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On October 31, a 600-square-meter handprint artwork was assembled at the Cite Sportive stadium in Beirut, Lebanon. And it breaks the Guinness World Record the largest handprint work.年月31日黎巴嫩红十字会成员在首都贝鲁特体育城体育场展示了一份600平方米大的手印画,该画创造了新的吉尼斯世界纪录The Lebanese Red Cross created the painting using handprints collected from various Lebanese regions, whose aim was to promote humanitarian values and solidarity.据悉,这些手印来自黎巴嫩全国各地,旨在促进人文关怀,万众一心 759

That more people should go to college is usually taken as a given. People with college degrees make a lot more than people without them, and that difference has been growing. But does that mean that we should help more kids go to college--or that we should make it easier people who didn't go to college to make a living? 应该让更多人上大学往往被视为理所当然有大学学位的人比没有大学学位的人挣钱多得多,而这种差距还在扩大但这就意味着我们应该帮助更多孩子上大学吗?或者,我们应该让未上大学的人更容易谋生吗? We may be close to maxing out on the first strategy. Our high college drop-out rate--0% of kids who enroll in college don't get a degree within six years--may be a sign that we're trying to push too many people who aren't suited college to enroll. It has been estimated that most people in their s who had college degrees were not in jobs that required them: another sign that we are pushing kids into college who will not get much out of it but debt. 在第一条策略上我们几乎尽了全力我们大学的高辍学率或许表明我们在竭力推动太多不适合上大学的人入学——0%的读大学的孩子在6年内没拿到学位据估计,在拥有大学学位的多岁的人当中,大多数人并未从事与专业相关的工作这也表明了我们在把孩子们推进大学,而他们除了债务却几无所得 The benefits of putting more people in college are also oversold. Part of the college wage premium is an illusion.   使更多人读大学的好处也被过分颂扬了大学毕业生工资提升有一部分属于假象   People who go to college are, on average, smarter than people who don't. In an economy that increasingly rewards intelligence, you'd expect college grads to pull ahead of the pack even if their diplomas signified nothing but their smarts.   读大学的人一般比不读大学的人聪明一些在一个日益奖赏才智的经济体制下,你总会期望大学毕业生成为同龄人中的佼佼者,即使他们的文凭除了意味着其聪明外别无其他   College must make many students more productive workers. But at least some of the apparent value of a college degree, and maybe a lot of it, reflects the fact that employers can use it as a rough measure of job applicants' intelligence and willingness to work hard.   大学必须使许多学生成为更具生产力的工人然而,在大学学位的表面价值中,至少有一些——甚至更多——能够反映这样一个事实:雇主们可以把它作为一个粗略标准,衡量求职者的聪明才智和积极肯干精神 7336

麦兜经典中英文对白:《麦兜响当当掀起了暑假一轮华语动画的热潮其实早在几年前,《麦兜故事就已经享誉海内外,不妨来看看麦兜经典的抢包山和鱼蛋粗面的双语对白吧Dear Chairman亲爱的主席:How are you? I am fine. You like bun? I like bun!你好吗?我很好你吃包子吗?我吃包子!We Hong Kong people here love bun. Buns of all sort. Dear friend, it is important to snatch buns. It is a game, no joke. One needs energy, and many night congee. In my stupid opinion... Snatching bun is an Olympic game. Let athletes all over the world snatch! And there will be peace.;我们香港人,很爱吃包子:小笼包、上海包、广东包、莲蓉包......我认为,抢那些包子,十分重要也算是一项运动,真的要大力气,大吃晚上的粥照我愚蠢的见解,抢那些包子也应该是奥运会比赛项目让全世界的运动员抢,世界便和平了McDull: Fishball noodle, please.麦兜:麻烦你,鱼蛋粗面!School Principal and Logan: No noodle left.老板:没有粗面了McDull: Fishball rice noodle then.麦兜:这样啊……来一碗鱼蛋河粉吧School Principal and Logan: No fishball left.老板:没有鱼蛋McDull: Chicken wing noodle then.麦兜:这样啊……金钱肚粗面好了School Principal and Logan: No noodle left.老板:没有粗面McDull: How about fishball congee?麦兜:那么要鱼蛋油面吧School Principal and Logan: No fishball left.老板:没有鱼蛋McDull: Nothing left today? How about beef noodle?麦兜:怎么样样都没了?那要个墨鱼丸粗面吧School Principal and Logan: No noodle left.老板:没有粗面McDull: Again? Fried chicken wing with fishball...麦兜:又没啊?那麻烦来碗鱼蛋金钱肚吧School Principal and Logan: No fishball left.老板:没有鱼蛋Darby: Hey, fishball and noodle are both gone... You cant combine them with other things.得巴:麦兜啊,鱼蛋和粗面都卖光了,也就是所有的鱼蛋或者粗面的搭配都没有了McDull: Cant combine them? A bowl of fishball then.麦兜:哦~没有那些搭配啊?那麻烦要净鱼蛋吧School Principal and Logan: No fishball left.老板:没有鱼蛋McDull: A bowl of noodle?麦兜:那么净粗面呢?School Principal and Logan: No noodle left.老板:没有粗面 1856Mother Weeping, Bulgaria, 1978Photograph by James L. Stanfield"A Bulgarian woman grieves her youngest son, who was murdered shortly after he left their village to make his mark in the capital."   —From "The Art of Photography at National Geographic," September 1988, National Geographic magazine  “一位保加利亚妇女正在哀悼死去的小儿子,他离开村子到首都去闯荡后不久即被谋杀”   选自“国家地理杂志艺术摄影” , 国家地理杂志 1988年9月 771

Rio de Janeiro by Mauro Risch里约热内卢 摄影:Mauro RischBeing terrestrial creatures, humans got used to see and perceive the surroundings from the surface of the Planet. Walking or driving the streets, we can see the trees, buildings, yards, and other people around us in relatively great details. However, our vision is limited and we cannot perceive the entire image of the district or town, we live in, other than by looking at the map. Rising up into the sky on board of a plane allows a human to see the world from an absolutely different angle. It is like scaling down the image inGoogle Earth application – we just omit the smallest details, such as houses or cars, concentrating on the entire image of a particular locality.作为陆地生物,人类习惯于观看和感知地表周围的事物在街道上行走或驱车,我们能将树、建筑、庭院和其他的人看个究竟然而,我们的视觉也有局限,除去查看地图之外,我们无法看到自己所居住地区或城镇的全貌乘坐飞机升到空中,人便能以完全不同的角度来打量这个世界这就像Google Earth应用中比例缩小的图一样,我们只是省去了那些最小的细节(如房子或汽车),集中关注于特定地点的全景图 976

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