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Prohibition; Famous Americans: Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.; Im sorry versus I apologize; green thumb; elbow grease; to be screwedWords:Prohibitiontemperanceto banundergroundto bootlegmoonshinespeakeasylegal realismto deferto dissentpithyto step downto be sorryto apologizegreen thumbelbow greaseto be screwed 3630Insects in the Rice大米中的虫子;Look at this,; she said. He looked. He looked inside a plastic bag. There was rice inside the bag. But something else was inside the bag. ;What are these things?; he asked. They were insects. The insects were crawling around. A lot of insects were crawling around. ;That disgusting,; he said. ;Where did they come from?; She said, ;They came from you!; He denied it. He didnt have insects. Not even one. ;You bought the wrong bag of rice,; she said. ;I told you which bag of rice to buy. But you wanted to save money. And I agreed to it. Never again. From now on, we buy the same brand Ive always bought.; He agreed. She tied up the bag. She put the bag inside a fresh plastic bag. She tied up the second plastic bag. ;This is you,; she said. ;Gee, thanks,; he said.她说:“看这个”他看了看他向塑料袋中看袋子中有大米袋子里还有其它东西他问道:“这些是什么?”他说:“这些是虫子虫子在里面爬行里面有许多虫子太恶心了”她说:“它们是哪来的?”它们是你带来的!他否认到他没有昆虫一只都没有她说:“你的大米买错了我已经告诉你要买哪个但是你想省钱我同意了别再有下一次从此,我们一直买同一个牌子的大米他同意了他把袋子系好她将袋子放进了一个新的塑料袋子中她将第二个袋子系好她说:“这是给你的”他说:“啊,谢谢你”译文属原创,,不得转载 76Billy: And the cover is great! The colors are brilliant!Jennifer: Give me a break. You dont care about the colors. You just like the hot babe on the cover.Billy: OK, you got me. So, do you have a subscription?Jennifer: Of course. Im currently the subscriber of different fashion magazines.Billy: So what do you do with all the out-dated issues?Jennifer: I guess Im lending them to you...参考译文:比 利:封面也很棒!这颜色真是夺目啊!詹妮弗:得了吧你你才不管颜色你只是喜欢封面上的辣比 利:好吧,被你逮到了对了,你有订阅吗?詹妮弗:当然目前我订了十种不同的流行杂志比 利:那你都怎么处理那些过期的杂志?詹妮弗:我看就把它们借你好了……重点词汇:Give me a break  此指「你省省吧」「你得了吧」subscription (n.)  订阅;「订户」是subscriberA: What do you want your birthday? 你要什么生日礼物?B: A subscription to EZ talk. 订阅EZ talkcurrently (adv.)  现下地out-dated (a.)  过时的 133. Travelling from place to placePart 1. warming up. A.Keywords. call, flight, passenger, depart, board.Vocabulary. depart. board. due. shuttle. check in.Albania. Frankfurt. Karachi. Edinburgh.Nairobi. Madrid. Hamburg. Muscat. Kuala Lumpur. Dublin.Here are some announcements broadcast at some airports.Listen carefully to each announcement, and pay special attention to flight numbers, departure times and boarding gate numbers.Write them in the correct spaces.Last call British Airways flight BA9 Tokyo, BA9 Tokyo due to depart at : boarding at the gate .British Airways flight BA877 to Boston, British Airways flight BA877 to Boston, due to depart at : boarding now at the gate .British Airways flight BA9 Frankfurt, Athens and Karachi. Flight BA9 Frankfurt, Athens and Karachi, due to depart at :5 now board at the gate 19.TWA flight TW695 to NewYork, TWA flight TW695 to NewYork, departing :30 boarding gate .British Airways passengers from the British Airways Super Shuttle flight to Edinburgh, this flight is now boarding at gate .British Airways Super Shuttle flight to Edinburgh, this flight is now boarding at gate .East African Airlines flight EA831 to Nairobi, EA831 to Nairobi, due to depart at :35, boarding gate .British Airways Passengers wishing to travel to Cork, flight NO. BA838, this flight is now checking in at gate NO.9.British Airways Passengers to Cork on flight NO. BA838, this flight is now checked in at gate NO.9.Iberia flight IB90 to Madrid, Iberia flight IB90 to Madrid, due to the depart at :35, boarding gate .Lufthansa flight LH9 to Hamburg, Lufthansa flight LH9 to Hamburg, departing at :0, boarding at gate 9.Passengers British Airways flight BA666 to Muscat, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, BA666 Muscat, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, due to depart at :0, boarding at gate 18.Aer Lingus passengers to Dublin, flight number AI1, this flight is now closing at gate NO.6.Aer Lingus to Dublin, flight NO. AI1, this flight is now closing at gate NO.6.British Airways passengers from flight NO. BA560 to Athens, this flight is now closing at gate .B. Keywords. chief steward. buffet car, on sale.Vocabulary. steward, buffet, toast, ham, cress, licensed.Here is an announcement made by the chief steward about the buffet car on the train.Listen carefully and write a check next to the things you can buy in the buffet car.May I have your attention please, ladies and gentlemen, this is the chief steward speaking.We would like to inm all passengers that now the buffet car is now open.The buffet car is situated towards the middle of the train.On sale are tea, coffee and soft drinks,a selection of fresh and toasted sandwiches, including eggs and tomato, ham and tomato, egg and cress, roast chicken and toasted cheese.cheeseburgers, beef burgers and sausages and a licensed bar.The buffet car is situated towards the middle of the train.Thank you. 38

Cellphone translator 手机翻译 Cellphone software provides bidirectional audio translation between English and Chinese Welcome to JaJah Paypal to translate m English to Chinese, press 1 to translate from Chinese to English, press …And it's really that simple--using your cell phone and software fittingly called Baybal from a Silicon Valley company called Jajah to translate your English phrases "please tame me to my hotel"into Chinese. Jajah CEO Trevor Healey showed us how dialing one number can make your Olympic trip to Beijing more talkative. The combination of three technologies, voice over IP technology,real time translation technology, and then voice recognition technology. It's not perfect yet, but it's new and enventually this--becomes of this. "I am sorry I have no watch" I spoke this morning to, actually one of the Irish athletes who said that taxi drivers in Beijing don't understand the Olympic Village.So it certainly immediately needed the market.And all you need is your cellphone to make the world a smaller place one conversation at a time.Skut Budman From N News. 参考中文翻译:手机软件提供英语汉语双向翻译功能欢迎来到JaJah Paypal,1从英语翻译到汉语,……这的确很简单——适合的应用你的手机和软件致电硅谷名为Jajah的公司,将英语短语“please tame me to my hotel”翻译成汉语JajahCEO向我们演示了怎样拨打一个号码就可以让你在奥运旅途中更健谈主要依赖于加载IP的语音技术,实时翻译技术和语音识别技术三项技术的结合现在该技术还不完美,但这是一项新技术,最终会向完美方向发展“I am sorry I have no watch”今天早上我对一个爱尔兰运动员说了这句话,他曾说北京的出租车司机不明白Olympic Village是什么意思所以,该技术存在广泛的市场你只要有手机就可以在谈话中让世界变得更小 57566

Japan's love hotels thrive Despite the recession, Japan's love hotels are thriving. CNN's Morgan Neill reports.They say you can't put a price on love, but that doesn't mean you can't try. Despite Japan's deepest recession since World War II, the country's love hotel industry has hardly missed a beat. Don't be fooled by the showy facades. Love hotels are serious business, an estimated 0-billion-dollar-a-year industry. Just off the highway near the town of Bussola lies the Bonita Hotel, which boasts 50% occupancy. That's right, each room is rented .5 times a day. "I would hate to use the term “recession-proof”, but it certainly had proven very resilient over the last 6 months." Yeah, Steve Mansfiled operates 6 love or leisure hotels, as he prefers to call them. Generally, they share certain features. First, privacy. "You just choose a room and you go to room 3.""So you checked in without ever having spoken with anyone.""Yep."So it's your turn. Rooms may offer Karaoke, games, custom souvenirs and often a bit of luxury."We have a television there, so our guests can enjoy a loge Jacuzzi jet bath and television at the same time, just to..."Business is good enough and Mansfield is looking to expand. That's not even in the big cities.Now prices in Tokyo are a little bit higher. This room, example, will run you about 190 dollars the night. What do you get that? Well, your king-sized bed, your big screen, flat screen TV. Here’s your minibar. You see, just in there. And a few things you don't see in every other hotel room, you got over here, a gigantic Jacuzzi, and on this side, your own personal sauna.Why have love hotels done so well despite the recession?"It's a natural human desire." She says. Her boyfriend adds," even these days on the weekend, every love hotel is full. You can't stop sexual desire."But it's not all about sex.According to this very candid man, "I go to a love hotel when I'm drunk, don't feel like going home."Whatever the reasons, when it comes to love hotels, it will take more than dim prospects to break the moods. Morgan Neil, CNN Tokyo. 8

How to become the president of the ed States, tailgating parties, seize versus arrest versus detain, pronouncing “the,” expressions showing sympathyWord:constitutionamendmentsnatural-bornnaturalizedterm of officeterm limitsprimariesgeneral electionconsecutiveto tailgatetailgrillhingeto seizeto arrestto detainto be in custody 37

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