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赣州治疗痤疮最好的医院江西赣州地区玻尿酸费用【主题】From today we'll be starting learning some short sentences from hit American films which are ways of telling people you'll listen to them. This morning I would like to share one which means" I want to know something.". It's said bee asking inmation. Let's get it from a simple situational dialogue. A : So, tell me. What kind of work do you do?B : I work as a teacher in a high school.【答疑解惑】It is "So, tell me.". Here so is similar to saying in Chinese:来,来吧,那么,是啊,and so on. It's a conjunction which is used to introduce a comment or a question. So在此是个连词用于引出一个问题或者 example: So, let's see. What do we need to take? 来吧,大家想想,我们需要带些什么?So, what have you been doing today? 那么你今天都干了些什么?“So, tell me.”is like saying in Chinese:来吧,说说看;那么,说话看;是啊,说说看,something like those above. We also can say it as :"So, tell me something." If we are eager to know some inmation, we could say it as "Do tell ." or "Do tell me something.". 如果我们急切地想知道那样东西,我们可以说:“Do tell.”意思是:快给我说说,快讲呀Do 在这里是助动词,起到加强语气的作用 example: Report has it that it's very interesting, do tell.据说那非常有趣,快说说看【即学即用】Please translate the following sentences into English. 1 来吧,说说看,你持那方? 那么,说说看,我哪里做错了?1 So,you've got to tell me something. You've got to tell me which side you are on. Here is phrase"be on one's side"持某方“Have got to ”means must. So, do tell me. Where did I go wrong. Here's a phrase"go wrong"做错事情,we also can say it as "do wrong".【创作情景对话】Well , let's have a challenge to make a simple dialogue according to my situation given below. It is :Mary买了件衣要他的丈夫John这衣如何Think it over and a suggestive dialogue will be given later. Mary: Darling, so, tell me. Do you like the dress I'm wearing?John: Yes. It looks very sexy on you. 亲爱的,说说看,喜欢我穿的衣吗?喜欢这衣你穿起来看上去很性感Here is phrase"on somebody", 是指(衣等)穿在某人身上【吃透美语】1 What kind of work do you do?【Real Speech】[w#65;,kaind#601;'w#601;:dju:;ju:'dju:]【Tranlation】你是干什么工作的? I work as a teacher in a high school.【Real Speech】[ai,w#601;:g#601;z#601;#7;ti#7;t#63;#601;rin#601;'hais'ku:l]【Translation】我在一所高中执教【Key Words】As is preposition which is used to describe that fact that somebody or something has a particular job or function. example: I respected him as a doctor. 我尊敬他为医生The new came as a shock.消息传来,令人震惊【Grammar】as a teacher 介词短语作方式状语,in a high school介词短语作地点状语注意方式状语放于地点状语前面 55石城县妇幼保健人民医院激光除皱手术多少钱 下冰雹了It's hailling-6 :1: A:Are your y to go to the supermarket?你准备好去超市了吗?B:Yes, are you?是啊,你呢?A:I've got my money and my keys, so I'm y.我已经拿好钱和钥匙了,一切就绪.B:You do know that it's alsolutely freezing out, don't you? I'd put a coat on if I were you.你知道外面很冷,对吧?如果我是你,我就穿件外套.A:It wasn't cold out this morning.今天早上外面可不冷.B:Well, it's started raining since then. Look out the window! It's pouring rain out there!恩.后来开始下雨了.看看窗户外面!简直是倾盆大雨.A:Well, I guess we'd better grab our umbrellas then, as well.哦,我猜咱们最好再拿上雨伞吧.B:Have a look outside me. Does that look like hail to you?帮我再看一眼外面.怎么好像下冰雹了?A:It does, actually. Maybe we should wait it to clear up bee we go shopping.确实是.也许咱们该等天放晴了再出去买东西.B:That's a good idea. But maybe we should move the car so that the hail doesn't dent it.好主意.不过或许咱们该出去把车挪一挪,免得车被砸出坑来.A:Ok. I'll go move the car if you turn the heat on. It's a bit chilly in here.好的.我就去挪车.你把暖气打开.这儿有点冷.B:How long do you think this hailstorm is supposed to last?你觉得这场暴风冰雹会持续多长时间?A:I don't know. The weatherman didn't say anything about this in his weather report last night.我不知道.昨晚气象员在天气预报里只字未提.B:Maybe we should turn on the news in case it's supposed to get worse.我想咱们该把电视机打开看看新闻,免得情况变得更糟.A:I don't think we have anything to worry about. Do you want to put on a cup of tea as well?我觉得咱们没什么可担心的..你想不想喝茶?B:Good idea. That will help us to warm up.好主意.这样我们可以暖和点儿.A:If I'm not back in ten minutes, come and find me.如果我分钟后还没回来,就出来找我.B:Alright. I'll have a cup of tea waiting you.好的,我沏好茶等你回来.赣州东南医院打溶脂针多少钱

赣州俪人整形切眼袋多少钱,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活success tips成功者的忠告Dont be afraid of introducing new ideas.不要害怕引入新思想 From Mark Twain, Famed Author: A person with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.著名作家马克.吐温说道:拥有新思想的人在成功前只是民间科学爱好者 Believe in your capacity to succeed.相信自己成功的能力 From Walter Disney, Founder of Walt Disney Company: If you can dream it, you can do it.迪斯尼公司创始人怀特.迪斯尼说道:“如果你敢于梦想,你就能够达成梦想”capacity n.容量;才能;性能;生产能力例句:Our capacity giving care, love and attention is limited.我们能够给予的关怀、关爱和关注是有限的更多详情敬请关注新浪微:DJ_Ukki安夏[本节目属] 397693赣州哪里做磨皮激光比较好 美国前阿拉斯加州州长、共和党副总统候选人萨拉·佩林赣州治疗疤痕最好的医院

赣州俪人整形医院纹眉多少钱 At the start of a new semester, more universities across China are setting up tented camps parents who are seeing off their college freshman children. On Chinese social media, netizens discuss if these so-called ‘tents of love’ are indeed a sign of love, or if they epitomize the non-independence of China’s post-1990s generation. 193赣州整形医院激光去痣赣州自体脂肪填充多少钱



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