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AMD just officially unveiled its Ryzen desktop processor family, a chip that it says can compete with Intel#39;s chips at long last. AMD#39;s last generation of desktop chips was disappointing, and has been largely relegated to low-end computers. But Ryzen manages a 52 percent boost in instructions per cycle (IPC) over last time, which puts it on a level playing field with the best Intel has to offer.AMD官方刚刚发布了其新一代锐龙系列桌面处理器,其性能据称能与英特尔的芯片抗衡。AMD的上一代桌面级处理器是令人失望的,其产品大都是低端机的选择。但是锐龙的IPC性能提升达到了52%,这也使得它能与最好的英特尔芯片同台竞技。The Ryzen family will come in multiple flavors, but the high-end Ryzen 7 is shipping first. The chip has eight cores and 16 ths, and starts at 9. At the top end is the 3.6GHz (4.0GHz turbo), 9 Ryzen 7 1800X, which compares well with Intel#39;s ,050 i7-6900K. According to AMD#39;s benchmarks, the 1800X ties the 6900K on singlethed benchmarks, and beats Intel on multithed performance.锐龙系列也会分为几个档次,由高端的R7系列领衔,其拥有这八核十六线程,起售价为329美元。其中售价499美元的R7 1800X 3.6GHz(睿频4.0GHz),将会和英特尔售价1050美元的 i7-6900K竞争。根据AMD官方跑分来看,1800X的单线程成绩与6900K相当而多线程表现更优。AMD uses a few hundred more megahertz to get there, which means AMD isn#39;t doing quite as much as Intel Broadwell per hertz. But it#39;s the end result that matters, and AMD is claiming to match or beat Intel across the spectrum with better prices — the dream scenario, basically.AMD这次用了一个略高于Intel的频率,因此它的同频性能可能不如Intel的Broadwell,但是AMD仍旧可以利用定价区间的优势与之竞争甚至取胜——当然,这一切是建立在AMD按照预定的计划做的基础上。The new processors are available for preorder now, and will ship on March 2nd. AMD is promising to have plenty of inventory and a ton of motherboard options at launch. It#39;s a lot of promises, AMD! Hopefully Ryzen can deliver, and we can get a real fight in the desktop market, which will be wonderful for anybody not named ;Intel.;新的处理器现在已经开始预订了,将会在三月二号正式发售。AMD保说将会有充足的库存和大量的主板发售。这真是一个了不起的承诺。希望锐龙能够尽快投入桌面级市场,这对我们所有A饭来说都是个好消息。 /201702/494019Walk by any Starbucks within 100 miles of your house and chances are that you#39;ll see several people sitting at a table, drinking coffee and enjoying the free Wi-Fi.当你路过在你家周围一百英里的某家星巴克门店时,你很有可能发现许多人坐在店里,一边品尝着咖啡,一边享受着免费无线的务。Starbucks and free Wi-Fi have become synonymous with one another over the past few years — one unable to exists without the other — but the next time you log on to a public coffee shop hotspot, you might want to consider the risks you#39;re taking.过去几年来,星巴克和免费WiFi的关系愈发紧密,已经发展到两者缺一不可的地步。不过,下次如果你在一家咖啡店登陆公共热点的时候,你最好考虑一下这样做可能带来的风险。Someone on Quora posed the following question: ;How safe is WiFi at Starbucks?; Of course, there#39;s nothing special about the Wi-Fi at Starbucks specifically, but it#39;s a place where nearly everyone has connected at some point.有人在Quora问答网提出了以下问题:;星巴克WiFi的安全系数如何?;当然,这并不是说星巴克的WiFi有何特别之处,从某种程度上来讲,星巴克也只是一个许多人会共享网络的场所。Here#39;s what network engineer Brent Saner has to say about it:这是网络工程师布伦特·萨那针对此问题做出的:;It doesn#39;t matter if Starbucks is on WPA, WPA2, WEP (give me 1-4 hours or less and close enough distance to a wifi antenna, I#39;ll break your WPA2... but give me 15 minutes and I#39;ll break your WEP. If you have WPS enabled? 5 minutes - no matter if you use WPA/WPA2 or WEP)...;;事实上,这跟星巴克选用WPA (Wi-Fi网络安全接入), WPA2 (基于WPA的一种新的加密方式)还是WEP (有线同等保密)没有太大关系。如果给我1到4个小时的时间,并且离WiFi天线足够近的话,我可能能够破解WPA2。给我15分钟的时间,我就可以破解WEP。如果你还启用WPS(Wi-Fi Protected Setup:Wi-Fi保护设置),那么只需5分钟就可以了。所以,这跟选择WPA, WPA2还是WEP都没有直接联系。 ;He then goes into great detail about exact how he would break into the network and what he might be able to access on your device if he#39;s successful.随后,布伦特详细介绍了他将如何进入网络,以及如果他成功侵入网络之后,他能够如何访问你的设备。One the other hand, computer security engineer David Seidman explains that the chances of being targeted on a random hotspot is unlikely:不过另一方面,计算机安全工程师大卫·塞德曼则表示,通过随机热点而被当做黑客目标是不太可能的:;However, the truth is that most users will never be targeted because such an operation is risky and, more importantly, time consuming for the attacker, because the attacker needs to be physically present. Most attackers prefer to operate remotely so they can hit more victims faster. If you are being individually targeted by an intelligence agency, then you might want to worry – but this is the least of your concerns.;;然而,事实上大多数用户都不会遭受黑客攻击。因为侵入网络的风险较大,更重要的是,由于所有操作都是袭击者亲自完成,所以整个过程会耗费较长时间。大多数黑客都选择远程操作以便可以更快地袭击更多目标用户。除非某家情报单位侵入你个人的网络,你可能会担心一下,但这种可能性也是比较小的。;So is Starbucks#39; Wi-Fi safe to use? Not entirely, but you shouldn#39;t let that keep you from logging on and getting some work done.那么,这是否意味着星巴克WiFi足够安全?不尽然。但是你也不必让其成为阻止你登陆账号、在店里完成工作的借口。 /201605/446626

Clear Channel Outdoor — one of the largest outdoor advertising companies in the U.S. — is starting a new program called Radar that will use billboards to map real-world habits and behaviors from nearby consumers.  美国最大的户外广告公司之一Clear Channel Outdoor正在开始一项名为Radar的新业务,通过广告牌探测经过路人的习惯和行为。  The technology is sure to help advertisers better target their ads. But privacy advocates argue that it#39;s, well, a little creepy.  这项技术可以帮助广告商更好的定位其广告对象。但是隐私保护者认为这项技术太可怕了。  This is how Clear Channel Outdoor describes how the program works, in a on its website:;Using anonymous aggregated data from consumer cellular and mobile devices, RADAR measures consumer#39;s real-world travel patterns and behaviors as they move through their day, analyzing data on direction of travel, billboard viewability, and visits to specific destinations. This movement is then mapped against Clear Channel#39;s displays, allowing advertisers to plan and buy Out-Of-Home to reach specific behavioral audience segments.;  在Clear Channel Outdoor网站上的视频中有关于这项技术的描述:“通过使用电话网络和移动设备收集匿名数据,雷达测量路人的移动方式和一天中的活动行为,分析移动数据,广告牌路人可视度,特定目的地。这些数据会布局在Clear Channel的广告牌上,允许广告商计划和购买Out-Of-Home户外特定受众信息。”  Clear Channel#39;s Senior Vice President of Research and Insights Andy Stevens says ;it#39;s like mobile advertising, using the same consumer behavior, but using it for [Out-Of-Home ads like billboards.]; In an interview with Media Village, he says he sees it as a way of translating digital insights to this ;out of home; space.  Clear Channel研究和计划部门的副高级经理说“好比手机广告,通过使用同样的顾客行为方式,现在只是把它运用到了户外广告牌上”在一次Media Village采访中,他认为这是一种对洞察数据的户外迁移。  But in an email to NPR, Clear Channel press spokesman Jason King drew a distinction between the one-to-one approach of online digital ad targeting and this strategy, which he described as ;one-to-many.; He explains: ;We have no technical capability to determine the average age and gender of who sees our billboards, but the data providers can inform us by sharing, for example, that I-95 in Florida has a high percentage of families travelling to Disney World that pass many of our billboards.;  在一封对NPR的邮件中,Clear Channel的媒体发言人Jason King将网络一对一广告方式和这种户外一对多广告模式划定界限,他解释到:“我们虽然无法通过技术手段得知广告牌受众群体年龄和性别,但是数据供应商会通过分享来提供我们信息,比如,佛罗里达州的I-95公路上有很多家庭会在去迪斯尼乐园的路上看到我们的广告牌。”  The company, which owns tens of thousands of billboards in the U.S., ;will offer Radar in its top 11 markets, including Los Angeles and New York, starting on Monday, with plans to make it available across the country later this year,; The New York Times reported. Here#39;s more from the Times: ;Clear Channel and its partners — ATamp;T Data Patterns, a unit of ATamp;T that collects location data from its subscribers; PlaceIQ, which uses location data collected from other apps to help determine consumer behavior; and Placed, which pays consumers for the right to track their movements and is able to link exposure to ads to in-store visits — all insist that they protect the privacy of consumers. All data is anonymous and aggregated, they say, meaning individual consumers cannot be identified.;  纽约时报说“这家在美国拥有数以万计广告牌的公司将会在11个热门市场内提供雷达务,包括洛杉矶和纽约,从周一开始,计划务年底可以遍布全国。”纽约时报还说:“广告运营商Clear Channel和他伙伴—ATamp;T数据部门共同收集用户的位置信息;而Placed广告公司则通过向用户购买权利获得用户许可跟踪其活动并且能够看到广告进而去商店消费——所有公司都坚持他们保护了顾客的隐私。所有数据都是匿名收集的,个人信息是无法识别的。”  King, the press spokesman, tells NPR that the personal consumer information will remain with the data providers, while Clear Channel will only be able to access the aggregated data.  媒体发言人King对NPR说消费者个人信息将归数据运营商管理,Clear Channel广告公司只能读取这些收集到的信息。  And Stevens argues that consumers can opt out, in the interview with Media Village. He makes a distinction between the Clear Channel program and the advertising in this scene from the dystopian thriller ;Minority Report.;  在Media Village采访中Stevens辩解道消费者可以选择退出。他认为Clear Channel项目和电影“少数派报告”中的广告场景完全是两回事。  Here, Tom Cruise#39;s character walks through a shopping area as advertisements address him by name. ;John Anderton! You could use a Guinness right now,; says one affable billboard. ;Get away, John Anderton. Forget your troubles,; intones another billboard showing a beach scene. Here#39;s what Stevens thinks of this style of advertising: ;I#39;m not sure it#39;s a great user experience and it is a little creepy, to be honest. With a mass-medium like Out-Of-Home, a better use is to target general patterns of consumer groups, not the individual.;  电影中Tom Cruise的角色走过商业区时广告使用他的名字进行播放。“John Anderton!试试Guinness吧,”一块殷勤的广告牌说道。“忘记你的烦恼,John Anderton,离开这个地方,”另一个广告牌播放着沙滩美景说道。Stevens对这种广告道:“事实上,我不确定用户体验会不会很好,甚至有点可怕。像Out-Of-Home这样的大众传媒,更好的方案是向普通大众广告,而不是个人。”  But regardless of whether the billboards will address us personally, the new initiative is raising concerns from privacy advocates like Jeffrey Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy. ;It is incredibly creepy, and it#39;s the most recent intrusion into our privacy,; he told The Times. ;People have no idea that they#39;re being tracked and targeted.;  不管这些广告牌是针对个人还是大众,Center for Digital Democracy的行政主管Jeffrey Chester提醒人们要谨慎行事。“这很可怕,这是对我们隐私最新的侵犯”他和时报说道。“人们对自己被追踪一无所知。” /201603/433454

It has been a staple of science fiction for decades, and could be a godsend for tourists grappling with directions to their hotel.同声传译耳机是几十年来科幻小说的主题,可能会成为在去宾馆途中迷路游客们的福音。An earpiece that lets its wearer understand other nationalities by instantly translating foreign languages is due to go on sale next month.一款可以即时翻译外国语言,让佩戴者听懂外国人说话的耳机将于下月开始发售。The £140 device, which can decode eight languages, is inspired by translators such as the Babel fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which allowed the earthling Arthur Dent to comprehend alien races on his adventures.这款耳机售价140英镑(约合1212元人民币),可以翻译八种语言,受到《系搭便车指南》中巴别鱼等“翻译员”的启发制成。巴别鱼让地球人阿瑟-邓特能在探险中听懂异族生物的语言。Lingmo International, the Australian firm behind the Translate One2One earpiece, said it would put an end to awkward international meetings between politicians and business leaders.“翻译一对一”耳机是澳大利亚公司Lingmo International开发出来的。该公司表示这款耳机将结束政界人士和商业领袖出席国际会议时的尴尬。The device translates sentences in three to five seconds using IBM’s artificial intelligence language software, Watson.这款耳机使用IBM公司的人工智能语言软件Watson,能在三至五秒的时间里翻译出语句。It is the first earpiece of its kind to translate languages without needing a constant connection to a mobile phone or Wi-Fi signal, and can translate between English, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Chinese.这是首款无需一直连接到手机或无线网络信号就能翻译语言的耳机。可翻译的语言包括英语、法语、意大利语、西班牙语、巴西葡萄牙语、德语和汉语。Lingmo has put the device on sale and claims it will be delivered as early as mid-July, in time for the start of the summer holidays.Lingmo公司已开始发售这款耳机,并表示最早将于7月中旬交付使用,恰好能赶上暑期假日的开始。There is one catch, however: the speaker and listener will have to wear a device each for the translation software to work.但有一点:翻译者和倾听者都需要佩戴耳机,翻译软件才能工作。Several technology companies are developing language earpieces aimed at making embarrassing holiday encounters a thing of the past, while Google recently upgraded its translation software so that it is able to understand full sentences, instead of converting phrases word by word.数家科技公司都在研发语言翻译耳机,以让尴尬的假日邂逅成为历史。谷歌公司近日对其翻译软件进行了升级,使其可以理解全句,而不是逐字转换短语。 /201706/515021Stepping up to the counter to order a Big Mac is so yesterday.顾客在麦当劳前台匆匆忙忙购买巨无霸的日子即将成为过去。McDonald#39;s is finally getting with the modern times and has started pilot testing a mobile app that lets customers place food orders with their phones for in-restaurant or drive-through pickup.麦当劳终于追上了现代社会的步伐,开始进行手机应用的测试,顾客可以通过手机应用在店内点餐或点外卖。Last Wednesday, 29 restaurants in Monterey and Salinas, California have begun accepting mobile ordering and payment through the McDonald#39;s app.上周三,29家位于加利福尼亚州蒙特雷市和萨利纳斯市的麦当劳餐厅宣布,顾客可以通过手机应用订餐并付餐费。McDonald#39;s plans to expand the pilot test program to 51 more restaurants in Spokane, Washington, and then to 14,000 U.S. restaurants and about 6,000 locations sp across Canada, China, the UK, France, Germany and Australia by the end of the year.麦当劳计划于将应用测试推广至华盛顿州斯波肯市的51家餐厅,然后是全美共计14000家餐厅,并在年底前进一步推广至遍布加拿大﹑中国﹑英国﹑法国﹑德国和澳大利亚等地的约6000家连锁店。While you might be thinking finally, nailing down the logistics for mobile ordering and payments for a fast-food franchise as huge as McDonald#39;s isn#39;t as easy as it sounds.对于麦当劳这样的快餐业巨头,敲定手机应用订餐和付的物流工作绝非听起来这般轻而易举。Jim Sappington, McDonald#39;s executive vice president of operations, digital and technology, says it#39;s completely redesigning kitchens in order speed up order flow and give customers an experience that#39;s ;clearly better.;麦当劳负责运营﹑数字和技术业务的副总裁吉姆·萨平顿表示,该技术改造了厨房,使之适应不断加快的订单流,提供“无疑更为优秀”的顾客体验。They#39;re thinking about everything, from how to time meal preparation in order to ensure food isn#39;t cold to making sure customers aren#39;t stuck waiting for their orders when they arrive for pickup.麦当劳考虑到了方方面面,比如调配食物的准备时间以免食物变凉,确保车主不会因等待订单而造成拥堵等问题皆在此列。;We can#39;t impact the speed or the quality of our food,; Sappington says.萨平顿表示:“我们不能(因手机订餐)影响食品的制作速度和品质。” /201703/500131

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