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南昌同济医院激光去眼袋南昌县人民医院去痘多少钱The writer Charlotte Druckman and the photographer Melanie Dunea spend Sunday evenings at New York City dining establishments to find out what’s new with the people behind them.作家夏洛特·德鲁克曼(Charlotte Druckman)和摄影师梅勒妮·杜尼亚(Melanie Dunea)周日夜晚在纽约市的一些名牌餐馆寻找美食新动向。You’d think the final night of a restaurant’s existence would be a sad one. This was not the case at Family Recipe on Sunday evening. “It’s a little crazy,” said the chef and owner Akiko Thurnauer, who excused herself from kitchen duty to enjoy the company of friends and loyal customers who stopped by to bid farewell to her culinary hideout on Eldridge Street. Final orders of fried chicken wings, duck-filled pot stickers and steamed buns and crunchy, golden-brown potatoes were greedily gobbled, last-supper style. Sake glasses and wooden boxes were raised, bottles of rosé — marked half-off for the occasion — drained.你可能认为一个餐馆的最后一晚应该是悲哀的。但是家族秘伝(Family Recipe)餐馆周日晚上的情况并非如此。“有点疯狂,”大厨、老板明子·特诺(Akiko Thurnauer)说。她放下在厨房的责任,去享受朋友和忠诚顾客的陪伴,他们前来向这个隐藏在埃尔德里奇街的餐馆告别。最后一次点炸鸡翅、鸭肉锅贴、包子和金黄色的松脆土豆,吃起来狼吞虎咽,颇有最后晚餐的感觉。装清酒的玻璃杯和木箱被举起,一瓶瓶玫瑰葡萄酒被喝光——为了这个场合,葡萄酒打五折。“Sunday is kind of a weird night here,” Thurnauer noted. “Sometimes it’s really busy, sometimes really quiet, and sometimes you see amazing people,” she added, noting that celebrities were more inclined to drop by at the end of the weekend when they could keep a low profile.“在这里,周日是个古怪的夜晚,”特诺说,“有时很忙,有时很安静,有时你能看到不可思议的人。”她说名人们更喜欢在周末结束时来这里,因为那时候不太会引人注意。Trained as a graphic designer, the Tokyo native arrived in New York 18 years ago and enrolled in an E.S.L. program at Hunter College while working as a bartender. She constantly threw dinner parties and dreamed of doing the same for a larger audience. In 2004, she decided to get some professional training and landed a job at Nobu. After that and a couple of other food-related stints, she finally opened Family Recipe in September of 2011. And it’s been a learning curve ever since.明子是东京人,曾接受平面设计培训,18年前来到纽约,在亨特学院上非母语英语教学课程,同时做酒保。她不时承办宴会派对,梦想着能招待更多人。2004年,她决定接受职业培训,在Nobu餐馆找到了一份工作。之后她又短期做过几份与食品有关的工作,最终于2011年9月开设了家族秘伝餐馆。从那以后,这个餐馆一直在学习中成长。First, she realized her food was too avant-garde for the Lower East Side. “The neighborhood wants comfort food,” she said, explaining that she toned down her more eclectic for local tastes. Then Thurnauer learned another lesson: that reality is very different from the fantasy of owning a restaurant. She found that juggling motherhood (she has 6-year-old twin girls), managing a business and working the line took her away from the joy of cooking, something she hopes to get back now that the restaurant is closed. She’s keeping her lease and will use the space for her catering operation. From time to time, she may entertain the idea of a pop-up supper. Stay tuned.首先,她发现自己的食物对下东区来说太前卫了。“这个社区想要舒熟悉的食物,”她说。她解释说为了适应当地人的口味,她把菜单调整得更折中。然后特纳得到了另一个教训:你会对拥有一家餐馆抱有幻想,但现实却非常不同。她发现在做母亲(她有两个6岁的双胞胎女儿)、经营生意和工作之间周旋让她失去了烹饪的乐趣,她希望关闭餐馆后能找回它的乐趣。她还会继续租这个店,用它来进行酒席承办业务。她或许会时不时地供应临时性晚餐。请继续关注。 /201407/313390南昌第三人民医院激光点痣多少钱 江西省去眼袋手术多少钱

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南昌市蓝光祛痘多少钱 Stolen sheets, snoring and hot flashes are just some of the annoyances that lead a quarter of U.S. couples to sleep apart, according to the National Sleep Foundation. But do the benefits of sharing a bed outweigh such costs? One neurologist, Rachel E. Salas, the assistant medical director for the Johns Hopkins Center for Sleep, shares her expert opinion. 据全美睡眠基金会(National Sleep Foundation)说,美国有四分之一的夫妇分床而睡,而对方喜欢抢被子、有打呼噜的毛病以及自己感觉潮热只是其中的部分原因。但是同床而眠的好处是否大于上述坏处呢?约翰#12539;霍普金斯大学睡眠中心助理医学主任、神经学家萨拉斯(Rachel E. Salas)从专业的角度给出了她的观点。 Safety, Warmth 安全与温暖 People have slept in the same bed as a family unit for millennia-mainly for warmth and protection from predators and outsiders, says Dr. Salas, who has studied the history of sleep. 从事睡眠历史研究的萨拉斯说,几千年来,家人会睡在同一张床上,原因主要是为了取暖,保护自己不受捕食者和外人的侵袭。 #39;Back in the cave days and even through recent history, many people didn#39;t bathe often or have lots of clothes, so they slept naked. Sleeping together was essential for warmth,#39; she says. 她说,早在穴居人时代,甚至是直到近代,很多人不经常洗澡,没有很多的衣,所以他们会裸睡。同床而眠对保暖非常重要。 Then as now, she says, it is human to feel safer knowing someone is lying close beside you. 她说,和现在一样,那时候如果知道有人躺在你的身边,出于人的本能你会感觉更安全。 The Science of Spooning 同床共枕背后的科学 There have been few scientific studies on couples sleeping together. But experts say oxytocin, the so-called love hormone, is released during many types of touching, including cuddling. Increased oxytocin helps the body relax, reduces blood pressure and promotes healing, Dr. Salas says. It also results in emotional feelings related to affection, security and love. 鲜有科学研究是关于夫妇同床而眠的。但专家们说,催产素,也就是所谓的“爱情荷尔蒙”,会在人们拥抱或做很多其他种抚摸动作时释放出来。萨拉斯说,催产素分泌的增多有助于身体放松,降低血压,促进伤愈。此外,催产素还会使人产生与喜爱、安全和爱慕有关的情感。 A recent study showed a link between quality of sleep and couples#39; daytime interactions. For men, the better the sleep a couple got, the smoother their next-day spousal interactions, Dr. Salas says. For women, less negative interaction with their husbands during the day led to more restful sleep that night. 最近的一项研究显示,睡眠质量与夫妇白天的互动有关。萨拉斯说,对男性来说,夫妻两人睡得越好,第二天夫妻互动就越顺利。对女性来说,白天与丈夫的负面互动越少,当天晚上的睡眠质量就越高。 #39;I can#39;t e any studies, but from my neurology background, I would suspect that having a person that you are the protector for or who protects you nearby increases the release of neurotransmitters involved with good sleep,#39; Dr. Salas says. 萨拉斯说,我无法以任何研究为,但根据我的神经学经验,我怀疑身旁有一个你可以保护的人或可以保护你的人,会增加与良好睡眠有关的神经递质的释放。 Wake-Up Calls 睡眠障碍 Getting quality sleep enhances a person#39;s quality of life, Dr. Salas says. People with sleep disorders, such as apnea, night terrors or sleepwalking, may benefit from having a bed partner who can observe nighttime behaviors and help with a diagnosis. 萨拉斯说,拥有高质量的睡眠可以提高生活质量。患有睡眠呼吸暂停症、夜惊或梦游等睡眠障碍的人若有人与其同睡,可能有好处,因为床伴可以观察其夜间的行为,为诊断提供帮助。 But for some people, sleeping together could do more harm than good: #39;If you wake up often from ambient noises or get hot in your sleep, keeping your bed to yourself may be exactly what you need.#39; 但对一些人来说,同床而眠可能弊大于利:如果你经常因周围环境中的声音而醒来,或在睡觉时感觉燥热,那么一个人睡可能正是你所需要的。 #39;Humans are Social Creatures#39; 人是社会动物 Sleeping apart is a relatively modern phenomenon and varies across cultures, Dr. Salas says. #39;My father is from Mexico and my mom is from Texas, and both of them slept with all of their brothers and sisters when they were growing up,#39; she says. If you go to other countries, whole families still sleep together, she says. #39;Humans are social creatures. We want someone nearby. 萨拉斯说,分床而睡是一种相对现代的现象,不同的文化会有不同的表现。我父亲来自墨西哥,我母亲来自得克萨斯州,他们两人小时候都和兄弟一起睡。她说,如果你去别的国家,有些地方全家人仍睡在一起。人是社会动物。我们希望有人在我们的身旁。 /201311/263743新余市渝水区分宜县激光祛疤多少钱抚州市第一医院打溶脂针多少钱



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