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Fosun is taking advantage of a doubling in its share price this year to raise as much as .2bn, which the acquisitive Chinese group says could be spent on future deals.中国内地最大民营企业集团复星集团(Fosun)正准备利用今年其股价翻一番的有利行情,筹集12亿美元资金。这家四处收购的中国企业集团表示,这笔资金可能会用于未来的并购交易。The group, the largest private conglomerate on the mainland, has spent more than bn so far this year on assets including a speciality insurer, a stake in Cirque du Soleil and finalising its takeover of Club Méditerranée, the French holiday group, among others.今年迄今,复星集团已花费逾40亿美元用于收购各类资产。收购的资产包括一家专业保险公司,太阳马戏团(Cirque du Soleil)部分股份,此外还有对法国度假村集团地中海俱乐部(Club Méditerranée)的收购交易的收尾部分。Shares in Fosun International, the Hong Kong-listed unit through which most of its deals are done, have been among the best performers in the city this year, gaining 106 per cent before their trading suspension on Monday for the placement.今年,复星集团香港上市部门复星国际(Fosun International)(复星多数并购交易正是通过该部门完成的)的股票,已成为香港表现最好的股票之一。在周一该股票因这次配股而停牌前,其股价已上涨106%。The new shares, representing 5 per cent of outstanding stock, were offered at a discount of between 3 per cent and 7 per cent to Friday’s HK.95 close. Fosun plans to sell bn worth of stock and could expand the sale by 0m if there is more demand.新发行股票所占股份为已发行股票的5%。相对上周五每股20.95港元的价格,这些股票将提供3%到7%的折扣。复星计划销售价值10亿美元的股票,如果需求旺盛,股票的发行量将扩大2亿美元。Details of Monday’s deal seen by the Financial Times indicated the capital-raising was for “general corporate purpose including potential Mamp;A of insurance business.”英国《金融时报》看到的周一协议的细节显示,这轮募资活动是出于“一般性企业目的——其中包括对保险业务的潜在并购活动”。 /201505/374630。

Japanese police investigating the disappearance of nearly 0m of bitcoins are poised to rearrest the French founder of the Mt Gox virtual currency exchange amid questions about the purchase of a ,000 four-poster bed.正在调查总价值近5亿美元的比特币失踪案的日本警方,准备重新逮捕比特币交易所Mt Gox的法籍创始人,他将面对的问题包括用4.8万美元购买一张四柱床。Before the exchange collapsed last year, sending shockwaves through the bitcoin community, Mt Gox was the largest such trading platform in the world.去年该交易所的倒闭对整个比特币世界造成巨大冲击,此前Mt Gox是世界上最大的比特币交易平台。Mark Karpelès, initially accused of manipulating the Mt Gox computer system and inflating the size of his own company account, has been in detention in Tokyo without formal charges since the start of August. People close to the matter said police would today issue a fresh warrant for Mr Karpelès’s arrest on the charge of embezzlement — a change that grants investigators a further three weeks to interrogate him.最初,马克愠楓莱斯(Mark Karpelès)被指操纵Mt Gox电脑系统以及抬高其公司的账户余额。自8月初以来他一直被羁押在东京,尚未面临任何正式指控。知情人士称,警方将在今天发出新的逮捕令,以侵吞公款罪名逮捕卡佩莱斯——这将使调查人员再获得3周时间对其进行审问。The rearrest will extend a process known informally to police and prosecutors as shomusen — the “war of attrition” waged by investigators seeking a confession. A lawyer for Mr Karpelès said that his client denied the original charges and had made no confession under questioning. But after three weeks of interrogation, those close to the matter said police believe they have enough evidence to accuse Mr Karpelès of embezzlement, alleging he misappropriated .6m of deposits from the trading accounts of Mt Gox customers. A substantial portion of that money is thought to have been used to buy software rights on behalf of the company. However, according to police allegations, Y6m (,000) was diverted to buy a bed. Police suspect it was intended for the personal use of Mr Karpelès.重新逮捕将延长被警方和检察官私下称为shomusen的阶段——即调查人员为获得招供而发起“消耗战”。卡佩莱斯的一名律师称,其客户否认了最初的指控,在审问过程中没有招供。但是在审问进行3周后,知情人士称,警方相信已掌握足够据指控卡佩莱斯犯有侵吞公款罪,声称他从Mt Gox客户的账户中挪用了260万美元。这笔钱中有很大一部分据信被用于以公司的名义购买软件使用权。然而,据警方表示,其中600万日元(合4.8万美元)被用于购买了一张床。警方怀疑,这张床是供卡佩莱斯个人使用。A lawyer for Mr Karpelès said the deposits were used for investments in new businesses while the bed was an interior decoration for his guesthouse, both of which were meant as marketing tools to promote the use of bitcoins.卡佩莱斯的律师称,这些存款是用于向新业务投资,而这张床用于其招待所的内饰,两者都被当作营销工具,目的是促进比特币的使用。 /201508/394367。

The two-year contract is essentially dead, and carriers have replaced it with lots of confusing new ways to buy a new smartphone. From financing plans to leasing options to early upgrade contracts, each new plan adds another layer of complexity to the process of buying a smartphone and selecting a data plan. (And if you don#39;t want to deal with figuring out all the details, the most appealing option is to buy your new smartphone outright.) Plans have gotten complicated enough that it#39;s not always obvious when you#39;re paying too much for the service you#39;re getting, and there are far too many hidden ways for carriers to charge you too much when you#39;re buying a smartphone or choosing a data plan.两年合约制已经寿终正寝,贪婪的运营商推出了一系列令人眼花缭乱的购机计划。分期付购机计划,租赁合约,以旧换新合约,消费者选购智能手机和流量套餐的过程变得越来越复杂(不愿意费脑筋算数?直接买部新的智能手机就好了)。运营商靠着愈发复杂的购机计划隐蔽地从你身上多赚钱。这些家伙在提供合约购机计划和流量套餐时还有许多暗藏的赚钱手段。下面本文将为你揭露运营商额外收费的七大秘密:1.Adding hidden fees to your bills1.将隐藏费用添加到你的账单上Carriers have become notorious for adding unauthorized fees to your monthly bill, charging you for services that you didn#39;t sign up for or didn#39;t even receive. As the FCC reported recently, the practice, referred to as ;cramming,; has affected tens of millions of American households. The agency noted, ;Smartphones are sophisticated handheld devices that enable consumers to shop online from wherever they are or charge app purchases to their phone bills. The more your mobile phone bill begins to resemble a credit card bill, the more difficult it may become to spot unauthorized charges.; From service charges to voicemail fees, charges as low as a dollar or two can appear on your bill for years at a time — which means that it#39;s important to look at your bill each month and ensure that you recognize all the charges.运营商早已因种种各项未经审批的收费而臭名昭著,消费者可能根本未曾享受过某种务,却仍要为此掏腰包。美国联邦通讯委员会(FCC)近日发布的报告中将此行为称为;植入收费;,全美千万户的家庭深受影响。委员会特别指出;智能手机属于精密的可携带设备,消费者可随时随地进行网上购物或付其手机应用上产生的费用。倘若消费者的手机账单越来越像信用卡账单,那么发现这些未经审批的费用也将越来越困难。;像务费以及语音邮件费等等只有一两美元的费用如果数年间每次都出现在你的账单上,那么你有必要检查自己的月度账单,确保每笔花费都实至名归。2.Convincing you to pay for more data than you need2.说你为比你需要的更多的信息买单Data charges account for a large proportion of carriers#39; revenue, so many want to make sure that you#39;re buying an ample amount of data monthly (though they don#39;t mind when they get to collect overage fees, either). Carriers#39; most valuable customers are those who pay more than 100 dollars or even 200 dollars for their service every month, and companies are always willing to upgrade to you to a higher-priced data plan. But before you increase your monthly bill to get more data, check out how much data you really use each month so that you can avoid paying for lots of data that#39;s going to go unused.对运营商而言,消费者购买流量多多益善,因为收取流量费用乃是收入的重要来源(尽管对套餐外流量进行收费后,这件事他们便不怎么上心了)运营商的金主就是那些每月愿意花上100到200美元购买流量的消费者。运营商希望消费者升级自己的流量套餐。但请谨记,决定升级流量套餐前应先确认自己每月使用的具体流量,免得买了许多流量到月底却用不完。3.Charging more than the retail price for a phone via payment plans3.合约手机收更多的钱On plans that enable you to pay the cost of your brand-new smartphone over the space of months or years, you should always calculate the total of those monthly payments and make sure that they add up. The total cost should match the retail price of the phone; if it#39;s significantly more than what the phone would cost to buy up-front, then you#39;re paying too much for the privilege of paying for the phone gradually instead of all at once.参与了合约购机计划,消费者可以在几个月或几年内分期付款购买一部崭新的手机。这时消费者应当将每月付款额相加,计算一下能否得到相应金额。付款总额应与手机零售价相当,而如果每月付款总额比直接买手机花得多,那么为了省钱分期付款反而得不偿失。4.Convincing you to upgrade to a new phone every year4.说你每年升级一部新手机Early upgrade plans, particularly those with short contracts, can be a good choice if you#39;ve been upgrading to a new phone every year, and intend to continue doing so. But if you don#39;t really need a new smartphone each year, signing up for an early upgrade plan is a great way to spend a lot more money than necessary. If you really want a new phone every year, it generally works out better to purchase your phone outright and sell it to finance the purchase of the newest model. As with every plan offered by your carrier, you need to thoroughly evaluate how much it#39;s going to cost you in the long-term, and whether you#39;ll really benefit by trading in your old phone instead of reselling it yourself.;以旧换新;套餐,尤其是短期的;以旧换新;套餐,对那些每年要换新手机的人称得上是上佳选择。不过如果你无需每年都更换手机,参加这项计划还真的是多花钱的好法子。若你想年年用上新手机,那就直接买一部手机,想换新机时再出手卖掉,再凑些钱去买新机。面对运营商提供的套餐,你应仔细核算长期成本,究竟是更换旧机更合适还是自己卖掉更合适。5.Keeping your bill the same even after your phone is paid off5.付清费用之后继续收取同样的费用If you plan to buy a smartphone and keep it for longer than the period of time it takes to pay off completely, then you#39;ll need to carefully the terms of your agreement with your carrier. In some cases, your monthly bill will automatically decrease once you#39;ve paid off the retail price of your phone. But in other cases, your carrier will continue to charge you the same amount, even after you#39;ve had your phone long enough to pay its entire retail price. It#39;s one of the most annoying ways that carriers can get you to pay more than you should.如果消费者在付清分期费用后想继续使用这款手机,便必须仔细阅读协议条款了。有些协议规定消费者在付清费用后,每个月的费用会自动减少。然而其余协议则规定,即使付清了费用,运营商每个月还是会继续收取相同的费用。此举也是运营商最令人厌烦的多赚钱的方式。6.Not matching deals and discounts on top smartphones6.在顶级智能手机上没有折扣While it often seems easiest to buy a smartphone directly from your carrier, it pays to investigate whether you can find the same smartphone offered at a better price elsewhere. Promotions and discounts are offered both by smartphone manufacturers themselves and by trusted retailers like Amazon, so it#39;s worth a quick Google search to see if there#39;s a better deal that your carrier isn#39;t matching.直接从运营商处买手机是最方便的,可是花点时间去别处找找是否有价钱更合适的同款机型是有好处的。手机厂商以及像亚马逊这样信誉良好的零售商经常会推出打折和促销活动。只需在谷歌搜索上轻轻一点,往往能发现在运营商那里找不到的优惠价格。7.Charging exorbitant early termination fees (and more)7.收取过高的提前终止费Many carriers charge early termination fees when you want to switch carriers before your contract is up or your phone is paid off. Even if your carrier doesn#39;t charge an early termination fee, per se, you should pay attention to the terms of your service if you anticipate having to switch carriers in the near future. If you#39;re paying your phone off over a period of a couple of years, you#39;ll end up having to pay off the remainder of its price all at once if you leave your carrier early. That means that you should thoroughly investigate your carrier#39;s coverage and service before committing to a plan that will keep you locked in.如果消费者在合约终止或付清费用前想更换运营商,此前的运营商往往会收取一笔叫做;提前中止务费;的费用。即使运营商不收这笔钱,将来有意更换运营商的消费者也应多加注意协议条款:如果规定套餐费用在几年内付清,那么你不得不一次性付所有剩余费用才能更换新运营商。因此在选择购机计划前,消费者应该彻底搞清楚运营商套餐覆盖的范围和提供的具体务,否则盲目选择的购机计划,终将成为自己身上的枷锁。 /201603/429996。

It was in 2010 that Lee Kun-hee, chairman of the Samsung group, warned that South Korea’s most famous company risked becoming a “corner shop”. In fact, at the time of his premonition, Samsung Electronics, by far the most profitable company in the sprawling Samsung empire, was on the verge of a golden streak.三星集团(Samsung)董事长李健熙(Lee Kun-hee)在2010年曾警告说,这家韩国最著名的企业面临变成“街角小店”的风险。事实上,在他发出这一预警之际,三星电子(Samsung Electronics)——在庞大的三星集团内,最赚钱的就数三星电子——即将进入一段黄金时期。It cemented its place as the world’s biggest technology company by sales, and as Asia’s most valuable brand, ahead of Japan’s Toyota, no less. It went on to become the first South Korean company to reach a market capitalisation of 0bn. Yet now, as 72-year-old Mr Lee lies gravely ill in a hospital bed following a heart attack, his paranoia looks almost prescient.三星电子巩固了其作为销量最高的科技公司的地位,还超越日本丰田(Toyota),成为亚洲最有价值的品牌。然后它又成为第一家市值突破2000亿美元的韩国企业。然而,当72岁的李健熙因突发心脏病住进医院,重病在床,他当初的多疑现在看起来颇具先见之明。Samsung Electronics is certainly no corner shop. It continues to dominate the country’s corporate landscape to an uncomfortable degree. Yet its problems are manifold and its horizons darkening. Last month it reported third-quarter profits down 60 per cent as margins on smartphones withered. Now, as it prepares for life after Mr Lee, who will be succeeded by his son, Lee Jae-yong, there is talk of a wholesale revamp. As if to rub salt in the wound, the market capitalisation of arch-rival Apple, whose third-quarter results were as rosy as Samsung’s were funereal, this week touched 0bn, more than four times that of the South Korean company today.三星电子当然不是街角小店,它在韩国企业界依然独占鳌头,简直叫人心里不平。然而它也存在种种问题,前景日益黯淡。上个月三星电子公布了第三季度财报,由于智能手机业务的利润率萎缩,季度利润同比下滑60%。眼下,随着李健熙之子李在镕(Lee Jae-yong)将接替他掌管这家公司,有传言说三星电子要进行大调整。而三星电子主要竞争对手苹果(Apple)的三季度业绩颇为亮眼,更映衬三星业绩惨淡。苹果的市值在本周触及7000亿美元,比这家韩国企业当前市值多出三倍有余,无异于往三星的伤口上又撒了把盐。What has gone wrong? Paradoxically, most of Samsung’s problems are down to its smartphones, the product for which it has become world renowned.三星电子出了什么问题?自相矛盾的是,三星的问题多数都出在智能手机上,而其享誉全球也正是靠着智能手机。At the premium end of the market, where handsets cost upwards of 0, its once-spirited challenge to Apple with its Galaxy smartphones has faded. The US company’s more stylish products command a higher premium and occupy an app-rich ecosystem that has proved far easier to turn into cash. Despite huge spending on marketing, Samsung has never managed to persuade consumers that its brand is as desirable as Apple’s. Nor is its generic Android operating system as easy to tailor as the proprietary iOS system. To top it all, Apple is now offering larger-screen phones, cancelling out Samsung’s biggest differentiating feature.在售价高于500美元的高端手机市场,三星电子曾以Galaxy智能手机向苹果发起挑战,如今这股雄心已渐渐消失。苹果公司的产品更为时尚,定价也更高,而且这家美国企业还打造了一个拥有众多应用程序的生态系统,现实明该系统更容易创造收益。尽管三星在营销上投入巨大,但从未成功说消费者,让他们像渴望苹果那样去渴望三星。其通用的安卓操作系统也不像苹果自有的iOS系统那样易于定制。雪上加霜的是,苹果现在又提供大屏手机,这就抹掉了三星最大的差异化特征。At the cheaper end of the market, too, Samsung’s advantages are fast evaporating. A crop of Chinese companies based in the fiercely competitive Shenzhen cluster, including Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo and ZTE, is robbing Samsung of volume and pricing power. In the second quarter of 2013, Samsung accounted for more than 32 per cent of global smartphone sales, according to research company IDC. By the third quarter of this year, that had shrivelled to less than 24 per cent. “Samsung is being squeezed at both ends,” says Benedict Evans, a partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.在较低端市场,三星的竞争优势也在迅速消失。华为(Huawei)、小米(Xiaomi)、联想(Lenovo)和中兴(ZTE)等一批中国公司都在抢夺三星的市场份额和定价权。市场研究公司IDC的数据显示,2013年二季度,三星智能手机出货量占全球的近三分之一;到今年三季度,这个数字已缩减为不到24%。风险投资公司Andreessen Horowitz的合伙人班尼迪克#8226;埃文斯(Benedict Evans)表示:“三星在高低端两头受敌。”At home, Samsung finds itself under pressure of a different kind. Many South Koreans take great pride in the company’s achievements. There is, however, also resentment at the dominance of Samsung and other chaebol conglomerates, which are seen to have benefited from government largesse and to have prospered by squeezing the little guy. Official policy is slowly catching up with public anger. From next year, a tax on retained earnings is likely to come into force. Other measures will cajole big companies into distributing more of their profits in wages and dividends.在国内,三星则面临一种不同的压力。许多韩国人对三星的成功感到非常自豪。然而,人们对三星和其他大企业所占据的优势地位也感到愤愤不平,觉得这些大企业受到了政府的照顾和扶持,是通过挤压小企业的生存空间才兴旺起来的。政府政策也在逐渐呼应民怨。从明年起,韩国政府将开征一项留存收益税,并将采取其他措施,引导大企业通过工资和分红的方式将利润更多地分配出去。One might conclude Samsung’s best days are behind it. Certainly, the transition to the third generation of Lee family control will be testing. The group is in the process of an upheaval that some put down to an attempt by the family to reduce inheritance tax. That may be so, but spin-offs could also result in a simpler, more investor-friendly structure.有人或许会认为,三星的黄金时期已经过去。当然,管理权向李氏家族第三代的过渡将是一次考验。该集团正在经历一场剧变,一些人将这场剧变归结为李氏家族试图减少遗传税的努力。这么说或许没错,但拆分业务也可能造就一种更简明、更有利于投资者的公司结构。On the operational front, the position may not be quite as grim as it appears. The company has culled its smartphone range, a strategy that should bring economies of scale as well as simplification. Samsung makes more than 320m smartphones a year and has a market share nearly five times that of Xiaomi, its nearest Chinese rival. That means it ought to be able to go head-to-head on price, particularly as it steps up its big manufacturing operations in low-cost Vietnam.在运营方面,形势或许并不像表面看上去的那么严峻。三星已经削减了旗下智能手机的种类,这一策略应该会带来规模优势和简化效应。三星智能手机的年产量超过3.2亿部,市场份额比最接近自己的中国竞争对手小米大了近4倍。这意味着三星应该打得起价格战,特别是它已在成本较低的越南进一步扩大了生产规模。Mark Newman, an analyst at Bernstein Research, says the worst could even be over for Samsung’s handset business. He predicts the massive semiconductor division is entering a golden era of its own. According to his reckoning, it is worth paying current depressed prices for Samsung shares for access to the semiconductor business alone. If he is right, that would mean the market has marked down the smartphone business to zero, surely an overreaction. Even the corner shop of Mr Lee’s nightmares is worth more than that.伯恩斯坦(Bernstein Research)的分析师马克#8226;纽曼(Mark Newman)表示,三星手机业务最坏的时候也有可能已经过去。据他预测,三星庞大的半导体业务部即将迎来属于它自己的黄金时代。在他看来,即便只看其半导体业务,也值得趁眼下股价低迷之际入手三星股票。如果他的看法是对的,那就说明市场已经严重低估了三星智能手机业务的价值。即便李健熙噩梦成真、三星真的沦为了一家街角小商店,它的价值也不只这么点儿。 /201412/345439。