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My husband does not lie to me. Most men lie, but my husband doesn't lie. Of course, everybody lies.Robi Ludwing is a psychotherapist. Steve Santagati is with Men's Journal. Good morning to both of you.Good morning. Ok, let's start this off. Everybody lies, (that's true)men, men and women.(Actually...) Is there any proof that women lie less than men?No, I haven't seen it; in fact, women and lie, probably, women and men probably lie at the same amount. But women and men lie about different things. So when women lie, it's usually more complimentary or altruistic, the white lies, they are kind of nice to make you feel better (you're lovely to make this way according to the studies. That's right. Women are only giving white lies according to the website when you did at home?Wow. Santagati is often winning.No, it's just...And men, I have got it aly, I'm not even winning myself. And men lie about self-aggrandizing themselves. So,in any event, she's outrageous here.What will men ( do) to take care of ourselves?We, so lying started as a servile technique and it went a little crazy, men, a lot of time, will lie because when we tell women the truth, they go nuts. So it's that Jack Nickelson(a famous actor)--you can't handle the truth.(Well, they can handle it...) They do avoid it, but it's not only the women. Men lie to other men. They lie about sex, they lie about how much they made, they lie to make themselves feel better. Lying is a(This, all right.) way to increase one's self-esteem. She is making a scene a lot worse than what we really are. We lie because men, our whole thing, is to be powerful. And we don't wanna seem vulnerable; and we don't wanna seem weak. So if we lie a little, you know. And also.....Was it, was it, when it comes to the man and woman thing,(Yeah.) is it because men don't like confrontation, we can't say we tell this, this, this white lie, for example, did this jeans make me look fat?Right, exactly. (Never tells truth.)And that's a great, and that's a great point. Sometimes lies are not deliberate, they are spontaneous. So a man feels like he's being put on the spot in the moment and he comes up with something that won't hurt another person's feeling. So it's not all ill-intended. Not rightly so, you showed it as there is a time, there is a time to lie, and there is a time to tell the truth.When is it the time to lie, Steve? When, when the truth, when the truth is either going to be unproductive, ur,destructive or just doesn't really matter for the situation whatever it might be the time.And there are different kinds of lies I mean.....I am gonna say is it ok, are there times when it's ok to lie because look, I've got kids and I tell them it's not ok to lie, (Right. Right.) but where we do and say two different things. Right, you know, white lies you don't wanna get yourself in trouble. Obviously, you don't want hurting another person's feeling. But if folk, if you are chronically lying about very important things, then it interferes with having trust in a relationship. And without trust you can't have a good relationship. It interferes with the foundation. But now I see you talk about, when you are seeing a woman(Right.) that you really like and you start off telling the truth. That's right. Something happenes.When you start telling the truth, and all of a sudden, the way we should response to. It's so dramatic and it adds so much aggravation of the relationship. She started building a liar. Women can build liars by the way when they react. Let's say for example I tell you the truth and you don't like the truth. Right,Like in the green room. Think. Like in the green room.Think, breathe and talk to me like an adult and I will tell you the truth every single time. But If I see that you are acting crazy, I wanna be like en, en,a lie is easier. I actually, I am in agreement with Steve. You know, if you urh,pretend a little bit(all right, I am not a liar ). ...I might be lying. But If you basically can handle,and let a person know listen, I am open to hearing what you have to say. Then you are more likely hear the truth from somebody who isn't inclined to be honest that our people, no matter how you react or what you do,'(they are gonna lie to you) they just, they just want to lie because they can't deal with reality. And I think the big thing is to tell the truth when it's really important, and you'll know that there is a guy cause you feel really noxious right before you can tell the truth.(God) And you know what, and just going to women,Tell me you want to date him now? Yeah. No, no, no. Women are stronger than we give them credit for a lot of time. They don't always react to the truth in such a crazy way.So start off honest.(start off honest) but it doesn't work, then lie.(then lie)Ok. There you go.no, We are just kidding. We're Kidding. We have to always be honest. That's right.That's always.And I am, I am honest when I have to tell you we've got to go. Ok. That's right, Al.Thank you.And by the way, it's nice to see you all guys and thanks a lot.200808/45320Script:We have seen some big swings on Wall Street in the last week or so, today, no different. Stephanie Elam is in New York to tell us about a down day for the market.Disappointing earnings from the Lights of DuPont and American Express dragged the Dow Industrials sharply lower, and the housing market continues to worry investors as the CEO of the nation’s largest mortgage lender says he doesn’t think the sector will recover until . Put all of that together, and you have a lot of red arrows. The Dow Industrials tumbled 226 points to close at 13720, the third biggest drop of the year. Then NASDAQ and Samp;P500 both slid nearly 2%. And this was the broad-based sell-off with declining issues swamping gainers by a seven to one margin. Among stocks on the move, Apple tumbled 6%. Iphone activations by ATamp;T came in weaker than expected during the first few days the Iphone went on sale. Investors fear it’s a sign Iphone sales may be disappointing as well. Let’s continue to talk about gadgets. TIVO is debuting a more wallet friendly version of its HD digital recorder. TIVO pioneered DVR technology, but cable providers have moved in ever since. And that had forced TIVO to make products which are more cost effective. The new machine costs about 300 dollars. That’s a significant price difference from the company’s other high-def machine. It costs 800 dollars. The new offering comes as TIVO tries to win over customers from the cable companies, which allow subscribers to rent DVR boxes on a monthly basis instead of paying an upfront fee. The new box provides 20 hours of HD recording time. And unlike the cable boxes, TIVO’s new HD DVR is capable of downloading movies from Amazon.com.But DVRs aren’t the only boxes in our entertainment centers these days, game consoles are filling our shelves as well. Whether it's Sony’s PS3, Microsoft’s X-BOX360 or Nintendo’s Wii. Gaming is big business. A new report bears this out. The market research firm NPD says sales of game consoles jumped 44% in the first half of the year to more than 6 billion dollars. But the consoles aren’t much used without the games. And game sales are up as well, they claim, climbed 24% to nearly 3 billion dollars. The big winner in all of this, Nintendo. Its Wii product / came out at the same time as the PS3. It costs far less than a PS3, but seems to have won the hearts of gamers who have embraced the concept of active gaming where your motions dictate the action on the screen. The same study we pointed to earlier says the Wii is the top home console and Nintendo’s DS is the best selling hand-held console. Running out a success, Nintendo’s games now dominate the market as well. In June, the top four game titles were all made by Nintendo. The most popular was Mario party 8. Can say I have played that one? That’s the latest business news from New York, I am Stephanie Elam.Notes:Mario: Mario is a game character created by Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and is the official mascot of Nintendo.Console: A game console is an interactive entertainment computer or electronic device that manipulates the display signal of a display device (a television, monitor, etc.) to display a game. 200807/44313Anna? Is everything all right? Yes.安娜?一些都还好吗? 是的。Whats the matter?怎么了?Paul says I need to w w w work on my telephone manner.保罗说我需要改进我的电话谈话技巧。Well I was a bit concerned about it myself.我自己也有点担心这个。And I think Tom actually mentioned it to Paul.我想汤姆其实对保罗说过了。But, look, Ill help you if you like.但是如果你愿意的话,我可以帮你。Im a bit of an expert on the phone.我在打电话上算是个专家了。Ill give you some lessons. Oh thank you.我可以多教教你。 谢谢。Come in early tomorrow morning, before the others get here and well practise.明早在其他人来之前先到这里,我们来练习一下。Thank you Denise, thats very kind.谢谢你,丹尼斯,你真好。Wow! Denise is actually being nice to Anna. Amazing!丹尼斯对安娜很不错,太神奇了!Although from what Ive heard of Denise on the phone, shes only ever gossiping with friends.尽管我听丹尼斯打电话时只是在跟朋友们聊八卦。Paul was very gentle and polite in the way he explained to Anna there was a problem and that she needed to improve some things.保罗向安娜解释问题并告知她需要改进的方式很委婉、有礼貌。He used these phrases: Im a little bit concerned about...他用了这些表达:我对……有点担心。You need to work on...你需要改进……Perhaps you should think about...也许你该想想……Lets see if Denise manages to teach Anna anything useful next time. Until then!让我们看看丹尼斯是否教给安娜一些有用的东西。下次见! /201701/483837

The FBI agents race in from every direction. Thanks to the FBI's use of a secret informant, the bombing conspiracy is foiled and the suspects are put behind bars. Bob Spence has refused the witness protection program and lives in fear for his life. But he says it's a price he's willing to pay for justice. I still feel good about it. If I had to do it over, I'll do it exactly the same way, even if it did cost me. Sometimes only a civilian can help the FBI solve a crime, other times they rely on the expertise of a trained professional. October 1st, 1993, in the quiet Northern California town of Petaluma, 12-year-old Polly Klaas is kidnapped from a slumber party in her own home. Looks like they're grating the area out and systematically going through the area, and once they've gone through that area, they know that's clear. Within hours, the local police release a composite sketch of the suspect. Based on descriptions given by two of Polly's friends, he's described as 6-foot-3 and wearing a neon yellow headband. Thousands of copies are distributed to police agencies, the media and the FBI. The case attracts national attention. Actress Winona Ryder, a Petaluma native, offers a 0,000 reward for Polly's safe return. But there's a problem. The two young witnesses say the man in the drawing, the man everyone is searching for doesn't look like the kidnapper. The investigation is still continuing, we're still trying to gather more information and more evidence, and we ju(st), we can't comment on it. Two weeks after Polly's disappearance, there are still no leads. The FBI is desperate and running out of time. With each passing day, their chances of finding Polly alive are diminished. That's when they turn to Jeanne Boylan, a sketch artist who has helped them solve countless crimes. Her strikingly accurate drawings were even used in the search for the infamous Unabomber. Boylan agreed to reveal the secrets of how she creates these images for the FBI. My job title is criminal image profiler and what I do is I enter a case, usually after an existent police sketch has been done and is basically leading the investigation and I re-interview trauma victims to try to determine what they actually saw. And then I graphically depict that image so that the investigation can have a direction to go.slumber party: pyjama party, party where guests sleep at one's house (usually children)200809/51118

Israel Buries 2 Soldiers Returned in Hezbollah Prisoner Swap以色列下葬换俘换回的军人遗体  Israel was in mourning Thursday, following a controversial prisoner swap with the Islamic guerrilla group Hezbollah in Lebanon in exchange for the bodies of two Israeli soldiers who were captured in 2006. 以色列星期四沉浸在悲痛之中。在一次有争议的和黎巴嫩真主党游击队交换被俘人员的过程中,以色列换回了两名以色列军人的尸体。这两名以色列军人2006年被绑架。Thousands of people attended the funerals of the two Israeli soldiers. Mourners included government and military officials, family and friends.  成千上万人参加了两名以色列军人的葬礼。哀悼者包括政府官员、军官、以及他们的亲友。Karnit Goldwasser is the wife of one of the two soldiers, whose capture sparked the Lebanon War two years ago.  格尔德瓦瑟是其中一名军人的妻子。两年前这两名以色列军人被绑架曾经引发了黎巴嫩战争。"My heart is crying in pain," she said. "Although I am without you, I will always be with you."  格尔德瓦瑟说:“我的心在痛苦地哭泣。虽然我没有你,但是我将永远与你同在。”Goldwasser traveled the globe over the past two years, meeting with world leaders, in an effort to win the release of the captive soldiers. 格尔德瓦瑟的足迹过去两年遍及全球,她游说世界各国领导人,争取被抓走的以色列军人能够获释。 While the prisoner swap brings closure to the families, it has sparked heated debate, because Israel released five Lebanese prisoners, including top militant Samir Kuntar. He was convicted of killing an Israeli in front of his four-year-old daughter in 1979 and then smashing her head with a rifle butt.  这次被俘人员交换虽然给这两名以色列军人的家属带来了最后的结果,但是在以色列引发了一场激烈的辩论,因为以色列释放了5名黎巴嫩囚犯,包括一名极其凶残的激进分子昆塔尔。他由于当着一个4岁以色列女孩儿的面杀害了她的父亲,然后用托砸碎了这个女孩儿的头,被以色列法庭裁定有罪。Former Defense Minister Moshe Arens says the deal erodes Israeli deterrence. 前以色列国防部长阿伦斯说,这次交换削弱了以色列的威慑力。"This deal and the circumstances under which it was made will provide encouragement and incentive to Hamas and to Hezbollah to abduct soldiers in the future, and make even more extreme demands. And that means the sum-total is negative," he said. 阿伦斯说:“这次交易以及交换人员的条件会鼓励哈马斯和真主党将来绑架以色列军人,提出更极端的要求。也就是说,总的结果是负面的。”But current Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who spoke at the funerals, said the government made the right decision.  但现任以色列国防部长巴拉克在葬礼上发表讲话时表示,以色列政府作出了正确的决定。Barak vowed that, if soldiers fall into captivity, the State of Israel will take all the necessary steps to bring them home. 巴拉克坚决表示,如果以色列军人被俘,以色列将采取一切必要措施把他们救回以色列。200807/44267

Coastal Oil Drilling Becomes US Campaign Issue麦凯恩呼吁允许开采美国近海石油  President Bush and Republican presidential candidate John McCain are both calling for an end to a moratorium on developing oil and natural gas resources along much of the U.S. coastline. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama opposes such a move, saying the country needs to move away from oil. Meanwhile, public-opinion polls show U.S. consumers favoring more development of domestic resources to offset high fuel prices. 美国总统布什和即将获得共和党总统候选人提名的约翰·麦凯恩都呼吁结束暂禁在美国大部分海岸线外开采石油和天然气储藏的禁令。而预料会获得民主党总统候选人提名的巴拉克·奥巴马则反对这样的举措,他说,美国需要做的是结束对石油的依赖。与此同时,民意调查显示,美国消费者则倾向进一步开发国内石油资源,以应对昂贵的燃油价格。Energy has become one of the main issues clearly dividing the two U.S. political parties as they prepare for their national conventions. With oil trading on the world market at above 0 a barrel, U.S. consumers are feeling the economic impact at the gasoline pump and in increased food prices.  在美国两大政党为今年的总统大选竞选造势的同时,能源问题已经很清楚地成为两党的主要分歧之一。当世界市场上的石油价格上涨到每桶130美元以上时,美国消费者在加油站以及上涨的食品价格中感受到了经济压力。During a speech Tuesday in Houston, Senator John McCain called for an end to a moratorium on energy development in coastal areas. 麦凯恩参议员星期二在德克萨斯的休斯顿演讲时,呼吁结束对沿海地区能源开发的限制。"The broad federal moratorium stands in the way of energy exploration and production," he said. 他说:“联邦政府的广泛禁令阻碍了能源的勘探和生产”。The ban, which has been in effect since 1981, covers more than 80 percent of the U.S. coastline and the outer continental shelf. The ban was put in place to reduce the chances of environmental damage from oil spills and in part to protect the tourist industry. Senator McCain once opposed development in coastal areas, but he says the rapidly rising cost of fuel makes it necessary. 这项禁令是1981年生效的。禁令涵盖了美国超过百分之80以上的海岸线和大陆架地区。实施这项禁令的目的是消除石油泄漏可能对环境产生的污染,另一部分原因是保护旅游业。麦凯恩参议员一度也反对在沿海地区进行开采,但是,他现在表示,飞涨的燃油价格使得有必要解除禁令。"As a matter of fairness to the American people and a matter of duty for our government, we must deal with the here and now and assure affordable fuel for America by increasing domestic production," he added. “出于对美国人民的公平待遇,以及联邦政府的职责,我们不得不此时此地解决问题,通过增加国内产量,以保美国人获得付得起的燃油。”Senator Barack Obama responded in a chat with reporters on board his campaign plane Tuesday, criticizing McCain for changing his position on the issue from his earlier stance and deriding the notion that offshore oil development would reduce the energy crunch. 奥巴马参议员星期二在自己的竞选运动飞机上与记者闲聊时谈到了这个问题。他对麦凯恩改变先前在这个问题上的立场进行了批评,并对开发沿海石油会减少能源危机的说法不以为然。"There is no way that allowing offshore drilling would lower gas prices right now," he said. "At best you are looking at five years down the road." “允许进行沿海石油开发就会马上削减汽油的价格是不可能的。充其量,只能在五年后才会看到这样的情况。”In a conference call with reporters, former Democratic Governor of Iowa and Obama supporter Tom Vilsack accused McCain of pandering to voters rather than providing a long-term energy solution. 爱奥华州的前民主党籍州长威尔萨克是奥巴马的持者,他在与记者举行的电话会议上,指责麦凯恩是在迎合选民,而不是提供解决能源问题的长久之计。"It is clear that the strength of this country is going to be dependent on us moving away from oil, not towards more oil," he said. “很清楚,这个国家的力量来自我们摆脱对石油的依赖,而并非取决于生产更多的石油。”Energy sector analysts say both sides in this debate have legitimate points, but that the high cost of fuel is likely to influence voters in favor of more drilling. 能源行业的分析人士说,争论的双方都有道理,但是,昂贵的能源价格很可能会影响选民,使得他们赞成扩大开发。One man who has a politically neutral perspective, is Charles Groat, who teaches at the University of Texas and served as director of the U.S. Geological Survey under both Presidents Clinton and Bush. He says the potential of the coasts is shown by the vast amounts of oil that have been extracted with little environmental impact from offshore sites in the Gulf of Mexico. 在德克萨斯大学教学的查尔斯·格罗特在这个问题上有中立的政治观点,不受政治党派的左右。他在克林顿政府以及布什两任政府中都担任美国地质勘探局局长一职。他说,在墨西哥湾沿海大量开采石油却没有造成什么环境污染的事实表明沿海采油的可行性。"You have got to think that, with modern exploration techniques, the chances for finding substantial amounts of oil and gas off both our east and west coasts has got to be significant, but they have to have a chance to try and with the moratorium that is not happening these days," he noted. “你必须这样想,随著现代勘探技术的提高,在我们的东、西海岸找到大量石油和天然气储藏的机率将是很大的。他们必须有机会去尝试这样做,而由于这个禁令,这种可能性今天都没有成为现实。”Groat acknowledges that it may take a few years to find the oil and begin developing the infrastructure to extract it, but he says that oil could be very welcome in a few years if energy prices keep climbing, as they surely will given global demand. 格罗特承认,找到石油以及开始发展开采石油的基础设施建设可能需要几年的时间,但是,他说,如果油价继续攀升,今后几年石油可能还是非常受欢迎的。而考虑到全球的需求,油价继续攀升几乎是肯定的。As for alternative energy, Groat says there is nothing on the horizon at present that would substantially replace the need for oil and gas."I think the missing consideration in the real push towards alternatives is that demand growth for traditional fuels, transportation fuels in particular, is substantial in the ed States and globally as well," he added. "That is not going to abate even if we do have some fairly effective conservation moves. So the demand for traditional hydrocarbons is going to grow, not shrink, even if we move more and more into alternatives."Groat says failure to address the issue of rising energy costs could lead to a severe economic downturn.200806/42317

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