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旅行信用 circular letter of credit和thin相关的习惯用语 -- :35:01 来源: Thin就是瘦,或者是很薄1. wear thin 打折扣;逐渐消失Wear在这里的意思是某一样东西在一段时间里,它的功能和价值在逐步降低,也就是中文里说的损耗这可以指具体的东西,也可以用在其他方面例句-1:Your patience with another person may wear thin if he keeps doing something you don't like.要是一个人老是做你不喜欢的事,那你对他就会越来越没有耐心例句-:Joe, remember that money you borrowed six months ago. You told me you'd pay it back in 30 days. But you keep finding reasons not to return it. Now I really need it back, and I must say that all your excuses delay are beginning to wear thin.Joe, 记得你六个月前问我借的钱吧当时你说你一定会在一个月后还给我可是你找出种种理由不还钱现在,我真的要用这些钱了我得告诉你,你为了推迟还钱而提出的种种借口现在已经没什么作用了. sp too thin 同时做太多事情Sp就是扩散,或者是延伸到最大的程度Sp too thin 的意思就是过份的扩散,就像把一小块黄油抹在一块很大的面包上,黄油就很薄了sp too thin这个习惯用语用在人的身上,那就意味着一个人要做的事太多,给自己加了很多压力,甚至到无法应付的地步例句-3:I'm afraid my friend Karen is sp too thin this year. She's taking five courses, works hours a week in the bookstore, and is on the women's basketball team. She looks tired all the time and keeps falling asleep in her classes.我担心我的朋友Karen今年给自己的压力太大她要上五门课,每个星期要在书店里工作二十个小时,她还是女子篮球队的队员她看起来老是很累,上课的时候经常打瞌睡3. through thick and thin 不畏艰险;在任何情况下Through在这里是指从头到尾 Thick是厚薄的厚,和thin的意思刚好相反Through thick and thin这个习惯用语是形容某样东西或某件事,不管是在一帆风顺的时候,还是在遇到困难的时候,都能持续很久例句-:Bob and I have been friends since our first day in school years ago. And we've stayed the best of friends through thick and thin, in high school, college and the air ce, even when we both were chasing after the same girl in college.我和Bob二十年前第一天上学就开始成了好朋友 我们一起上中学,上大学,一起参加空军,这些年来共甘苦,同患难,一直是好朋友即便我们在大学里同时追求一个女孩子的时候,我们也是好朋友7.What is the reserve requirement? ______.


为什么美剧在中国越来越红? -- 18:37: 来源: 为什么美剧在中国越来越红?In recent years, American television series like Broke Girls and House of Cards have become increasingly watched in China - with more Chinese content providers gaining licenses to release them. China's answer to Netflicks, Sohu.com, says U.S. shows are becoming mainstream. Offering huge advertising potential.From Beijing, Grace Brown has more on why U.S. shows are becoming so popular in China - and what it means Chinese shows.7-year old Michelle Sun grew up in Beijing. She’s been watching American TV since she was ."I watch Broke Girls, Big Bang theory. I started watching Broke Girls overseas and Youku do so too. Chinese websites are up to date on all the episodes." Sun said.Along with Youku, a growing number of Chinese providers are scrambling to secure licenses U.S. TV series. Sohu TV.com is China’s largest provider of American shows, with ,000 episodes to date - translated and released on its website almost simultaneously, minutes after being aired in America."I think the very beginning, they wanted to learn English. And now I think it’s more about entertainment. They watch it because it’s good TV. We think we have moved beyond just easy sitcoms...As House of Cards has shown, they love those quality shows.” Sohu American TV Channel’s editor-in-charge Lizzie Chen said.With a plot that includes China and Japan’s territorial tensions, House of Cards is Sohu’s most watched TV show and it’s not just young people tuning in."We don’t really have a specific demographic. My mum and my sister watch U.S. TV series too. They probably won’t watch Vampire Diaries, but they will watch House of Cards and Homeland." Chen said.As viewers grow, so too is advertising. Sohu TV’s ad revenues nearly doubled between and , surging from million US dollars to 9 million. Largely due to hits from its American shows - which grew from 31 in , to 50 today.Chinese audiences have been exposed to American TV series since the 1980’s, during China’s opening up phase, but it’s really during the last two years that their popularity has taken off here. Putting new pressure on Chinese TV makers to keep up."I think that they can try to come up with more original TV scripts... People always want shows that talk about their own lives. We don’t want that many shows that try to make Shanghai like New York. We don’t need that.” Chen said.With more competition, there is also often more cooperation... As Hollywood collaborations with Chinese studios have shown. It may only be a matter of time bee the same, goes TV shows.

年 金融 英语考试

HVbWZHMG+a@OXu@2U6_Jf1!6;Friends and citizens!;shouted Defarge.#39;We are y!To the Bastille!#39;“朋友们、公民们!”得法热喊道,“我们做好了准备!向巴士底狱进军!”The crowd began to move, like the waves of the sea.人群开始移动,像海浪般汹涌向前YfR1wk5]d~RZC.SxX。;Follow me, women!;cried Madame Defarge.“跟着我,妇女们!”得法热夫人说道y4S%Oat6,;。A long sharp knife shone brightly in her hand.一把明晃晃的长尖刀在她手中挥舞着[JnI@jk[2#R^XwV|UE。;We can kill as well as any man!;“我们也能像任何男人一样去杀人!”The living sea of angry people ran through Saint Antoine to the Bastille,愤怒的人海穿过圣安东尼冲向了巴士底狱MBRdt3CPZ6j。and soon the hated prison was ringing with the noise of battle.很快,这让人痛恨的监狱便响起了战斗的声音qVFrd)nKyB@Ak%。Fire and smoke climbed up the high stone walls烈火和浓烟窜上了高大的石头墙,and the thunder of the guns echoed through the city.雷鸣般的炮声在城市中回响BiprOKtW0;pY7Sc9mA。Four terrible and violent hours.恐怖而暴烈的4个小时之后,Then a white flag appeared above the walls and the gates were opened.城墙上出现了一面白旗,城门被打开了o5hIv2cVlc@GeV5NEI(。The Bastille had been taken by the people of Paris!巴士底狱已经被民攻占了!Soon the crowds were inside the building itself, and shouting#39;Free the prisoners!#39;很快人群便拥入其中,他们呐喊着“释放犯人!”But Defarge put his strong hand on the shoulder of one of the soldiers.但是得法热把他结实的手放在了一个士兵肩上1wecImcsSo。;Show me the North Tower. Take me to One Hundred and Five, North Tower!Quickly!;“指给我#39;北塔#39;,带我去北塔105!快!”;Follow me; said the frightened man,“跟我来Mkh;X)sreCUAC。”那个吓坏了的家伙说道%(YQ8M.09FiVX^,。and Defarge and Jacques Three went with him through the dark prison,得法热和雅克三随他走过黑暗的监狱,past heavy closed doors, up stone stairs, until they came to a low door.路过了沉重紧锁的门,上了石头台阶,来到一个低矮的门前N6M_Vk!vOMP93D#6H。It was a small room, with dark stone walls这是一个狭小的房间,黑暗的石墙上and only one very small window, too high for anyone to look out.只有一个很小的窗户,它很高,没人能够着它往外看|OY0c*6Ql]。Defarge looked carefully along the walls.得法热顺着墙仔细地查看着%o@KPDUO6|yK。;There, look there, Jacques Three, ; he cried.“这儿,看这儿,雅克三i%yE|+uxoQ0)y#@ntc.S。”他嚷道u;,RP5o@RE)||8.S7t4。;A.M.!;whispered Jacques.“A.M.!”雅克小声念道M*i|VoMs0p*S90D。;A.M. Alexandre Manette, ; said Defarge softly.“A.M.,亚历山大·马内特yd@8[faKFpw-@。”得法热轻声说Ik.LAjAf6]。;Let us go now.; But before they left, they searched the room,“我们现在走吧BXV%^]tyai|。”但在他们离开之前,他们细心地搜索了一遍房间and the furniture very carefully, looking for small hiding-places.和家具,寻找着细小的隐藏之处,1Max14yJ(@。qs^naOrDbu7NuXkSE.L6%人物形象分析:贵族中的理想人物是达尔奈1W;8JTz0!L。达尔奈在全书中始终是被作者用歌颂笔调来刻画的,他处于一个罪恶累累的家庭,但他出淤泥而不染ACwMRck~w~at0X7。他憎恶并且谴责自己贵族家庭的罪行,面对面向叔父侯爵说:“我们曾经胡作非为”,“甚至在我父亲的时代,我们就已经犯下了许多罪恶,伤害了妨害我们享乐的每一个人GEtoK)7f^3~b~NLS。”+II@Dxc8_I|SW+2HeE~*~xnN]GMv0*UoWl7.xydSk[e.8 /201304/234165

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