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福建省医科大学第一医院是公立医院吗泉州治妇科的医院哪家专业Vacationing on the island of Oahu, we were waiting in our tour bus for some stragglers to show up. A man, obviously not with our group, approached the bus and was about to board. How would our driver handle the situation, we wondered. Straight-faced, he leaned toward the door and asked, "Going to the nudist Colony, sir?"  "Oh, no," replied the would-be passenger, retreating quickly.  "Works every time," the driver said with a wink. 在瓦湖岛上度假时,我们坐在旅游车里等候掉队的人。一位男子,明显不是和我们一起的,朝旅游车走来并要上车。司机会怎么处理这种情况呢?我们都拭目以待。司机拉长了脸,向车门靠过去,问道:“先生,是去裸体营地吗?”  “哦,不,”刚想乘车的男子回答说,迅速转身而逃。  “每次都管用,”司机眨巴了一下眼睛说。 /201106/142534泉州做人流请问要多少钱 Scientists have revealed the 10 commandments for a long and happy life.Scientists have revealed the 10 commandments for a long and happy life. And the rules even allow for sunbathing, drinking alcohol and eating chocolate.The list was drawn up after experts trawled medical studies published over the past 50 years examining why people are living longer.The first rule, as published in the New Scientist magazine, is to enjoy yourself.MarriedSecond on the list is remaining sociable, with a happy marriage and good family life being essential for health.Studies have shown that marriage can add as much as seven years to a man's life and two years to a woman's life.Where you live also has a huge effect on your health.The world has many 'longevity' hotspots where the number of centenarians exceeds 10 in 100,000. Hawaii, Sardinia, Nova Scotia and Japan are amongst them.A DrinkSo-called vices like wine, partying and chocolate provide the fourth rule, with countless studies showing that a little of what you fancy does you good rather than harm.Work Your BrainThe fifth rule says that you should exercise your brain to stay active.Last month scientists at Cambridge University said puzzles could help ward off a range of conditions, from depression to schizophrenia.Knitting, doing crosswords or just walking also help.See The DoctorIt's simple really. If you're sick, get treatment fast.Eat HealthilyThe seventh rule is well-known - you are what you eat.Scientists have recommended that the low-fat, high-fibre Mediterranean diet is a model for healthy eating and a long life.A recent study found that the hearts of those who had followed the diet appeared 15 years healthier than those of volunteers of a similar age.High in fruit and vegetables, the diet also uses beans, bs and cereals.Small amounts of meat and moderate amounts of fish are also eaten.Take RisksRule eight urges people to put more excitement into their lives.Intellectual challenges, travelling, or learning a new language can all add years to your life.Embrace TechnologyRule nine advises those seeking a long life to embrace new technologies.Be HappyMerely living longer is not worth doing unless it is an enjoyable experience.Rule ten is that you should smile and feel happier in life.Research from the Netherlands showed that older men with an optimistic outlook on life were only half as likely to suffer from cardio-vascular disease as those whose world view was more negative. 最近,科学家公布了幸福长寿的十大法则。这其中甚至包括沐日光浴、饮酒和吃巧克力。科学家们对近50年来发表的“长寿”医学研究进行了搜集和整理,最终列出了这十大长寿秘诀。这一研究结果被刊登在《新科学杂志》上,“快乐生活”成为长寿的首要法则。婚姻生活长寿的第二大法则是与人交往,幸福的婚姻和和谐的家庭是健康的基本保。研究发现,成功的婚姻可以让男性多活七年,女性多活两年。居住环境对健康有重大影响世界上有很多地方被认为是长寿之乡。在这些地区,每10万人中就有10位以上是百岁老人,如美国的夏威夷,意大利的撒丁岛,加拿大的新斯科舍和日本。饮酒所谓的生活陋习,如饮酒、参加社交聚会和吃巧克力,成为保长寿的第四大法则。众多研究表明,稍稍满足一下这些嗜好,不仅对身体无害,反而有益于健康。动脑长寿的第五大法则是勤于动脑,让大脑时时处于积极思维状态。剑桥大学的科学家上个月宣布,一些智力玩具可以帮助人们抵御一系列心理或生理疾病,如忧郁症和精神分裂症。编织、猜字游戏或散步也有助于健康。就诊这条实在简单。生病了,要赶快医治。饮食长寿的第七条法则大家众所周知--饮食决定健康。科学家推荐:低脂肪、高纤维的地中海式饮食习惯的是健康饮食和长寿的典范。一份最新研究发现,饮食习惯健康的人的心脏比其他自愿接受调查的同龄人年轻15年。健康饮食指多食用水果和蔬菜,同时,也要摄取大豆、面包和谷类食品。另外,要食用少量的猪肉、牛肉和羊肉以及适量的鱼肉。冒险第八条法则鼓励人们增添生活情趣。智力挑战、旅游或学习一门新语言有助于人们长寿。接受新技术第九条长寿法则建议人们不断接受新技术。快乐如果生活中无乐趣可言,单一的长寿也毫无意义。第十条长寿法则建议人们微笑,更加快乐的面对生活。荷兰一份研究表明,与悲观的老人相比,持乐观生活态度的老人患心血管疾病的几率要减少一半。 /200809/47423Powerful women 'will have affairs just like men' Women in positions of power are just as likely as their male counterparts to be unfaithful because confidence is a bigger factor in adultery than gender, a scientific study has found. Both men and women in powerful positions were more likely to stray than their junior colleagues because they had high self–esteem, according to the research. Researchers at Tilburg University in Holland, led by Dr Joris Lammers, a psychologist, found that, contrary to popular perceptions, women with powerful jobs were just as likely to stray sexually as men. "There's been a lot of research indicating gender is the key factor but none of these studies have been done on powerful women," Dr Lammers said. "As more and more women are in greater positions of power and are considered equal to men, then familiar assumptions about their behaviour may also change. This may lead to increased negative behaviours among women that in the past have been more common among men," he said. His team studied 1,561 professionals. Of these, 58 per cent had nonmanagement positions, 22 per cent were supervisors, 14 per cent were in middle management and six per cent were in senior management. All were asked about past affairs and their desire to cheat. Their levels of power and self–confidence were measured, and they were asked how often they travelled for business. Whether a person was male or female made no difference to their behaviour, Dr Lammers said. Rather, the biggest factors influencing whether or not they were unfaithful were their levels of power and self–esteem. "People often assume powerful men may be more likely to cheat. "We found that among powerful people, gender made no difference in past digressions or their desires to cheat," Dr Lammers said. 男人有钱就变坏,女人也不例外。来自荷兰Tilburg 大学的研究发现:在权利岗位的女强人们跟此岗位的男性一样,出轨比例比较高。心理学家Joris Lammers 士说:随着越来越的女性在职场更加得心应手,她们也会感染上一些权利男士那样的恶习。@oioi:所以总归有这样的恶习。在调查了1561位女性白领之后(其中58%非管理职位,22%主管、14%中级主观、6%高级主观),Joris 发现了这个问题,他说“强大的人,不论男女,都有出轨的欲望。” /201105/134847泉州做无痛人流哪家医院好

泉港妇幼保健院医院宫颈疾病Women who gain more than 40 pounds (18 kg ) during pregnancy have nearly twice the risk of delivering a heavy baby as those who gain less, US researchers said on Friday.The study of more than 40,000 U.S. women and their babies found as many as one in five women gains too much weight during pregnancy, doubling the chances her baby will weigh 9 pounds (4 kg) or more.And they found women who gain more than 40 pounds during pregnancy are more likely to have a heavy baby even if they do not have gestational diabetes, a short-term form of diabetes linked with pregnancy that is known to increase the risk of having a big baby."Because there are so many women who are gaining more than 40 pounds during pregnancy, it's an important health message for most women to avoid excessive weight during pregnancy," Dr. Teresa Hillier of Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Oregon, whose study appears in the journal Obstetrics amp; Gynecology, said in a telephone interview.Hillier said gaining extra weight during pregnancy increases the risk for having heavy babies, and studies suggest these babies are programed to become overweight or obese later in life.According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, babies who weigh more than 9 pounds at birth are considered heavy.A large baby can pose risks for a difficult delivery -- increasing the chances of vaginal tearing, bleeding, and Caesarian-sections for the mother and the risk of stuck shoulders and broken collar bones for the baby.In the study, Hillier and colleagues examined the medical records of 41,540 women who gave birth in Washington, Oregon and Hawaii from 1995-2003. All had been tested for gestational diabetes and 5.4 percent were treated for it with a program of diet, exercise and insulin, if needed, to control blood sugar.Overall, 20 percent of the women in the study who gained more than 40 pounds -- the upper limit of pregnancy weight gain recommendations in the ed States -- gave birth to heavy babies.Fewer than 12 percent of women in the study with normal weight gain delivered heavy babies, she said.The group at greatest risk were those who gained more than 40 pounds and had gestational diabetes. Nearly 30 percent of these women had heavy babies, compared with 13.5 percent of women with gestational diabetes who had normal weight gains during pregnancy.The researchers said the findings suggest all women should avoid excessive weight gain during pregnancy. And women who are being treated for gestational diabetes should also strive to keep weight gain below 40 pounds."You can't treat the glucose and ignore the weight gain issue," Hillier said.Weight gain during pregnancy has been rising over the past two decades, and some researchers suspect this may be fueling an epidemic of childhood obesity. 美国研究人员于上周五称,怀期间体重增幅超过40磅(18公斤)的女性生出超重婴儿的几率几乎是增重较少女性的两倍。该研究共对美国4万多个女性和她们的宝宝进行了调查。调查结果显示,其中多达五分之一的女性怀期间体重增长过多,这使她们的孩子出生体重达或超过9磅(4公斤)的几率增加了一倍。此外,研究人员发现,期体重增加超过40磅的女性即使没有患妊娠糖尿病,也更易生出体重超标的婴儿。妊娠糖尿病是妇在妊娠期间易患的一种临时性的糖尿病,该病会增加妇生出超重婴儿的风险。位于俄勒冈州波特兰市的凯萨健康研究中心的特里萨#8226; 希利尔士在电话采访中说:“现在有很多妇期体重增幅超过40磅,所以对于大多数女性来说,避免期增重过度是一个很重要的健康信息。”该研究结果在《产科和妇科医学》上发表。希利尔称,期增重过多会增加生出超重婴儿的风险。此外,研究表明,这些孩子日后体重超标或肥胖的可能性也较大。根据美国妇产科医师协会的标准,婴儿出生时体重超过9磅即为超重。胎儿过大会增加难产的风险——产道撕裂、大出血、剖腹产以及婴儿肩难产和锁骨骨折的几率增大。在研究过程中,希利尔及其同事对华盛顿、俄勒冈和夏威夷1995年至2003年间的41540名妇的病历进行了研究。这些妇都接受了妊娠糖尿病检测,其中5.4%的人通过饮食、运动或注射胰岛素(如果需要的话)控制血糖,治疗糖尿病。总体来看,在期体重增幅超过40磅的女性中,有20%的人生下了超重婴儿。在美国,期增重建议最高上限为40磅。她说,期体重增幅在正常范围内的女性中,生下了超重婴儿的不到12%。其中最危险的群体是期增重超过40磅且患有妊娠糖尿病的人,她们当中近30%的人生出了超重婴儿,而这一数字在体重增幅正常、患妊娠糖尿病的妇中仅为13.5%。研究者称,该结果表明,所有女性都要避免期增重过度,而且正在接受妊娠糖尿病治疗的妇也要尽量将体重增幅控制在40磅以内。希利尔说:“妇不能只顾控制血糖,而忽视体重增加的危险。”在过去20年中,女性期增重过度的问题越来越严重。一些研究者认为,这可能会导致儿童肥胖的流行。 /200811/55022泉州阳光妇科医院乳腺增生 1. The Empire City 帝国城市 David Stravitz first printed this name in his photographic book titled New York, Empire City: 1920-1945. It represents New York City's wealth and resources. First president George Washington saw New York as the "seat of empire". David Stravitz是第一个在他的出版画册当中将纽约叫做帝国城市的人;帝国城市:1920-1945。这个名字代表了纽约市的财富和资源。美国第一任总统乔治华盛顿把纽约称作“帝王之座”。 2. The Big Apple 大苹果 Jazz musicians called New York City "the Big Apple" in the 1920s and 1930s. They got the term from a horse track worker who said where to a horserace in NYC was referred to as the Big Apple. 爵士音乐家在20年代和30年代把纽约称作“大苹果”,他们主要是从那些马道工作者口中得知当他们在谈论纽约马赛的时候总是说纽约市大苹果。 /201108/150401鲤城区妇幼保健院电话挂号

泉州女性体检费用Drink milk after eating steakHere's a way to feel better about eating that occasional juicy steak. Wash it down with a glass of skimmed milk. According to research, calcium may help reduce the amount of saturated fat your body absorbs. Like fibre, calcium binds with fat molecules and helps flush them out through the intestine.Instead of seconds have gumWhen sanity dictates that you stop shoving food into your face at the buffet or dinner table, but somehow you can't seem to stop, pop mint-flavoured gum into your mouth. It changes the flavour of everything making that third helping of lasagne almost impossible to swallow.Fork out for a ChineseWhen you order a Chinese takeaway, instead of using a spoon to scoop the food out of the carton, use a fork or chopsticks. That way you'll be more likely to leave behind the fatty sauce.Eat this, then drinkEat an apple before you head to the local. This will help prevent you from inhaling three bags of crisps and a bucket of nuts when you sidle up to the bar.Stop for the Egg McMuffinBelieve it or not, you can eat two McDonalds's egg McMuffins and get fewer calories than you would from a bagel with two tablespoons of cream cheese. The McMuffins have 580 calories, 24g of fat and 34g of protein. The bagel delivers 643 calories, 28g fat and 20g protein. /200901/60319 Lifetime lovers Frank and Anita Milford have reportedly become Britain's longest-married living couple after celebrating their 78th wedding anniversary. Lifetime lovers Frank and Anita Milford have reportedly become Britain's longest-married living couple after celebrating their 78th wedding anniversary. The pair met as teenagers at a dance in Plymouth, southern England, in 1926 and married two years later. Asked for the secret of their enduring union, Frank Milford, 98, a retired dock worker, said: "We don't always see eye to eye and we do have a small argument every day. "But that comes and goes. We are always here for each other." His 97-year-old wife added: "The key is give and take and lots of laughter." With their relationship as strong as ever, the couple hope to beat the record for Britain's longest-ever marriage of 80 years, set by Percy and Florence Arrowsmith. Percy Arrowsmith died last year. "There's every chance we could break that record," Anita Milford said. "These days marriages don't last long. A lot of people get married with the idea that if it doesn't work out there's no worry, but we can't understand that." The couple, who lived in a bungalow in the St Budeaux area of Plymouth until last year when they moved into a nursing home. Elaine Clarke, a senior care assistant at the Warwick Park Nursing Home, said of the couple: "It is very rare to see something like this. They are always by each other's side." Anita Milford was in bed for 10 days recently after falling ill and her husband stayed with her the whole time, Clarke said. "They are still very much in love." The world's longest marriage on record is 86 years, set by two couples -- Sir Temulji Bhicaji Nariman and Lady Narima in India and were married in 1853 and US couple Lazarus Rowe and Molly Webber, who tied the knot in 1743. 据报道,英国终身伴侣弗兰克和安妮塔·米尔福德夫妇日前度过了78周年结婚纪念日,他们因此成为英国婚龄最长的在世夫妻。 这两个人在1926年英国南部普利茅斯的一次舞会上结识,当时他们才十几岁。两年后,两人结为连理。 当谈及维系婚姻的秘诀时,98岁的退休码头工弗兰克说:“我们的意见并不总是一致,几乎每天都要小吵一下。” “但是我们很快就会和好。而且我们总会陪伴在彼此身旁。” 97岁的安妮塔补充说:“关键是要相互谦让,多一些笑声也很重要。” 目前英国婚龄最长的是结婚80年的珀西和弗罗伦斯·艾罗史密斯夫妇,可珀西·艾罗史密斯已于去年辞世。米尔福德夫妇的感情久而弥坚,他们希望能够打破80年的婚龄纪录。 安妮塔说:“我们很有希望打破纪录。” “如今的婚姻都不能长久。很多人抱着‘不成也没什么’的思想结婚,可我们却无法理解。” 这对夫妇一直住在普利茅斯圣布迪由斯地区的一间平房里,直到去年,他们搬进了一个养老院。 沃里克公园疗养院的高级护理助手伊莱恩·克拉克说:“这样的夫妇实在是很少见。他们总是形影不离。” 克拉克说,安妮塔最近因病卧床10天,这段时间,她的丈夫一直陪伴在她的身边。 “他们仍然很相爱。” 世界上有记载的最长婚姻是86年,由两对夫妇创下,他们分别是1853年结婚的印度的特米基·比察基·纳里曼爵士和纳里曼公爵夫人,以及1743年结婚的美国夫妇拉扎勒斯·罗和莫莉·韦伯。Vocabulary: see eye to eye: 意见一致give and take : 互相谦让;交换意见 /200808/46278泉州人民医院妇产科泉州丰泽新阳光妇科医院黑不黑



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