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Why waste your vacation dollars on pricey hotel rooms when there are cheaper – and sometimes free – alternatives?如果有比较便宜甚至免费的选择,为何要花那么多钱入住昂贵的酒店呢?You Will Need你需要Friends朋友Friends of friends朋友的朋友Hostels青年旅社Convents and monasteries女修道会和禅林Universities that rent dorm rooms出租宿舍房间的大学A sleeping bag睡袋Overnight bus and train rides夜间巴士或火车A pod hotel豆荚旅馆Free lodging websites免费借宿网站A home to swap交换住房Steps步骤STEP 1 Network1.人际关系网If you dont know anyone in the area you plan to visit, send a mass email to friends and loved ones asking if they do, and if that person would let you crash on their couch. Or sp the word yourself using social-networking sites like Facebook.Take advantage of websites devoted to connecting travelers with people willing to put them up for free. Just remember, if you take this route, exercise caution.如果你计划旅游的地方没有认识的人,可以向朋友和亲人群发邮件,问一下他们是否有认识的人,这个人肯不肯借他们的沙发给你住一下。或者通过脸书等社交媒体网络自己发布消息。利用网站的优势,结交愿意免费为你提供住宿的人。记住,如果你选择这种方式,谨慎行事总是错不了。Step 2: Do a home swap2.交换住宅If you’d rather not stay with a stranger, or have one in your home, arrange an apartment or house swap so they’re in your place while you crash at theirs. Of course, this is easier if you live in or near a popular travel destination.如果你不喜欢跟陌生人住在一起,或者让陌生人住在你家里,你还可以安排交换住宅,他们来的时候住你家,你去的时候住他们家。当然,如果你住在景区或者交通方便的地方这一招就更容易。Step 3: Book rooms in hostels3.住青年旅社Book rooms in hostels. Contrary to popular belief, most accept visitors of all ages.在青年旅社订房。与大家传统的观念不同,青年旅社接受所有年龄的人入住。Step 4: Crash in a convent4.住修道院If you’re visiting Europe, check with tourism boards about inexpensive rooms to rent in convents and monasteries.如果你去欧洲旅行,可以查查便宜的修道会住宿公告。Italy boasts the most church-related accommodations.意大利是最著名的提供宗教处所住宿的国家。Step 5: Go back to school5.回归校园Check with local universities; many rent their dorm rooms to travelers during the summer, no age limit involved.查一查当地的大学,很多学校在暑假都向旅游者出租空余的宿舍,而且没有年龄限制。Step 6: Catch some zs on buses and trains6.利用通宵巴士和火车Plan your itinerary around overnight bus and train trips to save the price of a hotel room.把你的夜晚时间都利用起来,用夜班大巴和火车来节省住宿费用。Step 7: Be a pod person7.豆荚旅馆Be a pod person. Many major cities now have so-called pod hotels — places that rent a teeny room for a tiny price.豆荚旅馆。很多大城市现在都流行所谓的豆荚旅馆——出租空间狭小的微型房间。According to one survey, a complimentary breakfast is the most important amenity to travelers when picking a hotel, followed by a swimming pool.根据一项调查,旅人选择酒店时赠送早餐是最让人舒适的便利设施,其次是泳池。视频听力译文由。201410/334685

Burger King to launch French Fry Burger Burger King to launch its ;French Fry Burger;. Jessica Yellin reports on the most outrageous hamburgers in the world.A big announcement in the world of hamburgers.Burger King is launching a new one.The french fry burger is a 360-calorie hamburger,topped with fries.Burger King helps the new concoction available for just one dollar will up their game and that brings us to tonights number four.They are putting only 4 french fries on the new french fry burger and that is just sad.But apparently its part of the trend.Because in recent years while American restaurants have experimented with other food items,the hamburger has gone largely ignored.Hambergers in America remain pretty uniform.But is it a case of aint break dont fix it,or have we been a little lazy when it comes to our nations hamburger building.I mean,the hamburger was invented here.Its as American as apple pie.Everybody likes them,democrats and republicans,rich and poor.But lately it appears like the US has melted under the pressure.As other countries have taken over burger innovation,the U.S has fallen behind.Now we should admit some foreign innovations dont work out perfectly.This month a woman did dislocate her jaw eating a three patty burger in Britain.And 150 people got sick from Canadas krona burger.But at least they are trying new things and taking chances,granted at the risk of their cholesterol.And burger king should know better than anyone,if you want to make an omlette,youve got to break some eggs,which means good for you for experimenting but maybe add more than fries to a burger.But we want to know what you think is America still the burger king and who makes your favourite burger. /201308/254780

You Will Need你需要Determination决心A game plan游戏计划A stretching routine伸展运动Athletic shoes运动鞋Steps步骤STEP 1 Change your shoes1.换鞋子Shortly before the bouquet-tossing ceremony, start warming up. Kick off your heels and do a stretching routine. Or, if you’re deadly serious, change into athletic shoes. Good footing is key to beating out the other brides-to-be.抛捧花之前不久,开始热身。脱掉高跟鞋,进行伸展运动。或者如果你非常认真的话,换一双运动鞋。舒适的鞋子是击败其他准新娘的关键。STEP 2 Pick your spot2.选择位置When the single gals are called to the center of the dance floor, wait until everyone else is assembled. Then plant yourself in front of the bride’s closest friend or relative—that’s who she’ll be aiming for.当单身女孩们被集中到舞池中央的时候,耐心等待,直到所有人都集中在一起。然后站到新娘最亲密的朋友或亲人前面——这通常是新娘扔捧花的目标。Take into account the athleticism of the bride. Is she going to show off with a big throw, or just plop it over her shoulder? Adjust accordingly.要考虑到新娘的动作。她会用力扔出去,还是随便丢过肩膀?适当作出调整。STEP 3 Adopt a wide stance3.双脚分开Adopt a wide stance—the kind former Senator Larry Craig claims to use in airport bathrooms. Put one foot slightly in front of the other, so you can dash forward or backward as needed.站立时两腿分开,就像前参议员克雷格在机场卫生间的姿势。一只脚稍微靠前,这样就可以根据需要前进或后退。STEP 4 Bend4.弯腰Bend your knees slightly and have your arms raised in the y position.稍微弯腰,抬起双臂,做好准备。Don’t take your eyes off the prize, even for a second.眼神不要离开捧花,哪怕一秒钟。STEP 5 Make adjustments5.调整As the bouquet begins its flight path, adjust your position as necessary, even if that means stepping on a few toes—or smacking a few faces. Don’t be afraid of a little body contact, especially if the throw goes long—and people are in your way.新娘抛出捧花后,根据需要调整姿势,即使这意味着要往前跑几步,或者要撞到几个人。不要担心一些身体接触,尤其是捧花离你很远,而有人挡着你的时候。STEP 6 Grab6.抓住Leap into the air, grab the bouquet with both hands, pull it close to your chest, and hold on for dear life!跳到空中,双手抓住捧花,拉到胸前,迎接美好的生活!STEP 7 Celebrate7.庆祝Savor your victory. More importantly, enjoy the others’ defeat.庆祝你的胜利。更重要的是,享受其他人的落败。Still-single Kylie Minogue caught the bridal bouquet at fellow pop singer Natalie Imbruglia’s 2003 wedding.单身的凯莉·米洛在2003年一位同行流行歌手娜塔莉·安莉亚的婚礼上抢到了新娘捧花。视频听力译文由。201404/292147

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