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As one of the most playful members of the Animal Kingdom, otters are often pictured fishing for food and interacting with one another.水獭可谓是动物王国最可爱的动物之一,经常被拍到捕食和相互嬉戏的照片。But this particular creature appeared quite camera shy, and went to extremes to primp and preen before he was snapped.但图片中的这只在镜头前貌似非常害羞,就算是被偷拍也要精心打扮一番。Only after careful grooming does this otter appear y for its close up.仔细收拾了下自己后水獭才摆出姿势,表示自己准备好拍照啦。The series of photographs were taken by husband and wife team Pat and Tom Leeson. The couple, both 62, shot this particular expressive otter around their home in Washington state.这一系列的照片是由一对62岁的夫妇拍摄的,他们在位于美国华盛顿州的家附近拍到了这只非常有表现力的水獭。The couple have traveled around the world, photographing wildlife, and their pictures have appeared in National Geographic and Reader’s Digest, among many other publications.这对夫妇在全球各地旅行,拍摄各种野生动物,他们的作品经常会出现在《国家地理杂志》《读者文摘》和其他的一些刊物上。Sea otters are famous for taking meticulous care of their fur coats, making sure they are clean and free from debris.众所知之,水獭非常喜欢精心打理自己的毛皮,保自己干净整洁身上没有碎屑。Otters are most commonly found in the Pacific Northwest in waters off the coast. But they can also be found in Russia and Japan.水獭经常出现在太平洋西北地区邻近海岸的水域里,但也会出没在俄罗斯和日本等地。 /201301/223529

Neil Armstrong shot to world-wide fame as the first person to step on the surface of the moon, a feat that marked a new era of human exploration. For the rest of his life he largely shunned the limelight. 阿姆斯特朗(Neil Armstrong)曾凭借人类历史上第一个踏上月球表面的人这一荣誉一夜之间名扬四海,不过他的后半生则基本上退出了公众视野。登月的壮举标志着人类探索活动进入了一个新时代。 Mr. Armstrong#39;s family released a statement Saturday confirming that he died from complications #39;resulting from cardiovascular procedures#39; performed Aug. 8, three days after his 82nd birthday. 阿姆斯特朗的家人上周六发表声明,实他因8月8日进行的心血管手术出现并发症去世。手术的三天前他刚刚度过了82岁生日。 As commander of Apollo 11 in 1969, Mr. Armstrong punctuated his exploit with the memorable phrase, #39;That#39;s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.#39; The mission transfixed people around the globe, including nearly one million spectators who flocked to the Florida launch site. 作为1969年“阿波罗11号”(Apollo 11)飞船的指挥官,阿姆斯特朗以令人难忘的一句话精辟地概括了自己的登月之举:这是我个人迈出的一小步,却是人类迈出的一大步。美国的登月计划震撼了全球,也震撼了涌入佛罗里达发射场地的近100万围观者。 He resisted getting caught up in the hoopla, years later calling himself a #39;nerdy engineer.#39; Bucking intense pressure to use his celebrity status for political purposes or personal gain, the self-effacing Midwesterner left it to others to ponder the significance and broader meaning of his accomplishment. 他拒绝投入到火爆的宣传旋涡中,多年后他自称是一个“书生工程师”。这个不喜欢出风头的中西部人顶住了将自己的名人身份用于政治目的或获取个人利益的巨大压力,而是把自己所取得成就的重要性和更广泛的意义留给他人去思考。 The statement from Mr. Armstrong#39;s family referred to him as #39;a reluctant American hero who always believed he was just doing his job.#39; 阿姆斯特朗的家人发表的声明称他是一个不情不愿的美国英雄,他一直认为自己只是做了分内之事。 Mr. Armstrong was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio, on Aug. 5, 1930, and spent part of his teenage years on a farm about 60 miles from where Orville and Wilbur Wright more than 25 years earlier experimented. He took his first airplane ride at 6 years old. 1930年8月5日,阿姆斯特朗出生在俄亥俄州沃帕科内塔(Wapakoneta),他的童年有一部分时间是在一个农场上度过的。在距离农场约60英里的地方,逾25年前怀特兄弟曾经进行过飞机试验。阿姆斯特朗六岁时第一次坐上了飞机。 Mr. Armstrong flew 78 missions as a Navy combat pilot in the Korean War and later gained prominence as a civilian government test pilot. 朝鲜战争期间,阿姆斯特朗作为海军战斗机飞行员执行过78次飞行任务。后来,他在担任政府民航试飞员时脱颍而出。 During his historic moon exploration on July 20, 1969, some of Mr. Armstrong#39;s other transmissions reflected his unflappable demeanor. Before returning to a ticker-tape parade and a 28-city world tour, the aviator was understated in describing his situation and surroundings some 240,000 miles above Earth. In one of his first transmissions to controllers on the ground, he calmly told them: #39;I tell you, we#39;re going to be busy for a minute.#39; 在1969年7月20日历史性的月球探索之旅期间,阿姆斯特朗与地面之间的其他一些通讯反映出了他的镇定自若。他在描述自己在地球上空约24万英里(约合38万公里)的太空中的情况和周围环境时很有节制。在传送给地面控制中心的首批信息中,他冷静地对中心说,我告诉你们,我们要忙上一会了。他返回地面后,参加了一场盛大游行和全球28个城市的巡回宣传活动。 Later in the mission, Mr. Armstrong, who earned his pilot#39;s license as a teenager and idolized Charles Lindbergh, epitomized the calm, assured tone astronauts prized. #39;It#39;s different, but it#39;s very pretty out here,#39; he matter-of-factly told controllers. #39;I suppose they are going to make a big deal of all this.#39; 登月行动期间,阿姆斯特朗展现了宇航员冷静、自信的可贵品质。他不带丝毫感情色地对地面控制中心说,这里与地球不同,但非常漂亮,我认为他们会把这一切搞得惊天动地。阿姆斯特朗十多岁时就取得了飞行执照,他的偶像是美国飞行英雄林白(Charles Lindbergh)。 After the voyage, Mr. Armstrong worked for a year as a high-level official at National Aeronautics and Space Administration headquarters. In his authorized biography, published in 2005, Mr. Armstrong fumed at the bureaucracy and the burden of frequent #39;appearances on demand#39; by lawmakers on Capitol Hill. He resigned and went on to teach at the University of Cincinnati. 在登月之后,阿姆斯特朗在美国国家航空航天局(NASA)总部做了一年的高层官员。在2005年出版的授权传记中,阿姆斯特朗对NASA以及常常要在国会议员的要求下露面的负担表示不满。他随后辞职,去辛辛那提大学(University of Cincinnati)任教。 Starting about 1980, he largely retreated from public view to enjoy the tranquillity of a restored 19th-century farmhouse. He raised cattle and corn, served on corporate boards and enjoyed his grandchildren. Always reluctant to talk to reporters, Mr. Armstrong sometimes seemed uncomfortable even when he gave speeches or attended events commemorating advances in aviation and space. 从大约1980年开始,他基本上退出了公众的视野,在一座翻修后的19世纪农舍中享受平静的生活。他养牛、种玉米,在公司董事会任职,享受着孙辈绕膝的生活。他一直不愿接受记者的采访,有时甚至在发表演讲或参加纪念航空航天进步的活动中也显得不自在。 /201208/197078




  When it comes to saving, no age-group has experienced a bigger change of heart than young adults.谈到存款,没有哪个年龄段的人比现在年轻的成年人在思想上经历了更大起伏。Measures of saving rates among young adults under 35 show they#39;re suddenly saving a whole lot more. According to Moody#39;s Analytics, one measure, the four-quarter moving average of the saving rate of young adults -- which smoothes out volatility -- started dropping in the late 1990s and hit roughly -15% in 2006 -- before climbing higher during the 2008 global financial crisis and its economic aftermath to over 5%. It#39;s now around 2% or 3%, as of the third quarter of 2012.衡量35岁以下成年人储蓄率的指标显示,他们突然开始疯狂存钱。据经济研究机构Moody#39;s Analytics统计,年轻人储蓄率的四季度移动均值从上世纪90年代末开始下滑,2006年达到负的15%左右,随后在2008年全球金融经济危机期间有所攀升,一度突破5%。截至2012年第三季度,年轻人储蓄率四季度移动均值约为2%或3%。该指标在一定程度上消除了波动性影响。No other age group has seen so violent a turn from borrowing to saving. ( See related article.) Sure, people between 35 and 44 also increased saving during the recession, but their about-face wasn#39;t as dramatic. Young people now save roughly as much as people 35 to 44 -- and nearly as much as those between 45 and 54.其他年龄段就没有出现如此强烈的从借钱到储蓄的态度变化。当然,35岁至44岁的人在经济不景气的时候也增加了储蓄,但他们的态度转变没有这么剧烈。年轻人目前在存钱方面与35岁至44岁年龄段差不多一样,甚至接近45岁至54岁年龄段的人。The trend suggests the recession may have made some young people more #39;risk averse,#39; economists#39; jargon for less willing to take risks by, say, borrowing. It#39;s likely that many young people are having a harder time getting credit, especially those with super- high student-loan burdens. But young adults are also seeing their incomes fall, and generally make less money than older people. So they may now -- post financial crisis and recession -- find themselves less able to service debt. That, in turn, may reduce their demand for credit.这个趋势表明,经济衰退可能令一些年轻人的“避险情绪”增加。这是经济学家使用的术语,指不太愿意通过借款等方式承担风险。一种可能的解释是,很多年轻人目前获得贷款的难度有所增加,特别是那些背负着超高学生贷款的年轻人。而同时,年轻成年人的收入也有所下降,整体来看他们赚的钱不如年龄较大的人多。如今,在金融危机和经济衰退过后,他们可能会发现自己的偿债能力减弱了,而这反过来又会影响他们的贷款需求。#39;Younger households were significantly dis-saving -- aggressively borrowing -- prior to the recession, but they are now saving at a healthy rate,#39; said Mark Zandi, economist at Moody#39;s Analytics.Moody#39;s Analytics的经济学家赞迪(Mark Zandi)说,年轻家庭在经济衰退之前曾非常反对储蓄,他们会大量借钱,但如今他们的储蓄率处在一个健康的水平上。#39;I think this clearly shows a significant increase in the risk aversion of younger households given the economic nightmare of the downturn and weak recovery,#39; he adds. #39;It is unclear how long this heightened risk aversion will last, but I suspect the last few years will have an indelible impact on how younger households think about their finances.#39;赞迪还说:我认为这明确显示,面对经济低迷和复苏乏力的噩梦,年轻家庭的避险情绪明显增加。他说:不清楚这种加剧的避险情绪会持续多长时间,但我怀疑过去几年对于年轻家庭的财务观会产生不可磨灭的影响。 /201303/230130

  Jim Brown knew he was in trouble before his mother finished asking the question. #39;Am I a better cook than your wife?#39; she asked, calmly stirring a pot on the stove in her kitchen.母亲还未问完这个问题,吉姆·布朗(Jim Brown)就知道自己麻烦来了。“我的厨艺是不是比你妻子的更好?”母亲在厨房里一边平静地搅拌着炉灶上锅里的食物,一边问道。With his wife, Joy, standing next to him, Mr. Brown stammered and stuttered. He prayed -- #39;for a trap door to appear,#39; he says. Finally, he did the only thing he could think to do: Tell the truth. #39;I said that my wife is a better cook,#39; the 50-year-old owner of a Duncanville, Texas, auto-repair shop says.吉姆吾吾不愿回答,因为当时妻子乔伊(Joy)就站在旁边。他说当时自己祈祷着“地上能出现一道缝”。最终,他做了当时他能想到的唯一一件事:实话实说。他说:“我当时答道妻子的厨艺更好。”现年50岁的吉姆是得克萨斯州邓肯维尔(Duncanville)一家汽修店的老板。The fallout? #39;Biblical,#39; he says. #39;There was wailing. Gnashing of teeth.#39; Even his wife got mad -- telling him that he had been insensitive to his mother.结果呢?他说:“糟糕透顶。母亲气得咬牙切齿,并对我大声数落。”甚至连妻子都非常生气,说他不顾母亲的感受。Sadly, the scene wasn#39;t new to the Browns, who had been married seven years. The strain between his wife and his mother -- and his position, stuck in the middle -- was taking a toll on all three relationships. His mom criticized his wife for her parenting style and for not getting a job. His wife cried and complained to him. He retreated from both women.可悲的是,这种场景对当时结婚七年的布朗夫妇来说并不新鲜。妻子和母亲之间的紧张关系──还有他夹在中间的左右为难──已经对三人间的关系产生了负面影响。他母亲批评他妻子抚育孩子的方式,并且不满她赋闲在家。妻子就向他哭诉和抱怨。面对这两个女人,他选择了逃避。#39;I am a guy and not that intuitive, and I didn#39;t really understand either one,#39; he says. #39;My inclination was to go mow the grass.#39; Over the next couple years, the Browns kept trying to make the triangle work -- until the conflict reached a crisis point and then took an unexpected turn.他说:“我是个男人,直觉也不那么灵敏。这两个女人,我简直一个都搞不懂。遇到这种事情,我就想出去割草。”接下来的两年,布朗夫妇一直竭力维持着这个三角关系──直到冲突触及危机点,并来了个意料之外的转折。Few family relationships are more fraught than the ones between a mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law, and the man caught between them. It has been fodder for comedy in movies and on TV forever, yet each generation seems to have to learn for itself how to make this triangle work.很少有家庭关系比婆婆、媳妇以及被夹在中间的男人之间的关系更令人头疼了。虽然它一直是喜剧类电影和电视剧永恒的题材,但似乎每一代人都不得不自己学习如何让这种三角关系维持下去。Mothers really do worry more when sons marry than when daughters marry, according to unpublished research conducted by Sylvia L. Mikucki-Enyart, assistant professor of communication at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. She asked 89 mothers-in-law what they worried about most when a child married. Overwhelmingly, when a son married these women reported more uncertainty and insecurity. The insecurity centered on the son#39;s relationship with his parents and nuclear family. Will he visit or call less often? Will he spend holidays with the family?根据威斯康辛大学史蒂文斯波恩特分校(University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point)传播学助理教授西尔维娅·米库茨基-埃尼亚特(Sylvia L. Mikucki-Enyart)一项尚未发表论文的研究,娶儿媳比嫁女儿更让母亲担心。她询问了89名婆婆和岳母,孩子结婚她们最担心什么。这些人绝大多数都表示,如果是儿子结婚,她们会感到更加不确定、不安心。这种不安集中在儿子与父母以及自己小家庭的关系上。他会比以前少来看望我们或者少打电话吗?他会和家人一起共度假期吗?The mothers also reported worrying about their son#39;s well-being and whether marriage and his wife would change him. Some of their specific concerns: #39;He#39;s no longer reliable, due to his wife#39;s interference.#39; #39;His interests have changed dramatically.#39; #39;Is he eating enough? My daughter-in-law is a bad cook.#39; #39;Is he happy?#39;母亲们还称,她们担心儿子的幸福,以及婚姻和妻子是否会改变他。一些具体的担心包括:“因为妻子干涉,他变得不再可信赖。”“他的兴趣爱好发生了戏剧性的改变。”“他吃饱了吗?我儿媳可不是个好厨子。”“他快乐吗?”Dr. Mikucki-Enyart also studied 133 daughters-in-law, eliciting their concerns about the women who raised their husbands. #39;Is my mother-in-law getting too involved in my life?#39; #39;What is her ability to take financial care of herself?#39; #39;What does she say about me when I am not around?#39;米库茨基-埃尼亚特士还调查了133名儿媳,让她们谈论了对于抚养其丈夫长大的那个女人的担忧。“我婆婆会不会太干涉我的生活?”“她在经济上照顾自己的能力怎样?”“当我不在的时候,她是怎么说我的?”#39;We expect a daughter-in-law not to like a mother-in-law and to expect her to be meddlesome,#39; says Dr. Mikucki-Enyart. As a result, the two women may t carefully around each other from the start, reacting defensively and eventually becoming distant. #39;It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy,#39; she says.米库茨基-埃尼亚特士说:“很可能儿媳会不怎么喜欢婆婆,并且觉得她会多管闲事。”结果,这两个女人可能一开始相处就小心翼翼,采取防御姿态,最终渐行渐远。她说:“这已经变成了一种自预言。”In a way, both mother and wife are competing to nurture the man. Loading the relationship even more is women#39;s traditional role as what researchers call #39;kin keepers#39; who maintain the family social calendar, relationships and traditions.从某种方式上来说,母亲和妻子都在争着养育这个男人。让这种关系雪上加霜的是被研究人员称作“家庭关系维护者”的女性传统角色,该角色负责管理家庭社交日程,维护家庭关系和传统。There is uncertainty on both sides. Mothers- and daughters-in-law are supposed to be family, yet they don#39;t know each other well. What to call each other? How much to share? There is no script.两边都存在不确定性。婆婆和媳妇虽说理应是一家人,但双方并不怎么熟悉。如何称呼对方?应该与对方分享多少?都没有脚本。The uncertainty itself can lead to jealousy, anger or sadness. The more uncertainty there is, the more each woman is likely to keep the other at arm#39;s length. This can destabilize the marriage: When his mother and his wife are battling, a man#39;s self-preservation instinct tells him to hide.这种不确定本身就可能导致嫉妒、愤怒或伤心。不确定性越强,两个女人越可能相互保持距离。而这可能会破坏婚姻的稳定:当母亲和妻子开战,男人自我保护的本能会告诉他能躲多远是多远。How can families break the pattern? It#39;s really up to the husband/son, Dr. Mikucki-Enyart says. #39;He needs to step up to the plate,#39; she says. #39;He has to make his wife his priority and let that be known.#39;如何才能打破这一模式?米库茨基-埃尼亚特士说,关键在丈夫/儿子身上。她说:“他必须出面。他必须把妻子放在首位,并且让大家知道这一点。”If his mother often drops by unannounced and this bothers his wife, the husband needs to ask his mother to call first. He doesn#39;t need to tell her that it upsets his wife.如果他的母亲经常出其不意地造访,让妻子感到困扰,做丈夫的需要和母亲说,来之前请先打电话。他不需要告诉母亲说这件事困扰到了他妻子。#39;A mother is more likely to respond to her son#39;s request than her daughter-in-law#39;s,#39; says Dr. Mikucki-Enyart.米库茨基-埃尼亚特士说:“母亲更容易对儿子而不是儿媳的要求做出回应。”Daughters-in-law can do their part by keeping their mother-in-law involved in the family. Invite them to dinner. Send photos of the children. And pick your battles.媳妇也可以发挥她们的作用,让婆婆参与到家庭中来。邀请她们一起吃晚餐。给她们发送孩子们的照片。有些事情学会睁一只眼闭一只眼。#39;Don#39;t make it a competition,#39; says Dr. Mikucki-Enyart. #39;You both love this man in completely different ways.#39;米库茨基-埃尼亚特士说:“别让它成为一种竞争。你们都爱这个男人,只是采取的方式不同。”The couple should always present a united front, she says. Remember that you are a team. Don#39;t throw each other under the bus. Parents expect that united front, she says, even though it may be a little hard for them to get used to at first.她说,夫妇必须永远站在同一战线上。记住,你们是一个团队。别把对方往火坑里推。她说,父母对你们会共同进退这一点是有心理准备的,尽管一开始他们可能会有些难以接受。The tension between mother- and daughter-in-law started about a year into the Browns#39; marriage, when Ms. Brown got pregnant and her mother-in-law suddenly seemed to know everything. Ms. Brown tried to politely ignore her mother-in-law, but every once in a while she would tell the older woman she was wrong. Her mother-in-law would cry and storm off, and Ms. Brown would end up apologizing.布朗夫妇结婚一年左右的时候,婆媳之间的关系就开始变得紧张。当时乔伊怀了,而她婆婆似乎突然变得无所不知。乔伊试着礼貌地对她视而不见,但偶尔会对老太太说她错了。婆婆会大哭并气冲冲地离开,最后乔伊不得不道歉了事。#39;I felt like there was no winning, like we were in a crazy dance,#39; says Ms. Brown, now 45 and a fifth-grade teacher.乔伊说:“我感觉这是两败俱伤,好像我们是在跳一场疯狂的舞蹈。”现年45岁的乔伊是一名五年级的老师。So, mostly, Ms. Brown complained to her husband -- and, mostly, he did nothing. #39;It didn#39;t occur to me to contradict my mom,#39; he says.于是,大部分时候乔伊只好向丈夫抱怨。但,大部分时候,他什么也不做。他说:“我从来没有想过要去驳斥我母亲。”Making matters worse: Mr. Brown sometimes sometimes discussed problems in his marriage with his mom. #39;She would commiserate, I think, to feel close to me,#39; he says. #39;And it increased my feelings of being slighted by my wife.#39;更糟糕的是:吉姆有时会和他母亲讨论他婚姻中的问题。他说:“她会表示同情,我想,这让她感觉离我更近。这更让我觉得自己受到了妻子的怠慢。”Mr. Brown retreated into work. He and his wife began living parallel lives, and eventually he asked for a divorce. But after they told his mother the news, she seemed to back off. Betty Wade, now 72, says she doesn#39;t remember that her relationship with her daughter-in-law was tense or a factor in the couple#39;s divorce discussion. #39;Just because he got married didn#39;t make him less my son, but I knew he had to spend his attention on the other lady,#39; she says.吉姆借工作逃避。他和妻子开始过着平行线般的生活,最终他提出了离婚。但在他们将这一决定告诉母亲后,她似乎让步了。现年72岁的贝蒂·韦德(Betty Wade)说,她不记得自己曾经和儿媳关系紧张,也不觉得这是导致夫妇俩商讨离婚的因素之一。她说:“虽然他结了婚,但依然是我的儿子;不过我也知道,他必须要去关心另外那位女士。”The space gave the couple a chance to work on their relationship. They sought advice from counselors at their church and went to a marriage therapist. They self-help books and prayed together. And they stayed married.贝蒂的让步为夫妇俩改善彼此的关系提供了一个机会。他们向所在教区的顾问寻求建议,并且去求助了婚姻咨询师。他们阅读自助书籍,还一起祈祷。他们的婚姻也得以维系了下来。#39;It was a lot of blood, sweat and tears,#39; Mr. Brown says. #39;But I had learned to come to grips with the idea that I had to place my priorities with my wife first.#39;吉姆说:“这就是一部血泪史。但我学会了要牢牢记住一点,就是必须把妻子摆在首位。” /201306/242567


  1. Guilt comes from a frightened part of your personality.1. 内疚来源于你性格中害怕的部分。The actions that you regret also came from a frightened part of your personality. Following fear with fear moves you in the opposite direction that your spiritual development requires, which is toward love.后悔来自于性格中害怕的部分。一味地担心只会让自己与精神发展需要的方向背道而驰,你应该选择的正确方向是通往爱的方向。2. Guilt impairs your ability to learn from your experiences.2. 内疚阻碍了你从经验中学习的能力。When you see something that you could have done differently, remember how you could have spoken or acted in love instead of fear. This helps you apply what you have learned and keeps you from feeling more guilty. Your experiences are designed to support, and benefit you, not cause you to contract into fear and remorse.想想看如果你在充满爱而不是害怕的情况下会如何说话、如何做事,事情的结果是不是就会大有不同呢。内心充满爱能够帮助你学以致用,而不是让你在做事的时候更多地感到内疚。你的经历是用来持和帮助你,而不是让你陷入恐惧和悔恨的。3. Guilt keeps you from being honest with others and yourself.3. 内疚让你不诚实地面对他人和自己。It keeps you from seeing that you cannot cause another person emotional pain. You can trigger emotional pain in others, but their pain comes from inside them, not from you. Their pain is an opportunity for them to learn about themselves. Your pain is an opportunity for you to learn about yourself. Guilt distracts you from that crucial lesson.内疚会让你忘记“你不会造成他人精神痛苦”的道理。你能引起别人的痛苦,但是他们的痛苦是来源于内心,而不是你。他们的痛苦是了解自己的一个机会。你的也一样。4. The relationship between guilt and forgiveness may surprise you.4. 你可能会讶异内疚与原谅的关系。Guilt is actually a twisted or manipulative way of seeking forgiveness. It is the belief that if you inflict suffering on yourself for your choices, another will forgive you for them. This is belief keeps you in pain because only you can forgive yourself.内疚事实上是一种扭曲的、利用他人来寻求原谅的办法。人们都相信如果你因自己的选择备受煎熬,其他人会宽恕你。这样的想法让你活在痛苦中因为其实只有你才能原谅自己。5. You cannot give the gifts that your soul wants you to give while you are feeling guilty.5. 当你有负罪感时,就不能发挥灵魂给予你的天赋。Your gifts may be to raise a family, create a new kind of business, write a book, or dance. When you choose not to forgive yourself, you choose not to give the gifts your soul wants to give. You can choose otherwise. You—like everyone—have gifts and you were born to give them.你的天赋可能是养活家庭、创办新业务,写书或跳舞。当你选择不原谅自己,就等于不接受灵魂赋予你的天赋。其实你可以有其他选择的,你和其他人一样有天赋,并且生来就是要好好把握这些天赋的。 /201212/215520。

  Dan was the doorman of a club in a big city. Everyday, thousands of people passed his door, and a lot of them stopped and asked him, ;What#39;s the time, please?;  丹在一个大城市的某个俱乐部当守门人。每天都有数千人经过他的门口,而且许多人都会停下来问他:“请问现在几点?”  After a few months, Dan said to himself, ;I#39;m not going to answer all those stupid people any more. I#39;m going to buy a big clock and put it upon the wall here.; Then he did so.  几个月后,丹想:“我不想再回答这些蠢人提出的问题了,我要去买一只大钟,把它挂在这儿的墙上。”于是他买了一只钟,把它挂在了墙上。  ;Now people aren#39;t going to stop and ask me the time,; he thought happily. But after that, a lot of people stopped, looked at the clock and then asked Dan, ;Is that clock right?;  “现在人们总不会再停下来问我时间了。”他高兴地想。可是打那以后,每天仍有许多人停下来,看看钟,然后问丹:“这钟准吗?” /201211/209648

  As the days draw in and temperatures drop, you may be tempted to hang up your exercise gear and hibernate. Don’t! It may be cold outside but winter needn’t be the unhealthiest time of year for you and your family. Stay active throughout autumn and winter to beat those seasonal blues and feel on top of the world.当冬天来临,气温降低,你或许想收起你的健身器材,进入“冬眠”了。千万别!外面可能是很冷,但冬天不应该成为你和家人不健康的时段。无论秋天还是冬天,都要保持活力,打败季节性忧郁,让自己处于最佳状态。Here are four ways to make sure that even when your body is telling you to hibernate you can keep healthy and fit, no matter what the weather’s like:尽管身体告诉你是时候“冬眠”了,但是以下四个方法可以让你无论在何种天气,都保持身体健康。1. Eliminate your sleep debt1. 消除睡眠负担“On average we sleep six-and-a-half hours a night, much less than the seven to nine hours recommended,” says the spokesperson at the Sleep Council, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of a good night’s sleep to health and wellbeing. But in winter, we naturally sleep more, due to the longer nights. “It’s perfectly natural to adopt hibernating habits when the weather turns cold.”睡眠委员会的发言人表示,“我们每晚平均要睡眠6.5小时,比建议的7到9小时要短”,这是要提高人们对一个好的晚间睡眠对身体健康重要性的意识。但是,在冬天,我们要多睡一点,因为冬天晚间时间长。“当天气转冷,采取‘冬眠习惯’是非常自然的事情。”2. Drink more milk2. 多喝牛奶You are 80% more likely to get a cold in winter so making sure your immune system is in tip-top condition is important. Milk and dairy products such as cheese, yoghurt and fromage frais are great sources of protein and vitamins A and B12. They’re also an important source of calcium, which helps keep our bones strong. Try to go for semi-skimmed or skimmed milk, rather than full fat, and low-fat yoghurts.在冬天,你有80%的机会换感冒,因此,让你的免疫系统处于巅峰状态尤其重要。牛奶和奶制品如芝士、酸奶和奶酪都是蛋白质和维他命A和B12的重要来源。同时也是钙质的重要来源,可以让你的骨头坚实。尝试喝半脱脂牛奶或脱脂牛奶,而不喝全脂或低脂酸奶。3. Eat more fruit and veg3. 多吃水果和蔬菜Ensure that you still keep your diet healthy and include five portions of fruit and veg a day but not unhealthy comfort food. If you find yourself craving a sugary treat, try sweet dried fruits such as dates or raisins. Winter vegetables such as carrots and turnips can be roasted, mashed or made into soup for a comforting winter meal for the whole family.确保饮食均衡营养,保持每天五份水果和蔬菜,而不是吃不健康的消闲食品。如果你真的想吃些含糖小吃,你可以吃些甜干果如大枣和葡萄干。红萝卜和白萝卜这类冬季蔬菜可以烤着吃,或磨成浆放进汤里作为全家人的温暖冬天晚餐。4. Try new activities for the whole family4. 和家人进行新活动Don’t use the cold winter months as an excuse to stay in and lounge around. Regular exercise helps to control your weight, boost your immune system and is a good way to break the tension that can build if the family is constantly cooped up inside the house.不要把冬天天气寒冷作为呆在家里和闲逛的借口。常规锻炼可以控制你的体重,促进免疫系统循环。家人经常禁闭在家里会引发紧张关系,外出锻炼同时也是打破紧张关系的好方法。Don’t worry if you’ve not done much for a while, these exercises are easy, gentle to follow and can also be done indoors.虽然你很久没做运动,但也无须担心,以下的锻炼简单轻松,也可以在室内完成。if you’re not keen on exercising outdoors, check out our 10-minute home exercise routines:如果你不想去室外锻炼,可以看一下我们为你提供的10分钟在家锻炼运动:6-minute warm-up6分钟热身运动10-minute home cardio workout10分钟有氧运动10-minute home toning workout10分钟塑身运动Stretching after exercising伸展运动Something you enjoy在享受中运动Choose an activity that you enjoy. Now might be the time to try something new that you can do indoors, such as:选择你可以从中享受的运动。这个时间最适合在室内做的新锻炼模式:archery箭术badminton羽毛球bowls保龄球cycling自转脚踏车运动dancing跳舞curling冰壶运动fencing击剑fitness classes健身班five-a-side football五人制足球handball手球judo柔道pilates普拉提健身课程squash壁球swimming冬泳table tennis乒乓球tai chi太极拳yoga瑜伽 /201212/212743

  “NANNY”, “tyrant”—these were among the charges hurled at Michael Bloomberg, New York’s mayor, when he proposed a ban on big fizzy-drink bottles last May. The billionaire shrugged and pushed forward. However even Mr Bloomberg must heed a court order. The American Beverage Association, which represents Coca-Cola and other soda companies, has sued. Mr Bloomberg’s ban is due to start on March 12th, but a judge may intervene.去年五月,纽约市长迈克尔﹒布隆伯格提出要全面取缔大瓶汽水的销售后,“奶妈”“暴君”——人们对市长的指责接踵而至,甚嚣尘上。然而这位亿万富翁却不以为然,执意要将禁令进行到底。作为可口可乐等一众汽水公司的利益代表人,美国饮料协会将布隆伯格告上了法庭,面对法庭指令,市长不可掉以轻心。他的禁令将于3月12日生效,不过法院届时可能会进行干预。Three years after Michelle Obama launched her Let’s Move! campaign, the fight against childhood obesity faces a tactical problem. Recent years have seen dipping obesity rates in a few places, including New York, Mississippi and Philadelphia. But 17% of American children are still obese. The question is how to speed up progress. Further bans look increasingly unlikely.距离美国第一夫人米歇尔﹒奥巴马发起“动起来!”运动已过去三年,如今应对儿童肥胖的斗争却陷入了策略上的泥淖。近些年,包括纽约,密西西比和费城在内的许多地区,肥胖率都在直线下降。但仍有17%的美国儿童过于肥胖。问题在于如何推动减肥运动的发展。颁布禁令的做法显得愈发不可靠。Voluntary programmes remain politically much easier. Mrs Obama has exhorted firms to take action. Many companies have. On March 6th the Partnership for a Healthier America, a business group, published a report praising its members for putting more grocers in poor areas and healthier foods at restaurants. Sixteen food and beverage companies have promised to slash a combined 1.5 trillion calories from their products by 2015. Their first progress report is due in June. The long-term effect of these efforts may be slim. For example, even if the food and drink firms keep their promise, they would cut just 14 calories from the average American’s daily diet.志愿项目依旧能获得政策上的持。米歇尔敦促各企业采取行动。许多公司也积极响应,身体力行。3月6号,在集团企业“健康美国伙伴”发布的报告中,就对其下属公司在贫困地区增设杂货店,为餐厅提供健康食品的举措予以赞扬。16家食品和饮料公司承诺在2015年前减少全部产品1.5万亿的卡路里值。它们的进度报告将于六月出炉。然而,所有的努力都禁不起长远的推敲。例如,即使食品和饮料公司遵守诺言,美国人均日常饮食的热量也只能降低14卡路里。Regulations might bring bigger change, but recent years suggest that such rules will come slowly, if at all. Congress did pass a law requiring healthier school lunches, though its effects are limited. Other attempts at national regulation have stalled. Four federal agencies studied voluntary guidelines to limit junk-food advertisements to children. Under pressure from Congress, the agencies dropped the effort. Obamacare requires that all restaurants and cinemas post the number of calories in their foods. The Food and Drug Administration proposed a rule for s in 2011, but has yet to finalise the regulation.立法是较为行之有效的办法,但近几年的实践表明,规定的制定周期十分漫长。国会也确实出台过要求学校改善伙食质量的相关法律,然而收效却微乎其微。其他试图制定全国法规的努力均以失败告终。四所联邦政府机构通过对援项目指导方针的研究,提出限制垃圾食品广告播放时间的构想,但迫于国会压力,不得不半途而废。奥巴马医改计划要求所有的餐厅和影院都必须在提供的食品上标注卡路里含量。尽管2011年的时候,食品和药品提出制定一项有关菜单的法规,但至今都没能如愿以偿。Cities and states are more likely to act than Congress (hardly a high bar), but they face their own challenges. Last year the beverage lobby spent more than .8m to defeat a soda tax in the small city of Richmond, California. Even Mr Bloomberg, the anti-obesity crusade’s most fervent warrior, can only do so much.比起国会(并非障碍),城市和各州更愿意改变,但是挑战无处不在。去年,位于加利福尼亚州的小城里士满欲向苏打汽水征税,当地持饮料业的游说团体斥资280万将其扼杀在襁褓之中。即便是反肥胖运动最忠诚的斗士——隆伯格市长也黔驴技穷。He and his health commissioner, Thomas Farley, have aly improved school lunches, installed bike lanes and paid for revolting posters that show soda turning to fat. Their efforts seem to be working. From 2003 to 2011 obesity rates among poor four-year-olds dropped from 20% to 17% (see chart). Obesity rates in older children dropped 5.5% from 2006 to 2011, though mostly among richer ones.他和他的卫生专员,托马斯﹒法利,改善了学校的伙食,增添了自行车道并且制作了令人厌恶的海报以展示汽水如何转变为脂肪。他们的努力卓有成效。从2003年至2011年,4岁贫困儿童的肥胖率由20%降至17%(见图表)。大龄儿童的肥胖率也在2006年至2011年间降低了5.5%,尽管以富裕家庭为主。Mr Bloomberg wants to do more. But New York state rebuffed his bid for a statewide soda tax. Federal regulators rejected his attempt to ban the purchase of soda with food stamps. Now his size limit may be scrapped in court. Other cities are watching closely. If it can fail in New York, it will fail anywhere.布隆伯格志在千里。他希望在全州范围内征收汽水税,却遭到了纽约州政府的反对。他试图禁止贫困者用政府发放的食物券购买汽水,却遭到了联邦监管机构的拒绝。法院现在很可能否决他禁售大瓶汽水的决议。其他城市对此热切关注。因为成也纽约,败也纽约。 /201303/229128

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