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We have an extraordinary relationship with dogs.我们与存在着非常特殊的关系We love them like no other animal on the planet.我们爱它们胜过地球上其他任何动物What makes our relationship so special, is perhaps the dogs可能是因为懂得分辨我们的情绪ability to be able to our emotions so effectively.这使得它们与我们的关系变得特别Theyve been around longer than any other pet.比其他宠物 都更早遍及全球There are now eight million dogs living in the UK alone.现在光是英国 就有800万条The dogs are wonderful.是很棒的动物Weve got over 400 breeds across the world全世界范围 有超过400种and every one of them has something special about them.其中的每一种都有其特别之处But only now are we beginning to但直到现在我们才开始明白realise just how important that relationship could be.这种关系有多么地重要New research is revealing ever more一项新的研究让我们对人与之间intricate connections between human and dog.的复杂沟通关系有了新的认识Without that initial starting phase of dog domestication,如果没有完成对的驯化civilisation just would not have been possible.人类也就不可能进入文明社会So why do we love an animal that was once a fearsome predator?我们为何爱上曾经是可怕肉食者的呢This fire-breathing dragon这条曾经的喷火龙(喻凶猛的)has turned into a human friend.现在已经变成了人类的朋友Could they in some ways be他们是否在某些方面上more intelligent than even our closest relative?比某些与我们最相近的物种更具智能呢Suddenly, there were dogs出人意料的是 有些doing something that not even chimps could do.甚至能完成黑猩猩都无法完成的的事And in the future, what impact might dogs have on all our lives?而在将来 又会对我们人类有什么影响呢Theyre going to help us它们将能帮助我们tackle some of the most dangerous diseases of our time,研究一些当代最危险的疾病diseases that are killing millions of people every year.这些疾病每年夺走数百万人的生命201301/223226In January, 1757, Louis XV is going to his carriage,1757年1月 路易十五要乘马车出行going down the steps,当他走下台阶之时and a certain individual called Damiensrushesup.一个名叫达米安的人忽地冲了出来And then he feels blood and he says,路易感觉到自己受了伤 于是大喊Ive been hit. Thats the man that did it.我受伤了 那就是行凶者Damiens is immediately arrested,达米安即刻就被绳之于法tortured on his feet by the Chancellor,尽管路易十五并未授意用刑although Louis XV did not want him to be tortured,但法官还是用烙铁烫他的脚to see whether he had any accomplices,想逼问出他有没有同谋and whether the knife was, in fact, a poison knife,以及他刺伤国王的刀子是否淬了毒which is the great fear that they have at the time.因为当时人们非常惧怕毒伤As far as we can see, he seems to be a nobody.根据已掌握的史料 他只是个无名小卒Hes a Lee Harvey Oswald figure, if you like,你可以把他当做另一个李·哈维·奥斯瓦尔德but what makes people suspicious is that hes a ;Nobody;但令人怀疑的是 他这个;无名小卒;connected to some quite important ;Somebodies;.却与一些;位高权重;的人有关联Hes worked as a servant他是当时法国大法院中for a number of members of the Paris Parlement.很多位成员的仆人People are neverquitecertain人们一直没能搞明白whether hes not part of a, sort of,达米安的袭击行动到底是不是wave of hostility towards Louis XV.法国社会反路易十五浪潮的一部分201205/182695当海洋生物学家查尔斯·安得森在马尔代夫生活和工作期间,他注意到在每年的特定时候,大量的蜻蜓就会突然出现。他讲述了他是如何仔细跟踪一种名叫全球点水蜻蜓的很不起眼的蜻蜓的行迹,却不料发现它是世界上所有昆虫中迁徙旅程最长的。201204/179424

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Todays ;Shoutout; goes out to Mr. Linsers classes at Bellevue High School in Bellevue Washington.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了林泽先生的课堂。Which of these ancient civilizations leave in whats now North and Central America?这些古老的文明中的哪一个留在现在的北美和中美?Here we go, was it the Sumarians, Phoenicians, Maya or Vikings? Youve got three seconds, go!开始!它是苏美尔人,腓尼基人,玛雅人还是维京人?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!They Maya lives in parts of what are now Belize, Guatemala and Mexico. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;他们玛雅人住在现在伯利兹的一部分,危地马拉和墨西哥。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: You might have studies the Maya in your history classes, you might have even discussed them outside of school, there is this rumor thats been going around about the end of the world.你可能在历史课上学习过玛雅人,你可能在课外曾经讨论过他们,那就是流传着的有关世界末日的谣言。Now, the theory says that could happen later on this week, because that is when the Mayan calendar ends, but Nick Parker caught up with some modern day Maya about the reality.现在,这种理论说那在这周末可能会发生,因为那是玛雅日历终结的时候,但尼克跟一些现代玛雅人讨论了现实。NICK PARKER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Lario Kancha (ph) is a priest, his peoples calendar ends in a matter of days.Lario Kancha是一个神父,他的人民的日历在几天后完结。;Its considered the closure of the great cycle of Mayan time,; he says.他说:“它被认为是玛雅时代一个大循环的完结。”But, of course, the next cycle begins the following day.但是,当然,下一个循环在下一天开始。For the Mayans, its not the end of the world.对玛雅人来说,这并不是世界末日。 /201212/217842

How To Express Sympathy on HowcastA grieving friend or family member may experience shock and sadness of loss when someone dies. Express your sympathy at a funeral by offering them much needed support.当失去亲人时,悲伤的朋友或家庭成员可能会受到震撼并经受痛苦,在葬礼上通过给予帮助来表达你的同情。Step 1: Offer your timeOffer your personal time to help with needs such as arranging transportation, cleaning a home, or helping watch children.花些时间花些你个人的时间来帮助他们,比如安排车辆,打扫房屋或是帮忙照看孩子。Step 2: CookBring, buy, or prepare food. Often, after a death, time is taken up by grieving and funeral arrangements, and mourners won’t have time to cook for themselves. Sometimes a meal can say what words cannot.做饭带来些食物,买些或是准备些食物。在亲人逝去后,通常大部分时间人们都用来悼念逝者和安排葬礼,悼念者没有时间来做饭。有时候一顿饭可以表达言辞所不能表达的(同情)。Step 3: Send flowersSend flowers with a personalized message or donate to their recommended charity.第撒播步:送些花送些花,花里要带上写有署名的卡片或是捐些钱钱给他们推荐的慈善组织。Step 4: Give them a hugOffer a hug, or two.第四步:给他们一个拥抱给他们一个或两个拥抱。Step 5: ListenListen to them and allow them to express their feelings.第五步:倾听倾听他们的诉说并让他们说出自己的感觉。Tip:Listen without offering any advice.小贴士:倾听是不要提意见。Step 6: CallCall and express your sympathy or send a card and express it in writing.第六步:打电话打电话来表达同情或是送一个卡片,写些东西来表达同情。Step 7: Be presentBe in their presence. Even if you do not talk, being physically present can be helpful.第七步:要在现场要在现场。即使你不说话,仅在现场对他们也会有帮助。201101/122685

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