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The ed Nations reported that as many as 50 civilians were killed in airstrikes on seven schools and hospitals Monday in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo and Idlib. 联合国报告称,周一叙利亚阿勒颇和伊德利卜省七所学校和医院遭空袭,造成多达50名平民遇难。A spokesman for U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, told reporters at a briefing Monday afternoon in New York, ;Such attacks are a blatant violation of international laws.; 周一下午在纽约一发布会上,联合国秘书长潘基文发言人对记者表示,“这样的袭击是公然违反国际法的。”The spokesperson added that children were among the dead in the missile strikes on at least five medical facilities and two schools in Aleppo and in Idlib. 发言人还表示,在阿勒颇和伊德利卜至少五所医院和两所学校遭导弹袭击,孩子也在遇难者中。The U.S. State Department blamed the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his Russian backers for the attacks.美国国务院指责叙利亚总统巴沙尔·阿萨德政权及其俄罗斯持者。译文属。201602/426450All right, we love this school and so do our friends at Target.好了 我们喜欢这所学校 塔吉特百货也是For years,Target has has committed giving a billion dollars towards education so far,近些年 塔吉特一直致力于向教育事业捐款 目前已达到10亿美元They know its important for kids to have the right school supplies.他们知道孩子们能拥有学习用品至关重要So Target is 700 backpacks to fill the school supplies each student up academy.所以塔吉特为UP小学的700名学生每人提供一个装满学习用品的书包That is amazing.Also, also Genie.Yes, Ellen.All right.太棒了 还有 吉妮 怎么了 艾伦 好的Also Genie, every student is also gonna get a 100 Target gift card.还有 吉妮 每位学生还将获得一张100美元的塔吉特礼品卡Make sure they know that.I would take a break, could be right back.告诉他们这个消息 广告过后 马上回来Thank you vey so much.It’s a big day for those kids in Up Academy.非常感谢大家 今天对于UP小学的学生们而言是美好的一天We are back with Nicole Bohlmann.How many um teachers are there?我们继续采访妮可·波乐曼 你们学校有多少位老师There are 70 teachers. - 70 teachers.Yes.70位 -70位老师 对Well, we have learned that the average teacher spends at least 0我们了解到每位老师平均花500美元 都是他们自己的钱out of their own pockets on their classrooms, right?来付教室的费用 是吗 /201601/419235Its so much more than being a good singer. Theres a whole package things that goes with it.只唱歌好远远不够 要考虑的是一个整体形象And thats not just about looks either. You know what I mean?其实也不是外貌的问题 懂我的意思吧Theres a vibe, theres a style, theres a point of view.You know, artists have a real message most of the time.是那些气场 台风 还有思想 好的艺人是有自己的信息要传递的They have something that they wanna tell the world.Theres something that they wanna say.他们想跟全世界分享的东西 想要倾诉的东西Um, some of them can write, some of them cant.You know, some of them play instruments.有些人能写歌 有些不能 还有人借助乐器So theres a whole bunch of things that go along with it.所以是各方各面都要看重Do you think you have seen the...you think you know who the winner is? Or at least like the top10?你有感觉谁会赢 或者至少会进十强吗NO,Its hard this year, we have like um...Theres just so many talented people, theres so many没 很难判断 我们大概有... 有天赋的选手实在太多了I just feel like it can go anyway.Because theres their such great voices.我只是感觉一切皆有可能 因为他们的声音都非常强大Its hard to say which...who its gonna be.who Americans gonna respond with实在不好说会是谁 美国观众会对哪个比较有感At the end of the day you guys pick who the winner is, so...Right, and what about the girl that fell?Oh god.毕竟最后都是你们来决定谁做冠军 说得对 那么那个摔台的女孩怎么样了 天呐I mean didnt you all see? She looked like she was stumbling.你们都没看出来吗 她已经都跌跌撞撞的了Yeah, no its funny when I watched it, I thought to myself right off the back she was like是啊 其实 我后来看电视才回想起来 唱之前在后台 他就说she said Im..sitting on..Im gonna sing..singing on the lock of the bay她说 我 要坐在 我要唱 唱在海滩上Like she didnt say it right.And I was like, I didnt notice that when she first did it.她好像就没说对 但当时 我完全没注意到And you saw her poor thing, she was hanging on so...much.And then she just...It was terrifying.And she sang fine.现在才发现她在上面 挣扎了那么久 然后就... 太可怕了真是 她唱得还不错啊yeah, by the way, one of the most beautiful tones.That was gonna be my comment to her.就是啊 还是非常突出的好声音呢 本来我的评语就打算说的Like, Woow, you have the most beautiful tones and yeah.Its really a shame.Um, Im glad you came back.天呐 你的声音太美妙了 结果 哎 真是遗憾 不过我很高兴你继续做了And I know there was a minute there you were thinking...我知道你一度考虑过...you know,cause it is hard, and Im glad you came back. Thank you.毕竟确实很辛苦 但真的很高兴你回来了 谢谢 /201604/439978

Hi,everybody,hi.Im so happy,this is our first week of shows.你们好吗 我太开心了 这是节目的第一周And Im happy to be back,doing what I love doing with the people I love doing it to 很高兴能够回来 对我喜欢的人做我喜欢做的事So,thank you for letting me do what I do to you谢谢你们让我继续做我对你们做的事In case you missed our premiere show,I didnt fly my audience to Australia可能你错过了我们的首映秀 我没有把我的观众都送去澳大利亚But,thanks to Ashton Kutcher,we all got to see the land down under但是 得谢谢Ashton Kutcher 我们都见识到了下面的世界People have been asking if Ashton was actually naked,he was wearing a nude color sock有人怀疑Ashton是不是真的全裸了 好吧 其实他穿着一只肤色的袜子Unfortunately it was on his foot.thats where the sock was但不幸的是 他穿在了脚上 是的 袜子在脚上And that was not the only scary thing that happened to me on saturday但这并不是上周六发生的唯一一件吓人的事Listen to this,Im not kidding around,I got struck by lightning听我说 我可没开玩笑 我被雷击中了Well I didnt,but my house did.But still scary确切的说不是我 是我的房子 但是仍然很吓人吧I dont know if you live here in Los Angeles,any of you,but theres a warning,I was watching TV我不知道你们当中有没有人住在洛杉矶 当时有警报 我正在看电视and I heard the beeps.At first I thought wow Judge Judith swears a lot because然后就听到了哔哔声 刚开始我还在想 朱迪法官可真爱飚脏话And then it turns out the beeps were those emergency alerts后来才发现哔哔声原来是紧急警报and warning that thunderstorms were in Los Angeles and Ive only seen the emergency alert in Los Angeles only once before暴风雨要来了 在洛杉矶我只见过一次紧急警报And it was a serious emergency,It was Jamba Juice who was out of wheatgrass那可是非常严重的紧急情况 是他们在用小麦草做然巴果汁时发出的声音 /201610/471150

Several studies show that the high caffeine content in energy drinks appears to pose a danger to heart health, negatively affecting heartbeat and blood pressure.几项研究表明,能量饮料中的高咖啡因含量似乎会对心脏健康构成危险,对心跳和血压产生负面影响。The high levels of caffeine in addition to other chemicals commonly used in energy drinks can lead to abnormal heart rhythms and other cardiovascular events, 能量饮料中的高含量咖啡因和其它通常使用的化学物质可能会导致心脏跳动不规律以及其他心血管事件,according to doctors at the University of Florida in a case study recently published in the Journal of Addiction Medicine.这是根据佛罗里达大学的医生最近发表在《成瘾医学杂志》上的案例研究。译文属。201608/458324

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