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考研英语 考研英语一阅读理解 -- :: 来源: 考研英语一阅读理解 1. explain American’s tolerance of current security check  . an increase in the number of travelers  3.faster  .an unreasonable price enroll  5.Getting stuck in the security line  6. the importance of astronomy in ancient Hawaii society  7. its geographical features  .it reminds them of humiliating history  9.may uncover the origin of Hawaii culture  30.passive acceptance  31. had a low opinion of GDP  3.GDP as the measure of success is widely defied in the UK  33.Its results are enlightening  .It is essential to consider factors beyond GDP  35.high GDP but inadequate well-being , a UK lesson  36.was contemptuous of McDonell’s conduct  37.concrete returns gift-givers  38. justifying in addressing the needs of the constituents.  39.guarantee fair play in official access  0. supportive。

年(TOEFL)考试词汇辨析:强记表:A --5 :: 来源:qnr  这些词汇如果记住了,那么同学们可以在阅读中提高速度  acrophobia n. 恐高症  affiliate n. 部;分会;子公司 v. (使……)加入,接受为会员  aperitif n. 饭前酒,开胃酒  appetizer n. 开胃菜,开胃食品,开胃物  ASAP as soon as possible 越快越好  baggage claim n. 行李提领处  banner n. 标语;旗帜  billiards n. 台球,撞球  boarding pass n. 登机牌  bond n. 债券  brainstorm n. 脑力激荡,集思广益  brochure n. 小册子  buckle up v. 系安全带  buffet n. 自助餐;(车站、餐车等处打)餐柜  burglar n. 窃贼;夜间入屋行窃的小偷  buyout buy out 买进全部产权或股权;收购全部  checkout n. 结帐退房的时间  chef n. 主厨;大厨  choreography n. 舞蹈设计;编舞  circular n. 广告;传单;通告  commitment n. 承诺;许诺  concierge n. 管理员;门房  consignee n. 收件人;受托人  contagious adj. 接触传染的  contractor n. 立契约人;承包商  convertible adj. 敞篷车,可改变的  conveyance n. 运输;交通工具  cost-effective adj. 符合成本效益的  courier n. 递送急件的信差;邮物专递公司  crash landing n. 迫降  cross-reference n. 前后参照;(使)前后参照 词汇 词汇 考试 A TOEFL。

年新重点词汇:remove -- 18::5 来源:qnr remove 1   r#618;#7;mu#7;v; r#618;ˋmuv v  (esp fml 尤作庄重语) (a) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sthsb (from sth) take sthsb away from one place to another 将某物[某人]移到别处; 移开: remove the dishes (from the table) (从餐桌上)撤去碗碟 * remove one's hand from sb's shoulder 把放在某人肩上的手移开 * The statue was removed to another site. 塑像已挪到另一地方. * They were removed from the English class, eg to have special lessons. 他们已从英语班转走(如上专设课). (b) [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sb (from sth) dismiss sb from a post, etc 免去某人的职务等: remove a diplomat from office 免除一外交官的职务 * He was removed from his position as chairman. 他被撤去主席的职务. (c) [Tn] take off (clothing, etc) from the body 脱下(衣等): remove one's hat, coat, gloves, etc 摘下帽子﹑ 脱掉大衣﹑ 摘下手套 * remove the bandagesplaster from sb's arm 解掉某人手臂上的?带[揭掉某人臂膀上的橡皮膏].  [Tn, Tn.pr] ~ sth (from sth) (a) get rid of sth by cleaning 去掉或清除某物: remove graffiti from the subway walls 除去人行隧道墙上乱涂乱画的痕迹 * Washo removes stains! Washo一到, 污迹全掉! * She removed her make-up with a tissue. 她用纸巾擦掉脂粉. (b) cause sth to disappear; eliminate sth 使某物消失; 消除某物: remove superfluous hair 剪去多余的毛发 * (fig 比喻) remove problems, difficulties, objections, etc 解决问题﹑ 克困难﹑ 消除反对意见 * remove doubts, fears, etc from sb's mind 消除某人的疑虑﹑ 恐惧等 * The threat of redundancy was suddenly removed. 裁员的危险顿时消除了.  [Ipr] ~ (from sth) (fml 文) go to live or work in another place; move 移居; 迁移: We are removing from London to the country. 我们正从伦敦迁往乡下. * Our suppliers have removed to Bath. 我们的供应厂商已迁往巴斯.  (idm 习语) once, twice, etc removed (of cousins) belonging to a different generation (指堂﹑ 表亲戚)隔一代﹑ 两代…的: a first cousin once removed, ie a first cousin's child 堂或表兄弟的子或女.  gt; removable -#601;bl; -#601;bl adj (a) that can be removed or detached 可移动的; 可除去的; 可拆卸的: This coffee-maker has two removable parts. 这个煮咖啡器有两个部分, 可以拆开. (b) [pred 作表语] (of a person) that can be dismissed from office (指人)可免职.  removal -vl; -vl n  1 [U] removing or being removed 移动; 迁移; 免职; 去除.   [C] transfer of furniture, etc to a different home 搬迁: [attrib 作定语] a re`moval van, firm, specialist, etc 搬迁用车﹑ 公司﹑ 专门人员等.  removed adj [pred 作表语] ~ (from sth) (fig 比喻) distinct or different; remote 有区别; 不同; 遥远; 关系远: an accent not far removed from Cockney 与伦敦土话差不多的口音 * an explanation far removed from the truth 与事实相去甚远的解释.  remover n 1 (in compounds 用以构成复合词) thing that removes sth 移动或去除某物之物: a stain, paint, nail-varnish, etc remover 污斑﹑ 油漆﹑ 指甲油等清除剂. (esp pl 尤作复数) person or business that moves sb's furniture, etc, to a new house 代人搬迁的业者或公司: a firm of removers 搬运公司. remove    r#618;#7;mu#7;v; r#618;ˋmuv n  ~ (from sth) (fml 文) stage or degree of difference or distance (from sth) 差别或距离的阶段或程度; 差距; 间距: Your story is several removes from the truth. 你的说法与事实有些距离. * feel a child's suffering at one remove, ie as a parent 身为父母感受到孩子的痛苦.  (Brit) class or division in some schools, esp pupils of about (某些学校的)班或组(尤指约岁学生的). 词汇 词汇 新 重点 考试 remove。



  【例31】 At first, they were being nice.。

Keep up的意思是“继续”,如:。



那么应该如何用好“欢迎”( welcome)呢?。