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狮子座——The Three Musketeers《三剑客》书中的三位剑客非常像狮子的!而且这本书中牵涉到了皇室的问题,就更加符合狮子们的王者之风拉!相同关键词:王者之风、尊贵、侠义精神The Three Musketeers is a novel by Alexandre Dumas, père, first serialized in March–July 1844. Set in the 17th century, it recounts the adventures of a young man named d#39;Artagnan after he leaves home to become a guard of the musketeers. D#39;Artagnan is not one of the musketeers of the title; those are his friends Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, inseparable friends who live by the motto ;all for one, one for all; .《三剑客》(又名《三个火手》)是以17世纪初期法国国王路易十三和手握重兵、权倾朝野的首相黎塞留红衣主教的矛盾为背景,穿插群臣派系的明争暗斗,围绕宫廷里的秘史轶闻,展开了极饶趣味的故事。书中的主人公少年勇士达达尼昂,怀揣其父留给他的十五个埃居,骑一匹长毛瘦马,告别及亲,远赴巴黎,希望在同乡父执的特雷维尔为队长的国王火队里当一名火手。在队长府上,他遇上阿托斯,波托斯和阿拉米斯三个火手,通过欧洲骑士风行的决斗,四人结成生死与共的知己。 /201208/196786。

A leaked study examining genetically-modified corn reveals that the lab-made alternative to organic crops contains a startling level of toxic chemicals.一项被泄漏出来的检测转基因玉米的研究揭示,实验室造出的有机玉米替代品中的有毒化学物质含量惊人。An anti-GMO website has posted the results of an education-based consulting company’s comparison of corn types, and the results reveal that genetically modified foods may be more hazardous than once thought.一家反转基因食品网站已经上传了某教育型咨询公司对两种玉米的比较结果,结果揭示转基因食品的危害可能比人们先前认为的更大。The study, the 2012 Corn Comparison Report by Profit Pro, was published recently on the website for Moms Across America March to Label GMOs, a group that says they wish to “raise awareness and support Moms with solutions to eat GMO Free as we demand GMO labeling locally and nationally simultaneously.” They are plotting nationwide protests scheduled for later this year.咨询公司Profit Pro的2012玉米比较研究报告近日发布在“全美母亲呼吁转基因食品标签”网站上,该组织称他们希望“通过要求在地方和全国出售的转基因食品上同步贴上标签来提高母亲们在这方面的意识,为母亲们提供食用非转基因食品的途径”。他们还计划在今年晚些时候策划全国范围的抗议活动。The report, writes the website’s Zen Honeycutt, was provided by a representative for De Dell Seed Company, an Ontario-based farm that’s touted as being Canadian only non-GMO corn seed company.网站的真?哈尼卡特称,该研究报告是由德?戴尔种子公司的一名代表提供的。德?戴尔种子公司的农场位于安大略,号称是加拿大唯一一家出售非转基因玉米种子的公司。“The claims that ‘There is no difference between GMO corn and NON Gmo corn’ are false,” says Honeycutt, who adds she was “floored” after ing the study.哈尼卡特说:“那些宣称‘转基因玉米和非转基因玉米没有差别’的论调是错误的。”她还表示,自己在读过这一研究报告后被“震撼了”。According to the analysis, GMO corn tested by Profit Pro contains a number of elements absent from traditional corn, including chlorides, formaldehyde and glyphosate. While those elements don’t appear naturally in corn, they were present in GMO samples to the tune of 60 ppm, 200pm and 13 ppm, respectively.根据这一分析报告,Profit Pro公司检测的转基因玉米含有传统玉米所没有的多种物质,包括氯化物、甲醛和草甘膦。天然玉米中不含这些物质,但在转基因玉米的样品中,这几种物质的含量却分别高达百万分之六十、百万分之二百和百万分之十三。Honecutt says that the ed States Environmental Protection Agency (FDA) mandates that the level of glyphosate in American drinking water not exceed 0.7 ppm and adds that organ damage in some animals has been linked to glyphosate exposure exceeding 0.1 ppm.哈尼卡特说,美国环境保护局规定美国饮用水中的草甘膦含量不得高于百万分之零点七,而且她还补充道,某些动物的器官损伤已被实和草甘膦含量超过百万分之零点一有关。“Glyphosate is a strong organic phosphate chelator that immobilizes positively charged minerals such as manganese, cobalt, iron, zinc [and] copper,” Dr. Don Huber attested during a separate GMO study recently released, adding that those elements “are essential for normal physiological functions in soils, plants and animals.”唐?胡贝尔士在新近发布的另一篇独立的转基因研究报告中实道:“草甘膦是一种强力的有机磷酸螯合剂,它能阻滞如锰、钴、铁、锌、铜等有益矿物质的流动。”胡贝尔士还补充道,这些化学元素“对于土壤、植物和动物的正常生理机能至关重要。”“Glyphosate draws out the vital nutrients of living things and GMO corn is covered with it,” adds Honeycutt, who notes that the nutritional benefits rampant in natural corn are almost entirely removed from lab-made seeds: in the samples used during the study, non-GMO corn is alleged to have 437-times the amount of calcium in genetically modified versions, and 56- and 7-times the level of magnesium and manganese, respectively.哈尼卡特补充说:“草甘膦会把生物中至关重要的营养素抽离出去,而转基因玉米则含有大量草甘膦。”她指出,天然玉米中所含的丰富营养价值几乎全部被从实验室造出的转基因种子中剔除了:在研究所用的样品中,据称非转基因玉米中的钙含量是转基因玉米的437倍,镁含量和锰含量也分别是转基因玉米的56倍和7倍。 /201304/235770。

A husband and wife, both 91, stood before a judge, asking for a divorce. ;I don#39;t understand,; He said, ;Why do you want a divorce at this time of life?;有一个丈夫和妻子都是91岁,他们站在法官面前,要求离婚。“我不明白,”法官说,“你们为什么到了这把年纪还要离婚?”The husband explained, ;Well, you see, we wanted to wait until the children died.;丈夫解释道:“嗯,你是知道的,我们想要等到孩子们都死了。” /201307/248949。