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导购口语:This sweater is novel and fashionable in design.这种羊毛衫款式新颖时尚T-shirts of this brand are especially popular with young people.这种式样的T恤衫特别受青年人的青睐These style of watches are specially designed young people.这系列的手表是特为年轻人设计的语句:Novel and fashionable in design新颖时尚;be popular with…受……欢迎的,受到……的青睐情景再现:I like this one design, especially the flower pattern around the edge of it.我喜欢这件的设计,尤其是周围的花纹This one is the same design. But the color is different.这个是款式相同,但颜色不同 19339A: What seems to be the problem?B: Oh, my God! It’s my stomach. It’s killing me!A: Where does it hurt the most?B: Right here! It hurts right here!A: How long has it felt like this?B: I felt OK when I woke up, and then, suddenly, I had this really sharp pain.A: Do you have a history of stomach pain?B: No, and I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary.A: Well, I think that we are going to have to get you to an emergency room right away.B: Thank you helping me. 9A plane has crashed on a Calinia freeway, slamming into a car and killing one of the vehicle passengers - years after being safely landed on the same stretch of road.近日在加利福尼亚的一条高速公路上,一架飞机失控坠落并撞上一辆汽车,车上一名乘客遇难几年前它曾安全降落在这同一条路上Five others were injured, including the plane pilot and his passenger. The plane appeared to be having technical problems bee it crash-landed, witnesses said.此外,包括飞机驾驶员和一名乘客在内,还有5人受伤据目击者称,飞机在坠毁前似乎是出了机械故障In 00, a mer owner guided the same Lancair IV down onto the freeway after its engine failed.在00年,在飞机引擎损坏的情况下,这架Lancair IV飞机的前任主人曾成功操纵其降落到这条高速公路上But this time it landed on its belly bee skidding into a nearby car, fatally crushing Antoinette Isbelle, 38, of San Diego in the back seat.但这一次,飞机腹部率先落地并滑向附近的一辆汽车,撞死了今年38岁、当时坐在汽车后座来自圣地亚哥的Antoinette IsbelleThe vehicle driver had pulled over to use his phone, Calinia Highway Patrol Officer Chris Parent said. The plane pilot, 6-year-old Dennis Hogge and his passenger suffered major injuries.加州高速公路巡警Chris Parent表示,汽车司机是将车停到路边使用手机时被飞机撞上的6岁的飞机驾驶员Dennis Hogge和他的乘客受了重伤Mr Parent said he was aware of three other planes being ced to come down on the same stretch of highway in the past decade.此外,Parent警员还介绍称,在过去的年中,还发生过另外三起飞机迫降在这条高速路上的事故Matt Nokes, a mer professional baseball player who made the safe landing in 00, said he personally knew the pilot, describing him as a good man. ;It just horrible to hear about, he told Associated Press.曾于00年安全降落飞机的前职业棒球员Matt Nokes表示,他认识这名飞机驾驶员,并认为Dennis Hogge是一个很不错的人他告诉美联社记者:“听到这个消息真是吃惊” 365

About Quality 关于质量S1: The quality is excellent. 质量上乘S: This is the best quality. 这是最好的质量S3: The quality is as good as original ones. 质量和正牌的一样好S: Different quality, different price. 不同的质量,不同的价格S5: Do you want high class or low class? 您想要高档的,还是低档的?S6: Different price, different quality. 不同的价格,不同的质量(一分钱一分货嘛)S7: The quality is as good as imported ones. 质量和进口的一样好S8: If quality problem, you can exchange. 如果质量有问题的话,可以换S9: Please rest assured, our quality is guaranteed. 请放心,质量绝对保S: If quality no problem, you cant exchange. 如果质量没有问题,就不可以换S: The price is higher, because quality is better. 这一款价格高一点,因为质量比较好C1: The quality is very important. 品质很重要C: Your quality is not good enough. 你的质量不够好C3: The material is of cheap quality. 这料子质量低劣C: Your products decline in quality. 你们的产品质量下降了C5: Do you have one of better quality? 有没有质量好一点的?C6: The quality does not suit the purposes. 这种质量不和要求C7: Your goods are of very poor quality. 你们的商品质量太差了C8: We are satisfied with your quality. 我们对你的质量感到满意C9: We are safe with the quality of your products. 我们信得过你们的产品质量C: The quality of the goods must be as good as the sample. 货物与样品的质量必须相符 19

5.Changes in How Americans Die5.美国人致死原因的变化Back in 1900, the biggest cause of death was pneumonia and influenza. Heart disease now leads the gang of killers, followed by cancer. Smoking still causes one in every five deaths in the US, and medical errors are the sixth leading cause. Car crashes are big too, and every hour at least one person is killed by a drunk driver in the US. However, that number is trending down, with a 36% decline since 1991.早在1900年,导致死亡的主要原因是肺炎和流感在癌症之后,心脏病现在成了头号杀手在美国,每五个人就有一个死于吸烟,同时,医疗事故是第六大主要死因车祸也是主要的原因之一在美国每小时就有至少一人死于酒后驾驶然而,这个数字从1991年至今已经下降了百分之三十六,呈持续下降趋势Suicide, meanwhile, is up, making the list of the largest causes of death in the country. In the US youre twice as likely to commit suicide than be murdered. In alone almost 0,000 persons killed themselves. That more than the entire population of Liechtenstein. More US soldiers committed suicide than died in combat in , and one in 5 American teenagers has attempted suicide. Something to celebrate, however, is America increased life expectancy. It was 55 years in 1900, and is now nearly 80. The ed States is still far behind other countries though, ranking in the world. Number one? Monaco.在自杀死亡的人数上升的同时,自杀成为美国十大致死原因之一在美国,你自杀的可能性是被谋杀的两倍仅仅年度,就有四万人选择以这种方式结束生命这个数字超过了列敦士登的全部人数在年,自杀身亡的士兵人数超过战死的士兵人数同时,二十五分之一的美国青少年尝试过自杀然而,值得庆幸的是,美国人预期寿命正在不断延长这个数字从1990年的55岁增长到了现在的将近80岁然而,美国仍然远不及其他国家,在全世界仅排行第位谁是第一呢?是纳哥.Washington D.C. Educational Paradox.华盛顿的教育悖论Washington D.C. posts the lowest high school graduation rates in the ed States, yet also ranks as one of the cities with the highest literacy levels. In , D.C. spent the most money of any school system per pupil, approximately ,600. However, the city produced the worst results of any system. SAT ing scores have never been as low since the 1970s, and four out of pupils dont graduate. On the other hand, D.C. has been one of America most literate cities about a decade now, ranking just behind Minneapolis and Seattle. This means that D.C. has better used libraries, more people online newspapers, and there a greater use of bookstores. D.C. is actually home to the most circulated magazine in the country.尽管华盛顿是全美高中毕业率最低的城市,但这并不妨碍它成为全美文化水平最高的城市之一年,华盛顿斥资大约1万 8千6百美元来为所有学校的系统更新换代,以此务于每一位学生然而,如此巨资换来的却是最糟糕的结果自19世纪70年代以来,SAT考试的阅读成绩还从未如此低,其中个学生就有个不能毕业另一方面,华盛顿一直都是美国最具文化底蕴的城市之一,至今大约已有年了它的排名仅次于明尼阿波里斯市和西雅图这就意味着,华盛顿的居民已能够更好的使用图书室更多的人阅读网络报刊,这里有了一个相对较大的书店以供人们使用实际上,整个美国最流行的杂志都来自华盛顿3.5000 Hours Of TV Time Bee Kindergarten3.幼儿园之前的5000小时的电视时间5000 hours is more than enough time to earn a college degree. It also the estimated amount of time a five year old spends in front of the TV. How does this reflect on American adults? Well, there are more televisions in the ed States than people in the ed Kingdom. More Americans are killed by falling televisions than by terrorists, although that probably speaks more to an exaggerated threat of terrorism than a constant threat of plummeting TVs.5000小时超过了足够获得一个大学文凭的时间在电视机前,它估计也是消耗了一个长达五年之久的时间那么,它是如何折射在美国成年人身上的呢?是这样的:美国的电视节目比英国的多更多的美国人因被下落的电视机砸死的人数多余因恐怖袭击而亡的人数,尽管人们更多谈及的是一种夸大的恐怖主义威胁,而不是谈及面临一个垂直下落的电视砸死的威胁.Sick America.病态美国7% of Americans claim they never bathe. Based on population estimates, that some million Americans! Then you have medical reports saying that the lifetime risk of developing cancer as an adult is 0.%, and one in three Americans are obese. The ed States ranks number one mental disorder diagnosis worldwide, and the Center Disease Control and Prevention reports that there are 19 million new cases of gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia in the country every year. Finally, and in spite of the high mortality numbers associated with smoking, 000 teens smoke their first cigarette every day, while 00 of them go on to make smoking a daily habit.7%的美国人声称自己从不洗澡,照年的人口估值,这意味着美国不洗澡一族人数达到万人其次,医学报告称,成年人一生患癌比例为0.%;三分之一的美国人身材过于肥胖在精神疾病患病人数上,美国高居世界榜首;疾病防控中心的报告指出每年有190万人被诊断出淋病、梅毒、衣原体最后,尽管吸烟致死的人数很多,每天仍有000名青少年尝试吸烟,并有00人养成烟瘾1.A Nation of Singles1.单身国度It costs about ,000 to raise a child in the US. This cost might be partly responsible the new dynamics in the marital lives of American residents, as there been a 6% drop in married to year-olds from 190 to . In short, a lot more people prefer to remain unmarried. During that same 50 year period there was a % increase in to year-olds whove never been married.在美国,抚养一个孩子要花费5000美元190-年间,选择在-岁期间结婚的人数下降了6%,这笔花销也许就与美国人婚姻状况的这一新动态有关简而言之,越来越多的人选择不走入婚姻在这50年间,-岁期间从未结婚的人数上升了%There are 5 major cities that are above the 50% mark of unmarried adults. That number keeps increasing, with the divorce rate at 0 divorces every hour. More children are born out of wedlock these days as well — four in every births come from unmarried women. The US teen pregnancy rate is at %, the highest in the world. Shotgun weddings are presumably way down.在美国,未婚成年人口高于50%的大城市就有5个,且考虑到美国每小时0对夫妻离婚的高离婚率,这个数字正在持续上升越来越多的宝宝不是在婚姻家庭中出生——约有成婴儿的母亲是未婚妈妈美国青少年怀概率达到%,居世界榜首目前奉子成婚的状况也越来越少了翻译:兔宝宝 来源:前十网 1

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