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杭州市三院官网绍兴市妇幼保健院浙江省杭州市妇女儿童医院正规的吗 Ashoka had pillars like this put up across the whole of his empire.阿育王的整个帝国境内都树立着这样的石柱。They#39;re great feats of architecture, and they would stand either alone by the side of the highways or in the city centres-much as public sculpture does in our city squares today.它们是伟大的建筑物,通常树立在主干道旁或城市中心,如同今日树在城市广场上的大型公共雕塑。These pillars are different from the classical columns that most of us in Europe are familiar with:但这些石柱与我们在欧洲常见的古典石柱不同,they#39;ve got no base, and they#39;re crowned with a capital in the shape of lotus petals.它们没有底座, 却有莲花座的柱顶。And on top of the most famous of all Ashoka#39;s pillars are the four lions facing outward - the lions that are still one of the emblems of India today.最有名的一种阿育王石柱顶端有四只向外蹲踞的狮子,狮子至今仍是印度的象征之一。The pillar that our fragment comes from was originally erected in Meerut, a city just north of Delhi, and that pillar was destroyed in an explosion in the early eighteenth century at the palace of a Mughal ruler.本文中碎片所属的石柱原树立于德里北边的密拉特城,在十八世纪早期莫卧儿王朝的一次宫殿爆炸中被毁坏。But many pillars have survived, and they range across Ashoka#39;s empire, which covered the great bulk of the sub-continent.但很多类似的石柱仍得以留存。阿育王的帝国覆盖了几乎整个印度次大陆,而石柱遍布整个帝国。These pillars were in fact a sort of public address system:石柱是一种广播系统,阿育王的公告或法令雕刻其上,their purpose was to carry, carved on them, proclamations or edicts from Ashoka, which could then be promulgated all over India and beyond.通过这种方式传播到整个印度,甚至印度之外。We now know that there are seven major edicts that were carved on pillars, and our fragment is from what#39;s known as the ;sixth pillar edict;;我们现在知道,石柱上有七条主要法敕,本文的碎片属于第六条,it declares the Emperor Ashoka#39;s benevolent policy towards every sect and every class in his empire:意在宣示阿育王的仁政惠及国内的各个宗派与各个阶级:;I consider how I may bring happiness to the people, not only to relatives of mine or residents of my capital city, but also to those who are far removed from me. I act in the same manner with respect to all.朕思虑如何造福百姓,不唯朕之亲属及首都居民,要边疆百姓亦能蒙受恩泽。I am concerned similarly with all classes.朕对全体臣民一视同仁,Moreover, I have honoured all religious sects with various offerings.对各个阶层同等关怀,并为诸教敬奉祭品。But I consider it my principal duty to visit the people personally.;但朕仍以亲身探访百姓疾苦为首要责任。 Article/201410/339282Story of Nian, a Chinese New Year Story用英文说中国年的故事THE STORY OF NIAN, A CHINESE NEW YEAR STORY“年兽的故事”中国新年的故事。Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a man-eating monster called ;Nian;. This beast lived deep in the ocean. It would sleep every day of the year, except on the last day of the Lunar Year, when the cold winter months would turn into Spring.从前,很久很久以前,有一个吃人怪兽叫做“年兽”。这怪兽住在深海里。它在一年里的每一天都在睡觉,除了农曆年的最后一天,当寒冷的冬天岁月转变成春天的时候。Nian would come on land to attack, and eat whatever it could find and whatever lay in its path. This was the night everyone lived in terror!“年兽”会上岸来攻击,且吃掉它能找到及路上碰到的任何东西。就是这一夜,每个人都活在恐惧之中。Year after year Nian returned, as this was a beast that was far too powerful for anyone to take on or defeat. Many had tried and all had perished. On New Year#39;s eve, all the villagers would take their loved ones, old and young, deep into the mountains to take shelter from the beast.年兽年年回来,因为它超级强大,任何人都无法对抗或击败它。很多人试过,而他们都死了。在除夕夜,所有的村民会带上所爱的人,老老少少,到深山里去躲避怪兽。One year on that night, a traveler came to town, looking for food and shelter. Everyone, with the exception of an old lady, was far too busy packing to pay him any kindness or offer him a simple plate of dumplings or a place to sleep. After his meal, the passerby was touched by the old lady#39;s generosity and decided to bestow a long hidden secret of how to be rid of the New Year beast.有一年的那晚,一个旅行者来到了镇上,寻找食物和栖身之处。除了一位老太太,每个人都太忙于打包而无法施予善意,或是给他仅仅一盘水饺或睡觉的地方。饭后,这路人被老太太的慷慨所感动,决定送给她一个长年藏于心中、怎么除掉年兽的秘密。That evening when Nian arrived at their village, all the houses were dark, except the one in which the old woman lived. As Nian saw the light, it licked its lips with anticipation and approached the house.那晚当年兽到达他们的村庄时,除了老太太的房子以外,所有的房子都是暗黝黝的。当年兽看到亮光,它满怀企望的舔了舔唇并走近房子。Suddenly, it was greeted with deafening noises of firecrackers sounding endlessly. The monster was frightened and startled! Next, the beast saw that the house was covered in red paper. That scared Nian even more, and it took off running back into the ocean.突然,接待它的是绵绵不断、震耳欲聋的爆竹声。这怪兽给吓坏了。接下来,怪兽看到房子贴满了红纸。那使年兽更害怕,落荒而逃回海里。When the villagers returned, they saw that the old woman was unharmed! Everyone was eager to learn what she did to survive Nian. The old woman told the villagers that Nian was afraid of loud noises and the color red.当村民们回来,看到老太太毫发无伤!每个人都很想知道她做了什么,而在年兽口下存活下来。老太太告诉村民们年兽很怕大声的噪音和红色。The next year, the villagers stayed up all night, lit firecrackers, lit red lanterns all around their houses, pasted red paper on their walls and doors, wore red clothing, danced to loud music, and banged loud gongs and drums.第二年,村民们整晚不睡,点爆竹,在他们房屋周围点上红灯笼,在墙壁、门上贴满红纸,穿红衣,伴着大声音乐跳舞,并且大声的敲锣打鼓。That year and every year since, Nian has never returned. This eventually became a tradition and the way to celebrate Chinese New Year.从那年起,年兽再也不回来了。这最后变成一个传统及庆祝中国年的方式。 Article/201506/381153萧山市妇科医院哪家好

萧山宫颈糜烂用激光治疗一次多少钱Let#39;s Cafe is a coffee chain in Taiwan with over two thousand stores. The problem is: it#39;s not really a store, more like a kiosk in the Family Mart convenience store, providing fast but good coffee to consumers.Let#39;s Cafe是在台湾拥有超过两千间店面的咖啡连锁店。问题是:它其实不是一间店,比较像是在全家便利商店里的咖啡亭,提供消费者快速却好喝的咖啡。The Challenge: How can Let#39;s Cafe offer a better cafe experience against bigger, more established chains with proper stores?挑战:Let#39;s Cafe能够如何提供更好的咖啡体验,以抗衡较大型、更具规模、有体面店铺的连锁店?The Solution: Offer our consumers something extra that even big coffee chains can#39;t—a latte art customization that#39;s ridiculously unique and fun.解决方法:提供我们的消费者一些甚至连大型咖啡连锁店都无法提供的特别玩意──特殊又好玩到不行的拉花艺术客制化。We kicked it off in our most popular stores. All consumers have to do is upload an image from their mobile to this machine. And, voila!我们从最热闹的店家开始。顾客要做的一切只有从手机上传照片到这台机器。然后,你看!The image gets sprinkled onto their latte forming the ultimate latte art. Our consumers shared their various creations with their friends, and it became the talk of the town in social media and in the press.图像喷在拿铁上,形成了终极的拉花艺术。我们的顾客们与朋友分享他们不同的创作,而它成了社交媒体和新闻的热门话题。By owning latte art, the perceptions of Let#39;s Cafe coffee credibility and its sales went up. And that was how Let#39;s Cafe gained ground against the traditional coffee chains, and won over the hearts of Taiwanese coffee drinkers.因为拥有这样的拉花艺术,对Let#39;s Cafe咖啡可信度的认知以及其销量都上升了。那就是Let#39;s Cafe如何迎头赶上传统的咖啡连锁店,并虏获了台湾咖啡饮用者的心。 Article/201410/333896萧山哪家妇科医院治疗白带异常好 萧山妇科咨询医生

杭州处女膜修补术 研究远古历史的科学家们已有大批惊奇发现,并利用这些发现来勇敢预测人类未来。 Article/201504/367575萧山区萧然女子医院看病贵不贵萧山处女膜修复医院处女膜修复在线咨询



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