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Germans should be allowed to watch the football World Cup on television at work without getting into trouble with their superiors, the head of the national employers' association said Thursday.Dieter Hundt, often called the "boss of the bosses", called on companies to cut their staff a little slack when footballmania strikes over the next month."I am confident that employers, while considering the needs of their businesses, will react flexibly and, together with their workforces, develop their own policies," he told the daily Berliner Zeitung.Every company needs to decide for itself "to what extent it can strike a balance with the broadcast of World Cup games and working hours".Hundt's counterpart at the German Federation of Trade Unions, Michael Sommer, welcomed the employers' pledge of tolerance when asked by the Berliner Zeitung.Watching soccer together encourages "team cohesion and staff motivation," he argued.He noted that several of the World Cup matches in South Africa were taking place in the early afternoon, including the second match featuring the German side, against Serbia on June 18.【Notes】cut sb. a little/some slack: 放某人一马,饶了某人,对某人宽容一点。(It's your first day here, so I'm going to cut you some slack this time. Next time, you need to do much better. 看在这是你的第一天,我就不严格要求了,下次你可得干好点儿。)201006/106078泉州鼻尖整形手术哪家好Bigger and better整合之潮亦其壮大之势America’s big hospital groups will continue to gobble up competitors美国大型医疗集团将继续吞并小号医疗公司 HOSTILE takeovers are never polite. One fight in America, however, has become particularly ugly. In December a huge stockmarket-traded hospital company, Community Health Systems, announced that it wanted to buy another, Tenet Healthcare, for .3 billion. The bid soon became a brawl. In the saga’s most recent chapter, Tenet filed a lawsuit accusing Community of overbilling government and private health-insurance schemes. Community denies this and, as The Economist went to press, was due to present a more detailed rebuttal.财大气粗的收购商的字典里没有客气二字。然而,美国的一次收购事件却成为了一则丑闻战。大型上市公司社区保健医院(CYH)在十二月宣布,它想再收购一家公司——以22亿美元收购泰尼特保健(TNH)。此次收购出价迅速演变成一场争夺战。战斗打了好几个回合,最近一次,泰尼特提起了诉讼,控告社区保健医院过分干预政府和个人的医疗保险计划。为了给出更有利的回击,本刊刊登时,社区保健医院对上述指控矢口否认。Although this bid battle has become unusually rancorous, it is in line with a broader trend of consolidation in the huge but fragmented business of providing hospital care. In America’s hospitals soaked up one-third of all national health-care spending, or 9 billion, roughly equal to the entire GDP of the Netherlands. In the long term an ageing population will produce more invalids and thus more business. In 2014 the “Obamacare” health reforms will bring 32m newly insured patients. The less good news is that the health reforms also bring new regulations and intense pressure to contain costs. This is strengthening the argument for consolidation among hospital operators.尽管此次出价战不同于一般的敌意收购,但它更倾向于是一种医疗业整合趋势——将大而散的美国医院整合起来。年,美国医院就吸金7590亿美元,占整个国家医疗保健费用的三分之一,大约相当于荷兰整整一年的国内生产总值。从长远来看,人口老龄化将产生更多医疗需求,从而带动医疗业的发展。到2014年,奥巴马医疗改革方案将使医保人数新增3200万。不过坏消息是,医疗改革方案所产生的新的规章制度让政府不得不缩紧裤腰带来应付节省开带来的压力。Mergers are nothing new in the industry. In 1979 only 31% of America’s hospitals were part of a larger hospital system. By 2001 more than half were. The rationale for joining a larger chain is simple. It means better access to capital for renovation and expansion, better management and—most important—more clout when negotiating treatment prices with health insurers.在医疗行业中合并不过是老生常谈。1979年,仅有31%的美国医院属于大型医院。到2001年,该比例超过了50%。加入大型医院并购圈的原因再简单不过——为了得到更新设备、引进设备、开发设备的资金,为了加强管理,最重要的是,为了在医疗保险金上与医疗保险公司谈判时拥有强有力的发言权。Now, the health reforms are piling on the pressure to merge. Obamacare requires hospitals to invest heavily in technology, even as the government cuts payments for treatments. Hospitals will increasingly have to demonstrate the quality of their services. Small hospitals may struggle to meet such demands; bigger groups will be better equipped. Besides, now is a good time to be doing deals, says Gary Lieberman of Wells Fargo. Credit markets have offered favourable terms to hospital groups raising money. And thanks to the downturn there has been ample supply of not-for-profit hospitals for sale. Community’s bid for Tenet is the biggest deal now in the works. The combined companies would have annual revenues of billion, second only to HCA, which last month raised .79 billion in an initial public offering (IPO). But plenty of smaller deals are going on. Vanguard Health Systems, which this month filed for an IPO, has bought hospitals in Detroit, Chicago and Arizona in the past year. HCA seems likely to use at least some of its IPO cash to make more acquisitions.如今,医疗改革给合并上的压力再加一码。奥巴马方案一方面要求医院在技术方面下重金,另一方面却不管政府在医疗费用上日销月铄。医院将越来越能显示出政府公共事业机构的建设质量。小医院可能会努力满足需求,大公司将会尽力提高医疗条件,此外,富国的盖里#8226;利伯曼还说,现在正是兼并交涉的大好时机。信用市场为医疗集团集资提供的有利的条件。由于经济危机,有相当数量的非营利性医院待售。社区保健医院对泰尼特保健的收购是正在酝酿中的一笔最大的买卖:并购后的公司将产生220亿美元的年收入,仅次于美国医院社团(上月首次公开募股筹资37.9亿美元)。除此之外,还有大量的小型并购正在进行中。去年一年中,先锋卫生系统公司它在底特律、芝加哥、亚利桑那州均收购了医院,它于上月申请首次公开募股,并很有可能用一部分或者全部的募股资金来收购更多的医院。Big hospital operators must still grapple with Obamacare’s new requirements. And in some cases, growing larger brings its own challenges. Vicki Bryan of Gimme Credit, a bond-research firm, worries that Vanguard’s shopping spree (and dividends to its shareholders) have left it with excessive borrowings. Another worry is that although there are many benefits to being big, realising them takes time. HCA’s recently improved earnings, Ms Bryan contends, are largely due to changes in accounting and billing models. Tenet says Community has boosted revenue by keeping patients in hospital unnecessarily; Community denies this vehemently.大型医院还要继续应对奥巴马方案的新要求。在某些情况下,扩大规模也就给自己带来了相应的麻烦。债券研究公司吉美信贷的维基.布莱恩为此感到担忧:一是先锋卫生系统公司的疯狂购物节已经让他们欠下负债累累,二是尽管扩张企业规模能带来可观的收益,但想让钱掉进自己的口袋尚需时日。布莱恩表示,近日美国医院社团(HCA)收入之所以增加,主要是得益于账务结算模式的改进。巧妇难为无米之炊,泰尼特保健觉得,社区保健医院何苦要通过增加病人在医院所耗的时日来增加自身收入呢。社区保健医院对此大呼自己是冤大头。Nonetheless, the hospital-merger wave still has far to go. HCA, despite being the industry’s leader, controls less than 5% of the market. There are many more deals to come, the only question is how quickly.不过,医院兼并浪潮才刚刚开始。虽然美国医院社团是医疗业的领头羊,市场掌控率却不到5%。更多的兼并事件即将到来,唯一的问题就是兼并商们如何将事情处理得更加得心应手。201110/159111石狮人民医院网址Need for Aid Rises as Insurgents Reach Outskirts of Somali Capital索马里冲突升级 人道危机加重 The International Committee of the Red Cross announced that it is increasing food and other assistance for over 400,000 people displaced by violence in south and central Somalia. The announcement comes as Islamist insurgents continue an advance towards the capital, Mogadishu. 国际红十字会宣布对索马里南部和中部受暴力活动影响而流离失所的40多万人增加食品和其它援助。与此同时,伊斯兰叛乱分子继续向索马里首都加迪沙进军。The ICRC's Somalia relief coordinator, Mathias Frese, said the organization will have tripled its food aid to Somalia from 2007 to 2008. The recent escalation in fighting, along with continued drought, have worsened what U.N. officials had aly called Africa's worst humanitarian crisis. 国际红十字会的救助协调官员弗雷泽说,红十字会2008年的食品援助将比2007年增加两倍。最近的冲突升级,加上持续的旱灾,加重了这场联合国官员所说的非洲最严重的人道危机。On Thursday, Islamist insurgents entered Elasha, a settlement of displaced people fewer than 20 kilometers from Mogadishu. 星期四,伊斯兰叛乱分子进入埃拉沙,那里是一个安置流离失所的人的营地,距离加迪沙不到20公里。Resident Jama'a Abdirahman told VOA that the Islamists left as Ethiopian troops, retreating from the town of Afgoye to the west, passed through on their way to Mogadishu. He said that members of the government militia that had controlled the town had returned, but that members of the radical Islamist al-Shabab militia, as well as fighters from other Islamist factions were still in the area. 那里的一个居民阿布迪拉赫曼告诉美国之音,在向加迪沙撤退的埃塞俄比亚军队经过阿弗戈耶镇向西撤退以后,伊斯兰分子也走了。他说,虽然控制这个镇的政府民兵又回来了,但是伊斯兰极端主义民兵“圣战”组织的成员以及其他伊斯兰派系的武装分子仍然在这个地区活动。On Wednesday al-Shabab took control of the port town of Merka, to the south. The transitional government, backed by Ethiopian troops, remains in control of Mogadishu, and the town of Baidoa, where the parliament is based, and has soldiers in Afgoye. But insurgents now hold much of the rest of south and central Somalia. 星期三,“圣战”组织夺取了南边的港口城镇梅尔卡。受埃塞俄比亚军队持的过渡政府仍然控制着加迪沙和议会所在地白朵阿镇,并且在阿弗戈耶驻有部队。但是叛乱分子目前占据了索马里南部和中部其它大部分地区。Ethiopia had agreed to withdraw its forces from urban centers as part of a peace agreement with a moderate faction of the insurgency, but the rebel advance may change those plans. If Ethiopian troops remain, however, their presence will continue to be a major grievance and rallying cry for the insurgency. 埃塞俄比亚同意从各个城市的中心撤出军队,这是和叛乱集团中的温和派系达成的和平协议的一部分内容。但是,叛乱分子的推进行动可能改变这些计划。如果埃塞俄比亚军队仍然留在都市中心,叛乱力量会继续以外国驻军为主要声讨内容,继续以此聚集力量。Meanwhile, the escalation in fighting has increased the numbers of Somalis fleeing across the border into Kenya. The U.N. refugee agency has echoed calls from Human Rights Watch, for increased attention to the influx. Emmanuel Nyabera, a spokesman for UNHCR in Nairobi, said the organization had asked the Kenyan government to construct a fourth refugee camp at Dadaab, along the border. 与此同时,冲突升级造成更多索马里人越过边界逃到肯尼亚。联合国难民署表达了人权观察组织同样的呼声,请求加强对逃难潮的关注。联合国难民事务高级专员公署在内罗毕的发言人尼亚贝拉说,难民署已经请求肯尼亚政府在边界一带的达达阿布建立第4个难民营。"We are extremely concerned about the situation in Dadaab refugee camp, because the camp is extremely overcrowded. The three camps that were supposed to accommodate around 90,000 refugees are currently accommodating around 224,000 people," said Nyabera. "We are currently receiving around 6,000 new asylum seekers every month. We are not in a position to give services to these people in a dignified manner." 尼亚贝拉说:“我们极为关切达达阿布难民营的状况,因为这个难民营过于拥挤。本来只能接纳9万难民的那3个难民营目前接纳了22万4千人。我们目前每个月接纳大约6000个新的寻求避难的人。我们无法正常地为这些人务。”The fighting has also hampered aid efforts inside the country, where attacks on aid workers have increased in recent months, and both sides have been accused of disrupting aid deliveries. Abdirahman, at the Elasha camp, said that the World Food Program had increased deliveries since Islamist fighters dismantled government checkpoints in the area.  战斗还妨碍了在索马里的援助努力。在索马里,对援助人员的袭击最近几个月有所增加,双方都被指责扰乱运送援助物资。阿布迪拉赫曼在埃拉沙难民营说,自从伊斯兰武装分子拆除了政府检查站以来,世界粮食计划署增加了援助物资的运送。Aid deliveries have also been restricted by insecurity along Somalia's coastline, which has seen a proliferation of hijacked ships in recent months. On Thursday night, a Chinese boat with 24 crew members was captured off the coast of southern Somalia. 援助物资的运送还受到索马里海岸线一带不安全局势的约束。最近几个月,那里有大量船只被抢劫。The European Union agreed last week to supply ships for a naval operation to combat piracy off Somalia's coast. 欧洲联盟上个星期同意提供军舰参加打击索马里近海海盗的海军行动。200811/56182Each year in the ed States, hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of unclaimed property - especially stock certificates, jewelry left in safe-deposit boxes, and seemingly forgotten money in checking accounts - are turned over to state governments by banks and companies that cannot locate the owners. The states, in turn, try to find these people.在美国,每年都有价值数千万美元的私人财产无人认领,其中包括股票券、保险箱里的珠宝首饰,以及在活期存款帐号上显然已经被遗忘的钱。由于找不到主人,或者公司不得不把这些东西和钱上交给州政府,由州政府负责去寻找主人。The mid-South state of Arkansas even makes a game of it. It calls it "The Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt."美国中南部的阿肯色州甚至把这种“失物招领”变成一个游戏,叫做“大阿肯色州寻宝行动”。Each October, every newspaper in the state publishes a special section. There are no stories in it. No photographs. No advertisements. Nothing but page after boring page of names and people’s last known addresses. State auditor Charlie Daniels and his staff hope that people identified in that list will contact them and claim their cash and personal property.每年10月,州里的每份报纸都会推出一个专版,上面没有报导,没有照片,没有广告,有的只是非常单调的人名名单以及这些人最后为人所知的地址。阿肯色州审计员查利·丹尼尔斯和他的同事们希望相关人士看到那个名单后,能够和他们联系,找回属于自己的个人财产。Last year, that unclaimed treasure trove of everything from cash to diamonds and guns was valued at million. 去年,包括现金、钻石和在内的无人认领物品总价值达到2千200万美元。Charlie Daniels’ office puts the cash in the bank and the valuables in two big safes in the capital of Little Rock. It even holds onto some items that have only sentimental value, like World War Two medals, that are starting to turn up regularly, now that so many veterans of that war are dying. The state has even been known to hold onto false teeth and urns of cremated human remains.审计员丹尼尔斯和同事们把无人认领的现金存在,把其它贵重物品放在首府小石城的两个大保险箱里。他们保存了一些只有情感价值的东西,比如二战勋章。这种无人认领的勋章现在慢慢多起来了,因为越来越多二战退伍军人离开人世。阿肯色州政府甚至会保存假牙,以及骨灰盒。The right of the owner - or that person’s lawful heir - to claim this property or money never expires. Each year in Arkansas alone, about 15,000 families who join in the treasure hunt discover that they have inherited valuables they never knew existed. No lottery ticket anywhere can match the Great Arkansas Treasure Hunt’s decent odds of paying off - sometimes quite handsomely.不管是物品的主人还是法定继承人,他们认领这些物品的时间没有期限。每年,仅仅在阿肯色州一个州,大约就有1万5千个参加寻宝行动的家庭会发现,他们居然能够继承到一些价值不菲而且他们以前从来不知晓其存在的物品。没有哪个州的票可以和大阿肯色州寻宝行动相比,因为寻宝行动常常会给人带来有时是相当可观的一笔财富呢。201104/132584泉州南安市激光去痣一般多少钱

泉州吸脂哪家医院好在泉州缩鼻翼哪家医院好On the way home from the grocery, you get delayed so much that the frozen meat you’ve bought thaws out. The question for this Moment of Science is should you refreeze it? We’ve been told by reliable authorities that it’s not good to refreeze uncooked meat. Why not? If freezing the meat in the first place helps preserve it, why doesn’t this work the second time around? The answer to this question lies in the fact that all food has some bacteria in it, but normally not enough to hurt us. We freeze uncooked meat so that bacteria will not grow in it. But freezing does not kill all the bacteria that are aly there, it just puts them in a kind of suspended animation. When the meat is thawed the bacteria come back to life and begin reproducing.【生词注释】Delayed adj.延时的, 拖延的thaw out 融化refreeze v. 再次冰冻uncooked adj. 未煮过的bacteria n.细菌suspended animation 暂停生长reproduce v.繁殖从商店回家的路上,你的行程延误了,因为你刚买的冷冻肉开始融化。这今天的《科学时刻》的问题是我们是否应该再次冷冻肉?权威人士已经告我们再次冷冻肉,这种做法并不好。为什么呢?如果第一次冷冻肉能保存肉,为什么第二次冷冻就不行呢?问题的在于所有食物中都有细菌,但是细菌的数量还不至于伤害我们。我们将未煮过的肉冷冻,那样里面的细菌都不会生长。但是冷冻并不会杀死里面所有的细菌,只是抑制细菌暂停生长。当冻肉开始融化时,细菌又复活了,重新开始繁殖。201110/158007World Health Assembly Discusses New Health Challenges世卫敦促各国预防甲型流感流行  The annual World Health Assembly has opened with delegates from 193 member countries discussing how to protect people from diseases such as the swine flu virus that is sping around the world.世界卫生大会年会开幕,来自193个成员国的代表们正在讨论如何防止人们感染目前正在世界流行的甲型H1N1流感等疾病。World Health Organization Director-General, Margaret Chan, says the world is facing multiple crises, on multiple fronts. And, these are occurring at a time when the global economic crisis is making it more difficult to maintain good health, especially in the developing world. 世界卫生组织总干事陈冯富珍说,世界目前在许多地区面临多项危机。而目前的全球经济危机让人们保持健康的体魄更加困难,发展中国家尤其如此。The WHO Chief says the new Swine Flu A-H1N1 virus shows how health challenges are changing.世卫组织总干事陈冯富珍说,新的甲型H1N1流感病毒说明,我们面临的健康难题正在如何发生改变。"The world today is more vulnerable to the adverse effects of an influenza pandemic than it was in 1968, when the last pandemic of the previous century began," said Margaret Chan. "The speed and volume of international travel have increased to an astonishing degree. As we are seeing right now with H1N1, any city with an international airport is at risk of an imported case." 陈冯富珍说:“跟1968年即上世纪最后一次流感瘟疫的情况相比,当今世界更加难以应对流感疫症产生的负面影响, 国际旅行的速度和人次以惊人的速度增长。正如我们现在看到的甲型H1N1流感,每一个有国际机场的城市,都有可能有输入性病例。”Dr. Chan says increased interdependence among nations creates a great potential for economic disruption. This means the gap between the haves and the have-nots will grow even larger than it aly has. 陈冯富珍说,国与国之间相互依赖的增加,也极大的增加了经济崩溃的可能性。这就是说,贫富之间的差距会更大。"Today, about 85 percent of the burden of chronic diseases is concentrated in low and middle income countries," she said. "The implications are obvious. The developing world has, by far, the largest pool of people at risk for severe and fatal H1N1 infections." 陈冯富珍说:“如今,慢性病这个沉重负担有大约85%集中在中低收入国家。其中的含义显而易见。就目前来看,发展中国家有更多的人会面临感染甲型H1N1流感的这种严重致命病毒的最大风险。”Dr. Chan urges the international community to do everything it can to help developing countries from bearing the brunt of disease pandemics. And she says while the world is right to be concerned about a possible flu pandemic, it should not let these worries overshadow or interrupt other vital health programs.陈冯富珍敦促国际社会尽一切努力避免发展中国家承担疾病流行的打击。她还说,尽管世界目前担心可能发生的流感疫症,这些担忧不应该遮挡或者干扰我们实施其它生命攸关的健康计划。She says health ministers attending this week's Assembly should take the opportunity to respond to threats to their health systems. She says a priority is to finish the job of polio eradication. 陈冯富珍表示,出席这个星期世界卫生大会的卫生部长们应该抓住机会对本国、本地区医疗制度遇到的威胁做出回应。她说,一项首要任务是完成根除脊髓灰质炎即小儿麻痹症的工作。She says the global campaign that WHO started in 1988 is very close to achieving its goal of ridding the world of this terrible paralytic disease.陈冯富珍说,世界卫生组织1988年开始的这项全球性运动其最终目标是,在全世界消灭这种给人造成麻痹的可怕疾病,现在这个目标接近实现了。05/70324泉州市欧菲医院做整形美容要多少钱President Barack Obama on Tuesday visited the U.S. commonwealth of Puerto Rico.美国总统奥巴马星期二抵达美国属地波多黎各,受到当地民众欢迎。“Buenas tardes!”With a greeting of “Good afternoon” in Spanish, President Obama began his five-hour visit to Puerto Rico and offered support for next year’s vote on the island’s future.奥巴马总统用西班牙语问候了一句:“下午好!”,以此开始了对波多黎各的五个小时的访问。Puerto Ricans will have the choice of becoming an independent nation, becoming America’s 51st state or remaining a U.S. territory.奥巴马总统对波多黎各明年举行的决定前途的公投表示持。波多黎各将面临抉择:要么成为独立国家,要么留在美国,成为美国第51个州。“And when the people of Puerto Rico make a clear decision, my administration will stand by you," said President Obama.奥巴马总统说:“波多黎各人民作出明确决定,本届行政当局就持你们。”The president’s visit to Puerto Rico fulfills a promise he made in his 2008 campaign.奥巴马总统2008年竞选时就作出承诺要来波多黎各,这次到访是来履行其诺言的。Puerto Ricans cannot vote in U.S. general elections, but more Puerto Ricans live on the U.S. mainland than on the island. Many are in Florida and North Carolina, states the president will need to win in next year’s election.波多黎各人民不能在美国大选中投票,但大多数波多黎各人是生活在美国本土,而不是居住在这个南美岛国。有许多人居住在佛罗里达还有南卡罗来纳州。而奥巴马总统若想连任,就必须赢得这些州的选举。201106/140765南安市妇幼保健院激光祛斑多少钱

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