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Steve Redman from Holland Park in London shows VideoJug users how to fertilise roses with manure. This should be carried out in late Winter or early Spring, so fertilise your roses successfully with our help.伦敦荷兰大学的Steve Redman向VideoJug用户展示怎样为玫瑰施有机肥。这项工作应该在冬末或初春季节进行,所以,在我们的帮助下成功地为你的玫瑰施肥吧!Step 1: You will need1.你需要Manure,A shovel,A wheelbarrow,Gloves肥料,铁锹,独轮手推车,手套Step 2: Add the manure2.撒肥料Use the shovel to sprinkle manure loosely around your roses, so there is a layer approximately 10 centimetres deep.用铁锹把肥料松散地撒在玫瑰周围,形成厚约10厘米的肥料层。Step 3: Protect the branches3.保护枝杈Move the manure away from the crown of the plant, as if the branches are kept in contact with the manure, they will start to rot as the manure decomposes. It#39;s important to wear gloves when handling manure as it may cause health problems.把撒在植株顶上的肥料抖掉,因为如果枝杈接触到肥料,在肥料降解的过程中枝杈会腐烂。处理肥料的过程中一定要戴手套,否则可能会造成健康问题。Thanks for watching How To Fertilise Roses.感谢收看“怎样为玫瑰施肥”视频节目。 Article/201211/208445

This VideoJug film is designed to help you decide how to make the first move. If you like someone, but don#39;t know how to take it further, let VideoJug help you make the first move and get that kiss.VideoJug这段视频将帮助你决定怎样迈出第一步。如果你喜欢某个人,但是不知道怎样采取进一步行动,让VideoJug帮助你走出第一步,有情人终成眷属。Step 1: Read the signals1.研究身体语言Before initiating any kind of move, look for body language clues such as prolonged eye contact to help you work out whether you#39;ll get a positive response.采取任何行动之前,观察一下身体语言,例如眼神交流延长等等,这些可以帮你发现是否可以得到积极的回应。A woman may be more willing than usual to expose certain areas of her body like her neck or wrists. She may touch you, or display self-grooming gestures.女性可能更愿意袒露身体的特定部位,例如脖子或手腕。她可能会触摸你,或者表现出自我装扮的姿势。A man may exhibit more animalistic signals or ownership gestures, to impress a potential mate. These may include resting an arm on the back of her chair, puffing out his chest or widening his shoulders.男性可能表现出更加本能的信号或占有性的姿势,给潜在的配偶留下印象。包括将一手臂搭在椅背上,挺直胸脯或者拉宽肩膀。Both partners may engage in #39;mirroring#39;, which is subconsciously copying the actions of the other person#39;s body positions.男性和女性都会出现“镜子效应”,潜意识的模仿另外一方的身体姿势。Step 2: Conversation2.对话If they find someone attractive, men and women won#39;t necessarily say what they#39;re really thinking. Instead of listening to what is being said, concentrate on how it is being said.如果发现某人有吸引力,男性和女性并不一定说出他们的真实想法。不要听他们怎样说,看一下他们说话时的态度。If he says, #39;I#39;m interested in art#39;. He may mean #39;I am interested in you;.如果他说,“我对艺术很感兴趣”。他的意思可能是“我对你很感兴趣”。If she says, #39; What#39;s your favourite surrealist painting?#39; She may mean, #39;Are you genuinely interested?#39;如果她说,“你最喜欢的超现实主义作品是什么?”她可能在问,“你是真的感兴趣吗?”If he says, #39;I love Dali#39;s The Persistence of Memory#39;. He may mean, #39;I#39;m trying really hard here because you#39;re hot#39;.如果他说,“我喜欢达利的《记忆的永恒》。”他或许是说,“我非常努力,因为你太有魅力了。”If she says #39;I#39;ve got that on my bedroom wall#39;,She may mean #39;I want you to see it#39;.如果她说,“我卧室的墙上就挂着这幅画”,她可能是说,“我想让你欣赏一下。”Step 3: If the woman is making the first move3.如果女方采取主动The male form is majestic, enticing and ily available.男士的风格是豪爽,迷人,容易接近。Approach with free abandon and curious hands.用自由,好奇的方式接近他。Be a predator. Remove any unnecessary items of clothing. The only potential problem that could arise will occur when choosing topics of conversation. Don#39;t mention ex-boyfriends, health problems, or your imminent desire for babies.让自己成为掠夺者。取下衣上任何不必要的饰品。唯一一个潜在的问题可能会在选择对话话题的时候出现。不要提起前男友,健康问题,或者对孩子的渴望。Step 4: If the man is making the first move4.如果男方采取主动The female form is mysterious, enticing and notoriously difficult to get hold of. Approach with caution.如果女方非常神秘,迷人,难以掌控,接近她的时候一定要警惕。Certain parts of the body should not be touched initially. Instead, try lightly touching less intimate areas of the body-such as the upper arm, or the outer leg nearest to you.刚开始的时候她身体的某些部位不要触碰,可以轻轻地碰一下不那么亲密的部位,例如手臂,靠近你的大腿外侧。Step 5: The kiss5.亲吻If they haven#39;t rejected your advances so far, then you can start to feel more confident about stealing a kiss. For specific tips on kissing, watch VideoJug#39;s #39;How to kiss someone passionately#39;. It takes guts to go for a kiss, and if you are feeling out of your comfort zone, try to relax, as lack of confidence is rarely attractive to your partner. Maintain eye contact,lean in and pause when your faces are close but not touching, to allow the other person space to escape or, hopefully, lean in too.如果他们目前为止还没有拒绝你,你可以考虑偷偷地亲对方一下,让自己感到更加自信。关于亲吻的建议,可以观看VideoJug的相关视频。亲吻需要勇气,如果你觉得自己不太舒,可以试着放松一下,缺乏自信会让你的伴侣觉得你没有吸引力。保持眼神交流,当你们的面部靠近但是还没有触碰的时候倾斜,停顿一下,让对方有躲避的空间,当然希望对方也能够靠近。Thanks for watching How To Make The First Move.感谢收看“恋爱关系中怎样采取主动”视频节目。 Article/201212/214709

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Today#39;s ;Shoutout; goes out to Mrs. Golden#39;s U.S. and world history classes at the Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts in Baltimore, Maryland.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了戈尔登女士的美国和世界历史课堂。Who painted this famous artwork? You know what to do. Was it Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello or Raphael? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!这幅名画是谁画的?你知道该怎么做。他是达#8226;芬奇,米开朗琪罗,多纳泰罗还是拉斐尔?你有3秒钟的时间,开始!You#39;re looking at Michelangelo#39;s masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your ;Shoutout.;你所看到的正是米开朗琪罗在西斯廷教堂天花板上的杰作。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: Michelangelo#39;s masterpiece is celebrating a big birthday this week.这周,米开朗琪罗的杰作在庆祝一个大生日。In 1512, exactly 500 years ago, it was finished and open to the public.在1512年,刚好500年以前,它完工了并对公众开放。The different panels on the Sistine Chapel ceiling show people and events from the Bible.西斯廷教堂天花板上不同的面板向人们展示了来自圣经的人物和事件。The most famous one is the creation of Adam, which shows the arms of God and Adam reaching out to each other.其中最有名的一幅是创造亚当,展现了上帝和亚当把他们的手伸向彼此的场景。The painting has survived centuries of war and severe weather.这幅画在经历了几百年的战争和严峻天气下保存了下来。But now, it#39;s facing a new threat, one that comes from an unexpected source.但是现在,它受到了新的威胁,这个威胁来自一个意想不到的原因。BEN WEDEMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Today the greatest threat to this priceless art comes from those who flock to admire it.现在对这无价的艺术品的最大的威胁来自观赏它的人们。About 5 million people visit the Sistine Chapel every year, that means 5 million people with sweat, with heat, with dust.每年有大约5百万人参观西斯廷教堂,那会带来5百万人的汗水,热量和灰尘。The number of visitors is expected only to grown in coming years.预计未来几年的参观人数只增不减。The Vatican is planning to upgrade the current climate control system for the chapel, but officials are hesitant to turn tourists away.梵蒂冈正在计划升级当前对教堂的气候控制系统,但是官员们对赶走游客表示犹豫。 /201211/208466

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