价格



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