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Metropolitan Detroit is getting a brand new baseball league.The ed Shore Professional Baseball League is preparing for its inaugural season in the summer of 2016, and a big part of that is a new baseball stadium now under construction in Utica.Andy Appleby is the founder of the USPBL.;Minor league baseball has actually been a real national phenomenon for many many years, but for whatever reason, we in Metro Detroit have never had minor league baseball,; says Appleby.Appleby sees minor league baseball as a great avenue for family entertainment, focusing less on wins and losses, and more on the fun of the experience.;... we believed in it enough ... to put our own money behind it.;Theyve aly broken ground on their new field in Utica, and Appleby says that as long as winter construction goes as planned, the USPBL will be starting three teams on Jimmy Johns Field in June 2016.Appleby tells us the stadium will include 2,000 grandstand seats, another 2,000 seats in what theyre calling ;corporate picnic areas,; as well as 22 suites.;It has kind of all of the modern amenities of major league sports, but maybe at a minor league price,; he says.He also says that the field and the league is almost entirely privately funded.;About 98% of the ballparks in America are publicly funded, but in Metro Detroit we had a little bit of a deficit position in the sense that people didnt know how great minor league baseball was,; Appleby says.He tells us that the organization is also sensitive to the fact that the communities theyre talking to and working with arent exactly flush with cash.;So we believed in it enough … to put our own money behind it,; he say.The USPBL is holding a contest that will determine their teams names, and is accepting submissions until July 24, 2015.You can submit your team name idea and keep track of developments in the ed Shore Professional Baseball League on their website.201507/387441

Senior diplomats of South Korea and Japan met on Sunday ahead of talks by their foreign ministers over the issue of comfort women, an issue that has plagued ties between the two countries.韩国和日本高级外交官举行会面,随后其外交部长就困扰两国关系的“慰安妇”问题进行了会谈。Comfort women refer to the Korean women forced into prostitution for Japans military brothels during World War Two, an obstacle that remains a problem between better ties between the East Asian neighbors.“慰安妇”是指二战期间被迫为日本军队提供性务的妇女,该问题是东亚国家之间友好关系的障碍。The two countries have been pushing to improve relations since Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe met President Park Geun-hye last month.自上月日本首相安倍晋三会见韩国总统朴槿惠以来,两国一直在推动改善关系。Although Japan has said there was no change to its stance of compensation settled by a 1965 bilateral treaty, the Nikkei business daily reported that Japan would propose creating a government-backed fund to help the former comfort women as part of a possible agreement.尽管日本表示没有改变1965年双边条约的补偿立场,日经新闻报道称日本将提议建立一个政府持的基金帮助前慰安妇,以此作为可能协议的一部分。译文属。201512/418565

They put a sound effect in there where it sounds like I was slapping him hard all I do was like that, you know what I mean?那段里他们给加了音效了 听着好像我使劲扇了他似的 其实我就这样了一下 你能明白吗she cant help herself!Now thats the shot that you need to know!打我情不自禁啊她 你们就该把这种镜头留住No, but then when I say it on TV It was like...like I smacked hime so hard.结果转天我看电视 好像我 这样扇他了似的which clip? You mean from before?That clip right there. Really?哪段视频? 你是说前面那段吗 就这段 真的?They put a sound effect in there. For live broadcast.It did not hurt!I wasnt there for that.是 他们给加的音效 就为了直播 才不疼呢 这事我不在场You werent there for that one? I went to God.Were gonna have to run that again, cause I didnt hear the loud slap,so...你不在么 我去做礼拜了 我想再看一次 我刚没听到巴掌声呢It had a loud slap on it.It was really, like, it wasnt fair.Well somebody like, we may add, like a louder effect to it.他们真给加了巴掌声 真心的 大大的不公平 要是我们来做 会加上更大的巴掌声的That would be funny.Oh I see, yeah, I see it right there.Not the battle scars, Marc, not the battle scars, come on.那就搞笑了 哦 在那 我还真看见了 别装了Marc 那才不是打架留下的伤So you had, like, how many people did you bring here, all the contestants?Um, almost two, two hundred.we flew back two hundred.你们带回来了多少人 多少选手 大概两百人吧 我们带了两百人飞回来Um, there were a lot of groups that had 15 members, like 20 members.有很多团体就有15,20人这种Yeah, like dance troops, bands like that, or musicians and...;Fire Breezing dragons;对 舞蹈团 乐队之类的 还有“喷火恐龙团”啥的Those add so much flavor to it, like the ones that are here today.这种很有味道的 就像今天来我们节目的这些Like a larger group dancing is really cool.So youve narrowed it down to how many now?Or have you?Yeah, no we have.很多人跳舞的话会很好看 那你们现在筛过剩下多少了 筛了吗? 的确筛过了And how many will be in the live show?Its gonna be around 40, probable.有多少人会上直播赛? 大概可能会在40个左右That was the hardest part for me, it the cutting. Yeah Um, Jennifers first season of idol It really weighed on her.对我来说 淘汰人是最困难的了 是啊 Jennifer在美偶第一年的时候 她 压力就特别大You know the whole cutting thing.And Im like, come on its the...they suck, then just cutem...就这些淘汰的事儿 我就觉得 哎呦 有人烂 那就淘汰呗the...yes to go like...but shes told me how hard it was.Im like, whats so hard? Did yo hear that?whatever.这这 走就走呗 后来她跟我说了这有多困难 我还想 有什么困难的 说什么呢 反正吧 /201605/440974

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