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They chew long into the night.他们一直吃到晚上By the next morning...到了第二天早上Good morning.早上好..The diet leaves them decidedly dissatisfied.这样的饮食只会让他们感到失意..Sausage sandwiches. - Sausage sandwiches?香肠三明治 -香肠三明治I#39;d kill a sausage sandwich!我要消灭一个香肠三明治I wouldn#39;t mind a boiled egg.我不介意再加个煮蛋I#39;m a little bit disappointed with my broccoli, though.我真的有点受不了这些西兰花了But there#39;s no escaping fruit and veg.但是除了蔬果 别无选择By the third day, all is not well到了第三天 21世纪人类的with their 21st-century digestive systems.消化系统有点吃不消了I think it might be the fruit! Lots of.我想会全是水果吧 很多很多When you#39;ve got to go, you#39;ve got to go, haven#39;t you?箭在弦上不得不发啊 你难道不是吗This is a symptom of a more serious problem.这预示着会有更严峻的情况Over the course of the week, it经过几个星期的生活became clear our volunteers#39; bodies are so different显而易见 志愿者和南方古猿的身体结构to the Australopithecus#39;s,大相径庭that they just cannot eat the necessary amount of food.没办法吃足维持营养需求的必要食物They#39;re going to find it a struggle to get through.他们会发现 前路漫漫仍需努力The volume#39;s too much.吃的东西还有很多I think some of them haven#39;t even gone through a third of their food.我觉得他们有些人 连三分之一都没吃到And the concern is, well, they#39;re getting hungry.然后现在的问题是 他们就要挨饿了 Article/201504/370782

三分钟搞定科技英语(视频+中英字幕) 第9期:SEO知识《三分钟搞定科技英语》属于《原来如此》系列的英语视频听力栏目,用一系列绘图拼接视频,生动形象地展示了科技英语知识,能够激发人们的英语学习兴趣 ,是拓展英语知识面,积累科技英语词汇,了解科技中的一些常识的极好材料。 Article/201509/397293

Harry Potter is a global phenomenon.哈利·波特是一股全球效应。And J.K. Rowling is now in demand all over the world.J.K ·罗琳现在成为了全世界青睐的对象。It#39;s clearly a story with a happy ending.显然这是一个大团圆的结局。Here she is with her husband, Neil on a private jet her publisher has hired for them.她现在和丈夫尼尔一起在一架出版商给他们租的私人飞机里。He#39;s a doctor.他是一位医生。They married in 2001 and have two children, David and Mackenzie.他们于2001年结婚,育有两个孩子,戴维和麦肯齐。I wondered what their marriage was like and if there were tensions.我不知道他们的婚姻如何,是否会有压力。What is J.K. Rowling like to live with?和J.K ·罗琳生活是怎么样的?Jo, uh... Tell the truth. Yeah. I only tell the truth.乔…… 说实话。好啊,我就说实话。Jo detaches... When she#39;s very stressed she#39;ll detach herself and only trust one person and that#39;s herself.乔很有压力的时候就会孤立自己,她会自我封闭,仅仅相信一个人,那就是她自己。So everyone else gets blocked out and she becomes more and more stressed and less and less able to accept any help.所以每个人都被她排除在外,然后她变得越来越有压力,越来越不愿接受任何帮助。So that#39;s presumably quite stressful for you.那么对你来说可能压力很大。Oh, it is stressful.是挺有压力的。Basically the barriers go up. And it#39;s not just me, but it#39;s everyone else around her.基本来说她会自筑屏障,不只是对我,而是对她身边的每个人。Only one person is trusted, and she#39;s gotta do everything herself despite the fact that you know, it#39;s not possible to do everything herself.她只相信自己,她一个人承担所有,然而事实上,你知道,她自己一个人不可能做完所有的事。But Jo#39;s singlemindedness has led to the most anticipated book launch in history.但乔专心的结果育出了史上最被期待的书籍。 Article/201511/410796

You may have heard the saying ;the early bird gets the worm;,but when it comes to humans,do morning people really have an advantage over right owls?Does one come out on top as more intelligent or successful than the other in this battle over bed time? The somewhat surprising truth is that we have little say in sleep preference as it#39;s almost entirely genetically pre-determined.你可能听过“早起的鸟儿有虫吃”,而至于人类,起早的真比夜猫子好吗?就起床时间而言,一 类人真的会比另一类更成功吗?说实话,睡 眠倾向方面我们没啥好说的,因为这大多是由基因决定的。Chances are,if you#39;re a night owl,it was likely passed down from an ancestor who was also a night owl.And from an evolutionary perspective.it makes sense;having individuals with varying sleeping patterns would allow for better protection of a group throughout day and right.Instead of everybody sleeping at one time,some people naturally stay up later,and some wake up earlier,aware of threats or predators while other sleep.很可能一只夜猫子,只是另一只夜猫子的后代而已。从进化的角度而言,这也不无道理;人群睡眠规律不同,有 助于更好地全天候保护这个群体。并非所有人都会同时入睡,一 些人熬得晚些,一些人醒得早,并 在他人睡觉时留心威胁和捕食者。But considering most modern societal activities happen between 9am-5pm,it may seem clear that night owls are put at a disadvantage.And researchers have actually coined the term ;social jet lag;to describe the sleep deprivation many experience to accommodate social norms.不过,介于大多现代社会活动都在上午9点到下午5点间,显然,夜猫子们略逊一筹。研究者们借“社交时差”一词,来描述人们为适应社会规范而产生的睡眠缺乏。For night owls,this social jet lag feels like living in a different time zone every single day.Considering chronic sleep deprivation has a direct effect on brain functioning,it#39;s no surprise that studies report night owl university students have lower overall grades.夜猫子们的“社交时差”就象每天住在一个不同的时区。慢性睡眠剥夺对大脑也有直接影响,无怪有研究表明,大 学夜猫子们的绩点更低。Not to mention early birds tend to display more positive social traits such as being proactive and optimistic,and are less prone to depression or addictions to nicotine,alcohol and food.And we can see these traits represented physically in the brain,particularly the white matter which helps neurons communicate.Night owls exhibit significantly less white matter and,as a result,there are fewer pathways for feel good hormones such as serotonin or dopamine to travel through.更不用说早起的人积极社交特征更多,比如,更积极,更乐观,不易焦虑,或是沉迷于纳尼克丁,酒 精或食物。这些特征在大脑内也有体现,在促进神经交流的白质中尤为明显。夜猫子的白质要少得多,因此,感 觉好好荷尔蒙,如 血清素和多巴胺,可 穿行的通路更少。But it#39;s not all bad for the late nighters.In fact,they tend to be much more creative,have been found to have higher cognitive abilities.and are known to be risk takers.What they lack in white matter,they make up in cortisol levels.不过,夜猫子们也并非罪该万死。其实,他们更有创造力,认知能力更强,更倾向于冒险。高水平的皮质醇也弥补了他们白质的缺陷。This stress hormone;gets your body y to face an immediate threat,contributing to their risk taking behaviour,which studies show can translate into opportunities and potentially more financial gain.Furthermore,even though morning people can be very energetic right after waking,they tend to lose steam faster than night owls throughout the day.这种“压力荷尔蒙”让你随时准备应对威胁,使他们更爱冒险,研究也表明他们更易抓住机会,挣得更多。此外,尽 管早起鸟起床后精神饱满,他们一天内精力下降的更快。Both sides perform eually well in reaction-time tests an hour after waking,but after 10 hours of being awake,night owls perform significantly better.Your inner clock is regulated by many proteins which are created from various genes in your DNA.Studies have even shown that a single change of the genetic code,near a gene called Period 1,can result in an hour difference in your waking time.在刚睡醒后,双方在反应时间比较上势均力敌,但起床10小时后,夜猫子的表现要好得多。你的生物钟由体内多种基因创造出的蛋白质共同管理。研究甚至表明Period 1 基因附近,一个基因序列变化会使你起床时间改变1小时。As crazy as it seems,scientists also found a correlation between these same genes and your time of death.The early risers were more likely to die around 11am,while the night owls were more likely to die before 6pm.What about teenagers,you say?It#39;s true most tend to be night owls due to the hormonal changes during puberty,but this tends to wane out into your genetic default as you enter adulthood.疯狂的是,科学家也找到了这些基因与你死亡时间的关系。早起的鸟儿更可能在上午11时左右过世,夜猫子更多在晚上6点前。那年轻人呢,的 确,青 春期的荷尔蒙变化造就了无数夜猫子,不过,成 年后基因再度决定了一切。So while there may be some truth to early birds getting the worm,night owls aren#39;t exactly lagging behind in life.They#39;re just lagging behind in time!因此,尽管早起鸟儿有虫吃有一定的道理,夜猫子并未沦落为人生输家。他们只是慢了半拍而已! Article/201504/367531

Wingsuit pilot shows off incredible precision flying skills智利男子翼装飞行精准冲破2米宽国旗技惊四座In Chile an incredible wing suit pilot pulled a death-defying stunt.在智利,一位身着翼装的飞行员秀起了一段不惜命的惊人特技。Jumping out of a plane in his ;squirrel suit;, gliding at high speed and then smashing through a tiny mid-air target flag...Sebastian Alvarez was right on the bull#39;s eye...塞巴斯蒂安·艾瓦尔雷兹身着松鼠装从飞机上跳下,高速滑翔然后冲破飘在空中一面极小旗帜。The 2-meter wide target was placed between two poles on top of the extinct volcano Cerro Manquehue, in Santiago.这面只有2米宽的旗帜是在在圣地亚哥死火山Manquehue上。And after that rush of excitement, Alvarez safely landed in the street in Santiago.在技惊四座的飞行结束后,艾瓦尔雷兹安全降落在圣地亚哥街头。 Article/201504/370574

【新闻精讲】Fighting has intensified in the eastern European nation of Ukraine. The country got its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Today, Ukraine is a nation divided, between people who want to be aligned with Russia, and those who want to be aligned more closely with Europe. Tensions over this led to the ouster of a former Ukrainian president in 2014. Violence flared up that same year. It has become Europe#39;s most violent crisis in decades. And though a ceasefire was negotiated in 2015, violence and violations are on the rise.欧国家乌克兰的冲突日益激化。1991年,乌克兰从苏联独立。现在,乌克兰是一个分裂的国家,一些人想同俄罗斯结盟,其他人则想同欧盟紧密合作。这种紧张关系导致乌克兰前总统在2014年被罢黜。同一年,暴力冲突爆发。那是数十年来欧洲发生的最暴力的危机事件。虽然冲突双方在2015年达成停火协议,但是暴力活动和违反停火协议的事件一直在增加。intensify v.加强divided adj.分裂的- divide v.分离aligned adj.持站队的- align v.持- she aligned herself with the protesters.tension n.矛盾ouster n.废黜 (remove someone from a position of power)- The ouster of the dictator.flare v.燃烧decade n.十年ceasefire n.停火This is very messy because the ceasefire isn#39;t really holding. To Russia, Ukraine is it#39;s vital near abroad. You couldn#39;t get more geopolitically, industrially important to Moscow. But Ukraine itself has been vacillating between getting closer to the E.U., to the West, and retaining its longer term links to Russia. That started back in uprising and revolution in 2004. And in 2014, they kicked out a pro-Russian leader.形势非常混乱,因为停火协议没能够维持下去。对俄罗斯来说,乌克兰是其至关重要的近邻国家。对莫斯科来说,从地缘政治和工业方面来说,乌克兰非常重要。但是,在更靠近欧盟和西方还是保持同俄罗斯的长期关系这个问题上,乌克兰一直摇摆不定。2004年,爆发了起义和革命。2014年,乌克兰将亲俄派领导人赶下了台。messy adj.糟糕的hold v.坚持vital adj.至关重要的 (extremely important)- The matters are vital to national defense.geopolitically adv. 地缘政治地industrially adv.工业地vacillate v.摇摆不定 (repeatedly change ideas and desires)- She has vacillated on this issue.retain v.保持uprise v.起义And the Russians responded by sending a covert force and annexing the peninsula of Crimea. They then sent slightly more covert operations into the eastern city of Donetsk, where government buildings were taken over and then militia, a lot of whom had some pretty serious Russian military support started taking territory.俄罗斯派遣秘密力量吞并克里米亚半岛,以此进行回应。随后,他们在乌克兰东部城市顿涅茨克展开了更多秘密行动,并接管了该市政府大楼,然后得到俄罗斯军事持的民兵开始了占领领土的行动。covert adj.隐蔽的 (secret or hidden)- The spy is taking covert action.annex v.吞并 (to take control of a place)- The ed States annexed Texas in1845.peninsula n.半岛militia n.民兵组织territory n.领土,地盘Since 2014,2015, that territory has changed hands, gone back and forth, sometimes the violence escalating. But after a major ceasefire agreement in early 2015, the violence hasn#39;t really stopped. It sort of bubbled along really a quite regular pace. Many see that Moscow has a longer term objective of perhaps linking up those eastern territories with the peninsula of Crimea, so they have a land bridge between them too, and they also want to subject Ukraine to broader political influence. Ukraine itself, well, it needs to get that territory back, the basic reasons of national pride.自2014年和2015年以来,这些领土来回易手,有时还会导致暴力冲突升级。虽然2015年年初达成停火协议,但是暴力活动并没有真正停止。反而像是有规律地在持续爆发。许多人认为莫斯科方面的长期目标是将乌克兰东部地区的这些领土同克里米亚半岛连接起来,这样他们就有了一座大陆桥,同时他们还想对乌克兰施加更广泛的政治影响。出于民族自豪感这一基本原因,乌克兰想将这些领土夺回来。change hands 转换统治者back and forth 来回地escalate v.加剧 (make something worse or more severe)- The conflict has escalated.bubble v.冒泡pace n.步伐objective n.目标- The main objective of this course is to improve English vovabulary.link up 连接subject to 使...从于Why is this so important? Well, it#39;s a war happening right on Europe#39;s doorstep, on the European mainland. It pits the European Union against Russia. And hanging in the balance is Ukraine where there are millions of people suffering deeply now from a war that#39;s been going on for years.为什么这如此重要?因为这场战争发生在欧洲门口,发生在欧洲大陆上。使欧盟站在了俄罗斯的对立面。乌克兰依然前途未卜,那里有数百万民众正在遭受持续多年的战争的蹂躏。doorstep n.门阶pit against 与...相争hang v.悬挂 Article/201703/501508

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