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上海市第六人民医院激光去痘手术价格上海市浦东新区周浦医院绣眉手术价格HONG KONG —Despite a slowdown in China, Alibaba, the Internet giant, experienced a surge in revenue in the latest quarter, driven by strong growth in mobile.香港——即使面对放缓的中国经济,受益于移动端营收的激增,互联网巨头阿里巴巴上个季度的业绩仍然增长强劲。Given Alibaba’s dominance in online shopping, investors have been concerned that the trouble in the country’s economy could spill over into the company’s performance.考虑到阿里巴巴在网购行业的主导地位,投资者一度担忧中国经济面临的困境会影响该公司的业绩。After its much-hyped initial public offering last year, Alibaba reported lackluster earnings in the first half of 2015. Its stock price even briefly dropped below its listing price.在去年风光无限的公开上市后,阿里巴巴2015年上半年的业绩报告显得黯淡无光。股价甚至一度跌破发行价。Now Alibaba is showing signs of stabilizing.现在,阿里巴巴显现出恢复稳定的迹象。In its results on Tuesday, Alibaba reported that sales rose 32 percent in the latest quarter to 22.2 billion renminbi, or .5 billion. Earnings per share increased 30 percent. After Alibaba reported results on Tuesday, the company’s stock jumped 5 percent in morning trading.根据周二公布的最新季报,阿里巴巴宣布上季度营收达到222亿元人民币,同比增长32%,每股收益增长了30%。于周二公布该季营收后,阿里巴巴的股价在上午的交易中大涨5%。Still, analysts continue to worry about how a general slowdown in China could rattle Alibaba. Slower growth is expected to hit the wallets of the Chinese middle class, who regularly splurge on the company’s online shopping platforms. At around , Alibaba’s shares are still a long way from the 9 high-water mark they hit after the I.P.O.然而,分析师依然担心中国经济的全面减缓会对阿里巴巴造成冲击。经济增速减缓将令中国中产阶级的钱包缩水,而中产阶级正是经常在阿里巴巴网购平台消费的主力军。阿里巴巴目前股价约为每股79美元,相较公开发行后曾高达每股119美元的历史价位,还有很长的一段距离。“Economic challenges most likely weighed on average spending by buyers,” the research group Trefis wrote in a report.“经济不景气通常反映在消费者的平均开上。”美国投资研究机构Trefis在其报告中写道。Speaking to concerns about the Chinese economy, Joe Tsai, the company’s executive vice chairman, said in a conference call on Tuesday that the company did not believe that a blip in Chinese growth would have a long-term impact on the consumer spending on Alibaba’s sites.谈到对中国经济的担忧,阿里巴巴执行副主席蔡崇信(Joe Tsai)在周二的电话会议上表示,阿里巴巴不认为中国经济的短暂变化会对消费者的网购消费造成长期影响。“When you look at the Chinese consumer, they’re very liquid. They have lots of cash deposits in their account,” he said, adding “a temporary setback in the macro economy is not going to affect their consumption pattern in a fundamental way.” “中国消费者的现金流动性非常好,账户的现金存款相当多。”他补充谈道,“宏观经济暂时放缓不会从根本上带来消费模式的变化。”In particular, Mr. Tsai noted that Chinese consumption as a percentage of the country’s output is still well below that of developed countries. He expected consumption to naturally become a larger part of China’s economic growth. It is a shift that officials in Beijing are similarly pushing.值得关注的是,蔡崇信提到消费在中国经济中的占比还远远小于发达国家。他预计消费会自然而然地成为中国经济增长的更大组成部分。这与中国政府力推的经济转型不谋而合。Like many Internet players, Alibaba is looking to mobile as it charts out opportunities.与许多互联网公司一样,阿里巴巴致力发展移动端业务,以寻求更多机会。The company’s revenue from mobile advertising, traditionally less than is made on online desktop ads, almost tripled from a year earlier, to .7 billion. Alibaba said on Tuesday that mobile phones also account for about 62 percent of the total transactions on its e-commerce sites.阿里巴巴的移动端广告收益,原本低于PC端广告,如今增长迅猛,达到17亿美元,几乎是去年的三倍。在周二,阿里巴巴宣布移动端贡献了其电商平台约62%的总交易额。In the conference call, Alibaba executives emphasized new revenue streams that could eventually contribute to the company, including takeout and grocery delivery, a cloud computing unit that serves small businesses, and outreach to rural users.在电话会议上,阿里巴巴的高管强调新增的收入来源最终会为公司做出贡献,这包括餐饮外卖和食品杂货递送、针对小企业的云计算业务,以及针对农村地区用户的拓展。“Today if you look at the landscape in China, online shopping only accounts for 10 percent of total retail in China,” said Alibaba’s new chief executive, Daniel Zhang. “So I would say that is a huge potential, and if we look at people’s geographic sp, half of our population in the low-tier cities and rural areas, that’s why we initiate our rural program.”“时至今日,从总体情况来看,网购只占中国零售业总额的10%。”阿里巴巴新上任的首席执行官张勇(Daniel Zhang)表示,“因此,我认为潜力依然巨大。从地域分布上来看,中国有一半人口生活在中小城市和农村偏远地区,这就是我们启动农村淘宝项目的原因。”Alibaba’s investment strategy is expected to follow this pattern. This month, Alibaba continued its acquisition streak by making an offer to buy the remainder of a Chinese online site, Youku Tudou.阿里巴巴的投资战略将贯彻这一目标。本月,阿里巴巴继续其收购步伐,宣布对在线视频网站优酷和土豆网剩余的股份进行全面收购。“Consumption isn’t just about online shopping, but consumption of digital goods; it’s about consumption of services. We are looking at things that will enhance our position in the consumption economy,” Mr. Tsai said.“消费不仅限于网购商品,也是对数字产品的消费,是对务业的消费。我们重视能提高我们在消费经济中地位的业务。”蔡崇信表示。 /201510/406508上海市第九人民医院激光祛痣多少钱 China’s domestic nuclear rivalries are spilling overseas as state-owned rivals jostle to promote their reactor designs despite Beijing’s efforts to present a united front.中国国内核电企业之间的角力正蔓延到海外。相互竞争的国有企业竞相推介自己的反应堆设计,尽管中国政府正努力展现一个统一战线。China’s State Council, or cabinet, this month formally approved the first Hualong 1 reactor, to be built in coastal Fujian Province. Successfully constructing the Hualong 1 will bring China into the elite club of countries exporting reactors.中国国务院本月正式批准在沿海的福建省建设首座“华龙1号”反应堆。成功建成华龙1号将使中国跻身于核反应堆出口国的精英俱乐部。China National Nuclear Corp aly has agreements to build six reactors in Pakistan but a framework agreement to build a Hualong 1 reactor in Argentina would be the first overseas example of China’s indigenous prowess.中国核工业集团(CNNC)已有在巴基斯坦建设6座反应堆的协议,但在阿根廷建设一座华龙1号反应堆的框架协议,将是在海外展现中国自主技术实力的首个例。“This project will change the environment for our indigenous reactors and will promote the national strategy of ‘going out’ with the nuclear industry,” Xing Ji, CNNC vice-general manager, said last week.“这个项目将改变我国自主技术反应堆的大环境,推进核电工业‘走出去’的国家战略,”中国核电工程公司(CNPE)副总经理邢继上周表示。China plans to complete eight reactors this year. It has 26 under construction, as part of its programme to develop 58GW of nuclear generating capacity by 2020. A four-year suspension of new approvals after the meltdown of a tsunami-hit reactor in Fukushima, Japan, in 2011 resulted in a 7 per cent dip in nuclear investment in China last year, to Rmb56.9bn (.2bn).中国计划在今年建成8座反应堆。目前全国有26座反应堆在建,这是到2020年投运58GW核电装机容量的计划的一部分。2011年日本福岛核电站在遭受海啸袭击后发生堆芯熔毁,促使中国在之后四年暂停批准新项目,这导致去年中国核电投资下降7%,至569亿元人民币(合92亿美元)。The delay allowed regulators to make Chinese-designed “third-gener-ation” reactors a priority that could eventually represent the Chinese industry overseas. Critics say China’s plans to beef up nuclear power generation at home would be better served by constructing familiar second-generation plants. “We tend to be more interested in new things and lack enthusiasm for the old, but in the nuclear industry we must balance the two,” warned Li Ganjie, vice-minister of the environment.推迟新项目上马让监管机构将中国设计的“第三代”反应堆列为工作重点,使其最终有望在海外代表中国核电工业。批评人士表示,建设技术上成熟的第二代核电站,可能会对中国发展国内核电的计划起到更大帮助。“我们往往对新的东西更感兴趣,而对老的技术缺乏热情,但在核工业,我们必须权衡两者,”中国环保部副部长李干杰警告称。 /201504/372535Apple#39;s supposed self-driving electric car efforts may be real -- and far enough along for testing, according to a new report from the Guardian.根据《卫报》的最新报道,苹果公司设想的无人驾驶电动汽车计划很可能已成为现实——起码也已进入了测试阶段。The publication, citing documents it obtained under a public records act request, said Apple has met with officials from the GoMentum Station, a large former Navy weapons station near San Francisco that is being changed into a high-security testing area for self-driving cars. GoMentum says its 5,000-acre facility, which features 20 miles of paved roadway, ;is the largest secure test facility in the world and will become the center; of connected vehicle applications and autonomous vehicles technologies -- something that could appeal to a secretive company like Apple. Honda uses the facility to test automated driving technologies.该报称,其在符合公共记录法案的前提下获得了一份文件,根据文件显示,苹果公司已经和GoMentum基地的官员有过接触,GoMentum基地是旧金山附近一个大型的前海军武器基地,现在正逐渐被改造成为一个安全系数很高的无人驾驶汽车测试基地。GoMentum方面称,这里有5000英亩的场地,其中有20英里的铺砌道路,是全世界最大的安全测试基地,将成为相关联的车辆应用程序和无人驾驶汽车技术的中心,而这无疑吸引到了像苹果这样希望进行秘密测试的公司。本田汽车公司也使用这个场地测试无人驾驶汽车技术。Frank Fearon, an Apple engineer, wrote to GoMentum that ;We would... like to get an understanding of timing and availability for the space, and how we would need to coordinate around other parties who would be using [it],; according to the publication. In another email from a GoMentum official to Fearon, the official delayed a tour of the facility but said, ;We would still like to meet in order to keep everything moving and to meet your testing schedule.;该报还称,苹果公司的一位工程师Frank Fearon曾致信GoMentum:“我们希望明确了解此基地的时间安排和可使用性,以及我们如何与其它正在使用它的机构进行协调。”而在另外一封GoMentum官员写给Fearon的邮件中,GoMentum官员将基地的一个参观活动延期,并表示:“我们更加希望碰面(达成合作)以保一切(测试活动)顺利进行并且满足你们的测试日程安排。”Apple declined to comment.苹果公司并未对此新闻做出回应。The Guardian didn#39;t publish the documents cited in the report, and it#39;s unclear whether Apple directly said it#39;s building a self-driving electric car. The company could be interested in the facility for other purposes, such as testing out car technologies in a more real-to-life environment instead of in a lab. And there#39;s no guarantee that Apple will release an electric self-driving car even if it#39;s currently researching the technology.《卫报》并未刊登报道中被引用的那份文件,因此无法确定苹果公司是否确实曾说过其在研制无人驾驶电动汽车。它也可能是为其它的目的而对此基地感兴趣,譬如为了在一个更加符合真实生活的环境里测试汽车技术,而不是一直在实验室里。并且,即使苹果现在能够达到那样的技术水平,也不能保它会真正发布无人驾驶电动汽车。Autonomous car technology has become a big focus for companies such as Google and Uber, and speculation about Apple#39;s self-driving car plans have been swirling for months. The program is believed to be codenamed ;Titan; and involve hundreds of engineers. The company has hired people from the automotive industry, including battery experts. In February, A123 Systems, an electric-car battery maker, sued Apple for poaching its employees, saying the company lured away workers to develop ;a large-scale battery division to compete in the very same field as A123.; The two companies reached a settlement in May.无人驾驶汽车技术已经成为了谷歌、Uber等很多公司关注的焦点,而关于苹果无人驾驶汽车计划的猜测已发酵数月。据说这个项目的代号是;泰坦(Titan);,并且汇集了上百名工程师。苹果雇佣了很多来自汽车制造行业的人,其中包括电池方面的专家。二月份,A123 Systems——一个电动汽车电池制造商——控告苹果挖走它的员工,引诱其员工发展“一个大规模电池部门去与A123在同一领域竞争”。两家公司已于五月份达成处理协议。Apple has tasked employees in ;an anonymous office building; in Sunnyvale, Calif., about four miles from the company#39;s Cupertino headquarters, with developing automotive technologies, the Guardian said. The company leased the building in 2014, the Guardian said, citing documents, and modified the facility to include labs and workshop spaces, as well as tighter security features.据《卫报》所说,苹果已将该项目的员工分派到了加利福尼亚州森尼维尔市“一个无名的办公建筑里”,距离位于库比蒂诺的苹果总部大约有四英里,在这里,无人驾驶汽车技术正在研制中。《卫报》称,根据那份文件显示的内容,苹果公司在2014年租下这幢建筑,并逐渐在内部安设了实验室、研讨室和更严密的安全设施。Apple, the second-biggest smartphone maker in the world, has worked to expand its technologies to many different sectors and become the center of peoples#39; lives. That aly has included cars, even if the company hasn#39;t created a full-blown automobile. An update to its iOS mobile software in March 2014 incorporated CarPlay -- a way for the iPhone to power a touch screen on a new car#39;s dashboard. And Jeff Williams, Apple#39;s head of operations, in May called the car ;the ultimate mobile device.;苹果作为世界第二大手机制造商,已经致力于将它的技术扩展到许多不同的领域并占据人们生活的中心。这些领域中就包括汽车行业——尽管苹果公司还未制造出一台完全成熟的汽车。2014年3月iOS移动软件的一项更新包含了CarPlay—— 一种用iPhone去操控新车仪表盘上的接触式屏幕的方式。苹果运营总监Jeff Williams曾在五月份称汽车是“终极的可移动设备”。Marc Newsom, a designer who has worked with Apple in the past, told The Wall Street Journal earlier this week that his design pet-peeve is the automotive industry. ;There were moments when cars somehow encapsulated everything that was good about progress,; he said. ;But right now we#39;re at the bottom of a trough.;Marc Newsom是一位曾在苹果工作多年的设计师,就在这周他告诉华尔街日报的记者他在设计中最不能忍受的就是汽车制造行业,他说,“曾经有一段时间汽车包含了人类进步中产生的一切好的事物,但现在正处在低谷期。” /201508/393859奉贤区奉城医院做丰胸手术价格

上海新华医院打瘦脸针的费用上海长海医院激光去痣多少钱 上海市浦东新区南汇中心医院整形中心

上海仁济医院去除狐臭多少钱Amazon has seen the future — and it is a pushcart on the New York subway. The online retail giant has started delivering parcels to its Manhattan customers using the city’s underground train network, having discovered what New Yorkers have known for years: it can be much quicker than driving.亚马逊(Amazon)从纽约地铁上的手推车看到了未来。这家在线零售巨头发现了纽约人多年来就已熟知的一个道理:乘地铁可能比开车快得多,已开始通过遍布纽约地下的地铁网络向曼哈顿的客户递送包裹。In December, Amazon started piloting an ultra-fast service, Prime Now, which promises to deliver popular items such as phone chargers, soap and pet food in as little as an hour for .99, or within two hours for free. The scheme was launched in New York, but has since been rolled out in a handful of other US cities, including Miami and Dallas.去年12月,亚马逊试行了一种超快捷务Prime Now。这种务承诺最快在1小时内,以7.99美元的价格递送手机充电器、肥皂和宠物口粮之类急需用品,或在两个小时内免费递送这类商品。这项务首先在纽约启动,自那以来已在包括迈阿密和达拉斯在内的其他几个美国城市推出。Two delivery workers pushing large trolleys of Amazon parcels on the subway said the company was using underground trains for most Prime Now deliveries because traffic on Manhattan’s gridlocked streets made it impossible to honour a 60-minute guarantee. Both asked not to be named because they were not authorised to speak to the media.在纽约地铁上,两名用手推车递送大量亚马逊包裹的员工表示,多数Prime Now货物都用地铁递送,原因是曼哈顿拥堵的路面交通让60分钟送达的可能性几乎为零。由于公司未批准他们与媒体打交道,这两名员工都要求不要公开他们的姓名。Amazon confirmed it was using the subway for Prime Now orders: “In Manhattan, our folks bike, walk or use public transportation. They only drive if the item is large like a flat screen TV.”亚马逊确认了该公司正在使用地铁投递Prime Now订单:“在曼哈顿,我们的员工会使用自行车、徒步或使用公共交通方式递送包裹。他们只有在商品像平板电视那么大的情况下,才会采用驾车的方式送货。”Amazon’s Prime Now service is part of a push to capture the instantaneous purchases that have so far proven elusive to online retailers, according to Sucharita Mulpuru, an ecommerce analyst at Forrester Research.福里斯特调查公司(Forrester Research)电子商务分析师苏乍利达#8226;墨普鲁(Sucharita Mulpuru)表示,亚马逊的Prime Now务是该公司实现“即时购物”体验举措的一部分。迄今“即时购物”仍被明是在线零售商的一大短板。“With online retail, one of the fundamental weaknesses is that you cannot get products immediately. This is an attempt to address that,” said Ms Mulpuru.墨普鲁表示:“对在线零售而言,一个根本缺陷就是你无法在购物时立刻获得商品。这项务正是试图解决这个问题。”However, she warned the service could struggle to gain traction with customers, especially in New York where there are drug stores on nearly every street corner selling many of the same items as Amazon’s Prime Now service.不过,她警告说该务可能很难吸引客户——尤其是在差不多每个街道拐角都设有便利店的纽约。这些便利店出售的许多商品都与亚马逊Prime Now务提供的商品雷同。Ms Mulpuru also suggested some customers might feel uneasy about having their deliveries transported on a mass public transport system. “I wouldn’t want my packages sitting on the smelly New York subway for long,” she said.墨普鲁还暗示,对于通过人流密集的公共交通投递他们的包裹,部分客户可能会感到不适应。她说:“我不希望我的包裹长期停留在气味难闻的纽约地铁中。” /201505/376320 上海五官科医院整形美容中心普陀区冰点脱毛多少钱




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