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Electricity is one of the most important inventions ever. It is the thing that powers the Earth. If there was no electricity, we’d be back in the dark ages. Few people stop and think just how amazing electricity is. With the flick of a switch, you can power almost anything. Think about what would happen if there was no electricity. We’d have no TV, no computers, no traffic signals. It would be like going back to living in caves. There are a few negative points about electricity, of course. Number one, it’s dangerous. Thousands of people die each year from electrocuting themselves or in electrical fires. And number two, it isn’t good for the environment. Most electricity comes from burning coal and that creates greenhouse gasses. Article/201104/132390Two days after Mr. Bennet#39;s return, as Jane and Elizabeth were walking together in the shrubbery behind the house, they saw the housekeeper coming towards them, and, concluding that she came to call them to their mother, went forward to meet her; but, instead of the expected summons, when they approached her, she said to Miss Bennet, ;I beg your pardon, madam, for interrupting you, but I was in hopes you might have got some good news from town, so I took the liberty of coming to ask. ;班纳特先生回来两天了。那天吉英和伊丽莎白正在屋后的矮树林里散步,只见管家奶奶朝她俩走来,她们以为是母亲打发她来叫她们回去的,于是迎面走上前去。到了那个管家奶奶跟前,才发觉事出意外,原来她并不是来叫她们的。她对吉英说:“,请原谅我打断了你们的谈话,不过,我料想你们一定获得了从城里来的好消息,所以我来大胆地问一问。”;What do you mean, Hill? We have heard nothing from town. ;“你这话怎么讲,希尔?我们没有听到一点儿城里来的消息。”;Dear madam, ; cried Mrs. Hill, in great astonishment, ;don#39;t you know there is an express come for master from Mr. Gardiner? He has been here this half-hour, and master has had a letter. ;希尔奶奶惊奇地嚷道:“亲爱的,嘉丁纳先生打发了一个专差给主人送来一封信,难道你们不知道吗?他已经来了半个钟头啦。”Away ran the girls, too eager to get in to have time for speech. They ran through the vestibule into the breakfast-room; from thence to the library; their father was in neither; and they were on the point of seeking him upstairs with their mother, when they were met by the butler, who said:两位拔脚就跑,急急忙忙跑回家去,话也来不及说了。她们俩跑进大门口,来到起坐间,再从起坐间来到书房,两处地方都没有见到父亲,正要上楼梯到母亲那儿去找他,又碰到了厨子,厨子说:;If you are looking for my master, ma#39;am, he is walking towards the little copse. ;“,你们是在找主人吧,他正往小树林里去散步呢。”Upon this information, they instantly passed through the hall once more, and ran across the lawn after their father, who was deliberately pursuing his way towards a small wood on one side of the paddock.她们听到这话,又走过穿堂,跑过一片草地,去找父亲,只见父亲正在从容不迫地向围场旁边的一座小树林走去。Jane, who was not so light nor so much in the habit of running as Elizabeth, soon lagged behind, while her sister, panting for breath, came up with him, and eagerly cried out:吉英没有伊丽莎白那么玲珑,也没有她那么会跑,因此一下子就落后了,只见已经上气不接下气地跑到了父亲跟前,迫不及待地嚷道:;Oh, papa, what news--what news? Have you heard from my uncle?;“爸爸,有了什么消息?你接到舅父的信了吗?”;Yes I have had a letter from him by express. ;“是的,他打发专人送了封信来。”;Well, and what news does it bring--good or bad?;“唔,信里说些什么消息呢……好消息还是坏消息?”;What is there of good to be expected?; said he, taking the letter from his pocket. ;But perhaps you would like to it. ;“哪来好消息?”他一面说,一面从口袋里掏出信来。“也许你倒高兴看一看。”Elizabeth impatiently caught it from his hand. Jane now came up.伊丽莎白性急地从他手里接过信来。吉英也赶上来了。;Read it aloud, ; said their father, ;for I hardly know myself what it is about. ;“念出来吧,”父亲说,“我几乎也不知道信上讲些什么。”;Gracechurch Street, Monday, August 2.八月二日 星期一,写于天恩寺街;MY DEAR BROTHER,亲爱的夫:;At last I am able to send you some tidings of my niece, and such as, upon the whole, I hope it will give you satisfaction. Soon after you left me on Saturday, I was fortunate enough to find out in what part of London they were. The particulars I reserve till we meet; it is enough to know they are discovered. I have seen them both--;我终于能够告诉你一些有关外甥女的消息了,希望这个消息大体上能叫你满意。总算侥幸,你星期六走了以后,我立刻打听出他们俩在伦敦的住址。详细情况等到见面时再告诉你。你只要知道我已经找到了他们就够啦。我已经看到了他们;Then it is as I always hoped, ; cried Jane; ;they are married!;吉英听到这里,不禁嚷了起来:“那么这一下我可盼望到了!他们结婚了吧!”Elizabeth on:伊丽莎白接着读下去:;I have seen them both. They are not married, nor can I find there was any intention of being so; but if you are willing to perform the engagements which I have ventured to make on your side, I hope it will not be long before they are. All that is required of you is, to assure to your daughter, by settlement, her equal share of the five thousand pounds secured among your children after the decease of yourself and my sister; and, moreover, to enter into an engagement of allowing her, during your life, one hundred pounds per annum. These are conditions which, considering everything, I had no hesitation in complying with, as far as I thought myself privileged, for you. I shall send this by express, that no time may be lost in bringing me your answer. You will easily comprehend, from these particulars, that Mr. Wickham#39;s circumstances are not so hopeless as they are generally believed to be. The world has been deceived in that respect; and I am happy to say there will be some little money, even when all his debts are discharged, to settle on my niece, in addition to her own fortune. If, as I conclude will be the case, you send me full powers to act in your name throughout the whole of this business, I will immediately give directions to Haggerston for preparing a proper settlement. There will not be the smallest occasion for your coming to town again; therefore stay quiet at Longbourn, and depend on my diligence and care. Send back your answer as fast as you can, and be careful to write explicitly. We have judged it best that my niece should be married from this house, of which I hope you will approve. She comes to us to-day. I shall write again as soon as anything more is determined on. Yours, etc. ,我已经看到他们俩。他们并没有结婚,我也看不出他们有什么结婚的打算;可是我大胆地向你提出条件来,要是你愿意照办的话,他们不久就可以结婚了。我要求你的只有一点。你本来已经为你女儿们安排好五千磅遗产,准备在你和归天以后给她们,那么请你立刻就把这位外甥女应得的一份给她吧。你还得和她订一个契约,在你生前每年再津贴她一百镑。这些条件我已经再三考虑,自以为有权利可以代你作主,因此便毫不迟疑地答应了。我特派专人前来送给你这封信,以便可以马上得到你的回音。你了解了这些详情以后,就会明白韦翰先生并不如一般人所料想的那么生计维艰,一筹莫展。一般人都把这件事弄错了。甥女除了自己名下的钱以外,等韦翰把债务偿清以后,还可以多些钱并给她,这使我很高兴。你如果愿意根据我所说的情况,让我全权代表你处理这件事,那么,我立刻就吩咐哈斯东去办理财产过户的手续。你不必再进城,大可以安心安意地待在浪搏恩。请你放心,我办起事来既勤快又小心。请赶快给我回信,还得费你的神,写得清楚明白些。我们以为最好就让外甥女从这所屋子里出嫁,想你也会同意。她今天要上我们这儿来。倘有其他情形,容当随时奉告。余不多及。;EDW. GARDINER. ;爱德华·嘉丁纳 Article/201205/180299有声名著之简爱Jene Eyer Chapter8 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人呼啸山庄 Article/200809/47245Literature is one thing that makes me very happy. I have loved books of all kinds since I was very small. I don’t know what I would do in life without novels, poems and plays. It’s amazing how literature can change your life. It educates you, makes you happy, makes you sad, inspires you and so much more. I think I’d be a completely different person without it. Literature has been a big influence on my life – perhaps as much as my friends. I think literature is really powerful. It can help us understand other cultures. Recently, I have a lot of Indian literature, in English, of course. The books I have totally changed my image of India and Indians. My experience has really made me want to more books from other countries. Article/201105/137889Happy Fourth of July! 美国,生日快乐!Most people are probably aware of the significance of July 4 to Americans. They might not know, however, about the origins of some of the traditions associated with Independence Day in the ed States. Fireworks are a feature of national day observations the world over, and play a major role in American celebrations. John Adams, the country's second president and a signatory of the Declaration of Independence, either predicted the firework tradition or started it himself; in a letter to his wife, he called for the celebration of the Fourth of July, the day the final draft of the Declaration was officially adopted, with "pomp and parade, with shows, games . . . bonfires and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other . . . "Americans have long since taken up Adams's suggestion with awesome energy and enthusiasm. July 4 is, of course, a holiday from work, and the occasion for all-day picnics in most communities. Having eaten their fill of hot dogs, burgers, and potato salad, everyone eagerly throws themselves into a program of often quirky activities like three-legged races and pie-eating contests.A visitor to Boston, a city strongly associated with the events leading up to independence, will certainly come away with a lasting impression of the Fourth of July. The highlight of the day's celebrations is a local orchestra playing a medley of patriotic tunes as one hundred and fifty thousand spectators watch fireworks burst over the harbor. 大多人可能都知道七月四日对美国人的意义;然而他们或许并不知道有关美国独立日的一些传统的起源。燃放焰火是世界各国欢度国庆的共同特色,在美国庆典中更是扮演着重要角色。美国第二任总统、“独立宣言”的 签署者,约翰·亚当斯,就曾预言了焰火将会成为一种传统,或许也正是他本人开创了这种传统。在一封写给妻子的家书中,他提到七月四日的庆祝活动(七月四日是独立宣言 草案正式通过的日子):游行盛况、演出、竞赛……燃起篝火,灯光照亮天际,从大陆的这端绵亘至另一端…… 长久以来,美国人对于落实亚当斯总统的建议可说是兴 致勃勃、乐此不疲。七月四日这天,自然是劳动者的休假日,也是大众全天外出野餐的良机。在享用完丰盛的热、汉堡包和土豆沙拉之后,人们迫不及待地加入到一些妙趣横生的活动中,如两人三脚跑、吃派竞赛等等。 在七月四日当天有幸身在波士顿的旅客会被这座与美国独立息息相关的城市所呈现的风貌所打动。当天庆祝活动的高潮是波士顿交响乐团的爱国歌谣组曲演奏;另外还有超过十五万观众会集聚港口,欣赏漫天烟火灿烂。 Article/200803/29370

9第9章I sat in my dark hut, and felt both angry and sad. One half of me wanted to hurt the people who had hurt me.The other half of me still loved them. In the end I decided to try to speak to the old man again. I fell into an unhappy sleep,but when I woke in the morning, the family had gone. They had left the house during the night.我坐在黑暗的小茅屋里,感到既愤怒又悲伤。我一方面想去伤害那些伤害过我的人,另一方面却又仍然爱着他们。最后我决定再去试着同那个老人谈一谈。我躺倒后伤心地睡着了,在早上醒来时却发现那家人已经走了。他们是在夜里离开的。I knew the name of only one other person. Although I had seen you, Frankenstein, for only a few moments, I knew that I belonged to you.When I had left your house,I had picked up a small bag. There was a book in the bag, and I could now it. From it I learnt my creator#39;s name and address.You had made me, but why had you not looked after me, and saved me from this pain and unhappiness? I decided to go to Geneva, to find you.我当时只知道另外一个人的名字。弗兰肯斯坦,尽管当时我只见到你一会儿工夫,但我知道我是属于你的。在我离开你的房子时,我曾捡起过一个小包。包里有一本书,现在我能读懂它了。我从中了解到创造我的人的姓名和地址。你造了我,但为什么你没有照料我并把我从这样的痛苦和伤心之中拯救出来呢?我决心去日内瓦找你。One day as I was travelling, I saw a young girl running along the side of a river. Suddenly she fell into the water.I jumped into the river, fought against the fast-moving water,and brought her back to land. While I was doing this, the girl#39;s father, who was looking for her, reached us.He was carrying a gun,and when he saw me,he fired.The bullet hit my arm and broke it. I fell to the ground in great pain, and the man and the girl ran into the woods as fast as they could,and left me.一天,在旅行时,我看见有个小女孩正沿着河边跑。她突然掉到了水里。我跳到水里同激流搏斗,把她带到了岸上。在我做这件事时,女孩的父亲来到了我们身边,他正在寻找她。他带着一把,在看到我后便开了。子弹打中了我的胳膊并打断了它。我带着巨大的疼痛倒在了地上,而那个男人和那个女孩则以最快的速度跑进了树林,把我撇在了一边。The bullet was deep in my arm, and I lost a lot of blood.After some days my arm began to get better, but I became sadder and angrier than before. I had saved the girl#39;s life, and how did they thank me? With a bullet in the arm!I began to realize that there was no happiness for me in life. Hate grew stronger in me every day .Hate for you, my creator, who had made me.子弹在我的胳膊中打得很深,我失了很多血。几天后我的胳膊开始好起来,但我比以前更伤心、更愤怒了。我救了那个女孩的命,他们是怎么感谢我的呢?用一颗子弹射进我的胳膊里!我开始认识到我的生命中没有幸福可言。我心中的仇恨一天比一天强烈。这仇恨是针对你、我的创造者的。 /201205/182332

爱丽丝心里想:“我很高兴能看到了这回事。我常常在报上看到,说审判结束时“出现了喝声,当即被法庭上的官员所制止。’直到现在我才明白是怎么回事。” `After that,' continued the Hatter, `I cut some more b- and-butter--' `But what did the Dormouse say?' one of the jury asked. `That I can't remember,' said the Hatter. `You MUST remember,' remarked the King, `or I'll have you executed.' The miserable Hatter dropped his teacup and b-and-butter, and went down on one knee. `I'm a poor man, your Majesty,' he began. `You're a very poor speaker,' said the King. Here one of the guinea-pigs cheered, and was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court. (As that is rather a hard word, I will just explain to you how it was done. They had a large canvas bag, which tied up at the mouth with strings: into this they slipped the guinea-pig, head first, and then sat upon it.) `I'm glad I've seen that done,' thought Alice. `I've so often in the newspapers, at the end of trials, "There was some attempts at applause, which was immediately suppressed by the officers of the court," and I never understood what it meant till now.' `If that's all you know about it, you may stand down,' continued the King. Article/201104/133844

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