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新疆医科大学附属肿瘤医院胎记多少钱Google is planning a futuristic campus that it hopes will live up to its innovative image.谷歌正在规划设计一个充满未来感的园区,该公司希望它能够彰显其锐意创新的形象。Renderings, submitted to the Internet giant’s hometown of Mountain View, Calif., show office buildings enclosed in tents of glass that look like undulating greenhouses. Office walls are designed to be adjustable so that they can be moved like furniture depending on the company’s needs.根据设计公司提交给这家总部位于加州山景城的互联网巨头的效果图,这栋办公大楼被包裹在外形宛如波浪形温室的玻璃帐篷之中。办公室的墙体可以基于该公司的需要,像家具那样任意调整搬动。“Instead of constructing immoveable concrete buildings, we’ll create lightweight block-like structures which can be moved around easily as we invest in new product areas,” David Radcliffe, Google’s vice president of real estate, said in a blog post Friday. “Large translucent canopies will cover each site, controlling the climate inside yet letting in light and air.”上周五,谷歌公司房地产事务副总裁戴维o拉德克里夫在一篇文中写道:“我们不是要建造无法移动的混凝土建筑,而是要打造轻量化的块状建筑,当我们投资新产品领域时,它们能方便地搬来搬去。庞大的透明天棚将笼罩每个区域,它们既能控制室内气候,又能保光线和通风。”The sci-fi campus is Google’s effort to get some elbow room as it continues to rapidly expand while creating more pizazz for its headquarters. The company has nearly 15,000 workers in Mountain View sp across a hodgepodge of dozens of low slung corporate buildings that are if anything, undistinguished.随着谷歌继续高歌猛进,这家科技巨头需要打造一个更富魅力的总部,而这个充满科幻感的园区正是谷歌为获得一些额外办公空间所做的努力。目前在山景城工作的近1.5万名谷歌员工被分散在数座低矮的办公楼里,这些楼大同小异,缺乏辨识度。But the plans are apt to generate opposition from locals who are aly grappling with traffic gridlock and fear environmental damage to nearby San Francisco Bay wetlands. Mountain View’s City Council will have to weigh the concerns against the possibility of losing jobs to neighboring cities.但这项计划很可能会遭到当地居民的反对。严重的交通堵塞已经让他们苦恼不堪,他们还担心附近的旧金山湾湿地受到破坏。山景城市议会将不得不权衡这些疑虑与工作岗位流失到临近城市的可能性。In a slick presentation of images and a , Google GOOG 2.32% cast the new offices as a way to reduce street congestion and suburban sprawl. The company said that the remade campus would free up room for more nature by freeing up space currently used for parking lots.在一段制作精美的视频中,谷歌将新办公区描绘为减少交通拥堵、遏制城区扩张的可行之道。该公司称,全新办公区将空出目前的停车场,把更多空间还给大自然。 /201503/363032新疆医大第一附属医院美容中心 Papermaking造纸术Papermaking is considered to be one of the four great inventions of anaent China. Before the papermaking technology was invented, peo-ple caNed or wrote Chinese characters on tortoise shells, animal bones, bamboo slices, wooden plates, and thin tough silks. Torfoise shells, animal bones and wooden plates were too heavy to use while silks were too expensive. Around the early period of the Westem Han Dynasty, people made paper from hemp and ram-ie. Initially, this was very rough and not suitable for writing.造纸术是中国古代“四大发明”之一。在造纸术发明以前,人们把字刻写在龟甲、兽骨、竹片、木片和绢帛上。甲骨、木片很笨重,用起来不方便;绢帛太贵,一般人用不起。大约在西汉初期,人们用大麻和苎麻造出了纸。这种早期的纸比较粗糙,不太适合写字。During the Eastem Han Dynasty, an offiaal named Cai Lun improved the tech-nique after years of experimentation. He used many plant fibers such as barks,rags, tom fishing nets as raw materials,steamed and cooked them with water,then pounded them into pulp, and then sp the pulp evenly on a fine screen and dried it into a kind of thin paper. The paper was suitable for writing and also very cheap so it became very popular. Pa-permaking technology gradually improved so that various types of paper were created for different uses. For example, the Xuan paper made in Xuanzhou of Anhui Province is a high quality paper adapted for use in Chinese calligraphy and painting.到了东汉时期,在朝廷做官的蔡伦,经过长期的试验,改进了造纸方法。他用树皮、破布、破鱼网等多种植物纤维作原料,加水蒸煮,捣烂成浆,再均匀地摊在细帘子上晾干,造成了一种薄薄的纸。这种纸便于写字,而且便宜,受到了人们的欢迎。造纸技术得到不断的改进,因为原料不同,纸也有了各种不同的种类和用途。安徽省宣州生产的宣纸,就是闻名中外的上等纸张,是用于中国书法、绘画的珍品。The technology sp to Korea and .lapan in the late Sui and early Tang Dy-nasties, and later to Arabia and other countries. The invention of paper made it more convenient for information storage and communication and had a great sig-nificance in promoting the development of international cMlization.中国的造纸术于隋末唐初传到朝鲜和日本,后来又传到阿拉伯地区和其他国家。纸的发明,极大地方便了信息的储存和交流,对于推动世界文明的发展具有划时代的意义。 /201512/410741双河下颌角整形多少钱

新疆割双眼皮哪儿好A team of scientists from University of Freiburg in Germany are developing a shoe with a sensor to automatically tie its laces that could be taken off when users click their heels together.  德国弗莱堡大学(University of Freiburg)的一个科学团队正在研究一种可利用传感器自动系鞋带的鞋,当使用者碰撞鞋跟时,鞋带就能自动解开。  It’s been 26 years since we saw them magically tightening Marty McFly’s Nike boots in Back to The Future。  在电影《回到未来》(Back to The Future)里,我们看到马丁·麦克弗莱(Marty McFly)耐克鞋自动系鞋带的神奇情景,已经有26年了。  Now, self-tying shoelaces could actually become a reality this year, proving right one of the film’s fantastical predictions for what 2015 would be like。  如今,假如电影中对2015年的虚构预言有一个能成真的话,自动鞋带今年可能真会成为现实。  Engineers have designed a shoe that can automatically lace up, adjusting itself to the shape of your foot。  工程师们设计出一款鞋可以自动系鞋带,并可根据脚型自动调节。  Simply slip the trainer on and pressure sensors will tell the ‘smart shoe’ when your foot is in position, triggering a tiny motor in the heel that pulls the laces tight。  只需滑动控制器,脚穿进去时,压力传感器就会告知“智能鞋”,触发鞋跟的小发动机,将鞋带系紧。  When you want to take off the shoes, you click your heels together twice and the motor will release a spring in the shoe’s tongue, which loosens the laces enough for you to slip them off。  当你想要脱鞋时,碰撞鞋跟两次,发动机就会释放鞋舌部位的弹簧,松开鞋带让你脱鞋。  And the ingenious invention doesn’t even need to be plugged in to charge or have its battery replaced because it runs on power generated by the swing of your foot as you walk。  这项独创性的发明甚至无需充电或更换电池,因为它仅靠你走路时双脚的摆动来发电。  Engineer Klevis Ylli, of the Institute for Micromachining and Information Technology in southern Germany, said the shoes could help a variety of different people。  德国南部微加工和信息技术研究所(The Institute for Micromachining and Information Technology)工程师克赖维斯·伊利(Klevis Ylli)表示,这种鞋可以帮助不同的人。  ;One focus is that it could be used in shoes for elderly people who have mobility problems,; he said. ;But it could also work for children, or as a lifestyle product.;  他说:“值得注意的是,这种鞋带可供行动不便的老年人使用,也可以供孩子使用,或者作为一种生活产品。”  The design, which is still in a prototype phase, cleverly captures the energy of the foot#39;s swing when opposing magnets in each shoe move past each other。  目前,这项设计还是雏形。当两只鞋中极性相反的磁铁互相移动时,设计师能巧妙地获得能量。  It then uses that power to charge a battery. An hour of walking is enough to tighten the laces once, and it requires no energy to undo the shoes because that relies on the spring alone。  然后将这些能量给电池充电,走一个小时的路,产生的电量足以系紧一次鞋带,而解鞋带时只需依靠弹簧,因此无需能量。 /201502/359613 新疆军区总医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱乌鲁木齐祛痘医院哪个好



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