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富阳市第一人民医院人流好吗富阳医院有男科Were back with Dierks Bentley欢迎回来 这里是Dierks BentleyYou look fantastic and congratulations on the CD,its NO.1,Its doing very well你看起来棒极了 恭喜你又发了一张新专辑 现在在榜单上排到第一位了Congratulations on that.Thank you,thank you.恭喜 恭喜 谢谢Tell everybody when you were writing this,when you were working on the CD,what were you thinking about 告诉大家 当你在创作这张专辑的时候 你的创作灵感是什么Well,sure the song Home is a customary country that I was called home当然这首歌是写一个被我称作家的地方For me Home is obviously my girls Catherine Albin Jordan,but对于我来说 家当然指的是我的几个丫头们 Catherine Albin JordanSort of the road has been home for the last 10 years,met great people on the road,no matter what town we are in great fans good friends某种意义上 这十年来走过的这条路也是我的家 在这期间 我遇见了无数伟大的人 无论在哪儿都有热情的粉丝 好朋友I think about the country in general,this is the place we all call home甚至连整个国家 都可以被称为家 这是我们共同的家People have their individual states,hometowns and teams虽然我们来自不同的州 有不同的故乡 团队but you think of the guys in the military when theyre flying on a plane seeing the eastern seaboard for the first time但是想想那些当兵的人呢 当他们驾驶着飞机 刚刚看到东海岸线Like,thats home.the whole country,not just a particular state.I think that counts a lot他们会觉得那就是家 整个美国 而不是特别的哪个州 我觉得这很有意义Its a kind of combination of things,and certainly country music has been home for last five years我想这包含许多东西 当然 乡村音乐这么多年一直是我的家Well,I know its important to you,the military families and its important to us我明白这个对你很重要 我是说军人军属啊 有些事对我们来说也很重要Supporting all of the families and all the sacrifices that are made持这些军人家庭啊 还有感激他们所付出的一切And we get thousands of E-mails every week,and I wanted to share this one E-mail that I received每周我们节目组都会收到许多邮件 我想给大家读读这一封 /201609/464302富阳怀孕三个月怎么打胎 Cavalry scales passed down for generations from father to son, each the proud bearer of the heritage of his warrior ancestors.骑术在父传子下世代流传,每一位都继承骁勇祖先的精神。At a secret prayer site, Tsering Gyalpo, a native of these parts, makes his offering to his ancestors, and the divine.在札布让王宫的祈祷处和嘉波才让祭拜祖先及天地。This is my prayer…I will make offers again and again…and give thanks for the blessing and protection provided me.我诚心祈求,我将不断来此献祭,感谢天地祝福和保护我。My spirit offers eternal devotion.我的灵魂将奉献至永生。After the fall of the last Guge King, Tsaparang became an unpleasant place for its citizens.古格王朝最后一位国王战败后,札布让成为人民的痛苦之地。The Ladakhs had ministered the region for 50 years before being driven out by the Tibetans and their mongo allies.拉达克统治该区五十年之久之后被西藏与蒙古人联手击退。The mongos did not take well to the canyons and dry lands of western Tibet, they decided to relocate the capital to higher more open ground.蒙古人并不适应,西藏深邃的峡谷与那片藏西的干地,他们打算重新安置到,更高更广阔的地点。With that relocation of the capital of western Tibet, Guge arterially falls into ruins and decay which has continued to the very present day.由于首都从西藏的西部迁出,古格从此完全陷入没落与衰退,这种状况一直延续到如今。After the defeat and demise of Guges last king, the reigns of power were arranged to take a hoover by the spiritual leader of another Buddhist sect, the 5th Dalai Lama.古格王朝最后一位国王战败后,另一个佛教教派的精神领袖取得了权力,亦即达赖喇嘛五世。Ironically, the kings brother, the abbot who fought for a Buddhist state, had won the final battle after all.古格国王的胞弟赢得了最后胜利。The ancient kings of Guge had a vision of a land of Dharma of secret holiness which has left an indelible mark, not only on Tsaparang, but on all of Tibet.古格王朝的国王想要建立神圣的宗教净土因而留下不可抹灭的印记不单在札布让,也在整个西藏。Their gift of Buddhism remains strong and deeply ingrained in the memory of what was once a great kingdom—the kingdom of Guge.他们所遗留下来的佛教仍深植于古格王朝的后世记忆之中。 译文属201605/445169And I have to jump into this pool,and just sink to the bottom.我必须跳进泳池 沉入水底And it was the worst day of my life.那是我人生中最糟糕的一天It was like panic and I did it with hours and hours with this - Wow我特别惊慌 这一幕拍了好几个小时 -哇哦We did, I dont know 30 takes and I just Finally the sweet underwater camera man was like,我们拍了 我也数不清 大概30次吧 最后还是多亏了那个好心的水下摄影师He saw me starting to kind of have a little bit of panic,他发现我开始惊慌害怕And he said ;you dont do this ,we are done , youre done就跟我说;不拍了 休息吧Youre not doing this anymore;.And then of course I started crying.不用再拍了; 然后我就开始哭Cuz Im like ;My god, Im not doing my job And Im panic and Im scared and Im gonna die;.哭着说;我没有尽职 我又慌又怕 感觉自己快要死了;And then I just ,we just did it maybe three more times when I found it但最后我们还是又拍了3次Wow! So you did it even more after until it likes 33 takes. - Yeah. Finally did it.所以拍了33次才拍成功 -是的 终于成功了Its a glad for punishment. - I might know.真是遭罪 -我想也是Imagine if you were on a tricycle then you have to do the scene想象一下 如果拍这一幕时你得骑着脚踏车Oh! Could you imagine? - Wouldnt it been worse你能想象吗 -那一定会更糟的That wouldnt been terrible. - If you chosen to do it that way.一定非常糟 -如果你这么做的话Yeah, I could have actually, but then I would actually stay under water.如果那样我就只能待在水底了Cuz it would have something holding me.Yeah, you wouldnt let it go.因为有东西拖住我 而且你不懂得松手Because the weighs is more enough.No.Riding the tricycle.因为那车太沉了 是啊 骑着三轮车 /201512/417346富阳什么时候做人流最佳

浙江省富阳市肿瘤康复医院妇科炎症The euro zone欧元区That sinking feeling (again)那种再次下沉的感觉If Germany, France and Italy cannot find a way to refloat Europes economy, the euro may yet be doomed如果德国、法国和意大利找不到办法重振欧洲经济,欧元就完蛋了JUST a few months ago the euro zones leaders believed that, having weathered the storm, they were set fair at last. Buoyed by the promise of Mario Draghi, the president of the European Central Bank, to do “whatever it takes” to support the currency, confidence had seeped back into the continent. Growth seemed to be returning, albeit at a slow pace. Troubled peripheral countries were recovering, after bail-outs and painful measures to cut budget deficits and improve competitiveness. Unemployment, especially among the young, was still desperately high, but at least in most countries it was falling. And bond sps had narrowed sharply, as financial markets stopped betting that the euro would fall apart.就在几个月前,欧元区领导人坚信,经受住了这场风暴,他们最终能取得胜利。欧洲中央行长马里奥?德拉吉承诺无论付出多少代价都会持欧元,德吉拉的承诺鼓舞了欧洲人民,欧洲人民的自信又回来了。经济增长似乎在恢复,尽管是以较小的步伐。通过紧急财政援助和痛苦的措施来减少财政赤字,提高竞争力,遭难的周边国家经济也在复苏。失业率,尤其在年轻人中还是相当高的,但是至少在大多数国家该比率都在下降。随着金融市场停止认为欧元会崩溃,票面利差急剧缩小。It was an illusion. In recent weeks the countries of the euro zone have begun to take in water once again. Their collective GDP stagnated in the second quarter: Italy fell back into outright recession, French GDP was flat and even mighty Germany saw an unexpectedly large fall in output (see article). The third quarter looks pretty unhealthy, partly because the euro zone will suffer an extra drag from Western sanctions on Russia. Meanwhile, inflation has fallen perilously low, to around 0.4%, far below the near-2% target of the European Central Bank, raising fears that the zone as a whole could fall prey to entrenched deflation. German bond yields are hovering below 1%, another harbinger of falling prices. The euro zone stands (or wobbles) in stark contrast with America and Britain, whose economies are enjoying sustained growth.这是一个错觉。最近几个星期,欧元区国家已经再一次开始吸水。他们所有GDP第二季度原地踏步:意大利彻底掉回衰退时期水平,法国GDP持平,即使是强大的德国也出人意料在出口方面大幅下降(另见文章)。第三季度的状况看起来相当不乐观,部分原因是因为欧元区会受到西方国家对俄罗斯制裁的阻力。同时,通货膨胀率降低幅度太小,只有0.4%左右,远低于欧洲中央的2%目标,引起了人们的恐慌,人们担心欧元区作为一个整体会成为根深蒂固通货紧缩的牺牲品。德国公债利息在1%以下徘徊,这是另一个价格下降的征兆。欧元区与英美完全相反,英美的经济正在持续增长。What started more than four years ago as a banking and sovereign-debt crisis has decayed into a growth crisis that is now enveloping the three biggest economies. Germany is teetering on the edge of recession. France is mired in stagnation. Italys GDP is barely above its level when the single currency came in 15 years ago. Since these three countries account for two-thirds of euro-zone GDP, growth in places like Spain and the Netherlands cannot make up for their torpor.四年多以前开始的业和国债危机衰退为经济增长危机,这个危机现在包围着这三大经济体。德国在经济衰退的边缘摇晃。法国陷于经济停滞的困境。意大利GDP水平只略高于15年前欧元刚出现时的水平。因为这三个国家占了欧元区总GDP的2/3,西班牙和荷兰地区的增长不能弥补他们的经济呆滞。The underlying causes of Europes new ills are three very familiar and interrelated problems. First, there is a shortage of political leaders with the courage and conviction to push through structural reforms to improve competitiveness and, eventually, reignite growth: the big countries have wasted the two years bought by Mr Draghis “whatever it takes” commitment. Second, public opinion is not convinced of the urgent need for deep and radical changes. And third, despite Mr Draghis efforts, the monetary and fiscal framework is too tight, throttling growth—which makes structural reforms harder.欧洲新问题的根本原因在于三个非常相似相互关联的问题。首先,缺少一个有勇气和威信的政治领导人,推动结构性改革来提高竞争力,最终重新获得增长活力:大国已经浪费了两年时间为德拉吉“无论付出多少代价”的承诺付出了代价。第二个问题是,民众不相信急切需要深入彻底的改变。第三,虽然有德拉吉的努力,货币和财政结构太紧,抑制了经济增长——这使得结构性改革更为艰难。Different manifestations of these problems can be seen across the euro zone. But the country that most dramatically epitomises all three is France. This week its embattled Socialist president, Fran?ois Hollande, was forced to reshuffle his government to eject Arnaud Montebourg who, despite being economy minister, was his own sides most persistent critic from the left (see article). Mr Hollande, who came to office in 2012 promising a painless future, is hardly a Thatcherite reformer. But since he appointed Manuel Valls as prime minister in March, he has at least embraced the principle of public-spending cuts, lower taxes and structural reforms这些问题在欧元区不同地方有不同的表现。但是三个国家中最有代表性的是法国。本周,处境艰难的社会党主席弗朗索瓦?奥朗德被迫进行政府改组,以便将身为经济部长却一直是他自己的左翼阵营中最坚决的批评者的阿诺德·蒙特布尔排挤出内阁。奥朗德2012年入职,承诺会给人民带来一个美好的未来,他几乎称不上是一个撒切尔夫人的改革者。但是自从他三月任命曼纽尔瓦尔斯为首相后,他至少坚持减少政府开、降低税收和结构性改革的原则。In theory a new and more cohesive reforming government could make progress, but public opinion is not remotely prepared for that. Mr Hollande is not just deeply unpopular; unlike Italys Matteo Renzi, who has bravely made the case for (as yet undelivered) tough reforms, the French president has failed to convince voters that painful change, including a reduction in the size of the state, is inevitable. Instead, Mr Montebourg and his chums offer the beguiling notion that, if only the euro zone scraps its rules and allows bigger budget deficits and generous enough public spending, no more painful reforms will be needed, because the economy will miraculously lift itself out of danger by its own bootstraps.理论上一个新的更团结的改革政府可以获得成功,但是公众舆论完全没有准备。而且这位法国总统还始终没能让选民相信,像缩减政府规模这样的痛苦的改革是无法避免的。在这一点上,意大利的马泰奥·伦齐就同奥朗德有所不同,他一直在大胆地为艰苦的改革(尽管尚未付诸行动)寻找理由。相反,蒙特布尔及其密友给出了一个具有欺骗性的概念,称只要欧元区打破规则允许更大的预算赤字和更足够的政府开,就不需要令人痛苦的改革,因为经济会奇迹般地自己脱离险境。Mr Montebourgs argument is all the more seductive because he is right about Europes third problem: excessive austerity, largely forced on the continent by Germany. Mr Draghi has just implicitly conceded that fiscal and monetary policy in the euro zone is too tight at the annual economics jamboree in Jackson Hole. He hinted that he was in favour of quantitative easing, which both America and Britain have used, and he called for fiscal policy to do more to encourage growth—a message plainly aimed at Germanys chancellor, Angela Merkel. She is the leader who insists most firmly on sticking to the euro zones rules on fiscal discipline, just as it is the German Bundesbank that is most strongly against quantitative easing.蒙特布尔的观点更引人注目,因为他关于欧洲地第三个问题是正确的:过分的紧缩,主要在德国强迫执行。 德吉拉在杰克逊霍尔的一年一度经济学大会上含蓄地承认欧元区财政和货币政策太紧。他暗示道,他持量化宽松,这个政策也是英美都曾使用过的,他呼吁制定更多鼓励增长的政策——这是一个明显针对德国总理安吉拉?默克尔的消息。默克尔是最坚持欧元区财政纪律的领导人,好像德国联邦是最强烈反对量化宽松一样。Angie, we can say you never tried安吉,我们可以说你从没有努力过Despite the gloom, there should be scope here for a bargain. If Mr Hollande and Mr Renzi can show they are sincere about structural reforms, Mrs Merkel should be willing to tolerate an easier fiscal stance (including higher public investment in Germany) and a looser monetary policy. Close your eyes, and you can imagine the three leaders working with the European Commission to complete the single market and pushing through a trade deal with the ed States. Sadly, in the real world, Mrs Merkel has little reason to trust either France or Italy: whenever external pressure on them has eased, they have promptly backtracked on promises of reform. And she has just installed Jean-Claude Juncker, the do-nothing candidate, as president of the European Commission.虽然局势艰难,但是应该还有讨价还价的空间。如果奥朗德和里兹能明他们对结构性改革的真诚,默克尔可能愿意容忍更宽松的财政观点(包括在德国更高的公共投资)以及更宽松的货币政策。闭上眼睛,你能想像三位领导人和欧洲委员会共同努力完成单一市场,完成和美国的贸易协定。伤感的是,在现实世界里,默克尔没有理由相信法国和意大利:只要外部压力一松懈,他们立刻就会收回改革的承诺。而且她刚刚任命无所作为的珍-克劳德客容为欧洲委员会会长。So it will be hard. But without a new push from the continents leaders, growth will not revive and deflation could take hold. Japan suffered a decade of lost growth in the 1990s, and is still struggling. But, unlike Japan, Europe is not a single cohesive country. If the currency union brings nothing but stagnation, joblessness and deflation, then some people will eventually vote to leave the euro. Thanks to Mr Draghis promise to put a floor under government debt, the market risk that financial pressures could trigger a break-up has receded. But the political risk that one or more countries decide to storm out of the single currency is rising all the time. The euro crisis has not gone away; it is just waiting over the horizon.所以,这会很难。但是没有州领导人新的推动,增长不会复苏,通货紧缩会持续。日本在20世纪90年代曾遭受十年的增长缓滞,而且现在还在努力。但是,不同于日本,欧洲不是结合在一起的一个国家。如果货币联盟只带来经济停滞、失业和通货紧缩,有人最终会投票离开该联盟。多亏了德拉吉承诺撑着政府负债,财政压力会导致解体的市场危机减弱了。但是一个或多个国家决定冲出单一货币的政治危险一直在上升。欧元危机还没有离开,它只是在地平线上等着而已。 翻译:王丹培译文属译生译世 /201505/376976富阳妇科检查多少钱 Euro crisis欧洲危机The end of the euro’s Indian summer欧元区小阳春之末After a few sunny weeks, a political and economic storm is battering the euro zone once again度过几个星期的好日子后,政治经济风暴再度席卷欧元区THE sugar-rush brought on by the European Central Bank’s pledge to intervene in bond markets to help troubled euro-zone countries—some diplomats call it “Mario Draghi’s ice cream”—was bound to fade at some point. But nobody expected it to fade quite so suddenly this week.欧洲中央承诺干预债券市场用来帮助欧元区国家摆脱困境,这些“短暂的春天”被一些外交官称为“马里奥.德拉吉(Mario Draghi)的冰淇淋”,在某种程度上注定会失效的。但没有人预料到它在本周消退得如突然。Anti-austerity protests in Spain and Greece, uncertainty over their bail-out terms, the resurgence of Catalan secessionism, the likely departure of Mario Monti as Italy’s prime minister next year, obstacles to creating a credible banking union (see Charlemagne) and a darkening economic outlook all combined to dispel hope that the euro zone was out of the woods. Spanish and Italian bond yields shot back up and European stockmarkets fell.西班牙和希腊的对紧缩的抗议活动,他们获得救助条件的不确定性,加泰罗尼亚分离主义的复苏,可能离任的马意大利总理Mario Monti(马里奥·蒙蒂),以及建立一个安全可靠联盟(见Charlemagne专栏)的诸多障碍和经济前景的暗淡无光,所有这些不利因素都预示着欧元区走出困境的希望越来越渺茫。西班牙和意大利两国债券收益虽有所回升,但欧洲股市整体却已跌入谷底。The summer’s panic about the euro zone had been assuaged by the ECB’s announcement of plans to buy unlimited amounts of short-dated debt of vulnerable countries such as Spain and Italy. This backstop would depend on their governments first seeking assistance from the euro-zone rescue funds, and then submitting to a formal, externally monitored reform programme.今年夏天和欧元有关的恐慌,在欧洲央行的一份申明中——计划向西班牙、意大利等经济危机较为严重的国家,购买大量其无限的短期债务,使得其困境有所缓解。这一担保会取决于他们的政府首先向欧元区救助基金申请帮助, 然后提交一份正式并接受国外监管的改革计划。Both out of national pride, and because Germany does not want Spain to ask for more money, the Spanish government has hesitated about taking the ECB’s outstretched hand. Behind European officials’ public praise for the deficit-cutting measures taken by Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish prime minister, there is dismay over his ineptness in handling the crisis, not least the ever-changing estimates of the money needed to recapitalise Spain’s banks.这些都出自于民族自豪感,因为德国不希望西班牙借贷更多资金, 西班牙政府对于欧洲央行提供的资金帮助犹豫不定。在欧洲各国对于西班牙首相马里亚诺·拉霍伊(Mariano Rajoy)的赤字削减政策一片赞扬声的背后,这位西班牙首相在处理这些危机时总是让人们对他的无能感到失望,特别是在西班牙重组所耗费的资金的数目上,这个数字总是一而再再而三地发生改变。As The Economist went to press, Mr Rajoy was due to unveil a budget for next year and a new set of structural reforms, as well as the results of a detailed assessment of Spain’s bank-recapitalisation needs. These have been co-ordinated with European officials, perhaps to allow Mr Rajoy to claim that Spain will face no fresh conditions beyond the ones he has announced himself. But the gains from any such choreography have been offset by clashes on the streets of Madrid during anti-austerity protests and by the resurgence of Catalan nationalism. Mr Rajoy’s attempt to rein in spending in Spain’s autonomous regions has prompted Artur Mas, the president of Catalonia, to call an election on November 25th, after his demand for more tax autonomy was rebuffed. Mr Mas is talking of holding a referendum on independence, which could throw Spain into a constitutional crisis on top of its economic one.正当《经济学人》印刷之时,拉霍伊将公布一个下一年预算和一套新的结构改革,以及一个西班牙的资本重组的详细的评估结果。这些都需要与欧洲官员协调,也许是为了让拉霍伊先生声明,西班牙将不再对已声明的条件外另加新的条件。但是,由于反紧缩抗议期间,马德里街巷的冲突,及加泰罗尼亚民族主义的复苏,任何预算之中的收益都已经被抵消了。拉霍伊先生试图控制在西班牙自治区的出的想法,刺激到泰罗尼亚地区长官Artur Mas ,在拉霍伊要求更多自治权遭到拒绝后,他提出11月25日举行一次选举的意见。而Artur Mas先生所提出的举行独立公投,可能使得西班牙不仅要面临经济行危机,又即将陷入宪法危机。If Mr Rajoy’s stock in European capitals has fallen, that of Antonis Samaras, the Greek prime minister, has risen. Once reviled for resisting austerity while in opposition, the conservative leader has, since his election in June, impressed fellow leaders with a new-found zeal for fiscal discipline and reform. Yet it will be hard to reconcile Mr Samaras’s call for an extra two years to bring down the deficit with creditors’ refusal to lend him more money, in effect a third bail-out.如果拉霍伊先生在欧洲各国政要的声望已经下跌,那么希腊总理Antonis Samaras将会逆势上升。这位反对派保守党领袖向来在抵制紧缩中被诟病,然而他在今年6月的选举中上任以来财政纪律和改革上的果断干练风格, 给各派领导人留下了深刻的印象。然而,一方面Samaras要求延长两年时间以缓解财政赤字,另一方面希腊的债权人又拒绝继续向其借贷资金(这其实是第三次援助计划)。Mr Samaras is caught between the rescuers’ demands for more spending cuts and boiling anger on the streets. Police fired tear gas at hooded protesters hurling petrol bombs on September 26th, the day of a general strike, while tens of thousands of demonstrators outside the Greek parliament shouted “EU, IMF Out!”. European officials say much now depends on whether, after some massaging of Greece’s figures, the IMF can be cajoled into declaring its gargantuan debt to be “sustainable”. The fund, for its part, is privately urging euro-zone countries to write off some of their loans to Greece, but that is unlikely until after Germany’s election next year.Samaras 现在被夹在援助者要求更大程度地减少开和希腊民众对此要求沸腾的怒火之间。在9月26日这天的大罢工中,警察向蒙面投掷汽油炸弹的抗议者发射了催泪弹, 而成千上万的示威者在希腊议会大楼外高喊“欧盟、国际货币基金组织滚出去!”。欧洲官员表示,现在大部分取决于,国际货币基金组织经过希腊的‘’是否相信并宣布其庞大的债务是“可持续的”。该基金组织,就其本身而言,在私下敦促欧元区国家放弃他们对希腊的债权,但是这到明年德国大选之前都是不可能的。In Italy there is nervousness about the course of still-fragile reforms after the technocratic prime minister, Mario Monti, declared that he would not seek to stay in office beyond general elections due next spring. Mr Monti told CNN: “I think it’s important that the whole political game resumes in Italy, hopefully with a higher degree of responsibility and maturity.” Given Italy’s politics, and the reforms that Italy still has to undertake, that is asking a lot.而在意大利,学者型总理Mario Monti宣布在明年的大选中,将按照原计划不会寻求连任,而举国上下都对还未完成稳定的改革进程还有些担心。Monti对CNN(美国有线新闻网)称: “在我看来,意大利政治弈的重启是很重要的,希望时机成熟的时候,会实行新的制度,与此同时还需要高度的责任感。”但是考虑到意大利政治现状,和现在仍在进行中的改革,这个似乎有点困难。Confidence in the future of the euro is hardly being helped by signs that Germany and other creditor countries are backtracking on last June’s summit deal to create a new euro-zone bank supervisor and, thereafter, to recapitalise troubled banks directly, in countries such as Spain and Italy, with money from a euro-zone rescue fund. Along with the Netherlands and Finland, Germany now wants direct recapitalisation to exclude “legacy” assets. Karl Whelan, a prominent Irish economist, summed it up with a blog post headlined: “Germany to Spain and Ireland: drop dead”.去年六月峰会上,德国和其他债权国达成创建一个新欧元区监管机构的协议,并希望借此通过欧元区救助基金来直接重组西班牙、意大利等国的问题。而今这些国家开始背弃这一协议,这一信号丝毫无助于增强大家对于欧元前景的信心,因此,就算有欧元区援助基金的贷款的帮助,但是对欧元区一些国家困难重重的(比如西班牙和意大利)重组没有什么直接性的帮助。除了荷兰和芬兰,现在德国也想通过直接资金重组,以冲减“遗留”下来的资产。一名著名的爱尔兰经济学家Karl Whelan用一篇客的题目总结了这一切:“德国对西班牙和爱尔兰说:去你的”。 翻译:周颖译文属译生译世 /201607/454835富阳无痛人流的安全性

富阳区妇幼保健院堕胎So you want to attract a mate. 那你是想吸引配偶喽!After all, passing on your genes is what evolution is all about. 毕竟基因传递才是进化的意义!To do that you need offspring, and to get a lot of those you need to be attractive. 要传递基因就得有后代,要有后代你就必须得有足够的吸引力,The flashier the better. 而且越光鲜就越好。Hey, look over here! 嘿!看这儿!Sexy me. Ah, but theres the problem. 看看性感的我。嗯,但有个问题。The flashier you are, the more likely you are to attract predators. 你越光鲜闪亮,被捕食者发现的可能性就越大。Hey, look over there-that guy really stands out. 嘿!看那儿—那家伙真显眼。Ill eat him. 我就吃它啦!This is a pickle. 这就让人为难了How can you be flashy in the eyes of mates but subdued in the eyes of predators? 怎样才能在异性眼中光鲜闪亮,又在天敌面前得以藏身呢?New studies show that swordtail fish have evolved a clever solution: use ultraviolet light. 新的研究表明剑尾鱼已经在进化中找到了两全之策,那便是使用紫外线。These innocuous little critters actually shine brightly in stripes that run along their flanks…but only if you look in the UV wavelength.这些不起眼的小家伙事实上可以沿着两侧的鱼鳍发出条纹状的亮光—但是只能在波长与紫外线的波长相等时才能看见这种光。201503/364850 Islands with deep sand and covered in vegatation are more stable, and one island in particular seems just right.只有那些有深厚沙石且植被覆盖的岛屿才是合适的地点,而有一个小岛尤其符合这些条件。In the far north of the Great Barrier Reef is the Rain Island.那就是位于大堡礁最北边的雷恩岛。Its so wide and so special that few people are permitted to land.雷恩岛非常原始,并且极为特别,只有极少数人才被允许登岛。Its one of the most protected islands on earth.它是地球上最受保护的岛屿之一。This speck in the ocean is barely a kilometer long.这是个纵长还不到1公里的海岛。Yet it attracts thousands of turtles and enormous flocks of sea birds.但却吸引了数千只海龟及成群结队的海鸟。201507/384855洞桥镇做人授多少钱富阳医院治疗月经不调



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