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大理州四维彩超医院大理不孕不育去哪个医院Oh, dear! Just when you thought the Iraq problem was solved because you havent heard about it for a while, everythings back to murders, chaos, and terror. What happened?喔,天啊!正当你以为伊拉克的问题已经解决,因为你已经有一阵子没听到消息了,一切又回到谋杀、混乱、和恐慌。发生了什么事?In 2003, the U.S. invaded Iraq because of its alleged connections to terrorism and weapons of mass destruction. At the time Saddam Hussein, a brutal dictator, ruled the country. He was part of the Sunni minority and suppressed the Shia majority. Iraq was conquered fairly quickly, but the U.S. had no plan for the country. The until-then-suppressed Shia majority took over and began oppressing the Sunnis because suppressing other faiths proven to be such a good idea.2003年,因其与恐怖行动以及大规模毁灭性武器间的可疑连结性,美国入侵伊拉克。当时海珊,一名惨无人道的独裁者,统治那国家。他是逊尼少数派的一部分,并打压什叶多数派。伊拉克很快就被攻下,但美国对此国家并无计划。直到当时都被打压的什叶多数派继任,并开始压迫逊尼派,因为打压其他信仰明是这么一个好点子。Unsurprisingly, a Sunni rebel uprising began, and terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda trickled into Iraq, and local forces, often former Sunni military, began fighting the U.S. troops and the newly-formed Iraqi state, peaking in a bloody civil war in 2006. Since then, people in Iraq have basically been segregated by religion.不意外地,一场逊尼派起义开始了,而像是盖达的恐怖份子组织缓缓渗入伊拉克,然后当地军力,通常是前任的逊尼派军队,开始对抗美国军队及刚成立的伊拉克政府,在2006年一场血流成河的内战达到高峰。自此后,伊拉克的人民基本上被依照宗教所隔离。So in a tragic irony of history, the U.S. invasion led to the formation of the very terrorists the U.S. wanted to eliminate in the first place, because Iraq was now the perfect training ground for terrorism.所以在历史中那悲剧性的讽刺事件中,美国的入侵导致了美国原先想要消灭的那些恐怖分子集结起来,因为伊拉克现在是恐怖活动绝佳的训练基地。To understand this complicated conflict better, we need to understand the relationship between the two main branches of the Muslim faith: Shia and Sunni Islam. Sunnis make up about 80% of the Muslim world, and Shia about 20%. And the hardliners on both sides dont like each other very much.要更加了解这个复杂的冲突,我们需要了解穆斯林信仰中两个主要分之间的关系:什叶和逊尼穆斯林。逊尼派组成大约穆斯林世界的百分之八十,而什叶派大约百分之二十。两边的强硬派份子都不是很喜欢彼此。Saudi Arabia and Iran are the two most powerful players in the game of faiths. They both have no separation of state and religion, domestic problems, and a lot of oil money, and they support groups that fight the other religious orientation. And one of those terror organizations supported by Saudi Arabia was Islamic state in Iraq, or ISI for short.沙乌地阿拉伯和伊朗是信仰之战里两个最有力的对手。它们两者都没有国家和宗教的隔离政策、都有国内的问题、还有很多石油带来的财富,它们也都持反对其他宗教取向的组织。沙乌地阿拉伯所持的其中一个恐怖组织就是伊拉克伊斯兰国,或是缩写 ISI。In 2010, the Arab Spring happened and changed the whole situation in the Middle East. In Syria, dictator Bashar al-Assad didnt think much of resigning and started a gruesome civil war against his own people. The longer the war went on, the more foreign groups joined the fight, most of them for religious reasons and with a goal of building an Islamic state in the region.在2010年,阿拉伯之春爆发,并改变了中东整个局势。在叙利亚,独裁者 Bashar al-Assad(叙国总统)并不想辞职,并发起一场对抗他自己人民的可怕内战。战争持续越久、越多外国组织加入战争,他们大部分是为了宗教因素,并带着于此区域建立伊斯兰政府的目标。And one of them was the infamous ISI, which now became the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS. They had fought in Iraq for years and had thousands of well-trained and fanatic soldiers. They aly quasi-controlled parts of northern Iraq and were very determined to build their religious state. And they changed the game in Syria like no one expected.他们之一就是恶名昭彰的 ISI,那现在成为伊拉克和叙利亚的伊斯兰政府,或称之为 ISIS。他们已在伊拉克战争多年,并有数千名训练有素且狂热的士兵。他们已经几乎控制了部分伊拉克北部,且十分坚持要建立他们的宗教政府。他们出乎大众意料改变了在叙利亚的局势。ISIS was so unbelievably violent and radical that soon there was a war with almost every other faction of the Syrian rebel armies. They attacked and killed members of other Muslim terrorist groups. In the territories they controlled they built Islamic state with rules so strict that even the hardliners of Al-Qaeda and Saudi Arabia were shocked and withdrew their support.ISIS 是如此难以置信地暴力和极端,以致于很快就和几乎每个叙利亚反抗军的其他派系都掀起战争。他们攻击并杀害其他穆斯林恐怖组织成员。在他们控制的领地中,他们建立伊斯兰政府,其统治如此严苛,甚至连盖达组织和沙乌地阿拉伯的强硬派份子都大吃一惊,并收回他们的持。ISIS has been accused of responsibility for multiple massacres against civilians, countless suicide bombings, the hostage taking of women and children, the executions of their prisoners, and beheadings—all kinds of medieval horrors we would rather not to have to illustrate. And this lovely gathering of human beings recently decided it was time to take more territory in Iraq.ISIS 被指控要负责多次平民大屠杀、无数次的自杀炸弹攻击、挟持妇孺作为人质、处决他们的囚犯、还有斩首行为--所有我们宁愿不必描述出来的中世纪恐怖行为。这群人的可爱聚会最近决定是时候在伊拉克占领更多领地了。Since the U.S. left Iraq, the Shia prime minister Nouri al-Maliki has monopolized power and discriminated against Sunnis wherever possible. The government of Iraq is widely regarded as being corrupt, incapable, and its certainly hated by a large part of its citizens.自美国离开伊拉克后,什叶派的总理 Nouri al-Maliki 已经独揽权力并竭尽所能四处排挤逊尼派。伊拉克政府被广为认为贪腐、无能,且绝对受其大部分国民所痛恨。The Iraqi army consisting of about 300,000 soldiers was created using 25 billion U.S. dollars in tax money, but its not loyal to its government and has been withdrawing or completely disbanding, giving up city after city, because ISIS has announced that everyone who opposes them will be killed.由大约三十万名士兵所组成的伊拉克军队,是从税金中花费两百五十亿美金所打造,但它对其政府并不忠诚,且已经撤退、或是完全解散,一个城市接着一个城市投降,因为 ISIS 已经宣布所有反对他们的人都将被杀害。They have proven they mean business. By June, 2014, theyd conquered the big chunk of Iraq, including Mosul, Iraqs second largest city. Theyve stolen hundreds of millions from captured banks, making them the richest terror organization on earth. And they are constantly working on establishing a super medieval religious state.他们已经明他们是认真的。在2014年六月,他们已攻下伊拉克的一大部分,包括 Mosul,伊拉克第二大城。他们从俘虏的偷取数亿元,让他们成为地球上最富有的恐怖组织。他们持续努力建立一个超级中世纪的宗教政府。Iran and the U.S. are even considering working together to fight them. Thats how gruesome the situation is. Events in Iraq show again that exploiting the people youve defeated in the war, denying them power, and living in a stake in the rebuilding of the country is just sowing the seeds of the next bat of violence.伊朗和美国甚至在考虑要合作打击他们。那就是情况有多么可怕。在伊拉克的事件再次显示了剥削你在战争中击败的人民、否决他们的权力、还有生活在重建国家的风险之中,只是在为下一波暴力行为埋下种子。Somehow, we have to break the circle.用某种方式,我们必须打破这轮回。201411/343261大理超导无痛人流什么时候做好 At the beginning, of course, you cant really pull apart religion and art can you? Art is sacred because it is taking you to this space where youre not just doing the subject/object arms-length approach to nature, it takes you to a new place and thats a religious activity. Its only as time goes on that religion becomes much more involved with issues around power, and art becomes much more involved with issues around self-expression, and these days, the two often look at each other from separate mountain peaks, peering in a puzzled kind of way through the mists.“在最开始的时候,你肯定不能真正地把宗教与艺术区分开来的,不是吗?艺术是神圣的,因为它将你带领到另一个空间,让你不仅仅是主体与客体方式对待大自然,并且保持着一臂之距的疏离感。它同时带领你走进一个新领域,这便是一种宗教行为。只是在勿勿时光流逝中,宗教演变得越来越是涉及围绕权力之类的问题,而艺术越来越成为一种表达自我的方式;到了今天,两者往往是分别高居于两座巍然屹立的高峰之上,透过迷雾用谜一般的眼光审视着对方。”I dont think that primitive human beings just had a y-made word in their heads that sounded like God, and they immediately knew what it was. They were discovering how to be human in a world that was much more complicated because of their intelligence, and because of the new environmental challenges they were working with, and slowly the world - how should I say it? - almost reshapes itself. With that, and in your identification with the processes of the world, you begin to understand or intuit what in the Old Testament is called wisdom, a kind of principle of cohesion or cohesiveness underlying it all, and you identify that eventually with the mind of God.“我不认为远古人类脑中能有现成‘神’这个字,并能立刻感知‘神’的含义。随着他们自身智力发展,及他们自身正在对付的各种挑战,这世界变得越来越复杂,而他们还正在探索着如何成为这世界中的人类;慢慢地,这世界就,怎么说呢,几乎重新塑造了自身。凭借这点,加上在你自身识别这世界的过程中,你开始理解了,或者直觉地感受到了那《旧约》中所称的‘智慧’,一种最本质最基础的凝聚力或融合力,最终你能够定义了‘神’的含义。”It seems that much of the art made around the world at the time of the Ice Age did have a religious dimension, although we can only guess at any ritual use. This art is part of a tradition still very much alive today, and its also part of an evolving religious consciousness which still shapes many human societies. Objects like this sculpture of swimming reindeer take us into the minds and imaginations of people like us - into a world unseen but understood. And I think its that ability to see beyond the functional and the physical - to use our imaginations - that ultimately makes us modern. At the time our swimming reindeer were carved in Europe, the people of north-east Asia were about to settle the Americas. Thats for the next programme.看来,冰河时代时世界各地的艺术品确实大部分都渲染上宗教的色,尽管我们只能猜测究竟是运用于什么仪式用途。这种艺术仍然是当代非常活跃的一种传统,同时也是一种不断塑造着人类社会、演化中的宗教意识。像这种游水驯鹿雕塑像这样的物品,把我们带近那些具有与我们相同的思想与想象力的原始人类,进入一个看不见但了解得到的世界。我想正是这种能超越功能与物质的见解能力,最终使我们成为现代人。当欧洲的定居者雕刻出我们这件驯鹿雕塑时,东北区地区的人类即将要在美洲安家。这将是下期节目的内容。201403/279396广告意义:很多好的品牌的开始都是由自身的一种感染而想去传播感染无数人,不论是一种感受,还是一种口味,只有有着无限的热情与真心的靠近别人的心,才能真正地让别人接受你!广告双语文本内容:In 1971, Starbucks opened their first store in the middle of Seattles Pike Place Market. Howard Schultz visited that store and enjoyed his first real cup of coffee. That one cup of Sumatra changed him forever.1971年,星巴克在西雅图的「派克鱼市场」中央开了他们的第一家店。Howard Schultz造访了那家店并享受了他第一杯「真正的咖啡」。那杯苏门答腊咖啡改变了他的一生。From that moment on, he wanted everyone to have the same experience. At the time, Starbucks was just nine stores and a hundred employees. Nine stores quickly turned into thousands.从那时起,他想让每个人都有同洋的体验。当时,星巴克只有九家店面和一百位员工。九家店面很快地变成了数千家。People were allowed to make choices by customizing their own beverages. You could sit in big, comfy chairs and have a place to relax, be with friends, and listen to good music.人们能够依其所好调制自己的饮品。你可以坐在又大又舒适的椅子上,自在放松,和朋友在一起,听听好音乐。And thirty-seven years later, what started as a dream to build an honest brand and personal connection, all while serving great coffee, has turned into a reality all over the world, every day, for everyone to enjoy.三十七年之后,始于打造诚实品牌并拓展人脉的一个梦想,就在送上好咖啡时,这一切已在世界各地实现,让每一个人,每天都能去享受。201409/324975大理妇科医院的网站

大理东方做彩超多少钱大理市东方妇科医院收费好不好 Jon Jones, look, guys like this its important for them to have this kind of confidence I dont look at it as if Im hurting my opponent, my enemy.乔恩·琼斯,对于他们这样的人拥有此种自信十分重要,我并不认为我在伤害我的对手,我的敌人。Its like were brothers painting this picture together.It helps them, until of course, it doesnt which, as we know historically always happens where they run into that guy where ;Oh.This isnt fun.;我们更像共绘一副画的兄弟。这能帮助他们,直到有一天,那一天总会到来的,他们也会遇到高手,发现;挨打一点都不有趣;;This is reality. You can get hurt in there.;事实就是这样 上赛场总会受伤What happens is after several years of that it takes its effect, you know?真正的痛苦在于多年之后,伤病的后遗症开始发作Like when I had to go take my neurological and my hands were going and I couldnt remember where I parked my car in the morning.就像我开始去神经科看病,双手乏力,时常忘记早上在哪停的车It should be regulated.There should be judges and medical staff there.You dont wanna see people get injured.规则是必须的,裁判和医护人员也是必须的。你不会想看见有人受伤。I think my father from a pure martial arts interest and combat interest standpoint would have loved to watch the UFC.我认为父亲出于对于武术和格斗纯粹的热爱,一定喜欢看终极格斗冠军赛I believe that Bruce Lee was a huge fight fan.Hed have been jumping out of his seat getting as excited as any of us.我相信李小龙一定是终极格斗迷,肯定会与我们一样跳下座位,激动不已。I think hed have been proud to be called the father of mixed martial arts.我觉得他对于被称作综合搏击之父,一定颇感自豪。OK.Theres people out there, they got it.很多人都认可这种说法201311/266725永平县看妇科炎症多少钱

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