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2019年08月21日 03:58:47 | 作者:豆瓣生活 | 来源:新华社
商场移除试衣镜 因其降低购买欲 -- :18:5 来源:chinadaily Mirrors are being removed from changing rooms in some of Britain's biggest shopping centres after new research revealed they make customers more "body conscious".一项新的研究表明,试衣镜使得顾客对自己的身材更在意,英国一些最大的购物中心正在移除试衣间里的镜子Almost three-quarters of British women (71 percent) are put off buying clothes after they have tried them on in front of a changing room mirror, a survey found.一项调查发现,近四分之三(71%)的英国女性在试衣镜前试穿之后,就打消了买衣的念头More than half of woman (5 percent) are left feeling down after seeing themselves in the mirror, the research discovered.调查发现,超过半数(5%)的女性看到镜中的自己后感到沮丧And a fifth ( percent) of women will only allow close friends and family to see them try on clothes in a changing room.五分之一(%)的女性只允许好友和家人看她们在试衣间里试穿衣Retail giant Hammerson is now taking down mirrors from its Birmingham Bullring, Bristol Cabot Circus and Croydon Centrale malls in a bid to boost the confidence of female shoppers.零售巨头汉莫森集团正从伯明翰的斗牛场购物中心、布里斯托尔的卡特广场以及克罗伊登的中央商场取下镜子,以增加女性消费者的信心Alex Thomas, regional marketing manager Hammerson, said: "One of the main reasons people come to our shopping centres is to buy clothes, whether that be a brand new wardrobe or a one off item a special occasion.亚历克斯?托马斯是汉莫森集团的区域市场经理,他说:“人们来购物中心的主要原因之一是买衣,不论是买一套崭新的行头,还是为某个特殊场合买件不会穿第二次的衣”"We want to ensure that everyone feels comtable and confident when trying on clothes, so that's why we're trialling banning the mirrors.“我们要确保每个人试衣时都感到舒适和自信,所以我们正试行不安装镜子”"We hope that women in particular will try something on and feel gorgeous and glamorous. Hopefully this will be a success and we can roll it out across our shopping centres the summer."“我们希望人们,尤其是女性,试穿衣时能感到自己美丽迷人希望这一做法会成功,这样今夏我们就会在我们的各大购物中心进行推广”The company, which carried out the research on women's approach to trying on clothes, said many prefer the opinions of shop assistants or friends to relying on how they think they look in the mirror.该公司对女性试穿衣的方式进行研究后表示,相比自己照镜子做出判断,许多人更倾向于听取店员或朋友的意见英文来源:每日电讯报译者:实习生朱善美审校#38;编辑:丹妮奥运在即 里约水域发现“超级细菌” -- :3: 来源:chinadaily A group of Brazilian scientists has detected a drug-resistant bacteria growing off some of Rio de Janeiro most stunning beaches, in research being published a month bee the city hosts the Olympic Games.巴西一组科学家在里约热内卢最美丽的一些海滩外发现了耐药性细菌这一研究结果在里约奥运会开幕前一个月公布According to lead researcher Renata Picao, the ;super bacteria; entered the city waterways when sewage coming from local hospitals got channeled into the bay.据首席研究员雷娜塔#86;皮康称,“超级细菌”在当地医院的污水流入海湾的过程中进入了城市水道;We have been looking uper bacteria in coastal waters during a one-year period in five beaches,; Picao told CNN during a visit to her lab. ;We found that the threats occur in coastal waters in a variety of concentrations and that they are strongly associated with pollution.;皮康在CNN探访其实验室时表示:“过去一年里我们一直在五个海滩的沿海水域寻找‘超级细菌’我们发现,沿海水域的细菌威胁程度不一,并且与污染极为相关”The samples were collected between and . The superbug found was carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae, or CRE.研究样本收集于至年所发现的超级细菌是耐碳青霉烯类肠杆菌,简称CREPicao said there is no reason to believe the levels have changed because raw sewage continues to flow into many waterways. She said the next step is to test the impact these bacteria can have when humans come in contact with them in coastal waters.皮康说,鉴于未经处理的污水持续流入众多水道,并没有理由相信问题的状况得到了改变她表示,下一步将测试这些细菌对沿海水域与之有接触的人类可能产生的影响The news comes as Rio prepares to host hundreds of thousands of athletes and tourists during next month Summer Olympics.研究结果发布的同时,里约正准备接待上百万运动员和游客他们将在下个月的夏奥期间到访Among the beaches flagged were Flamengo and Botafogo, which border the bay where Olympic sailors are scheduled to compete.亮起红灯的海滩包括弗拉门戈和塔弗戈海滩,它们邻近即将举办奥运帆船赛事的海湾;It a nice sailing area but every time you get some water in your face, it feels like there some alien enemy entering your face,; German Paralympic sailor Heiko Kroger said during a recent visit to Rio. ;I keep my nose and my lips closed.;德国的残奥会帆船选手海科#86;克罗杰在近期拜访里约时说:“这里很适合帆船项目,但每次脸上沾到水,就感觉像受到了外敌攻击我得一直捂好鼻子,闭紧嘴唇”Kroger believes the super bacteria may have caused a severe skin infection in one of his teammates during recent training.克罗杰认为,在最近的训练中,超级细菌可能已经导致他的一位队友出现严重皮肤感染Picao said she believes the city fragile sanitation infrastructure is responsible the presence of the super bacteria.皮康说,她认为里约薄弱的卫生基础设施是超级细菌出现的原因;This bacteria colonizes the intestine and it goes along with feces to the hospital sewage,; Picao said. ;We believe that hospital sewage goes into municipal sewage and gets to the Guanabara Bay or to other rivers and finally gets to the beach.;她表示:“这种细菌占领肠道,并伴随排泄物进入了医院的污水我们相信医院污水汇入城市污水后又流入了瓜纳巴拉湾或者其他河流,最终到了海滩”When Rio made its bid to host the Summer Games back in , it promised to clean up the polluted waterways and connect 80% of homes to the sewage system.里约在年申请承办夏季奥运会时,承诺会清理受污染的水道并将80%的家庭纳入下水道系统中Despite concerns, neither Picao nor international Olympic authorities recommend moving the sailing venue.尽管有这些担忧,皮康和国际奥林匹克相关机构都没有建议更换帆船赛事场地The other beaches that tested positive the bacteria were Leblon and Ipanema, which are very popular among tourists and locals alike.检测到超级细菌的海滩还有莱伯伦和伊帕尼马,它们在游客和当地人中都很受欢迎;I dont take my children to these beaches,; Picao said. ;We still need more studies to tell what would be the risk to human health of this exposure through the water.;皮康说:“我不会带我的孩子去这些海滩我们还需要更多的研究来了解在水中与细菌接触会对人类健康造成怎样的风险”英文来源:CNN翻译:实习生徐晓彤审校amp;编辑:丹妮男子70万路虎遭伴侣涂红漆 全车被喷"骗子" -- ::18 来源:   女友因男友两次欺骗自己,遂将男友价值70万的路虎喷上了表达自己愤怒的留言;Cheater; was just one of the very angry messages an English girl sprayed on each side of her boyfriendrsquo;s car when she found out that he was two-timing her.The white Range Rover Revere-starting price 95000 euro-was parked close to Harrods in West London. Several angry messages were sprayed on the car, probably the work of the ownerrsquo;s angry girlfriend.  一位英国女孩在发现男友曾两次欺骗自己后,便在男友车的两边喷上了愤怒的留言,而;骗子;只是其中之一这辆白色的路虎揽胜;;起价95000欧元;;停在西伦敦的哈罗兹(英国著名百货公司)附近车上有一些愤怒的留言,很可能是车主愤怒的女友所为  The word Cheater was sprayed on each side of the vehicle, and the words Hope she was worth it were sprayed on the rear and also on the bonnet.  车的两侧都被喷上了;骗子;,车的尾部和前方则写着;希望她配得起这一切;Klo, the woman who took the photographs and uploaded them on Twitter, said it was a female who had sprayed the text.  拍下这些照片并把其上传到推特的女子klo说,是一个女人喷下了这个留言  ;I havenrsquo;t a clue who she was, but she looked very upset. No one dared to stop her. When she finished she just left.;  ;我不清楚她到底是谁,但是她看起来很生气没人敢去阻拦她她写完后就离开了;  The words Itrsquo;s over were also sprayed on the Range Rover, confirming-if there was any lingering doubt-that the relationship between the two was over.  这辆路虎上还写了;我们结束了;,实了这一事实;;如果有任何挥之不去的疑问;;就是这两个人的关系结束了  Meanwhile, according to the B, it is thought that the whole thing could have been just a publicity stunt.  同时,根据B的报道,整个事件很可能只是炒作美国3岁萌娃在家里练习遇击案如何自救 妈妈看完崩溃了 --5 :57: 来源: 一个萌萌哒萝莉,站在马桶上,一手撑墙,一手捂胸Pose看上去虽然有点怪,但还是很可爱可当知道她这么做的原因时,她的妈妈崩溃了…… When Stacey Wehrman Feeley snapped this photo of her three-year-old standing on the toilet, she thought her daughter was being funny, and wanted to share it with her husband. But when she discovered that this was part of a lockdown drill the young girl had learned at preschool, in the event that she be trapped in a bathroom during a school shooting, she took to Facebook to express her frustration.史黛丝.菲利觉得三岁女儿的这个动作很有趣,就用手机拍下了这张照片准备分享给丈夫,不过,当她知道这是女儿在幼儿园学的自救动作——当学校发生击案她被困在卫生间时该如何应对,她感到非常震惊——于是菲利把这张照片发到了脸书上“Politicians - take a look,” Wehrman Feely wrote in the post. “This is your child, your children, your grandchildren, your great grand children and future generations to come. They will live their lives and grow up in this world based on your decisions. They are barely 3 and they will hide in bathroom stalls standing on top of toilet seats. I do not know what will be harder them? Trying to remain quiet an extended amount of time or trying to keep their balance without letting a foot slip below the stall door?”她是这样写的:“政客们,请看看你的孩子,孩子的孩子,未来的子子孙孙都将这样长大他们在怎样的世界里长大,取决于你的决定他们才3岁,就必须学会躲在厕所,站在马桶上自救我不知道,这个世界还能坏成什么样你们可以继续保持沉默,而他们也不得不在马桶上平衡更久,不让脚露出隔板门”She then goes on to question gun control laws in the ed States.菲利之后继续质疑美国的控法案“Why on earth are there not universal background checks? Where is a universal registration database? Why are high capacity magazines ever permitted to be sold to anyone other than direct to the military?”“为什么一直没有统一的背景调查?通用的注册数据库在哪里?为什么高容量弹匣不直接出售给军队,而被允许卖给任何人?”She calls out to politicians, entrepreneurs, innovators, incubators and investors asking how she can help.她呼吁政治家、企业家、发明家、孵化器、投资家们一起来重视此事“Banning together, signing petitions, rallying to get your voice heard is good, but is it actually doing anything or just making us feel better about the current situation? We need action,” she says.“联合反对,签署请愿书,发出自己的声音是对的,但这能起什么作用吗,或者只是让我们对现状感到一点安慰?我们需要的是行动”While Wehrman Feely is the first to state her personal limitations with regards to gun control, she hopes that this image will serve as a wakeup call anyone who sees it and promote some sort of action or change.菲利是第一个从个人局限性方面持控法案的人她希望用这张照片来为人们敲一个警钟,并促成一些行动或者变化“I am not pretending to have all the answers or even a shred of them, but unless you want your children standing on top of a toilet, we need to do something!”“我不是说这样就完全没有犯罪,哪怕只是减少一点,但除非你希望你的孩子也站在马桶上,我们需要做点什么!”At the time of publication, the Facebook post had been shared more than 3,300 times, with comments of support pouring in.截至发稿时,这篇文已被转发3300多次,大量的都持菲利“This is both heartbreaking and frightening,” writes one commenter.一人留言说,“这令人心碎,又让人害怕”“There were 3 other shootings in and around our country the same day Orlando took place. Those, I guess, we’re just normal - not really news. What have we become?” asked another.另一人说,“在奥兰多发生大规模击案那天,美国各地同时发生了另外3起案我猜,这些都是家常便饭了,称不上什么新闻社会成了样子?”

特斯拉发生首宗自动驾驶致死车祸 正被美政府调查 -- ::36 来源: 美国当局正在调查可能由特斯拉自驾车技术引起的首例死亡案件 US authorities are investigating the first death potentially caused by self-driving technology.美国当局正在调查可能由自驾车技术引起的首例死亡案件The driver of a Tesla car died in Florida in May after colliding with a lorry.特斯拉汽车的司机于五月与一辆货车相撞后死亡Under scrutiny is Tesla’s Autopilot feature, which automatically changes lanes and reacts to traffic.受到审查的是特斯拉的自动驾驶仪功能,它可以自动改变车道和对交通作出反应In a statement, Tesla said it appeared the Model S car was unable to recognise "the white side of the tractor trailer against a brightly lit sky" that had driven across the car’s path.在一份声明中,特斯拉称S模型的汽车没有能够识别出从其车道上开过的“明亮天光下拖拉机挂车的白边”The company said the crash was a "tragic loss".该公司说该事故是一个“悲剧性的损失”The collision led to the death of Tesla driver Joshua Brown, 0. The driver of the truck, which was pulling a trailer, was unhurt.该相撞导致了特斯拉司机约书亚·布朗的死亡,现年0岁卡车的司机当时牵引着挂车,没有受伤A on YouTube, which appears to have been posted by Mr Brown, shows a dashboard camera recording of a previous incident, with the car steering to avoid a lorry in the next lane.由布朗先生发布的一个Youtube视频,显示了仪表板照相机记录的一个之前的事故,该车正在躲避旁边车道行驶的货车He wrote: "Tesla Model S autopilot saved the car autonomously from a side collision from a boom lift truck.他写道:“特斯拉S模型自动驾驶仪自动让该车避免与一辆起升货车相撞”"Hands down the best car I have ever owned and use it to its full extent. It has done many, many amazing things, but this was one of the more interesting things caught on the dashcam."“毫无疑问这是我拥有的最好的车,我在充分地使用它它做了很多很多不可思议的事情,但是这是仪表板照相机拍到的更有趣的事情之一”

外媒看中国:热播剧《虎妈猫爸震惊B --01 :9:56 来源:   Perhaps you're familiar with the super-strict mum who pushes her kids to be the best at school, sport, and music - no matter what the cost. Well, there's another feline in the parenting world: Cat Dad.  人们常常听说有对子女超级严格的妈妈,她们要求自己的孩子在学习、运动乃至音乐各个方面都要出类拔萃——为此不惜一切代价现在,在为人父母的人群中又多了一种新的“女性”化形象:猫爸  Cat Dad takes a more softly, softly approach to parenting - preferring to be emotionally sensitive, gentle and relaxed about rules and discipline, in the belief that it will make their offspring self-sufficient and independent. The term has been trending on the micro blogging site Sina Weibo because of a hit Chinese television programme, "Tiger Mom Cat Dad". The two lead characters are, as the title suggests, a fierce Tiger Mom and a chilled-out Cat Dad. Their styles collide as they try to raise their young daughter.  猫爸们采取了一种更加温和可亲、温柔随和的教育方式——他们对子女的情绪变化尤为敏感、出手大方、宽于管束,他们相信这样会让孩子拥有自信,学会独立这个概念如今在新浪微上流行一时,原因是因为一部当红中国电视剧,《虎妈猫爸正如片名所示,片中的两位主角一个是暴脾气的虎妈,一个是淡定的猫爸在教育小女儿的方式上,他们的教育风格常常相互冲突  While Cat Dad may not be as well known as Tiger Mother, he's actually been around nearly as long. One of the original Cat Dads was Chang Zhitao, a father from Shanghai who went head to head in a debate with Chua shortly after her book was published. Despite having vastly different approaches to parenting, both Chua and Chang had daughters who were accepted into Harvard University.  虽然猫爸可能不像虎妈那么为人所知,但是猫爸的存在时间几乎和虎妈一样久了猫爸的其中一位原型是常智韬——这位父亲和出书不久的“虎妈”蔡美儿在舆论中不争上下虽然对于为父为母之道两人的做法大庭相径,蔡美儿和常智韬的女儿都上了哈佛大学  And as if the Tiger-Cat fight wasn't enough, there's also another animalistic parenting persona coming from China. Wolf Dad is even stricter than Tiger Mom and is epitomised by Xiao Baiyou, a father who believes that "beating kids is part of their upbringing."  不过好像虎妈猫爸之战远远不够,中国还有另一种兽拟人格家长的代称“狼爸”狼爸比虎妈还严厉,代表人物是萧百佑,这名父亲深信“棒棍底下出孝子”  "Just as their names suggest, Cat Dad prefers a gentle approach to children's education, while Tiger Mom and Wolf Dad believe that education is a painful process," says Vincent Ni of B Chinese. "It's been a long time since Chinese TV aired such a drama that captured the two seemingly conflicting education philosophies so well."  “顾名思义,猫爸更倾向于用温和的方式教育子女,而虎妈和狼爸则坚信玉不琢不成器”B中文台记者说道,“长期以来,中国总算出了这样一部电视剧,能够精准的把握这两种似乎相互冲突的教育哲学之间的戏剧性冲突”  More than 80m people tuned into "Tiger Mom Cat Dad" and the series finale attracted tens of thousands of comments on Weibo. Some defended Cat Dad: "I think there is too much bullying going on in their household. It's completely disrespectful. " one user commented. Others saw the dad as a weak character who wasn't compatible with his wife: "I think the tiger mother and the cat dad should divorce," one viewer wrote.  超过8千万观众收看了《虎妈猫爸这部电视剧,其结局在微上引发了成千上万的有些人持猫爸,“我觉得在他们的家庭里妻管严的情况实在太多了猫爸应该为此感到羞愧”一个网友如此说道也有人认为猫爸性格儒弱,配不上他的妻子:“我觉得虎妈和猫爸应该离婚,”一个观众这样道

北京积分落户“双创人才”得分多 -- 19:: 来源:chinadaily 《中共北京市委关于深化首都人才发展体制机制改革的实施意见6月日出台,提出对于符合条件的创新创业人才,将通过积分落户办法优先办理引进请看相关报道:Beijing will allow some skilled workers from home and abroad to obtain permanent residence by accumulating points based on skills, employment history and education credentials.北京将允许国内外专业技术人才通过积分方式获得永久居留身份,该积分系统包括专业技能、就业履历以及教育文凭等指标Beijing will give priority to what it calls "innovative and entrepreneurial talent", which includes startups with a certain level of investment, investors and investment companies, high-tech companies and market leaders in the cultural industry.对于“双创人才”,北京将给予优惠政策,“双创人才”包括得一定规模创业投资的创业人才、投资团队以及投资公司,高新技术企业以及文化产业市场领军人物所谓的“双创人才”就是指有创新精神和创业能力的人才,英文可以用innovative and entrepreneurial talent这个表述来源于年李克强总理在政府工作报告中提出的“大众创业,万众创新”(mass entrepreneurship and innovation)发展理念北京市积分落户指标体系(merit-based household registration system)包括合法稳定就业(stable employment)、合法稳定住所(stable residence)、教育背景(educational background)、职住区域、创新创业指标、纳税指标、信用守法等指标其中,获得学士学位的申请者(applicants holding a bachelor's degree)可获个积分,获得士学位者(applicants holding a doctor's degree)则可得到39个积分在上述指标中,创新创业指标及分值(innovative and entrepreneurial merits)是其中重要的一项指标在经认定的科技企业孵化器及众创空间中的创业企业就业,且符合一定条件的申请人,工作每满1年加分,最高加6分在经认定的科技企业孵化器及众创空间、技术转移务机构、相关专业科技务机构就业,且符合一定条件的申请人,工作每满1年加1分,最高加3分在国家高新技术企业、中关村高新技术企业就业的申请人,工作每满1年加1分,最高加3分在科技、文化领域以及创新创业大赛获得国家级或本市奖项的申请人,获国家级奖项的加9分,获本市奖项的加6分(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)

颜值不够发型来补! 最炫发型(双语) --01 ::19 来源:sohu 还在追求黑长直?你out啦! 长发飘飘早已不是时尚圈的主打歌,帅气的短发,潇洒的波波头,来看看哪些颜值逆天的女明星通过改变发型改变人生! Let us recommend one of the ;coolest; hairstyle women, the shortcut, and again, in every sense of the word. Bee we begin, let's take a look at how some female celebrities transmed themselves by switching to this hairstyle. “假小子”过耳短发 NO.1 孙俪 Sun Li 孙俪是内地公认的短发女神,干净利落的齐耳短发似乎已经成为了她的标志帅气的短发配上她精致的五官,是不是比长发的她多了一丝性感成熟呢? Chinese mainland actress Sun Li is famous her speical short hairstyle. Compared with her mer image, short hairstyle makes her look much more sexy and mature. NO. 高俊熙 Gao Junxi 韩国模特高俊熙现在是公认的fashion icon,高挑的身材,大长腿,以及独特的时尚见解让她成为了粉丝的争相模仿的对象出道时期的她虽然长发飘飘,但并没有很高的认知度;自从改变风格,留起了齐下巴的短波波头,她可谓是大红大紫而去年在韩剧《她很漂亮中,极短的过耳短发使她再一次引领了潮流 South Koeran model Gao Junxi has been the fashion leader of her country due to her unique fashion eyesight and taste. On last year famous TV series, she changed her hair style much shorter than bee, and once again, she leads the fashion trend all over Korea, even all over Asia. NO.3 大表 詹妮弗劳伦斯 Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence 《饥饿游戏中的“大表”詹妮弗劳伦斯在中国也享有较高的人气,豪爽不羁的性格是她广受喜爱的一大原因而近期配合她男孩子般的性格,大表一改往常淑女风,剪掉了一头金发,换上了干净利落的短发短发的大表,是不是更加帅气了呢?撩起来完全不输男生吧! Jennifer Lawrence was firstly known by Chinese audience through her movie. Most Chinese fans like her so much because of her outspoken and straightward personality. Recently, Jennifer change her long blonde hair into shortcut, and it makes her look more handsome. NO. 终极女神来啦!奥黛丽赫本在《罗马假日中的经典造型 Last but not least, Audrey Hepburn in her iconic haircut in Roman Holiday. 说到女神,奥黛丽赫本是不得不提的一位,洋娃娃般的五官,公主般高贵的气质,都使她的形象在一代代人心中经久不衰而早在世纪,赫本就已经把过耳短发在她的经典之作《罗马假日中进行了完美的诠释 Back to th century, Audrey Hepburn had aly perfectly explained the short hair style in her classic movie. Compared to longer hair, the shortcut is less sweet, more chic, and most importantly, an easy way to cool down and totally low maintenance. 而周迅周公子和安妮海瑟薇更是过耳短发的完美代言人 女神的头发可谓都是越留越短啊快下定决心加入女神的行列吧! 假小子式的短发hold不住?波波头来帮忙! 年度热门发型怎么能少了波波头! 无论是long bob,还是short bob, 总有一款适合你,帅气干练中又不失女人味,是增添颜值的利器 There is no doubt that BoB is one of the most popular hair styles of , no matter long bob or short bob, both can help you change your style and feelings. Here, we have compiled the most recommended bob shortcuts different facial contours. 圆脸子 Round Face 圆脸子最适合的长度其实是到下巴,这样的长度可以刚刚好的修饰脸部圆圆的轮廓,而大部分圆脸子却没有意识到这一点,总是用头发拼命遮住脸 The length most suited those with rounder faces is at the chin. Shorter lengths will accentuate the roundness of the face, which is most likely something people in this group would do anything to avoid. 天使面庞魔鬼身材的米兰达可儿完美示范了圆脸子最适合的发型 Supermodel Miranda Kerr is the perfect demonstration. Kerr looks less glamorous, but much younger with this haircut. 方脸子 Square Face 方脸子最大的苦恼就是方方的下颚了吧,遮住下颚可以显脸小,更可以柔和面部线条 Those with square-like faces usually have more pronounced jaws. To cover up the jaw and give a softer look. Both straight bob and wave bob can help you achieve this. 英伦玫瑰凯拉奈特莉虽然瘦的像一片纸,却长期被大方脸所困扰,straight bob完美帮她遮住了突出的下颚 Cover them up like Keira Knightley. 长脸子Long Face 长脸子最该避开的就是中分和黑长直!如果你是个瘦长脸的子,剪掉你的长直发,它只会使你的脸看着更长! The hairstyle to avoid those with long faces is the center-parted, straight and long hair. 真是无法想象这是同一个人好嘛! 没有了累赘的长直发,英国模特阿格尼丝迪恩完全就是脱胎换骨!长发的她看着完全老了十岁 British model Agyness Deyn looks much better with her hair short. Full bangs will help cover up the ehead and give an illusion of a shorter face. And with this shortcut, she looks more than ten years old younger. 最后,各位爱美的子不要再留恋你的长发!长发不一定会为颜值加分!改变发型改变人生啊! 当然,爱美绝不是女生的专利,想变男神的看过来全球最帅男神发型你out了吗? Photo Source: China Daily

印度3D斑马线提醒减速慢行 --9 :1:5 来源:中国日报   The Indian government may use 3D paintings as virtual speed-breakers on major highways and roads, in a bid to check speeding and rash driving, and ultimately make its deadly roads a little safer.  为了抑制超速、变灯冲刺等驾驶行为,并最终提升事故多发地的安全性,印度政府可能要在主要公路和街道设置3D图案,作为虚拟减速装置  ;We are trying out 3D paintings used as virtual speed breakers to avoid unnecessary requirements of speed breakers,; India's transport minister Nitin Gadkari tweeted.  印度交通部长尼廷;格德卡里发推文称:;我们尝试绘制3D图案作为虚拟减速装置,以降低对不必要的减速带的使用;  The optical illusions are supposed to encourage drivers to slow down automatically. Earlier this month, India had ordered the removal of all speed breakers from highways, which are considered to be a safety hazard high-speed vehicles.  这种视觉幻象手法有望让司机自动减速本月早些时候,印度下令拆除公路上的所有减速带,此举被认为造成了机动车行驶的安全隐患  India has the highest number of road accident deaths in the world. According to the World Health Organisation, over 0,000 people are killed by road accidents due to poor implementation of road safety laws. This is considerably higher than its official figures of 1,56 .  印度是世界上交通事故死亡人数最多的国家根据世界卫生组织的数据,由于道路安全法规实施不规范,印度有多万人死于交通肇事该数字远远高于印度年官方公布的6的死亡人数  The use of optical illusions as speed breakers was first pioneered in the American city of Philadelphia in , as part of a campaign against speeding motorists. The technique has also been tried out in China to create floating 3D crossings.  年,作为防止机动车超速的举措之一,美国费城最先将视觉幻象用作减速装置中国也曾试行悬浮的3D标志线  In India, cities such as Ahmedabad and Chennai have aly experimented with 3D zebra crossings in the last one year. In Ahmedabad instance, a mother-daughter artist duo has painted 3D crosswalks in the first few months of . The artists say their motto is ;to increase the attention of drivers;, and that the concept has been successfully tested in accident-prone zones on a highway.  艾哈迈达巴德和金奈等印度城市去年已开始试行3D斑马线以艾哈迈达巴德为例,今年前几个月,一对艺术家母女就绘制出了3D人行道她们表示,此举能够;增加司机的(安全行驶)意识;,而且这种概念已在事故多发的路段测试成功  However, critics argue that once drivers know that these speed breakers are visual illusions, they may ignore them. Others also point out that India's decision does not consider the safety of a large number of pedestrians. In the end, the new policy may be just one step towards improving road safety.  不过,批评者认为,一旦司机知道这种减速带是眼睛的幻觉,那么他们就可能会忽略这些装置还有人指出,印度政府的决定没有考虑到广大行人的安全最终,这种提高道路安全的新政策或许只是一时有效而已  Vocabulary  speed breakers:减速带  zebra crossings:斑马线

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