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South Korea#39;s Constitutional Court officially booted President Park Geun-hye from office.韩国宪法法院正式罢免总统朴槿惠。Parliament impeached Park in December and stripped her of her presidential powers. But it was up to the Constitutional Court to officially remove her from office.国会在十二月将其弹劾,并剥夺了她的总统权力。现在宪法法院正式撤销了她的职务。Park is the first democratically elected leader to be forced from office in South Korea.朴槿惠是韩国第一个被迫下台的民主选举领导人。She has been accused of sharing confidential information with her longtime friend, who critics allege secretly controlled parts of the government as a private citizen.她被指控与她的老朋友共享机密信息,批评者宣称她作为一个公民秘密操控政府部门。South Korea#39;s prime minister has been filling in as acting president. Now, the country must hold an election within 60 days to replace Park.韩国总理已被任命为代理总统。现在,国家必须在60天内举行选举取代朴槿惠。译文属。 Article/201703/497080此次演讲发表于1998 年的 TED 大会,在演讲中葛理翰牧师对科技进步给人们生活和整个世界所带来的改变感到惊叹,但同时他又指出只有全世界都接受基督,才能从邪恶、苦难、死亡的困扰中解脱出来。此次演讲是 TED 的一项珍藏。 Article/201410/335419

栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们既可以学习到地道的口语,还能够爆笑一番。快来看看吧。 Article/201509/397601

Many of us wake up with one thing on our mind-COFFEE! Or at least,some form of caffeinated beverage to get your day started.But what if I told you you#39;ve been drinking your coffee incorrectly this entire time?许多人每天醒来时都惦记着咖啡,或者至少想,以某种含咖啡因的饮品,开始新的一天,可是我要告诉你一个坏消息,这个时间喝咖啡是错误的。We all have an internal biological clock called the circadian rhythm that regulates many processes thoughout our body,including how sleepy we are through the day.And it#39;s this clock that controls the release of a hormone called cortisol.Often referred to as the stress hormone because it#39;s secreted in high levels during your body#39;s fight or flight response,cortisol also happens to be related to your level of alertness through the day.我们体内有着名为昼夜节律的生物钟,它控制着我们身体的许多机能包括每天的睡眠,正是生物钟控制着一种名为皮质醇的荷尔蒙的释放,皮质醇也被称为应激激素,因为当人体进行“应战抉择”时,其分泌量极大,皮质醇也与我们一整天的警觉程度有关。And it just so happens that between 8 and 9AM cortisol levels peak.This means that your body has a natural mechanism to wake you up.And while you may think that caffeine can complement this mechanism,scientists have actually found that consuming coffee or energy drinks during peak cortisol production greatly diminishes the caffeine#39;s effect and builds up a greater tolerance to the drug in the long run.早晨八九点时,皮质醇的含量会达到峰值,也就是说你体内有唤醒你的自然机制,你可能会认为咖啡因可以促进这种机制,事实上,科学家们发现,在皮质醇分泌量最大时,喝咖啡或能量饮料将大大减小咖啡的效果,并且导致身体对咖啡的耐受容量长期增长。OVerall,that means you get less of a buzz,and need even more to stay awake in the future.We break down caffeine addiction and tolerance in a previous ;Your Brain on Coffee;which you can check out here!也就是说,此后你会变得没干劲,更难保持清醒,我们之前有过介绍咖啡因上瘾和耐受度的视频-----“Your Brain on Coffee; 有兴趣可以去看看。For this reason,drinking coffee after your cortisol surge at 9 Am is probably best.Scientists have found a few other times where cortisol peaks as well:between noon and 1pm,and 5:30 and 6:30pm.因此在皮质醇含量开始降低的9点饮用咖啡最为合适,科学家还发现了几个皮质醇大量分泌的时间段12:00到13:00,17:30到:18:30。Which means your best drinking your coffee outside of these times.These cortisol spikers-and your circadian rhythm in general-are most strongly regulated by sunlight,meaning your sleep schedule doesn#39;t come in to play as strongly.也就是说喝咖啡的话最好避开这些时间段,皮质醇的分泌,以及昼夜节律,都与日光关系密切,也就是说你定的作息表,效果不一定那么好。So what if you wake up extremely early,or really late? Should you drink coffee right away then?Well,scientists have actually found that cortisol levels do indeed increase about 50% right after you wake up,regardless of the time.Science says,wait at least an hour to get your cup of joe,and your body will be optimally y to go!那么如果你起的特别早,或是特别迟,可以立刻喝咖啡吗?事实上科学家发现起来后,皮质醇含量会立刻增大50%左右,与起床时间无关,他们表示起床至少一个小时后再咖啡,这样对身体比较好。 Article/201506/381597

Find healthy recipes during pregnancy to ensure the baby is eating right and you are physically prepared for the delivery.期遵循健康的食谱,保障婴儿吃得恰当,让你的身体为分娩做好准备。You Will Need你需要Food pyramid食物金字塔Healthy foods健康的食物Prenatal vitamins产前维生素Calcium supplements钙补充剂Steps步骤STEP 1 Fix the 61.六种食物相搭配Fix meals with recipes containing the 6 pyramid food groups of grains, fruits, vegetables, meat and beans, dairy products, and oils. Eat cereals rich in folic acid for breakfast, especially in your first 28 days of pregnancy.饮食中加入食物金字塔顶端的六种食品,包括谷类,水果,蔬菜,肉类,豆类和奶制品,以及油。早餐食用富含叶酸的谷类,尤其是期最初的28天。STEP 2 Have some snacks2.吃零食Blend fresh lemons and honey for a tart treat, adding sugar by heating some with a cup of water on the stove to make a syrup. This may help with morning sickness. Prepare a smoothie with fruit, yogurt, and peanut butter for a healthy snack. Treating snacks as mini meals throughout the day like like this may reduce heartburn.将一些新鲜的柠檬和蜂蜜一起搅拌,加糖,然后加入一杯清水中,加热,制成糖浆。这样可以预防晨起呕吐。用水果,酸奶和花生酱一起制作奶昔,做成健康的零食。把这些零食作为一天之中的加餐,预防烧心。STEP 3 Make turkey burgers3.制作火鸡汉堡Make turkey burgers, which contain 40 percent of the daily protein requirement for pregnant women, plus plenty of iron and fiber. Add a variety of seasonings to spice them up. Ditch the bun and cheese to cut sodium, especially if your stomach is reacting.制作火鸡汉堡,其中含有妇每天所需的40%的蛋白质,此外还有足够的铁和纤维。加入各种各样的配料来添加风味。不要吃小圆面包和奶酪,防止摄入过量的钠,尤其是胃有反应的时候。If you were overweight before your pregnancy, consult a physician about how much you should be eating and how to get sufficient nutrients, which will be even more important if you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes.如果期过度肥胖,向医生咨询应该吃多少,怎样获得充足的养分,尤其是你被诊断患有妊娠糖尿病的时候。STEP 4 Drink soy4.喝豆奶Drink a soy milk and wheat germ shake, which contains 20 percent of your folic acid requirement and a critical infusion of omega-3 fatty acids.喝豆奶和小麦胚芽奶昔,其中含有身体所需的20%的叶酸和至关重要的omega-3脂肪酸。STEP 5 Increase calcium5.补钙Increase the calcium in your diet by adding broccoli, spinach, and calcium-fortified juices and foods. Use prenatal vitamins or calcium supplements to provide a calcium boost if you#39;re lactose-intolerant.食用西兰花,菠菜和加钙果汁食品来补钙。如果你乳糖过敏的话,用产前维生素和钙补充剂来提供充足的钙。What you consume and the health of the baby are strongly connected. Stay away from alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, nonpasteurized dairy, fish high in mercury, and deli meats, which can contain listeria.你摄入的营养和婴儿的健康息息相关。远离酒精,香烟,咖啡因,未经巴氏消毒的奶制品,含有大量水银的鱼,和含有李氏杆菌的熟食。STEP 6 Enjoy taco salad6.享用塔可沙拉Enjoy a protein-packed taco salad with black beans, which adds B-12, iron, and zinc requirements to the equation.享用富含蛋白质的塔可沙拉,添加一些黑豆,可以补充维生素B-12,铁和锌。STEP 7 Jazz it up7.增添趣味Jazz up dinner and treat yourself with sliced tomato and avocado on grilled farm-raised salmon or another low-mercury fish, cooked brown rice and a side of green beans. Add a multigrain roll for the perfect, healthy way to nourish yourself and your baby.为晚餐增添一点趣味,切一点土豆和鳄梨,加到烤三文鱼或其他水银含量较少的鱼肉上,然后吃一点糙米和一点四季豆。再加一点多谷物卷,以健康的方式为你和婴儿提供充足的营养。Infants absorb 50 to 75 percent of the iron in breast milk, but normally less than 12 percent of that in commercial formula.婴儿可以从母乳中吸收50%至75%的铁,而奶粉中通常只含有不到12%的铁。 /201502/357761

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