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I was not fully aware of you. I saw you when you were hosting an event for GLAAD.我以前都不怎么了解你 我以前见你 在为同性恋反诽谤联盟举办一个活动And Portia and I thought you were hilarious.波西娅和我都觉着你很幽默And then I saw the documentary, and I was like,后来我看到了那个纪录片 我就想;How am--how is she not on my radar?我怎么...她的名字为什么从未出现在我的雷达?How do I not know who this woman is?;我竟然会不知道她?And I tracked you down, I got your number, and I called you and I apologized然后 我就跟随着你 问你要了号码 给你打了电话 向你道歉for not knowing who you were and not supporting you earlier on,抱歉我之前对你一无所知 抱歉我没有早早地来持你and saying, ;I think that youre brilliant and brave, and inspiring,; and so forth.我说 “我觉得很有才气 很勇敢 很有启发性” 我还说了很多Well, I appreciate that, and itsI found it very kind, and also amusing嗯 真的谢谢你 嗯这… 我想你真善良 又觉得你有些好笑that you thought you owed me an apology. It kind of felt like if, um--你竟然想向我道歉 这就好像是…嗯…You know, if I was, like, getting a phone call from Oprah or something, saying,你知道 就像是 接了个来自奥普拉或者其他人的电话 她对我说;I know you probably heard I had a dinner party the other night,我想你应该听说了 那天我出席了一个晚宴and I just want to apologize for not inviting you.;我很抱歉 没有邀请你I wasntI didntI wasnt waiting for this, you know?我没有…我没…其实我并没有期待着这个电话 你懂?I mean, of course Im thrilled to be here, but, I appreciate it.我说 当然啦 要是能去 我一定记得激动得飞起 不过 我还是很感激你哒But then we talked on the phone,然后 我们在电话上交谈了起来and it turns out we have met before, that I didnt remember.事实明 其实我们以前就见过 只是我不记得了罢了Well, yeah, years ago-- about 18 years ago,嗯 对啊 几年前吧 大概18年前I had just moved to Los Angeles, and your ex-girlfriend那是我刚刚搬去了洛杉矶 你前女友had hired me to bartend her private graduation雇我去在她的私人毕业晚会上做了酒保at this Little Fridas coffee shop? You remember that night? No. Okay.就在那个佛罗里达州的小小的咖啡馆里 你还记得那个晚上么?不记得了 好吧It happened, and I had to wear a bow tie, and serve alcohol.确实发生过啦 我还必须佩戴蝴蝶结的领带 还要端酒And you came up and she introduced us, and said,然后 你走过来 我们互相介绍 还说;Oh, yeah, you guys--your families know each other,; and youre like ;Oh, cool.;哦 耶 你们 你们家的人都互相认识 然后 你就像是 “哦 酷~”And, uh... And then I was like, ;All right, see you in 18 years.;然后 呃... 我好像说 “好吧 十八年后再见”yeah. So-- And you were right. Its weird youd say that.对...呃嗯... 你是对的 但你说这话好奇怪哦So--so-- But Im so glad that I know you now.所以...所以...不过我还是很高兴 现在终于认识你了Yeah. And I can just drive by your house and honk--是呀 以后我就可以顺路到你家 然后 按一按喇叭Well, I was going to say: are we going to ignore what happened this morning?好吧 我是想说:我们就这样忽略今天早上发生的事情么?No, you can talk about it. Well, after Ellen called me,不不不 你可以讲讲的 恩 艾伦打电话给我之后呢weve kept in touch texting, and I realized that this show tapes我们都有互相发消息 保持联系 然后 我突然想到 这个节目right around the corner from my house.正好在我家附近录制So its like, ;Hey, I just realized ;I live right around the corner from you, ;where you tape your show.我就说 “嘿 我突然想到” “我住的地方离你好近” “离你录节目的地方很近”;Do you mind just swinging by on the morning of the taping and just honk and say hello?;你会不会介意 在录制节目的那天早上 顺道过来 按按喇叭 问个好?And she said, ;I sure will.; And so this morning... a honk for about a minute.然后 她说 “我会的” 所以 今天早上按了整整一分钟的喇叭The plan was to go up to the window and wave我本来的计划是 我走到车窗那边with my new little kitten, but my cat--和我的小猫一起 跟艾伦打个招呼 可是 我的猫and girlfriend ran out of the room, horrified, standing under the cabinet,还有我的女友 跑出了房间 害怕极了 就站在柜子边上And I felt so terrible about that, that I would scare an animal.我感觉好抱歉呀 因为 我吓到了一只小动物I just thouight it would be funnier.我只想搞笑一下You said, ;honk,; so I just thought if I just lay on the horn...it would be funnier.你说 ”按喇叭” 所以我就想 如果我一直按着喇叭 这样会比较搞笑It was funny--its just my cat wasnt amused at all. No.这灰常搞笑 可是我的猫一点都没笑 没有呀Tell Fluff Im very sorry. I will. Yes. You can. Oh, Fluffy, Im so sorry.转告毛茸茸 我真的很抱歉 我会的 恩 你也可以啊 哦 毛茸茸 我真的非常抱歉What I love about your stand up is, you just take your time.我喜欢你一贯的作风 你总是笃悠悠Youre so slow. You dont care that theres lot of silence and lots of space,你生活节奏很慢 你丝毫不介意 是否太过安静 或者 周遭是否太过空旷and thats a brave thing to do, period.这是件很需要勇气的事情 暂且这样说But then--you know, youve had a double mastectomty.但是 后来你做了双乳房切除手术You talk about that, with breast cancer.你也讨论起自己得过的乳房癌And at a certain point in the show, you just take off your shirt, and youre just topless.在节目播放到 某个节点的时候 你就把你的衣脱了 然后着I know. I texted you-- Portia and I were like, that is the bravest thing我知道 我给你发过消息 波西娅和我都觉得 这是最勇敢的行为了to just take away the stigma of being ashamed, or any--只是脱掉外套 而不以为耻 或者其他心理...I mean, that must be a powerful feeling the first time you did it.我是说 你的内心一定有一股很强势的力量 在你第一次做这事的时候Well, itI was excited to do it, but then it wasIve done it three times.恩这...我当时很兴奋 但然后...我一共脱了三次I have a show at Largo here in Los Angeles,我参加了一个叫Largo的节目 在洛杉矶and II did it there, and the first time I did it,我..我在那里 第一次脱下了我的衣I was like, ;Oh, my gosh, um... My shirts off.;我就像是 “哦 我的天哪” ”我的衣掉了”And I could feel a little bit of nerves about it,我能感到自己有些紧张but then I did it again in New York, at the comedy festival,然后 我在纽约又尝试了一次 在喜剧节的时候and I just-- at that point I was like, ;All right, yeah, my shirts off.;我就是...那个时候 我说“好吧 恩 我的衣掉了”And then I just decided Id do it for my HBO special,然后 我就决定在HBO电视台来点更特别的and theres something--it is-- you know, some people were--有些...事情..有些人when I was going to do it, they thought it was really cool.当我说 我要这么做的时候 他们觉得 哇 好酷And then I remember one person saying, you know,然后 我还记得有个人说;Im scared it might come across as a, you know, some sort of stunt.;我怕 这会演变成一种 你懂我要说什么 一种作秀And I was like, ;Oh, yeah. It is.; You know. Make no mistake, you know.我说 “哦 对 是啊” 你懂我 不要搞错I want people to talk about my comedy and talk about cancer.我是希望人们 会谈谈我的喜剧 我的癌症And I think I just realizedI was, for a while, very uncomfortable with my body,然后 我突然意识到 那段时候 我的身体都觉得很不自在and then it hit me that I have scars because my body healed, and its really not a big deal.然后 我意识到 自己因为受过伤而留下了伤疤 但这真的不是什么大事That obviously cancer is, but the scars are evidence of healing. That you healed. That I healed.癌症才是大事 但是 伤疤即是受过伤的明 但你痊愈了 恩 我痊愈了And I also--even if Im going to make a point about something,我还..即使我想要说点什么because I love silliness, I thought there was something kind of silly我喜欢蠢蠢的 我觉得这想法有点蠢to have my shirt off and just talk about air travel. Yeah, I know. Thats the thing.就是 我想把我的衣脱了 然后谈谈空中旅行 恩 我懂 就像有些事You just leave it off, and then you just go on to talk about other things,你刚刚放下 然后你转头去 讨论另一些事情and after a while it just becomes a non-issue.再过段时间 这个事儿就无关紧要了Youre like--youre just listening to you talk你就会...你专注于你讨论的内容when you just have pants on, and its like-- Its like, ;Wow.;即使你穿了条裤子 就好像 你会“哇”的一声Well, yeah, I saw you do your monologue with your shirt on,嗯 是啊 我看到你穿着衣发表个人独白and I was thinking, ;How do you get people to listen?; ;Ill have to try that.;我就在想 “你是怎么做到 让大家都听你说话?” “我得试一试啊”Ill try the other way at some point, maybe.也可能 我会换种方法 再试试So, uh--congratulations. You and Stephanie are engaged,所以 呃…恭喜你 你和Stephanie已经订婚啦Youre getting marreid in November or something like that. October. October?你在十一月就要结婚了还是什么的 十月 十月?I dont know, cause I wasnt invited, but-- Even though I wasnt invited,不知道 因为我没被邀请嘛 不过 即使我没被邀请I know you are registered at WilliamsSonoma,但我知道 你们是在索诺玛公司登记的so we managed to buy everything at WilliamsSonoma that you are registered for.嗯 我们能买索诺玛家的任何东西 就是你们登记的这个地方Did you get me a bus? I got you--no, but I got you everything from WilliamsSonoma.你有买车吗?我给你...没有 不过 我可以给你提供那里的一切Is that what-- Thats hilarious. Is that everything you want?那是不是...太搞笑了 这是你想要的吗?Are there things missing? This is--this is so nice. Let me know what else you need.还漏了什么吗?这真的……这真的太棒了 还需要啥 跟我说就是了201706/513925In Transi tombs,like this one at Canterbury Cathedral,you got remembered twice over.在Transi墓穴中 比如坎特伯雷大教堂中的这个 一个人有两种面貌They were double-decker affairs.In the top deck, you were seen very much in the guise the world expected,as a knight in armour or a bishop in full Episcopal rig.它们是双层墓穴 上层 呈现的是 世人期待的 伪装下的面孔 身披护甲的骑士 或身着华的主教In the lower deck, though,there you were, a naked skeleton,the flesh fallen away from the bone.而在下层 是一具的骷髅 只剩骨架 没有血肉The mindset that produced the transi tombTransi was a kind of reverse envy;墓穴的产生 是出于一种抛弃嫉妒的心态a determination to fall behind the Joneses,to bow to no one in your painful awareness一种归为布衣的决心 痛苦而清醒地意识到that however grand you were, pretty soon youd be reduced to a heap of dust and maggots.不管你曾经多么显赫 终将归为尘土The idea was to contrast, as shockingly as possible,two sorts of self-consciousness.这种做法目的是更鲜明地对比 两种不同的自我意识On one hand, how wed like to be remembered dying in splendour and piety.一方面 是我们 希望别人记住的样子 显赫而虔诚And on the other hand, the way we really are pathetic in our cadaverous mortality. 而另一方面 是真实的自我 注定归为尘土;I was pauper-born,;s the inscription on Archbishop Chicheles tomb,Then to primate raised.我本贫贱 大主教查切尔的墓志铭写到 奋斗为主教;Now I am cut down and served up for worms.;Behold my grave.;失却性命为尘土 囚禁于墓穴 /201611/479391


She returns with nothing.这一次它无功而返Golden eagles patrol these cliffs in search of the weak or injured.金雕在悬崖边巡视,搜寻着老弱病残的动物With a two-metre wingspan, this bird could easily take a young markhor.靠着两米长的翼展,这些大鸟能轻松抓起一只小羊羔Eagles hunt by sight and the thickening veil of snow forces them to give up.金雕捕猎靠的是视力,雪越下越密,它们只好选择放弃For the leopard, the snow provides cover and creates an opportunity.不过雪却能为雪豹提供掩护,使它有机会捕猎The worsening weather dampens the sound of her approach,恶劣的天气掩盖了它逼近的脚步声allowing her to get within striking distance.它正逐渐进入攻击范围It was an act of desperation to try and catch such a large animal.它已被逼上了绝路,所以才会捕捉如此大的动物Wolves have made a kill, giving other hunters a chance to scavenge.狼刚进行完一场屠杀,为其它掠食者留下了残存的肢体。201704/502582

Kobe, you suck! You suck, Kobe! Kobe sucks! Kobe sucks!科比,你烂透了!你逊毙了,科比!科比,烂!科比,烂!Hang it up, Kobe! Kobe sucks! Kobe sucks!滚吧,科比!科比,烂!科比,烂!Ive been hating you...Too long...To stop now我已经恨你...太久...无法现在停止Youre retiring. And you want to be free你要退役了。你想要自由My hate was growing stronger我的憎恨加剧As you became a habit to me因为你已成我的习惯Dont make me stop now...别叫我现在停止...I hate. Well, I hate you with all my heart我恨。我全心全意恨你I... I hate you, I hate you. I hate I hate我...我恨你、我恨你。我恨,我恨Dont make me... Dont make me... Dont make me stop that别叫我...别叫我...别叫我停止恨你201612/483339

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