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Chinese police detained two teachers in China#39;s coastal Zhejiang province after photos in which the pair appeared to have physically abused students were posted online amid aly simmering anger over child abuse in schools.中国警方拘留了中国浙江省的两名教师。此前,两人对学生进行身体虐待的照片被传到了网上,令公众对学校虐童行为的愤怒进一步升级。 China#39;s state-run Xinhua News Agency reported Thursday that officials detained one of the teachers, surnamed Yan, on suspicion of causing a public disturbance after a photo posted online showed her smiling as she lifted a child off the ground by his ears.Xinhua该网页截图显示的是导致两名浙江教师被拘留的照片之一。中国国有媒体新华社周四报道说,其中一名教师颜艳红已经因涉嫌寻衅滋事被刑拘。此前,这名教师面带笑容拎着一个孩子双耳将孩子提离地面的照片在网上传播。 The other teacher, accused of taking and uploading the picture, has been put under seven-day administrative detention, Xinhua said.新华社报道说,另一名被指拍摄和上传了这些照片的教师被行政拘留七日。 Education officials in Wenling, a city within Zhejiang province, said they plan to launch an investigation of the incident and will ensure that child abuse is not widesp in the local school system, according to a statement from the Wenling Board of Education.根据温岭市教育委员会的一份声明,温岭市教育局的官员表示,他们计划对此事进行调查,将确保虐童事件在当地学校系统不会普遍存在。Photos of the teacher lifting the child by his ears, and additional photos showing children stuffed into trash cans and with taped mouths and hands, were reposted thousands of times on China#39;s most popular social media site Sina Weibo, triggering widesp public anger and discussion about corporal punishment in the country#39;s classrooms.这名教师“拎耳朵”的照片以及其他的儿童被头朝下塞进垃圾桶、用胶带封嘴和粘住手臂的照片在新浪微上被大量转发,引发了网民对中国学校体罚学生现象的广泛愤怒和热烈讨论。 #39;The quality of teachers is eroding,#39; wrote Ji Mo, a Sina Weibo user in the northeastern city of Qingdao. #39;I still remember the humiliation of corporal punishment in my first grade math class; I never liked math.#39;青岛的一名新浪微用户说,老师队伍的质量在下降,我还记得一年级上数学课时受到体罚的屈辱感觉,我一直讨厌数学。The incident is only one in a spate of recent acts of classroom violence against children. Earlier this week, officials in China#39;s northern Shanxi province detained a teacher who had ignited a similar uproar after she was captured on surveillance camera repeatedly slapping a five-year old on the face, according to a separate report from Xinhua.这起事件只是最近爆出的一系列教室暴力事件之一。新华社的另一则报道称,本周早些时候,中国山西省的相关部门拘留了一名引发类似轩然的教师,监控摄像头发现,这名教师狂扇一名五岁儿童耳光。 There is scarce current data on the prevalence of corporal punishment in China#39;s education system. A 2004 survey of 528 Chinese students found that 58% had received corporal punishment, according to the ed Nations Children#39;s Fund. The survey ( pdf) noted that the students reported having been kicked, hit and beaten with objects.目前有关中国的教育体系中体罚现象的普遍程度的数据非常稀少。据联合国儿童基金会(ed Nations Children#39;s Fund, 简称: UNICEF)说,2004年对528名中国学生的调查显示,58%的学生遭受过体罚。这份调查指出,有学生说自己被老师踢打,或是被老师用什么东西殴打。 An increase in the number of violent incidents against school children prompted China#39;s Ministry of Education in June to propose a national ban against corporal punishment, Xinhua said, adding that the proposal should guarantee students#39; rights and avoid restrictions on personal freedom.新华社报道说,由于虐童事件的增多,中国教育部6月提议在全国禁止体罚学生,并补充说,应该保障学生的各种权利不受到非法侵害,杜绝限制学生人身自由的行为。 An existing law known as the #39;Law on the Protection of Minors,#39; aly prohibits corporal punishment in Chinese schools, though not in private homes, according to UNICEF.联合国儿童基金会指出,中国当前的《未成年人保护法》已经禁止学校体罚学生,不过对发生在家庭中的体罚没有做出规定。 /201210/206192

1. Slow down. Usually health starts failing because you’re going too fast. We tend to think that we’ll get healthier by going faster, but I’ve found the opposite is true. We run all day, and this makes us tired. When we’re tired we tend to eat worse, and we want to drink, this is a vicious cycle. Health and rest are intertwined. Stop moving so fast before everything else can begin.1. 放慢速度。通常健康之所垮掉是因为你的节奏太快。我们通常认为节奏越快,我们会变得更健康,但是我发现慢节奏才是。我们每天都会跑步,这使得我们很很累。当我们很累时,我们会暴饮暴食,这就形成了一个恶性循环。健康和休息是错综复杂的。在我们行动之前放慢脚步吧。 /201004/101826

  Wine is a funny market, one where most consumers really have no idea what they#39;re doing.葡萄酒市场的情况很滑稽,在这一市场上大多数消费者实际上并不清楚他们正在做什么。In blind taste tests, the typical non-expert wine drinker tends to prefer the taste of cheaper wines (but experts prefer more expensive wines.) And when average consumers are told the price of the wine, they tend to believe more expensive wine tastes better than cheaper wine.如果蒙上眼睛对葡萄酒进行测试品尝,典型的非专家品酒人往往会偏爱价格较为低廉的葡萄酒(但品酒专家们则偏爱较为昂贵的葡萄酒)。而当普通消费者被告知他们所品评葡萄酒的价格时,他们往往会认为价格较贵的葡萄酒比价格较便宜的葡萄酒味道好。It#39;s worth keeping this in mind as China investigates whether European wineries are #39;dumping#39; their product onto the Chinese market (a move that European analysts believe is just retaliation against the French government for backing import duties on Chinese solar panels). Are Chinese consumers looking for the best-tasting wine for their yuan? Or do they, like their Western counterparts, often buy a particular bottle of wine because it is more expensive?在中国开始调查欧洲的葡萄酒厂商是否正在向中国市场“倾销”其产品时,了解这一点是有必要的。(欧洲的分析人士认为,中国此举只是为了报复法国政府,因为它持欧盟对中国太阳能电池板加征关税。)中国消费者是在寻找口味最好的葡萄酒呢?还是像西方人一样,他们常常因为哪瓶酒更贵而买下它?If it#39;s the latter, cutting the price of exports to China might not move more bottles off store shelves. So, why would you dump your product if suckers um, consumers are willing to buy as much maybe even more! at a higher price? If you#39;re like me, you never buy the cheapest bottle of wine at a restaurant or store. Not because you can taste the difference, but because you don#39;t want to look cheap.如果情况是后者,给出口到中国的葡萄酒降价可能无助于增加在中国的葡萄酒销量。这样说来,如果葡萄酒售价更高消费者反而有可能买得更多,你为何还要在市场上倾销自己的葡萄酒产品呢?如果你像我一样,你就从来不会在餐馆或商店购买最廉价的葡萄酒,这倒不是因为你能品尝出不同价格的葡萄酒在口感上会有什么差异,而是你不想让人觉得你只买得起便宜货。Wine isn#39;t the only market that behaves this way. For example, U.S. liberal arts colleges that raise their tuition appear to experience higher demand from future applicants, i.e. price has become a signal for quality.并非只有葡萄酒市场才存在这种购买行为。比如说,美国那些上调了学费的文理学院,似乎收到了更多的入学申请,也就是说,在这里价格成了质量的象征。These considerations aside, do the data support the charge of dumping? Well, France accounts for the vast majority of exports to China, and the pattern of French exports to China don#39;t show the tell-tale signs of dumping:撇开这层考虑不说,真的有数据来持有关欧洲在中国倾销葡萄酒的指控吗?诚然,欧洲出口到中国的葡萄酒大部分来自法国,但从法国对华葡萄酒出口的情况看,却找不到倾销的迹象。French exports have soared but the price has stayed roughly the same. Unless the production costs of French wineries have also soared, it#39;s difficult to see how French wineries are now selling below production costs (an element of dumping), when they weren#39;t doing that before. Or maybe the Chinese allege French wineries have always been dumping?法国的对华葡萄酒出口量虽然大幅飙升,但葡萄酒价格却一直大体维持稳定。除非法国葡萄酒厂商的生产成本已有大幅增长,否则人们难以理解为何他们以前没有以低于成本价在中国出售葡萄酒,而现在却是在这么做。(以低于成本价销售是构成倾销的一个要件。)抑或中国人是在指称法国葡萄酒厂商一直在中国搞倾销?More plausibly, sales of European wine have followed the trend of other luxury goods in China: The country#39;s burgeoning middle class and nouveau riche want to spend more of their new-found wealth on French wine, German cars and other brand-name Western goods.更大的可能是,欧洲葡萄酒的在华销售遵循了其他奢侈品在中国的销售趋势:中国迅速壮大的中产阶级和暴发户想花更高的价钱来购买法国葡萄酒、德国轿车和其他西方名牌产品。 /201306/243091



  Eighty-three percent of American physicians have considered leaving their practices over President Barack Obama#39;s health care reform law, according to a survey released by the Doctor Patient Medical Association.美国医患医学会的一项调查显示,83%的美国医生因奥巴马总统的医疗改革法案考虑放弃从医。The DPMA, a non-partisan association of doctors and patients, surveyed a random selection of 699 doctors nationwide. The survey found that the majority have thought about bailing out of their careers over the legislation, which was upheld last month by the Supreme Court.美国医患医学会是一个由医患双方组成的非党派组织,该组织随机调查了全国699名医生,发现他们当中的多数都曾因上月才刚由最高法院通过的医改法案考虑过结束其职业生涯。Even if doctors do not quit their jobs over the ruling, America will face a shortage of at least 90,000 doctors by 2020. The new health care law increases demand for physicians by expanding insurance coverage. This change will exacerbate the current shortage as more Americans live past 65.即便医生们不会因为该法案放弃执业,美国到2020年仍将面临至少9万名医生短缺。新医改法案扩大了医疗保险范围,导致对医生需求的增加。而这种变化将加剧当下的医生短缺,因为活到65岁以上的美国老人越来越多。By 2025 the shortage will balloon to over 130,000, Len Marquez, the director of government relations at the American Association of Medical Colleges, told The Daily Caller.美国医学院协会政府关系主管伦恩#8226;马奎斯告诉《每日通话》网站记者,到2025年美国医生短缺人数更将暴增至13万人。;One of our primary concerns is that you#39;ve got an aging physician workforce and you have these new beneficiaries - these newly insured people - coming through the system,; he said. ;There will be strains and there will be physician shortages.;他说:;我们担心的主要问题之一是医生的整体年龄越来越大,新获得医保福利的人却大量涌进医疗系统,这势必造成压力,医生也会供不应求。;The DPMA found that many doctors do not believe the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will lead to better access to medical care for the majority of Americans, co-founder of the DPMA Kathryn Serkes told TheDC.美国医患医学会的共同创办人凯斯琳#8226;塞克斯告诉《每日通话》说,医患医学会发现很多医生并不相信《患者保护与平价医疗法案》能让大多数美国人更容易获得医疗务。;Doctors clearly understand what Washington does not — that a piece of paper that says you are ;covered; by insurance or ;enrolled; in Medicare or Medicaid does not translate to actual medical care when doctors can#39;t afford to see patients at the lowball payments, and patients have to jump through government and insurance company bureaucratic hoops,; she said.她说:;医生们都很清楚联邦政府漠视的现实——政府允许的医疗费标准低得让医生无法承担,病人也面对政府和保险公司的种种官僚障碍,此时,即使有一纸法案规定你拥有联邦医疗保险或医疗补助福利,仍无法保你就能获得医疗务。;The American Medical Association, which endorsed Obama#39;s health care overhaul, was not able to immediately offer comment on the survey. Spokesperson Heather Lasher Todd said it would take time to review the information in the survey.曾对奥巴马医改表示赞同的美国医学协会还未能来得及对此调查发表。协会发言人希瑟#8226;莱修#8226;托德表示,审阅调查中的信息需要一些时间。Janelle Davis of the American Academy of Family Physicians said the AAFP could not provide thoughtful commentary without studying the survey#39;s findings and methodology.美国家庭医师学会的加内尔#8226;戴维斯说,在对调查结果和调查方法进行必要的研究之前,学会无法对此给出恰当的。 /201207/190150

  1. 丹麦(Denmark) - 4.242. 波多黎各(Puerto Rico) - 4.213. 哥伦比亚(Colombia) - 4.184. 冰岛(Iceland) - 4.155. 北爱尔兰(N Ireland) - 4.136. 爱尔兰(Ireland)- 4.127. 瑞士(Switzerland)- 3.968. 荷兰(Netherlands)- 3.779. 加拿大(Canada) - 3.7610. 奥地利(Austria) - 3.68……16. 美国(U.S.A) - 3.55……43. 日本(Japan) - 2.24……48. 台湾(Taiwan) - 1.8349. 德国(Germany)- 1.78……54. 中国(China) - 1.64……63. 香港(Hongkong) - 1.16……97. 津巴布韦(Zimbabwe) - 1.92 /200909/84053

  Training staffers to become leadersWhen Jason Lutz graduated from college in 1995, he had big plans for Sneaker Villa, his parents' two-store sporting goods business in the suburbs of Reading, Pa. He persuaded them to open a third outpost, in Reading's gritty downtown, and stock it with hip-hop styles, not performance gear. In less than a year the downtown store had generated double the combined revenue of its sister stores. It was the start of a massive makeover. Based in Philadelphia and rebranded Villa, the company today dominates the market for urban fashion in cities across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Ohio. Villa's 2008 sales neared million, and its 25th store opened this year. But Lutz, 35, now CEO, says the company offers more than clothing and footwear. It also strives to strengthen the inner-city neighborhoods where it does business -- beginning in the stores. The company employs 107 full-time and 200 part-time workers, and its staffing policy is as simple as it is ambitious: Hire local kids who understand Villa customers because they are Villa customers, teach them life skills as well as retail skills, and show them a future. Employees who have put in a year of good performance and community service are invited to attend Villa's 12-session management-training program, which covers everything from sales strategies to building connections in a low-income neighborhood. It combines discussions with role-playing exercises that provide hands-on practice in navigating sticky situations. Trainees learn how to settle arguments among employees, soothe unhappy customers and prevent shoplifting. The final class addresses ways to build community partnerships. Fledgling manager Scott Levesque, 30, used that lesson to approach a Salvation Army community center in Philadelphia about teaching teens job-search skills. Levesque taught the class and urged his students to apply for jobs with Villa. In the past four years, 70 employees have completed Villa's program. As a result, 85% of store managers, including 24-year-old Kareem Cathey, have been promoted from within. Cathey took a part-time job with Villa at age 16 and became a full-time employee after graduating from high school. Now he manages a store in Philadelphia's Allegheny neighborhood. Inspired by his training, he plans to return to school to study business management and entrepreneurship. This year Cathey joined about 40 other store managers at Villa's first financial fitness workshop. He says that although he aly knew much of the subject matter -- budgeting, balancing a checkbook, setting financial goals - the class taught him how to discuss money matters with his employees. "I can give them an advance on their paycheck when they have financial problems, but I'd rather tell them how to keep it from happening again," he explains. That's exactly what Lutz hoped would happen. "We can only reach so many people directly, so we try to build strong leaders at the stores who can pass their knowledge on," he says. "Our goal is to leverage the brand to create local jobs, keep local dollars close to home and help people connect with positive community resources. The shoes and clothes just provide a cool entry point." /200909/85182

  Excuse me waiter, there's a shark in my soup The richer societies get, the more finicky they tend to become. Many (including myself) waste half the animal they have had killed on their behalf, refusing to consume its organs, intestines, brain and so on. These parts are often eaten, and sometimes prized, in non-western societies, particularly in Asia. In their willingness to consume almost all the animal, both China and Japan score far better than most western countries. Surely, then, one can't object to eating shark fin? Yet one can and one should. The reasons are to do with conservation and our broader ecosystem. Some species of shark have been depleted by 70 per cent and a few, such as smooth hammerhead, bull sharks and tiger sharks, by 90 per cent or more. Sharks are the ocean's top predators. Their absence causes havoc. Off the east coast of America, sharks used to eat bottom-feeding rays. With shark numbers massively depleted, the rays have had a field day devouring scallops, clams and oysters, rapidly reducing stocks. Once shark fins are dried and in jars, it is all but impossible to tell what kind of shark they came from or whether they were finned. At one store in the Sheung Wan district of Hong Kong, a city where half the world's shark fin is traded, a salesman admits he has no idea whether the fins come from endangered species. His shop does not sell shark meat, and he says it could be true that the carcase is simply tossed into the sea. As well as the cruelty, there is also the incredible waste. The average shark stretches to about 10 bowls of soup. Certainly, shark fin is traditional. As one writer points out, to ask people to stop eating it is the equivalent of suggesting Americans give up turkey for Thanksgiving. There is doubtless a case for banning other types of food, such as some types of caviar and some species of whale. But cultures are not immutable. Traditions change, especially when they are unsustainable. Fortunately, many of the most prominent campaigners against shark fin are Chinese, with Yao Ming, the recently retired basketball sensation, among the most passionate. In Hong Kong, where shark fin used to be de rigueur at Cantonese banquets, many young people refuse to eat it. Besides, sharks have less cachet now they are siphoned from the oceans on an industrial scale. In Canada, more than a few ethnic Chinese couples have made a show of not serving shark fin at their wedding. Judy Lao recently told the Vancouver Province why she didn't have it at her reception. "We don't really care, our friends don't care, and shark fin has no nutritional value anyway," she said. "So why should we serve it?" Why indeed. 社会越是富有,往往就会变得越挑剔。许多人(包括我在内)会浪费掉因为他们而被杀死的动物的一半,我们拒绝食用它们的器官、肠子和脑子等等部位。但在西方之外的社会、尤其是亚洲,人们通常是吃这些的,而且有时还会将其视若珍品。就吃下动物所有部位的意愿而言,中国和日本要远远排在大多数西方国家的前面。 这么说来,想必我们不能反对吃鱼翅了?不,我们可以反对,而且也应当反对。因为这关系到环境保护以及更广泛生态系统的保护。一些种类的鲨鱼数量已减少了70%,少数几个种类的数量减少了90%,例如平双髻鲨、牛鲨和 虎鲨。鲨鱼是位于海洋食物链最顶端的捕食者。若没有它们,生态系统会发生混乱。在美国东海岸附近,鲨鱼通 常以在水底觅食的魟鱼为食。由于鲨鱼数量急剧减少,魟鱼就会趁机吃掉很多扇贝、蛤蜊和牡蛎,使这些物种的 数量迅速减少。 鲨鱼的鳍一旦被晒干并放入罐里,便几乎无可判断它们来自哪种鲨鱼,或者是否是被割下来的。在鱼翅交易量占 全球一半的香港,上环区一家商店的一位销售人员坦承,他不清楚店里的鱼翅是否来自濒危鲨鱼。他的店里不卖 鲨鱼肉,并且他表示,鲨鱼的尸体被直接抛回海里可能是真事。岂止是残忍,这也是一种巨大的浪费。平均每条鲨鱼只能加工出大约10碗鱼翅汤。 不错,鱼翅是一种传统食物。正如一位作家所指出的那样,要求人们不吃鱼翅就好比让美国人过感恩节时不要吃火鸡。我们无疑有理由禁止食用其它食物,比如某类鱼子酱和某些种类的鲸。但文化也不是一成不变的。传统会发生变化,尤其是当它们难以为继的时候。 值得庆幸的是,在反对吃鱼翅的最著名活动人士之中,许多都是中国人,比如近期退役的篮球明星姚明,就是行动最积极的人士之一。在香港,鱼翅曾是粤宴上的必备菜肴,但如今许多青年人拒绝食用鱼翅。此外,在捕杀鲨鱼实现工业化规模的今天,鱼翅的身价已大不如前。 在加拿大,许多对华裔夫妇已做出表率,在婚宴上不供应鱼翅。Judy Lao最近向《温哥华省报(Vancouver Province)解释了,为什么她的婚宴没有上鱼翅。“我们并不介意这些,我们的朋友也不介意,再说鱼翅根本也没有什么营养价值,”她表示。“所以,我们为什么要上鱼翅呢?”确实,这有什么必要呢? /201110/157302。

  Teachers have been dubbed "gardener", "engineers of human souls" and is respected by the whole society as a career.教师被人们称为“园丁”、“人类灵魂的工程师”,是受到全社会尊重的一种职业。January 21, 1985, the Ninth Meeting of the Sixth NPC Standing Committee decided that each year on September 10 as Teacher's Day. Teacher's Day scheduled for September 10, to consider the new school year, as new weather, the teachers have new feeling. Iraq began full admission of respecting teachers, teachers can teach and students can learn to create a good atmosphere.1985年1月21日,第六届全国人大常委会第九次会议决定,每年9月10日为教师节。定教师节为 9月10日,是考虑到新学年开始,学校要有新的气象,师生要有新的感觉。新生入学伊饱即开始尊师重教活动,可以给教师教好、学生学好创造良好的气氛。Meanwhile, a national holiday in September less convenient time to focus on all aspects of organizational activities and highlight reports, attaching importance to the promotion of the country, respect for knowledge and talent of the good society as a whole.同时,9月份全国性节日少,便于各方面集中时间组织活动和突出宣传报道、促进全国范围内形成尊师重教、尊重知识、尊重人才的良好社会风尚。教师节祝福语:We all like having you as our teacher. You have our respect and gratefulness.我们喜欢您做我们的老师,我们尊敬您、感激您。We are more thankful than we can express.对您的谢意,我们无法用语言来表达。You have been a qualified teachers and even better friend. Thank you for all that you have done.您不仅是一位合格的教师,更是一位好朋友,谢谢您所做的一切。Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.教育不是灌满一桶水,而是点燃一团生命的火焰。The man who can make hard things easy is the educator.能使艰难之事变得容易的人是教育者。Send you our everlasting feeling of gratefulness and thankfulness on this special day.在这特别的日子谨向您致以我们永恒的感激之情。It is the most appropriate time to show you our thanks.现在是向您表达感激之情最为恰当的时刻。This small gift is only a tiny token of our gratefulness. We all want to thank you.这件小小的礼物略表我们的感激之情。我们大家都很感谢您。I am truly grateful to you for what you have done.我深深地感激您所做的一切。 /200909/83772

  Francis II dies1560 - Francis II of France dies and is succeeded by Charles IX of France.历史上的今天:弗朗西斯二世去世1560年的今天,法兰西弗朗西斯二世去世,法兰西的查尔斯九世继位。California gold rush1848 - California gold rush: In a message before the U.S. Congress, US President James K. Polk confirms that large amounts of gold had been discovered in California.历史上的今天:加利福尼亚淘金热1848年的今天,加利福尼亚淘金热:在美国国会前宣布的一条消息中,美国总统詹姆斯 K·波尔卡实在加利福尼亚州已发掘出大量的黄金。Prohibition ends1933 - Prohibition ends: Utah becomes the 36th U.S. state to ratify the Twenty-first Amendment to the ed States Constitution, thus establishing the required 75% of states needed to enact the amendment (this overturned the 18th Amendment which had outlawed alcohol in the ed States).历史上的今天:禁酒令结束1933年的今天,禁酒令结束:犹他州成为美国第36个批准美国宪法第二十一修正案的州,也因此使颁布此项修正案的州的比例确立为75%(推翻了宣布在美国境内的任何酒精均为非法的第十八条修正案)。Flight 191945 - Flight 19, a squadron of five U.S. Navy TBF Avenger bombers on a training flight out of Fort Lauderdale, is lost in the Bermuda Triangle.历史上的今天:第19号飞行1945年的今天,神秘的“第19号飞行”,美国海军5架TBF—3鱼雷攻击机从福特·劳德达海军机场起飞进行出海训练飞行,在百慕大魔鬼三角区失踪。 /201012/120019


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