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吉安治疗胎记的医院哪家好吉安注射润白颜瘦腿哪家医院好8. Chinese Classical Gardens8. 中国古典园林园林一向是中国文化的重要组成部分之一。一般来说,如果没有观赏过中国的园林就没有真正到过中国。Garden building is considered a chief component of Chinese culture Some people say that if you have never walked through a Chinese garden, you cannot say that you have really visited China.中国园林历史悠久。最早是皇家贵族的狞猎场,建于公元前11世纪的周朝。秦汉年间成为皇家的休闲场所,修建得更加美丽堂皇。明清时期园林建筑进入鼎盛时期,圆明园是这一时期的杰出代表。与西欧的古典园林不同,前者长于几何建构,中国园林更是小规模的天然景观。传统的中国园林分三种:皇家园林、私人花园、风景区园林。 The Chinese garden has a long history. It first appeared as early as the 11th century during the Zhou Dynasty in the form of a hunting preserve for emperors and nobles. During the Qin and Han dynasties, those natural preserves were made more beautiful and became places of recreation for imperial families. Garden building had its heyday during the Ming and Qing dynasties and the imperial garden Yuanmingyuan (the Garden of Perfection and Light) was regarded as the masterwork of this period. Different from classical European gardens, in which geometric patterns dominate, Chinese gardensαre made to resemble natural landscapes on a smaller scale. Traditional Chinese gardens fall into three categories: imperial, private,and landscape gardens.大多数皇家园林位于华北:北京的北海公园、颐和园、紫禁城,河北承德的避暑山庄,陕西西安的华清池(有名的华清温泉)。皇家园林占地面积很大,比如颐和园占地290公顷,而承德的避暑山庄占地560多公顷是中国最大的皇家园林。园林大体有三种作用:行政管理、居住,休闲。在多数的皇家园林中多以南北为轴,园林的主体建筑与此假想中的中心线连接,其他的建筑分散在山水之间作为辅线与之相互呼应浑然一体。Most imperial gardens are located in north China: Beihai park; the Summer Palace; the Imperial Garden of the Forbidden City in Beijing; the Imperial Summer Resort in Chengde, Hebei Province; and Huaqing Palace, presently known as Huaqing Hot Spring, in Xi#39;an, Sha anxi Province. Imperial gardens occupy large areas. The Summer Palace,for instance, has an area of 290 hectares while the Imperial Summer Resort in Chengde, which covers more than 560 hectares, is the largest imperial garden in China. Most of these gardens have three sections which serve administrative, residential, and recreational purposes. In large imperial gardens, the main buildings are connected by an imaginary line in the middle of the garden on a north-south axis. Other buildings scattered among hills and waters are linked by subordinate lines, forming a well-designed symmetry and adding more beauty to the chief architectural complex.皇家园林的其他特征为色斑斓、人工假山和人工湖,别具一格。以塔、栏杆、屏风、石桌、石桥、拱桥为其建筑风格的特色。Other characteristics of imperial gardens are coloured paintings, man-made hills and lakes, and ingeniously-designed buildings. Structures for artistic appreciation, such as pagodas, balustrades, screen walls, stone tablets, bridges,and decorated archways abound in those gardens.大多数私家园林多聚集在中国的南方长江以南,多建在住宅的一侧或者是后面。园林中多为岩石、凉亭、池塘、小桥、树术和花草。四周到处是游廊、装饰、门窗,以便客人可以欣赏其中的美景。家庭的园林多为花园,用以招待客人、举行宴会、吟诗作画。多为开放式的且常在水边,以便赏景。蜿蜒曲折的游廊连接着各个景点,也是遮荫避雨的好去处。Most private gardens are found in the south, especially in cities south of the Yangtze River. Private gardens were mostly built at one side or at the back of the residential houses. In almost every case, there is a large space in the garden set in a landscape of artistically arranged rockeries, ponds, pavilions, bridges, trees and flowers. Surrounding the beautiful scene are small open areas partitioned by corridors or walls with latticed windows or beautifully shaped doors through which visitors can enjoy the sights. Buildings in the garden were used for receiving guests, holding banquets, ing, or writting poetry. They are open on all sides and are often situates near the water so that the whole scene can be enjoyed. The winding corridors connect various buildings and also provide a covered veranda as shelter from the rain and shade from the sun.苏州园林,是;园林中的园林是最好的展现中国传统私家园林的代表。沧浪亭质朴迷人,狮子林奇石巧布,拙政园水静房献,而留园则是建筑艺术古朴、山水林井然有序,这些都分别代表了宋、元、明、清时期的园林。Suzhou, known as the land of gardens, displays the most and the best Chinese traditional private gardens. Among them, the Pavilion of the Surging Waves is known for its rustic charm, Lion Grove for its strange rockeries, the Humble Administrator#39;s Garden for its tranquil waters and elegant buildings,and the Garden for Lingering in for its ancient architectural art and the arrangement of hills, waters, and plants. They are examples of the garden styles of the Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties respectively.扬州的园林多以建筑风格独特、奇山怪石为特征。比如:在葛园中,不同形状的岩石可以表现不同的季节。南京的詹园,无锡的济昌园和上海的豫园都很著名。Gardens in Yangzhou are characterized by their architectural style and artistic rockeries. In the Ge Garden,for example, different formations of rocks are used to show different seasons. The Zhan Garden in Nanjing, the Jichang Garden in Wuxi, and the Yu Garden in Shanghai are also well-known.广东的园林多以大池塘,建筑颜色鲜艳和植物繁多而著名。顺德的清辉园、东莞的客园,佛山的十二石馆以及番周的雨音山社都是很好的代表。Guangdong style gardens are distinguished by large ponds, brightly coloured buildings,and luxuriant plants. The Qinghui Garden in Shunde, the Ke Garden in Dongguan,the Twelve Stone Studio in Foshan,and the Yuyin Mountain House in Panyu are good examples.风景园林多以自然景观为名,多用于大众休闲。古代的中国人多以“景”来命名风景区,美丽的名字使其更有意境。比如:杭州的西湖,扬州的二十四瘦西湖、以及济南的八坝湖等。杭州西湖很具有代表性:在湖心岛的南岸有3个塔,每个有2米高,各有5个出口。在岛的南角有个“我心相印亭”,透过出口可以看到分成3个部分的月亮,故得名“三潭映月”。Landscape gardens are different and are places for public recreation. The landscape gardens contain a number of pleasant natural scenes. With a few man-made details, it looks more natural than artificial. The ancient Chinese used to call garden landscape ring which means ;scene; in English. Good examples include the ten West Lake scenes in Hangzhou,the twenty-four slim West Lake scenes in Yangzhou and the Eight Darning Lake scenes in Jinan. In addition, each scene is endowed with a beautiful name, and each name in only a few words can express the principal theme of the scenery and give it a soul. The West Lake is typical. Off the southern shore of an island stand three stone pagodas, each two meters high. Five openings form a striking feature of the pagodas. From the centre of the ;Mutual Affinity Pavilion; at the southern tip of the island, reflections of the moon can be viewed through the openings and they are divided into three part.Thus, the name ;san Tan Yin Yue;or ;Three Pools Reflecting the Moon; is created.在古代中国,一些寺庙也多建在风景优美的地方,后来多成为人们休闲的好去处。In ancient China,temples and monasteries were usually built in beautiful places; consequently, those built with gardens have become places for public recreation.诗人和画家也为风景园林增色不少。他们为这些园林填诗作赋或者设计制造,后代们为了纪念他们把他们的诗歌刻在桌子上,庭子里,以及塔上。这也丰富了园林的内涵,吸引了众多的游客。Many famous poets and painters contributed greatly to the development of landscape gardens. They either left poetic inscriptions for those gardens, or designed the gardens themselves. In order to commemorate those poets and painters, later generations had their poems and inscriptions engraved on tablets, pavilions, or pagodas,thus enriching the gardens and inspiring visitors.这些风景园林与很多的神仙和传说有关,这也为它们增添了许多冲秘的色。比如,浙江金山的法海寺和白蛇洞就与“白蛇传的传说”有关。南京的“莫愁”湖就是根据世代相传的传说得名的。风景园林不仅是休闲的地方,也是公众活动的地方。传统的宗教活动每年多在风景园林中进行。In landscape gardens there are often reminders of Chinese fairy tales or legends which add mystery to the beautiful scenes. For instance, the Fahai Temple and the White Dragon Cave in Jinshan Mountain in Zhenjiang relates to the fairy tale ;The Legend of the White snake.; The Mochou Lake in Nanjing is associated with a legend which has been handed down from ancient times. Landscape gardens are not only places for recreation, but also places for public activities. Traditional religious activities are usually held in these gardens annually.中国园林的建筑艺术也对其他国家产生了巨大的影响。早至6世纪,中国的园林建筑就被引人日本,并被贯以中国名字。对中国风格的热衷使中国园林后来也传入了欧洲,比如在巴黎就有20多个这样的园林花园。The technique of Chinese garden building has also exerted a great influence on other countries. As early as the sixth century, Chinese garden building was introduced into Japan where gardens were given Chinese names. Later the enthusiasm for Chinese style gardens sp to the European continent. For example, more than twenty such scenic parks were built in Paris.现代中国在竭力保护和重建古典园林。在 1980年中国建筑工程总公司的风景建筑公司建立,并与外国客户签约修建园林。同年,美国纽约市的大都市艺术物馆的明轩园由该公司的苏州分公司建成。而中国广州分公司为西德的1983年的慕尼黑世界园林展览会修建了芳华园。Modern China tries to protect and restore classical gardens and to build new ones. In 1980, the Landscape Architecture Art in New York City was built by the Suzhou branch of the company,and the Guangzhou branch completed the Chinese Garden (Fang Hua Yuan) for the 1983 Munich World Garden Exhibition in the West Germany. /201505/373233永新县妇幼保健人民医院激光祛太田痣多少钱 Brown Researchers Believe Gamers Are Able To Learn Visual Tasks Faster Than Non-Gamers游戏玩家的认知能力更强As gaming moves from just a casual pastime to becoming a more significant part of our lives, researchers are getting increasingly curious to find out how it affects learning. A recent study concluded that gamers have better visual skills and other cognitive abilities. Now there is some evidence that gaming not only augments visual skills, but also, helps speed up the learning process.视频游戏正从一项消遣渐渐变成我们生活中重要的一部分,研究者对其是否会影响到我们的认知能力也越来越感兴趣。近期一项实验表明,游戏玩家不仅视觉更敏锐,其他一些认知能力也更强。下面这项实验进一步明了视频游戏不仅增强玩家的视觉能力,还加速了他们的学习能力。The study conducted by Brown University Associate Professor Yuka Sasaki and graduate student Aaron Berard, pitted nine avid gamers against a control group of nine individuals who had rarely if ever, played games. The participants were subjected to two days of visual task learning. Each group was trained in two tasks (in random order). The first was to observe the design of an on-screen texture of horizontal lines and point the area with maximum irregularities as fast as possible. The second task was similar except that the lines were vertical.布朗大学副教授Yuka Sasaki和研究生Aaron Berard共同开展的这项研究,他们挑选了9位游戏玩家与9位很少玩或不玩游戏的人进行对比研究。他们都进行了为期2天的视觉任务培训。受试者按随机顺序进行两项测试,首先是在屏幕上快速(以毫秒为衡量标准)地指出水平线组成的纹理中有何异常之处。第二项测试与前一项相同,只不过换成了垂直纹理。The following day, the study participants were asked to perform the same tasks (again in randomized order) to test if there was any improvement in how quickly they noticed the irregularities. 随后的几天,受试者依然按随机顺序反复做这两项测试,主要是为了检测他们识别无规则纹理的速度是否有所改善。Sure enough, the frequent gamers showed great progress in both tasks - they improved an average of 15% on the second and 11% on the first. The non-gamers did not fare as well. Though they improved by the same amount as the gamers (15%) on the second task, their performance on the first task worsened, declining by 5%!数据显示,游戏玩家组在第一项任务中在速度和准确度方面的表现提高了15%,在第二项任务中提高了11%;非游戏玩家组在第二项任务中也提高了15%,然而在第一项任务中,他们只提高了约5%。Clearly more research needs to be done before firm conclusions can be reached, but the first indications are certainly encouraging. And for those that are still skeptical, a separate study conducted by Oxford University in 2014, concluded that children that play games are happier, more social and less hyperactive than non-gamers! But before you go all out, the study also stipulates that kids should spend no more than 60 minutes a day on this pursuit.为了获得确切的,我们需要进行更多研究,但该实验带给我们的启示还是鼓舞人心的。带着怀疑,2014年牛津大学又单独进行了一项实验,明了玩视频游戏的孩子比不玩的孩子更幸福,更社会化,并且不那么过度活泼!但在你跃跃欲试之前,这项实验也提醒了我们应该控制孩子的游戏时间在60分钟之内,否则过犹不及。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201507/384631吉安治疗蒙古斑价格

江西省吉安保仕柏丽医院整形科Mapo tofu, that aromatic dish of braised tofu with minced pork (sometimes beef) in a deeply savory sauce, is a wildly popular item in many Chinese restaurants. I gladly order it whenever possible. Just a spoonful or two with steamed rice makes a pleasant beginning to a multicourse meal.麻婆豆腐是很多中餐馆里非常受欢迎的一道菜。它是用猪肉末(或牛肉末)在咸辣酱里炖豆腐,特别美味。只要餐馆里有这道菜,我一定会高兴地点它。把一两勺麻婆豆腐浇到蒸米饭上,会是一顿丰盛大餐的美好开始。At home, though, mapo tofu can be a light meal on its own. If you need dinner in a hurry, you’ll find it makes a rapid transition from wok to table. Though the dish is complex in flavor, the preparation is surprisingly simple. And even a novice cook can pull it off. It may take a trip to an Asian grocery to obtain the few required ingredients, but some supermarkets can provide them, too.不过,在家里,单是麻婆豆腐就能做成一道便餐。如果你需要快速做好晚饭,麻婆豆腐是很好的选择,因为它能很快做好上桌。虽然这道菜味道丰富,但是做起来非常简便。甚至连新手也能做好。可能需要去趟亚洲杂货店,买几样必要的原料,不过有些在一般超市里也能买得到。Fermented black beans are necessary, but just a tablespoon. The spicy red fermented broad bean paste from Sichuan Province called doubanjiang is the other key ingredient. (A small jar of each will keep indefinitely in the fridge.) Spring for Sichuan peppercorns, too; their tingly bite complements the hot red pepper and provides roundness.豆豉是必备的,不过只需一汤匙。红色的四川辣豆瓣酱是另一个关键配料(两样各买一小罐,可以在冰箱里放很长时间)。记得买点花椒,它麻麻的口感与红辣椒相得益彰,能融合出完美的滋味。The question is, can mapo tofu be made without meat and still satisfy on every level? Answer: absolutely, positively, yes. This meatless version with fresh shiitake mushrooms is completely satisfying. The chopped shiitake caps stand in nicely (the stems are simmered to make a quick broth). When you taste the finished rust-colored sauce, with ginger, garlic, sesame oil and scallions added to the kicky base, you’ll agree.问题是,不用肉仍能做出从各方面讲都令人满意的麻婆豆腐吗?是,绝对、一定能。用鲜香菇代替肉做出的麻婆豆腐丝毫不逊色。切碎的香菇帽是肉末的绝佳替代品(香菇梗可以马上做成汤)。当你品尝最后做成的放了姜、蒜、香油和大葱的红褐色酱汁时,一定会同意我的看法。Much depends upon the tofu itself (and if you think you’re not a tofu fan, this is a dish that could convert you). Look for the freshest. Buy soft rather than firm tofu for this dish (silken tofu is a bit too delicate). To enhance texture and flavor, give the cubed tofu a brief bath in boiling hot salted water before cooking.这道菜的味道很大程度上取决于豆腐本身(如果你认为自己不爱吃豆腐,这道菜可能会改变你的看法)。寻找最新鲜的豆腐。不要买硬豆腐,要买软豆腐(嫩豆腐又有点太易碎)。炖之前,把切成块的豆腐放在滚烫的热盐水中短时浸泡一下,口感和味道会更好。At the end, when you add the tofu, take care to cook it gently to keep it from crumbling. Shake the pan to help it settle into the sauce, and give it a nudge with a wooden spoon.最后,加入豆腐后,要轻柔翻炒,不要弄碎。晃动炒锅,帮助豆腐融入酱汁,用木勺轻推。Mapo tofu takes less time to cook than rice, so start the rice first. This is one 30-minute meal that won’t have you feeling harried and breathless by the time it’s y. It’s incentive to go meatless any day of the week.做麻婆豆腐需要的时间比蒸米饭要短,所以要先把饭做好。这餐饭总共只需30分钟,做完后,你不会觉得筋疲力竭,气喘吁吁。它是你在一周任何一天实行素食的动力。 /201505/372981吉安保仕柏丽医院去胎记多少钱 吉安腋下脱腋毛哪家医院好

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