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大理州中西医医院做全身检查要多少钱大理东方医生的QQ号码Bill Gates has opened a personal account on the popular Chinese social media platform WeChat, greeting Chinese fans in clumsy Chinese in his first post dated.近日,比尔·盖茨开通了自己的微信账号,并在发布的第一份推文中用稍显生涩的中文向中国粉丝们问好。His first foray on the platform was a 30-second clip. After sending greetings in Chinese, Gates switched to English, saying said this account is his personal blog where he can share the stories of people he meets, the books he#39;s , and the lessons he#39;s learned.比尔·盖茨在微信上的第一条状态是一段30秒的视频。在用中文问候之后,盖茨转换成了英语,称该微信号是他的个人公众号,他会在上面分享他见过的人、读过的书和学到的功课。He will also post content ranging from global health issues to energetic innovation, and from educational reform to his ing notes.他还会发送包括全球健康、能源创新、教育改革和读书笔记等在内的其他内容。The Gates account is one of the many that Western celebrities are using to tap into the massive Chinese social media market to better engage with Chinese followers and potential customers.许多西方名人都在开发中国巨大的社交媒体市场,而盖茨也是其中之一,这样他们就可以更好地与中国粉丝和潜在的客户互动。Physicist Stephen Hawking and Apple CEO Tim Cook both have Sina Weibo accounts, with more than 4 million and 890,000 followers respectively. Gates also has a Weibo account that was registered in September 2010 which now has 3 million followers.物理学家史蒂芬·霍金和苹果CEO蒂姆·库克都有新浪微号,粉丝分别达到了40089万。盖茨也有一个新浪微号,于2010年9月份注册,现在拥有300万粉丝。Chinese Net users were surprised to see Gates unveiling a personal account. One, nicknamed ;maozhebuyongsheng; says he felt much closer to a millionaire now.中国网民们对盖茨注册一个个人账户感到很惊讶。网友“maozhebuyongsheng”表示,他感觉自己和一位百万富翁的距离更近了。Featured in many inspirational Chinese ;chicken soup; ings, Gates has been a source of motivation for many young generations in China. Net user ;youshixiyuan; posted he will only drink ;chicken soup; from Gates in the future.盖茨经常出现在中国的“鸡汤”文里,也一直是鼓励中国年轻一代不断进取的源动力。网友“youshixiyuan”发文称,他以后只喝盖茨的“鸡汤”。Others joked that perhaps Gates would take advantage of popular WeChat features used to borrow or lend money, or would even send Lucky Money packets to Chinese users.其他人则开玩笑说,盖茨也许会用到微信放贷借款的功能,甚至还会给中国网友们发红包。 /201702/493959大理怀孕堕胎的价格 大理女性不孕不育医院

大理妇科医院地址Rapid advances in artificial intelligence are feared by many in Europe and the US, with scientists warning of mass unemployment. But in Singapore, where restrictions on foreign workers have left many companies struggling for staff, service sector businesses are increasingly finding automated solutions to their workforce crunch.人工智能领域的快速进步让欧美的许多人感到担忧,科学家们警告称,这可能导致大规模失业。但在新加坡,务行业的企业越来越发现机器人可以解决它们人手紧张的问题——新加坡限制外国工人就业让许多公司很难招到员工。From restaurants to hospitals, robots are being rolled out in a government-backed push to help businesses survive a tight labour market.在政府为帮助企业在供应紧张的劳动力市场存活下去而推出的举措下,从饭店到医院,多种机构均出现了机器人的身影。Louis Tan, chief operating officer of Singapore’s Mount Elizabeth Novena hospital, said: “The government is clamping down on foreign workers — there is difficulty in hiring even skilled workers. Technology has turned out to be one of the solutions.”新加坡伊丽莎白诺维娜医院(Mount Elizabeth Novena)首席运营官Louis Tan表示:“新加坡政府正在限制外国工人——哪怕雇佣熟练工人也很困难。事实明,技术是解决方案之一。”The hospital, a private medical facility run by the Parkway Pantai group, has turned to IBM’s Watson technology as an automated “nurse” to monitor patients’ vital signs in its intensive care unit.这家医院借助IBM的“沃森”(Watson)技术推出了机器人“护士”来监护重症病房中的病人的关键体征。伊丽莎白诺维娜医院是百汇班台集团(Parkway Pantai)运营的私立医疗务机构。The AI technology combines information from indicators such as blood pressure and heart rate, and uses a predictive algorithm to calculate the risk of a patient’s condition getting worse.人工智能技术结合血压、心率等指标信息,并使用预测性算法来计算患者病情恶化的风险。“In the past that required human integration and interpretation,” Mr Tan said. “And now we are using data analytics to help drive this.”Louis Tan表示:“在过去,这需要人类加以整合和解读。现在我们使用数据分析学来帮助解读。”The pilot, which was launched this year, has improved patient safety, Mr Tan added.他补充称,今年推出的试点项目让病人更加安全。He said: “It doesn’t mean nurses are absolved of responsibility. It just means they have another aid. It’s more efficient and safer for the patients.”他说:“这并不意味着护士无事可干了。它仅仅意味着她们又有了一个助手,提高了她们照顾病患的效率和安全性。”At Chilli Padi Nonya café, a restaurant serving a hybrid Malay-Chinese cuisine near the National University of Singapore, dirty dishes are gathered by a robotic waiter that trundles between tables chirping: “Could you help me to clear your table?”在辣椒香娘惹餐厅(Chilli Padi Nonya),穿梭于桌子间的机器人侍者收拾着脏碟子,还能用清脆的声音问道:“你能帮我收拾下桌子吗?”该餐馆位于新加坡国立大学(National University of Singapore)附近,提供马来菜和中国菜。The machine lacks the ability to pick up cups and plates itself. Instead customers place their used crockery in a tray it carries back to the kitchen.这种机器人无法自己拿起杯子和碟子。顾客们将他们用过的餐具放到托盘上,然后由机器人拿回厨房。Kannan Thangaraj, the restaurant’s manager, said: “In Singapore it’s very difficult to get manpower from overseas, so it’s very helpful to get a robot. The customers are coming back because of the robot. They like to see it.”餐厅经理卡纳安#8226;坦加拉贾(Kannan Thangaraj)表示:“在新加坡,从海外招募人手非常困难,因此使用机器人非常有帮助。顾客们因为机器人而成为回头客。他们喜欢看到机器人。”So far, only a handful of restaurants are involved in trial usage of the robots. One deterrent is cost: the company which makes the machines, Singapore-based ech Mechatronics, sells them for S,000 (US,340).迄今为止,只有少数几家餐馆在试用机器人。成本是一个障碍:总部位于新加坡的机器人制造公司ech Mechatronics对机器人的定价在4.7万新元(合3.434万美元)。The government provides a subsidy of nearly 70 per cent of the robot’s cost for the restaurant trial, the company said.该公司表示,新加坡政府为试用机器人的餐馆提供近70%的成本补贴。Also in Singapore, a research and development centre for MasterCard has designed the first payment application for SoftBank Robotics’ humanoid robot Pepper. 同样在新加坡,万事达(MasterCard)的一家研发中心为软银机器人(SoftBank Robotics)的仿人机器人Pepper设计了首个付应用。Outlets of Pizza Hut in Asia will use the robot to take some customer orders and process card payments in a trial expected to take place this year. The goal is to free waiters for more complex interactions with customers.亚洲的必胜客(Pizza Hut)门店将有望在今年试用Pepper接受一些顾客的订单并处理卡付。目标是让侍者解放出来,处理与顾客的更为复杂的互动。In this year’s budget, Singapore’s government announced plans to spend more than S0m over the next three years to back the deployment of robots, with a focus on providing affordable robotics to small and medium-sized enterprises.新加坡在今年的预算中宣布,计划在今后3年斥资逾4.5亿新元持企业配备机器人,重点是向中小企业提供它们负担得起的机器人。But the push to innovate has not been universally welcomed; in one Singapore restaurant piloting a robot dish-collector, the machine was smashed to pieces by a member of staff.但这种创新举措并未普遍受到欢迎;在新加坡一家试用机器人收拾盘子的餐馆里,一位员工将机器人打得粉身碎骨。While there has been a global boom in the use of industrial robots, with 248,000 units sold in 2015 according to research by the International Federation of Robotics, sales of service sector robots have lagged behind.尽管全球范围内已经在大量使用工业机器人——国际机器人联合会(International Federation of Robotics)的调查显示,2015年工业机器人销量为24.8万台——但务业机器人的销量要少得多。Sales of service robots rose to about 24,000 units in 2014 compared with just under 22,000 the year before.2014年,务业机器人的销量升至约2.4万台,而2013年还不到2.2万台。Analysts predict that the worldwide market for service industry robots is poised to take off, as technical advances allow robots to perform more complex tasks and work in more unpredictable environments.分析师预计,随着科技进步使得机器人能够执行更加复杂的任务并在更加不可预测的环境中工作,全球范围内务行业机器人的销量将会飙升。In Japan, where robots are widely used in manufacturing, the government has launched a push to increase their use in services including healthcare and nursing homes.在制造业广泛使用机器人的日本,政府出台措施,推动包括医疗保健和居家护理在内的务行业增加机器人的使用。 /201609/467906洱源县妇幼保健医院妇科人流 云龙县治疗宫颈糜烂医院

大理妇科检查在哪里Most schools are trying hard to upgrade their lunch programs and offer the best food they can. But not every school cafeteria provides appealing, healthy lunch choices. Educate yourself when it comes to what your cafeteria has to offer. For example, did you know chicken nuggets have more fat and calories than a plain burger?Even if your school provides healthy options, it can be too easy to give in to temptation and pick a less healthy choice when you're feeling really hungry. How do you take control? Take a packed lunch to school!Here are the top 5 reasons to pack your lunch — and snacks — at least twice a week:1. Control. Do you ever wait in the lunch line only to find when you get to the front that you don't like what they're serving? So you reach for pizza again. A healthy packed lunch lets you avoid the lunch line (and any temptations). Bringing your own lunch also lets you control exactly what goes into the food you eat.2. Variety. It doesn't hurt to cave in and enjoy the occasional serving of pizza and hot dogs. But if you're eating these foods all the time, your body probably feels y for a change. A packed lunch a couple of times a week means you can enjoy some favorites that you might not find at every school — like a piping hot thermos of your mom's chicken soup; hummus and pita b; or some crisp, farm-stand apples.3. Energy. If you have a big game or activity after school, plan a lunch and snacks that combine lean proteins with carbohydrates to give you lasting energy and keep you going through the late afternoon. Some ideas: your own "trail" mix of dried fruit and nuts or sunflower seeds, whole-grain pretzels and low-fat cheese, or a bagful of baby carrots and yogurt dip.4. Cold hard cash. Pack healthy snacks so you don't feel tempted to step off campus for a fast-food lunch, or hit the vending machine or corner store for chocolate and a soda! Put the money you save on such snacks aside.5. That warm and fuzzy feeling. Remember when your mom or dad used to pack your lunch? Pack yourself a retro lunch featuring healthy versions of your old faves — such as PBamp;J on whole-wheat b.Whether you pack or eat in the cafeteria, what’s important is that you make healthy choices. If you're concerned that your cafeteria doesn't offer enough healthy choices, get involved in trying to make changes. Ask a teacher or someone in food service for advice on how to get started. 许多学校都致力于改善午餐伙食,尽可能提供最好的食物。但并非每所学校的食堂都能提供美味健康的午餐。关于学校食堂应该供应什么伙食,你应当了解更多知识。举例来说,你知道炸鸡块所含有的脂肪和卡路里远高于一个普通汉堡包吗?即使学校为学生们提供健康膳食,可是当你真的感觉到饿的时候,你很有可能难以抗拒美味诱惑,而选择不太健康的食物。 那你怎么予以控制呢? 那就自带午餐到学校吧!以下是自带午餐和小吃的5大理由——至少每周吃两次:1. 控制饮食。你有没有试过排队等午餐,在轮到你的时候才发现,他们所提供的菜式你都不想吃。因此你又一次去吃披萨了。一份健康的自带午餐,可让你避免排队等午餐(以及一些其他的诱惑)。自带午餐,也可以让您严格控制自己摄入的食物。2. 口味多样。这并不影响你偶尔对诱惑妥协,享受一顿披萨和热。但是如果你总是吃这些食品,你可能会感觉到你的身体开始出现一些不良变化。一个星期自带午餐几次,意味着可以享受一些你喜欢的而可能无法在学校中找到的食物——比如一杯保温瓶装的妈妈炖的热鸡汤;皮塔面包配鹰嘴豆泥;或是一些脆爽新鲜的苹果。3. 能量。如果你放学后要参加一个大的游戏或活动,那么就要在午餐及点心时,吃一些含有蛋白质与碳水化合物相结合的食物,来提供你持久的能量和保持你整个下午都精力充沛。提供一些好主意:就是混合一些干果和坚果或葵花籽,全麦椒盐卷饼和低脂奶酪,或许多小胡萝卜和酸奶,然后用面包蘸来吃。4. 节省现金。自带健康的小吃,让您不会因为受到诱惑而离开校园去吃一个快餐午餐,或者去按自动售票机或去碰街口商店的巧克力和苏打水。把你花在零食的钱节省起来存起来吧。5. 温暖模糊的回忆。记得曾几何时,爸爸妈妈帮你准备午餐便当的情景吗?为自己准备一份和以前一样的午餐吧,满满装着自己以前最喜欢的健康食物——像全麦面包做的PBamp;J三明治。您是否自带或是在食堂吃,关键还是要选择健康饮食。如果您担心您们的食堂不能提供足够健康的食物,就尽可能试着改变。可以向老师或者餐饮部门的人员请教如何着手改善饮食。 /200805/38224 Just ask any one of the 300,000 Americans who develop kidney stones: What if the excruciating pain of passing one of those little devils could be prevented by strapping yourself into a make-believe runaway mine train, throwing your hands in the air and enduring G-forces as high as 2.5 for about three minutes? Would you do it?从30万患肾结石的美国人中去随便找个患者问问:若乘坐一辆越矿飞车,飞车如逃离般飞驰而过时手在空中乱舞,还要承受高达2.5G的重力三分钟,就能免去排出那些小个恶魔时的剧痛,你会去做吗?Hell yeah, they’d do it.废话,他们会的。In a bit of medical research inspired by strange and remarkable patient accounts, a Michigan State University urologist reports that, yes, riding a medium-intensity roller coaster such as the Disney theme parks’ Big Thunder Mountain Railroad can result in the painless passing of small, and even a few large, kidney stones.密歇根州立大学的泌尿专家注意到了一些罕见病例,受其启发进行了医学研究。他们得出报告说,是的,玩一趟中等刺激的过山车,比如迪士尼乐园的巨雷山过山车,能无痛排出小粒甚至是一些大颗肾结石。For best results, ride in the back, where — roller coaster afficionados all seem to agree — the thrills are greatest. 坐在过山车尾部效果最佳,过山车爱好者都知道坐在后面的座位是最刺激的。Independent of kidney stone volume and location, findings reported Sunday in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Assn. showed that sitting in the back of the roller coaster resulted in an average passage rate of 63.89%.周日发表在《美国骨科协会杂志》上的调查报告表示,坐在过山车尾部平均排石率能达到63.89%。Front-seat rides resulted in a far more modest passage rate of 16.67%.而坐在头部,排石率要低得多,只有16.67%。In what magical kingdom, you may well ask, does someone think to conduct such research?你完全可以问,得在什么魔法王国才做得出这种实验呢?Dr David D. Wartinger, a professor emeritus at Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, initiated the study after a series of patients reported something almost too strange to believe: In the wake of riding Big Thunder at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., these patients said their kidney stones passed painlessly from the kidney through the narrow duct of the ureter and into the bladder. 密歇根大学骨科医学退休教授大卫#8226;沃汀格尔是研究发起者,之前有肾结石患者向他讲述了桩桩难以置信的怪事:他们在佛罗里达州奥兰多的迪士尼乐园玩了巨雷山过山车后,体内的肾结石就毫无痛感地从肾脏经由狭窄尿管排到了膀胱内。In one case, a patient told Wartinger that he passed one kidney stone after each of three consecutive rides on the roller coaster.有一个案例的病人告诉沃汀格尔,他连着坐了三次过山车,每次都有一颗结石排出。Using a 3-D printed model of that patient’s kidney, Wartinger and his colleagues implanted three kidney stones of various sizes into the upper, middle or lower passageways of the clear silicone model. 沃汀格尔和同事用3D打印机制造了这位患者肾脏的透明硅胶模型,并把三个大小不一的肾结石放入模型上中下的管道中。Two of those mineral clusters, which can form as the kidney filters waste from the bloodstream, were small-to-moderate size — 4.5 millmeters and 13.5 mm. 肾结石是肾脏在过滤血流垃圾时形成的矿物质群。其中两颗结石小的4.5mm,中等大小的13.5mm。Those might pass through the duct leading to the bladder without incident but could also cause considerable pain and discomfort as they passed unaided. 这等大小的结石在经由尿管向膀胱自然移动时,可以平安无事,但也能引起剧痛和不适感。But a third measured 64.6 mm, a size that would rarely pass without treatment — the administration of ultrasound shock waves, called lithotripsy, designed to break up the deposit and allow it to pass.第三颗结石64.6mm大,这种大小的结石只有借助超声冲击波治疗,也即碎石术打碎结石,才能排出体外。The researchers received permission from Walt Disney World first, then concealed the kidney model in a backpack and rode Big Thunder 20 times, varying their seat position between front and back.实验前,研究人员先征得了迪士尼乐园同意,然后把肾模型藏到背包中坐了20次巨雷山过山车,期间还变换位置,从头部换到尾部。After analyzing the location of those three kidney stones at the end of each ride, the researchers concluded that findings support the anecdotal evidence that a ride on a moderate-intensity roller coaster could benefit some patients with small kidney stones, Wartinger said. 研究人员在每次坐完过山车后都会检查三颗肾结石的位置,得出了如下结论。When the kidney stone was large, the initial position of the kidney stone affected the likelihood of its passing during the ride. 沃汀格尔说,我们实验所得验了病人所述情况,坐中等刺激的过山车可以帮助一些患者排出小块结石。But even those passed two in three times while the silicone model rode the thrill ride.大颗肾结石所处位置会影响坐过山车时结石排出的可能性,但排出结石时三次有两次是在硅胶模型经过刺激车程的时候。Many people in the ed States probably live within a few hours’ drive of an amusement park containing a roller coaster with features capable of dislodging calyceal renal calculi, wrote Wartinger and co-author Dr Marc A. 很多美国人住在一家游乐园几小时车程内,这家游乐园有一辆过山车可以帮助人们排掉肾盏结石,沃汀格尔和来自华盛顿州波尔斯波医生诊所的马克#8226;米切尔一同写道。Mitchell of the Doctor’s Clinic in Poulsbo, Wash.Roller coaster therapy might be a good preventive treatment for people who are high risk of developing obstructive kidney stones, wrote Wartinger and Mitchell. 过山车疗法对梗阻性肾结石易患人群可能是个很好的预防疗法,沃汀格尔和米切尔在报告中说。They suggested that patients who have had kidney stones in the past, or women who have had kidney stones and are thinking of becoming pregnant, consider a thrill ride or two in a bid to clear tiny stones before the deposits grow larger. 他们建议过去长过肾结石的患者和有肾结石、正在准备开始妊娠的女性,考虑放开胆子坐一两次过山车来把微小结石清出,以防长得更大。Kidney stone sufferers who have had their deposits broken up by lithotripsy might also consider a roller-coaster ride to finish the job, they said.他们还说,已接受过碎石术治疗的肾结石患者也可以考虑坐过山车,以把结石彻底排出体外。 /201610/469777大理东方妇产医院生孩子好吗大理阴道有炎症怎么办



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