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抚顺特殊钢有限公司职工医院在哪个区东洲治疗男性不育哪家医院最好Thanks to Boylan's drawing, within 6 weeks, police follow a trail of evidence to this man, Richard Allen Davis, who looks nothing like the original police sketch, but very much like the man Boylan has drawn.Eventually Davis confesses not only to kidnapping Polly but also to her murder.The nation joins the Klaas's family in mourning the loss of 12-year-old Polly.Even though Jeanne Boylan's work was instrumental in the capture and conviction of Polly's killer, sadly there is always a new case for her to solve.I think that Jeanne Boylan has a great gift, that she has a gift from the gods which law enforcement should continue to use.Despite her impressive record of success, Boylan denies that she has any special talent. She believes her methods can be taught to other law enforcement sketch artists and if they are applied in a timely manner, they can even save lives.I think it's just sitting down and, and having empathy and having compassion for someone that's been through a horrible ordeal, and taking the time to listen which is a luxury oftentimes police don't have. Sometimes a pad and pencil is the best weapon to catch a criminal, but in the computer age, agents have to rely on technology and imagination.Fingertips stab at a keyboard, bloodshot eyes glare at a glowing computer screen. A small band of cyber thieves called the Phonemasters are in the midst of a massive Internet crime spree.They've been stealing calling card numbers and top-secret information to sell on the black market. They've even managed to steal unlisted phone numbers at the highest levels of the ed States government, an electronic invasion that seriously threatens national security.They actually looked at Bill Clinton's mother, and got her telephone information so every place that she called, all things and places that were calling her. And then, then they had a list of numbers from White House. And so they had, they had some extensive knowledge and really get into systems that they really should've never been in.FBI agent Mike Morris is in charge of an impossible mission- to arrest people he can't identify with technology that hasn't even been invented yet.We're real concerned about the Phonemasters in that, this group had penetrated phone switches and phone systems throughout the ed States.Morris like most Americans in 1994 knows very little about computers and the Internet. But he wonders if the FBI could possibly wiretap computer hackers the same way that it taps phone calls.instrumental (in) : helpful, useful, serving to assistempathy: entering into the feelings of another, sympathy, vicarious emotion, understandingoftentimes: often200810/51399抚顺市第四医院治疗前列腺炎哪家医院最好 US State Department Marks 10th Anniversary of Kenya, Tanzania Embassy Bombings美国纪念非洲两大使馆爆炸十周年  The State Department Thursday observed the 10th anniversary of the al-Qaida bombings of the U.S. embassies in Nairobi and Dar es Salaam. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said the twin attacks, which killed 229 people, destroyed buildings but not the ties that bind the ed States, Kenya and Tanzania. 星期四,美国国务院纪念基地恐怖组织爆炸美国驻内罗毕和达累斯萨拉姆大使馆十周年。国务卿赖斯说,这两起爆炸袭击造成229人丧生,又炸毁了建筑物,但是没能破坏美国、肯尼亚和坦桑尼亚之间的关系。Hundreds of people filled the State Department's main auditorium for the observance. There were also ceremonies in the Kenyan and Tanzanian capitals, with moments of silence at the mid-morning time of the nearly-simultaneous blasts. 在国务院主要礼堂内有几百人参加了这次纪念活动。在肯尼亚和坦桑尼亚的首都也举行了纪念仪式,人们在上午几乎同时发生两起爆炸的时刻静默致哀。The truck bombings wrecked both U.S. missions but the damage and casualties were much higher in Nairobi, where the blast brought down parts of the embassy and neighboring buildings in the crowded center of downtown. 这两起卡车爆炸事件摧毁了两地的美国使馆,但是,在内罗毕发生的爆炸造成的损失和伤亡要大得多,那起爆炸使得在闹市中心的使馆建筑及邻近房屋部分倒坍。In all, 218 people were killed in Nairobi including 12 Americans, and some 5,000 were injured. The Dar es Salaam blast killed 11 people - nine Tanzanians, one Kenyan and one Somali national - and wounded 85 others. 一共有218人在内罗毕的那次爆炸中丧生,其中包括12名美国人,另外约有五千人受伤。达累斯萨拉姆发生的爆炸杀害了11人,其中有九名坦桑尼亚人、一名韩国人和一名索马里人,爆炸还导致85人受伤。At the State Department event, attended by the Kenyan and Tanzanian chiefs of mission in Washington, Secretary Rice mourned the loss of innocent life and said the ed States is eternally grateful for the sacrifice of the American and foreign national employees killed in what she termed the "unspeakable" attacks. 肯尼亚和坦桑尼亚驻华盛顿外交使团的官员出席了美国国务院举行的纪念仪式。赖斯国务卿在会上讲话悼念了无辜生命的丧失。她说,美国永远感激本国及外国雇员在那些难以言表的袭击中的殉职和牺牲。She said while the bombings appeared at the time to have been almost random crimes, they are seen differently now in hindsight and in the context of other al-Qaida operations including the September 2001 attacks on the ed States. 她说,虽然那两次爆炸在当初看来是任意杀戮罪行,但是今天当我们把包括2001年9月对美国的恐怖袭击在内的基地组织一系列行动联系起来、重新回顾这些事件时,我们有了不同的看法。"We see then as they were: as the opening of a new twilight struggle between hope and fear, peace and hatred, freedom and tyranny - a struggle that has now finally, fully been joined," said Rice. "And on that day, we saw in response - from our diplomats and development workers, our soldiers and our citizens, our friends and our allies - what is best in humankind, and why our shared values will prevail." 赖斯说:“我们如今看到了事情的本质,我们看到这些事件是希望与恐惧、和平与仇恨、自由与暴政之间的初步斗争的开端。并且在那一天,我们从我们的外交人员与开发工作者、我们的军人与我国公民、我们的朋友与盟国的反应中看到了人类最可贵的品质、以及我们的共同价值观必胜的缘由。”Rice said while the al-Qaida attacks wrecked two embassies, they did not destroy the ties that bind the American, Kenyan and Tanzanian people - which she said have emerged even stronger as exemplified by the new U.S. missions in both countries. 赖斯说,虽然基地组织的袭击破坏了两个使馆,但是没能破坏把美国人与肯尼亚及坦桑尼亚人民连结在一起的纽带,她说,这一纽带甚至更为牢固,美国在这两个国家的新使馆充分体现了这一点。The State Department event also included emotional remarks by survivors of the attacks, including Dudley Sims, a former public affairs officer at the Dar es Salaam embassy. He said the terrorist attacks, however devastating, did not succeed, in that they did not break the spirit of their many victims. 在国务院的纪念活动中,这两次袭击的生还者也发表了充满的谈话,其中之一是曾在达累斯萨拉姆担任公众事务官员的西姆斯。他说,这两起恐怖袭击虽然伤害很大,但是并没有成功,因为它们没能挫败许多受害者的精神力量。"That vicious assault could not break our resolve," said Sims. "They could not destroy our morale. They could not change our focus. They are the ones who are running. And we will catch them all and bring them to justice."  西姆斯说:“那恶毒的袭击不能摧毁我们的决心。他们不能挫败我们的士气。他们不能改变我们的目标。逃窜的是他们,而我们将把他们一网打尽并绳之以法。”President Bush, in a statement on tour in Asia, said the embassy strikes were brutal examples of the indiscriminate nature of al-Qaida's tactics. He said the anniversary underscores the need to confront terrorists, to work with allies to bring them to justice, and to prevent such attacks from happening again. 布什总统在亚洲访问的旅途上发表的声明中说,针对两个使馆的袭击显示了基地组织肆无忌惮的野蛮阴谋本质。他说,这次周年纪念突显我们有必要抗击恐怖分子并与盟友协作把他们绳之以法,以阻止这类袭击再次发生。There has been criticism, renewed on the anniversary, that U.S. compensation for victims of the twin attacks has been inadequate. 在这次纪念活动中,人们再次提出批评说,美国对这双重袭击的受难者的补偿不够。The State Department said before the memorial event asserting that families of the American victims have received all benefits they are eligible for under current law. It said more than million has been spent on medical care, rehabilitation and other help for African victims, survivors and their families. 国务院曾在这次纪念活动前坚持说,美国受难者的家属根据现行法律已经得到他们所能得到的一切福利待遇。国务院说,已经为美国受害者、生还者及其家属的医疗、康复等照顾措施花费了四千万美元。200808/45638Water Diverted from Swollen Mississippi River to Protect New Orleans密西西比河水位上涨至近年最高点  The Mississippi river, which drains more than 40 percent of North America's river flow into the Gulf of Mexico, is at its highest point in years, leading to concern that levees protecting the city of New Orleans could be compromised. A few weeks ago, the same conditions farther upstream caused widesp flooding in the Midwest. Officials of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have taken steps to protect the city by diverting water around it. 美国密西西比河水位已上涨到了近年来的最高点。最终归入墨西哥湾的密西西比河囊括了美国40%河流量。河水的上涨引发了有关新奥尔良河堤可能决堤的担忧。几个星期之前,类似的灾情曾在上游地区发生造成中西部大片地区的水灾。美国陆军工兵部队已经在采取措施,对新奥尔良周围的河流分流。The fortunes of New Orleans have always been tied to the river, but the river can also pose a threat. 河流给新奥尔良带来财富,但同时也可能带来威胁。Officials in and around New Orleans are keeping a close eye on river levels this spring as water from snow melt and heavy rains up north flow down through the Missouri, the Ohio and other rivers that connect with the Mississippi. 今年春天,新奥尔良与周遭城镇的官员正在密切注意河流水位。北方积雪的溶化,加上大雨带来的降水一同注入密苏里河、俄亥俄河等跟密西西比河交汇的河流。In order to reduce the river level around New Orleans, officials are directing some of the freshwater of the Mississippi through the Bonnet Carre spillway northwest of the city into Lake Ponchartrain, a brackish-water lake that is connected with the Gulf of Mexico.  为了降低新奥尔良附近河流的水位,政府官员正在将密西西比河的淡水疏导到庞恰特雷恩湖当中。Lee Guillory, the Natural Disaster Manager for the Army Corps of Engineers in New Orleans, says this does disrupt the natural ecology of the lake, but only for a while. 新奥尔良陆军工兵部队自然灾害部的主任吉洛伊说,这样的确会影响湖的自然生态,不过这仅仅是暂时的:"When we do a diversion through Lake Ponchartrain it does cause some temporary changes to the lake and to the fisheries in that area, but it is only a temporary measure. It also mimics the natural flows that used to occur many years ago when the levees were not here. It pushes some of the salt water fisheries further out and a few more fresh water fisheries appear in Lake Ponchartrain, but it is only a temporary measure and it will return back to normal in a few months after the structure is closed and it will not cause any long term adverse effects to the environment," explains Guillory. “分流到庞恰特雷恩湖的确对会湖内的鱼群生态造成某些暂时影响。这跟多年前还没有兴建河堤时,河水自然流入这个湖的情况相似。这会让某些咸水鱼群向外迁徙,而有些淡水鱼群则出现在湖中。但这仅是暂时的情况,几个月工程停止之后就会恢复正常,不会造成对环境长期的负面影响。”Even with the diversion of water, the river flow is much faster than normal, which Guillory says can be a problem for boat and barge operators. 即使经过疏导,但是密西西比河水流速度依旧比平常要快。吉洛伊说这对中小型船只造成问题:"It does cause quite a few problems for the navigation industry when the river is this high because the current gets swifter, it gets wider and faster, and to maintain steerage, they have keep their speed up going downstream," he said. "Likewise, when they are going upstream, it takes additional horsepower and more tug to push the same amount of load that they would push in a normal river, a slack river." “这的确对航运业造成一些问题。当水位这么高的时候,水流变得又快又猛,顺流航行时必须加速才能控制住船。同样的道理,当逆流而上时也要加大马力。同样的负载,拖船比在正常水流情况下承担更大的负荷。”The Corps of Engineers also maintains the levees that protect the city from being flooded by a surge from a hurricane, such as happened nearly three years ago when Hurricane Katrina passed through. 陆军工兵师团同时也负责维护河堤,使新奥尔良不受类似近3年前卡特里娜飓风那样的水灾侵袭。But Lee Guillory says efforts to strengthen the levees to withstand a once-in-a-century storm are on track. 吉洛伊说,他们已经在加固河堤,使其足以抵御百年罕见的水灾:"The city is in fairly good shape," he said. "We have restored most of it to the authorized height and depth, but we are also going beyond that and have made commitments to increase it to the 100-year-level of protection by the year 2011." “新奥尔良的状况不错。我们已经将河堤大部分修复到规定的高度与宽度。但是我们的努力并不仅仅就是这些,我们同时计划在2011年之前,把河堤加固到可以抵御百年防洪罕见洪灾的标准。”Water is the life blood of this area, but it takes constant vigilance and effort to keep it in its place.  水是当地的命脉,但也需要不断提高警惕和不懈的努力来使之不至泛滥成灾。 200804/36654抚顺市包皮手术价钱

抚顺龟头炎的治疗的费用1 提出索赔3句英文任你选We regret to inform you that the goods are not in accordance with your samples.很遗憾通知贵方,到货与样品不符。We regret to inform you that we must lodge a claim against you about the quality.很遗憾地告诉贵方我们要对货品质量投诉。The quality of this consignment is far from being satisfactory.交付的货物质量远不能令人满意。半个句型要记牢regret to inform you that. .. (很遗憾地告诉你……)Tip:regret to do表示对要做的事感到遗憾,可译为;很遗憾……;。如:I do not regret to have been apt really however unable love arrives at final. (我不后悔真爱过只是不能爱到最后。) inform表示;通知,告诉;的意思,固定搭配有 inform sb. of s由.(告知某人某事) , inform sb. That (告知某人……)而 regret doing则是指对已经做过了的事表示遗憾或惋惜。 /201605/434149抚顺石化总医院地址 抚顺霉菌尿道炎治疗

抚顺清原县妇幼保健院网上预约咨询US, China Cooperate on Disease Prevention in Quake Zone美卫生部长访华助中国防止疫情 The U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt says the ed States is helping China work to prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases following this week's massive earthquake. 美国卫生与公众务部长莱维特说,美国正在帮助中国努力防止星期一发生大地震后爆发传染病疫情。Secretary Leavitt is in China to discuss food and drug safety. The topic has recently been pushed to the forefront because of reports that tainted ingredients from China, used in the blood thinning drug heparin, led to the deaths of dozens of people in the ed States and other countries. 莱维特部长访问中国,讨论食品和药品安全问题。这个问题最近已经成为当务之急,因为有报导说,从中国进口的受到污染的化学原料被用于生产血液稀释药物肝素,导致美国和其它国家几十名患者死亡。Since Monday's earthquake, though, the secretary said Chinese officials he met with in Beijing and Shanghai this week had other, more urgent, things they wanted to discuss. 然而莱维特说,自从星期一中国发生大地震以来,他这个星期在北京和上海会晤的中国官员希望和他讨论另外一个更为紧迫的话题。"I met with the Minister of Science and Technology today," said Leavitt. "He asked for some advice from people within our department on how to contain infectious disease, during the period following this kind of natural disaster. When the systems break down, infectious disease is one of the concerns that we all have." 他说:“我今天曾与中国科技部部长会晤。他向我们部的一些专家请教了在发生重大自然灾害之后如何遏制传染性疾病传播的建议。当正常的系统受到破坏之后,我们都会担心传染病问题。” Leavitt said as the days pass after a disaster, local epidemics become increasing problems. He said the Chinese were especially interested in hearing how the U.S. government fought infectious diseases following Hurricane Katrina. 莱维特表示,在自然灾害发生后的若干天,地区性疫情的问题会越来越多。他说,中国特别感兴趣的是了解美国政府如何在卡特里娜飓风袭击之后防止发生流行病。"We assembled the experts who have significant experience in that area, and this afternoon, we began the process of those consultations," Leavitt said. 他说:“我们挑选了在这个领域特别有经验的专家,今天下午,我们开始了咨询工作。”The U.S. official praised the Chinese government's response to the disaster, saying it is clear to him that Beijing has mobilized all of its available resources. 美国官员赞扬中国政府对这场灾难做出的反应。莱维特说,在他看来,很明显北京已经动用了所有可用的资源。On the issue of the tainted heparin, Leavitt said both U.S. and Chinese scientists agree that the questionable samples were contaminated. He said there is less agreement, though, on whether the adulterated elements actually caused the deaths. 关于肝素污染问题,莱维特说,美国和中国科学家一致认为,有问题的样本受到了污染。他说双方争议比较大的是,这种掺假的成分是否造成了人员死亡。 200805/39242 UN General Assembly to Ask ICJ for Ruling on Kosovo Independence联合国要求法庭对科索沃独立表态The U.N. General Assembly has voted to ask the International Court of Justice to give an advisory opinion on whether Kosovo's declaration of independence from Serbia earlier this year conforms to international law.联合国大会投票表决要求国际法庭对科索沃今年年初宣布从塞尔维亚独立是否符合国际法提出参考性意见。The vote in the General Assembly was 77 in favor, 74 abstentions and six against.联大就这一提案的表决结果是77票赞成,74票弃权,6票反对。Many of the countries abstaining or voting against the resolution referring the matter to the court said they were doing so because they felt Serbia was putting an essentially political issue before a judicial body. 对把这一问题提交国际法庭投弃权票或者反对票的许多国家表示,他们这样做是因为他们觉得塞尔维亚把一个基本上属于政治方面的问题交给了一个法律机构。Located at The Hague, the International Court of Justice is the primary judicial organ of the ed Nations.设在海牙的国际法庭是联合国的主要法律机构。The ed States was one of the six countries that voted against the resolution. Representative Rosemary DiCarlo said asking the court for an advisory opinion on this question would be both "unnecessary and unhelpful" and said the ed States is confident that recognition of Kosovo's independence by an increasing number of countries is consistent with international law. 美国等六个国家投了反对票。众议员迪卡罗表示,要求国际法庭就科索沃独立是否符合国际法提出参考性意见既“没有必要也无助于事”。美国相信,越来越多的国家承认科索沃独立是符合国际法的。"As a practical matter, Kosovo's independence is an irreversible matter. Forty-eight countries have recognized Kosovo as an independent state, including 22 of the 27 members of the European Union," she said.迪卡罗说:“从实际出发,科索沃独立是个不可逆转的事实。世界上已经有48个国家承认科索沃独立,包括欧盟27个成员国中的22个国家。”But South Africa, which voted in favor of the resolution, said recognition is not the end of the story. 不过南非表示,承认科索沃独立不是事情的最终结果,南非对这项议案投了赞成票。南非常驻联合国代表库马洛说。"While it may be true that 48 countries have recognized Kosovo, it is also important to note that 144 countries of this assembly have not taken that decision," said Ambassador Dumisani Kumalo.库马洛说:“48个国家已经承认科索沃独立这也许不假,但是需要特别指出的是,联合国大会中还有144个国家尚未做出那样的决定,这点非常重要。”Britain abstained from the vote, and afterwards, Ambassador John Sawers said that while his government strongly supports the court, it questioned the purpose of seeking a non-binding opinion on this matter.英国投了弃权票。投票之后,英国常驻联合国代表索尔斯表示,尽管英国政府坚决持国际法庭,但是英国对在这个问题上寻求一项没有约束力的意见究竟是什么目的提出质疑。"We question the utility of the question that has been proposed by Serbia. An advisory opinion cannot in itself be determinative of Kosovo's status," he said. 索尔斯说:“我们对塞尔维亚提出这一要求的用意提出疑问。一项参考性的意见实质上并不能决定科索沃的地位问题。”Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic introduced the resolution to the Assembly and said voting against it would mean that nothing could be done when secessionists anywhere asserted the uniqueness of their cause. 塞尔维亚外交部长耶雷米奇向联合国大会提出这项议案,并表示对这项议案投反对票意味着任何地方的分离主义人士只要利用他们的独特理由,我们就毫无办法。Last week, Kosovo's Foreign Minister, Skender Hyseni, told reporters at the ed Nations that adoption of this resolution could harm future relations between Kosovo and Serbia, and could slow recognition of his country by some other capitals.上星期,科索沃外长希塞尼在联合国对记者说,通过这项决议会伤害科索沃跟塞尔维亚未来的关系,还有可能推迟其它国家政府对科索沃的承认。Analysts say a ruling from the International Court of Justice on this issue could take between one and two years. Some diplomats expressed concern that such a delay is not in the interest of stabilizing the southern Balkans.分析人士认为,国际法庭对这项议案做出裁决可能需要一年到两年时间。一些外交人士表示担心,拖延这么长时间不利于巴尔干南部地区的稳定。200810/52430抚顺割包皮手术医院抚顺市东洲医院在哪个区



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