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会昌县妇幼保健人民医院光子脱毛多少钱江西省人民医院打瘦腿针多少钱After consolidating the sovereignty, Qi and the nobles began to enslave and exploit the people, and indulge in extravagant lives.当夏王朝的统治基本稳定之后,以启为首的贵族统治者肆意奴役和剥削广大庶民群众,过着骄奢淫逸的生活。When Qi died, Tai Kang succeeded to the throne. Like his father, Tai Kang sought ease and comfort, and did not care for state affairs, therefore the internal conflicts intensified and the rebellions occurred continuously.启死后,由其子太康继位,太康像其父 一样也沉湎于声色酒食之中,政事不修,促使内部矛盾日趋尖锐,外部四夷背叛。Initially, it was the rebellion of the king^ five brothers, then the insurgence of commoners.先有“五子”(太康的兄弟五人)争立,接着又有武观叛乱,百姓就借此展开了强烈的反抗斗争。Hou Yi, known as a good archer from the Youqiong clan of the Eastern Yi, witnessed the multiple conflicts. When Tai Kang went hunting for several months, he took the opportunity to command his troops and capture the capital Anyi ( the present-day Anyi County in Shanxi).东夷族有穷氏首领后羿看到夏王朝内部矛盾重重,藉太康外出狩猎数月不归之时,率兵夺取了都城安邑(今山西夏县西北)。TaiKang was unexpected to the accident, and couldn,t return home, so he had to exile and finally died in the foreign land.太康猝不及防,无法回归,只得流亡,最终死在异地他乡。After the victory, Hou Yi dared not to take the throne immediately. He made Zhong Kang, the younger brother of Tai Kang the King.后羿逐走太康取得胜利后,不敢马上取而代之,于是扶持太康的兄弟仲康继位。Zhong Kang was weak and became the puppet of Hou Yi.仲康懦弱,当了傀儡。When Zhong Kang died, his Son, Hou Xiang was on the run.仲康死后,其子相继位。Hou Yi thought it was the right time, then he drove Hou Xiang away and became the King.羿认为时机已到,遂把相赶走,自己登上王位。This is the so-called the lost of country by Tai Kang and the replacement of Xia by Hou Yi in history books.这就是史书上称作“太康失国”和 “后羿代夏”的故事。Shao Kang9s Restoration of Xia: Hou Yi was a fatuous ruler, too. The minister Hanzhuo took over power and killed him as well as his family members. Then, Hanzhuo ordered his son Jiao to kill Hou Xiang, who was taking refuge with the Zhenguan and Zhenxun clans.少康中兴:后羿也是昏君,大臣寒浞夺取王位,杀死后羿及其家人,并且下令他的儿子浇追杀相。被逐后的相投靠了斟灌氏、斟寻氏部族。Jiao defeated Zhenguan and Zhenxun clans and killed Hou Xiang.浇率兵打败了斟灌氏部族,杀死了相。Xiang#39;s wife, aly pregnant, avoided Jiao#39;searching and arrest, climbed through a hole in the wall and escaped to her parents, home of the Youreng tribe, where she later bore her son Shao Kang.此时,相的妻子已身怀有。她避开浇的搜捕,从墙洞中偷偷爬出去,投奔到娘家仍氏,并在那里生下儿子少康。Growing up in a hard condition, Shao Kang studied diligently and aspired to revenge.Eventually, with the help of his grandfather and the loyal tribes, he expelled the treacherous court official and his son, restoring the country.少康在艰苦的环境中长大,奋发努力学习,立志复仇雪耻。最终在外祖父的帮助以及忠心夏朝的部落持下,少 康驱逐杀死大逆不道的奸臣以及他的儿子,中兴夏朝。With the renaissance, Shao Kang was at pains to handle government affairs, sending army to beat off insurgent troops of minorities, expanding the territory, improving the political system and laying foundation for the prosperity of the Xia Dynasty.少康完成复国大业后,勤于政务,派遣军队打退少数民族叛军的侵扰,扩大疆土,进一步完善政治制度,奠定了 夏朝盛兴的基础。It was about 40 years from Taikang to Shao Kang.由太康到少康,经历了大约40年。The tortuous and complicated struggle illustrated that there were not only class struggles but also fights inside the ruling group as well when a state was founded.这一曲折而复杂的斗争事实说明,当国家开始建立的时候,就已存在着激烈的阶级斗争和统治集团内部的斗争。The Xia Dynasty could restore its dominion and gain further development, only because it had relatively solid social foundation.夏王朝因为拥有比较深厚的社会基础,才能恢复它的统治,并取得进一步的发展。 /201510/407414赣州俪人整形美容医院奥美定取出怎么样 The widely accepted notion that skipping breakfast might cause weight gain entered the Dietary Guidelines in 2010. However, it is based on scientific speculation, not certainty. Indeed, it may be completely unfounded, as an experiment in New York indicated.不吃早餐可能会长胖为人们普遍接受。这一观念也被写进了2010年版的《膳食指南》。然而,它却是基于科学猜测,并非出于定论。的确,纽约进行的一则实验表明,这个观念也许能被全盘推翻。;In overweight individuals, skipping breakfast daily for 4 weeks leads to a reduction in body weight,; the researchers from Columbia University concluded in a paper published last year.来自哥伦比亚大学的研究员们在去年发表的一篇论文中表示:;对于过重的人们而言,四周内每天不吃早餐能减少体重。;The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee explained that in previous years, researchers generally conducted observational studies, in support of the notion that skipping breakfast might make one fat. Although this method is cheaper and easier to carry out, its weaknesses can lead scientists astray.膳食指南咨询委员会解释道,前些年研究员们为了印不吃早餐也许会使人长胖的观念,通常采取观测研究。尽管这种研究方法更廉价、更容易实行,但它存在的缺点却让科学家们的研究方向走偏。One of the primary troubles is confounders, which can lead researchers to make mistaken assumptions about causes. For example, suppose breakfast skippers have a personality trait that makes them more likely to gain weight than breakfast eaters. If that#39;s the case, it may look as if skipping breakfast causes weight gain even though the cause is the personality trait.混淆因素是主要问题之一,它们能让研究人员们对原因做出错误的猜想。举个例,倘若不吃早餐者更容易增重是源于其性格。如果情况便是如此,那么事实也许看起来是不吃早餐导致人增重,即使罪魁祸首是性格特征。In analyzing the results of observational studies, scientists make statistical adjustments to minimize the potential confounding factors that they can measure — age, alcohol consumption, exercise, employment, and the like. But the adjustments are imprecise, and there is no guarantee that the groups are not different in some other unmeasured way. Because of those weaknesses, many scientists prefer randomized controlled trials, which they often say provides the ;gold standard; in evidence.在分析观测试验的结果时,科学家们会对数据进行调整,力图减少他们所能测量到的潜在混淆因素,像是年龄、酒精消耗量、锻炼、就业率等。但这些调整是不精确的,而且也没人能保这样分组在其他某种未经测量的角度来看是一致的。因为这些不足,许多科学家们更倾向于做随机控制实验。他们总称这种实验方式能提供黄金标准作为据。When in the coming months the government unveils the 2015 Dietary Guidelines, it is unclear the advice on breakfast and weight gain will be included. The 2015 advisory committee issued a report that steered clear of the subject of skipping breakfast and weight.在未来的几个月内,美国政府要公布2015年的《膳食指南》,人们尚不知关于早餐和体重增加的建议是否会被纳入其中。2015年的咨询委员会发布的这份报告绕开了不吃早餐和体重这个主题。President of Millennium Prevention, a life sciences start-up company, and chair of the 2015 advisory committee, Barbara Millen said, ;The sentiment was we don#39;t have to say anything further about it. We didn#39;t want to focus on a laundry list of foods and meals. We were focusing on overall dietary patterns.;生物科学创业公司总裁兼2015年咨询委员会主席芭芭拉·米伦称:;我认为不吃早餐和体重之间的关系探讨并不是头号问题,我的观点是我们不需要再对它进一步讨论。我们不想要将重点放在食物和餐饮的细目清单上,我们的重心在整体的膳食模式。; /201510/403707Italian fashion house Dolce amp; Gabbana (Damp;G) launched its first collection of abayas and hijabs as high-end fashion is positively booming in the Middle East.鉴于中东地区的高端时尚正蓬勃发展,意大利奢侈品牌杜嘉班纳(Damp;G)近日推出首个长袍和头巾系列。Damp;G#39;s new line manages to be both respectful of their Middle Eastern shoppers#39; needs while staying true to their spirited, Sicily-inspired aesthetic: think lush lace embellishments, bright floral details and even a vibrant lemon print.杜嘉班纳(Damp;G)这一新产品系列在尊重中东客户需求的同时,也坚持了从西西里汲取的、热情奔放的审美趣味:奢华的蕾丝装饰、鲜艳的花朵细节甚至亮眼的柠檬印花。While growth in luxury sales in established markets like the U.S. and Europe is increasingly dependent on tourism, high-end fashion is positively booming in the Middle East.在奢侈品销售增长的同时,美国和欧洲等市场的奢侈品销售额也越来越依赖于旅游业。但与此同时,高端时装在中东地区正蓬勃发展。Management consultancy Bain recently reported that sales of personal luxury goods in the Middle East hit .7 billion in 2015 — up from .8 billion the year before.管理咨询公司贝恩最近发布的报告显示,2015年中东地区的奢侈品销售额达87亿美元,较此前一年的68亿美元明显增高。Women from wealthy oil states have long expressed their flair for fashion with pricey handbags and shoes, visible when worn with an abaya and hijab.当长袍和头巾被穿在身上开始,来自富有的石油国家的妇女对昂贵且具有时尚风格的手袋和鞋子的渴望就可见一斑了。Damp;G aly operates 13 stores and boutiques in the ed Arab Emirates alone, with multiple outposts across Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.杜嘉班纳(Damp;G)仅在阿联酋就已经开设了13家专卖店和精品店,在巴林,科威特,卡塔尔和沙特阿拉伯的多个国家还有更多分店。 /201601/420902寻乌县哪家割双眼皮比较好

赣州隆鼻手术多少钱A craze for lifelike dolls thought to bring good luck is sweeping Thailand, reflecting widesp anxiety as the economy struggles and political uncertainty persists nearly two years after a coup.泰国最近刮起了一股追捧仿真玩偶的热潮,据说这种玩偶能带来好运。自两年前发生军事政变以来,泰国政局动荡,经济萎靡不振,老百姓人心惶惶。玩偶潮流或由此产生。Thailand is predominantly Buddhist and has been modernizing rapidly over the past two or three decades but many people are highly superstitious, their Buddhist beliefs co-existing with notions of animism, astrology and ;black magic;.泰国民众主要信奉佛教。过去二三十年,泰国现代化进程发展迅速,但许多民众仍然很迷信,他们在修佛的同时,也相信鬼神、占星以及巫术之说。The plastic dolls, about the size of a real baby, are called ;look thep;, or ;child angel;.这种塑料玩偶约为真人婴儿大小,人称“娃娃神”、“天使娃娃”。Devotees buy them in shops or online and invite benevolent spirits to possess them, hoping they will bring good luck.信奉者从实体店或网店买来这种娃娃,然后开光供奉,希望以此给自己带来好运。;The economy is bad right now. Everybody needs something to hold on to,; said Mananya Boonmee, 49, a doll owner and seller.49岁的玩偶店主曼安亚·波密称:“现在经济不好,大家都想寻求精神安慰。”曼安亚同时也是个“娃娃神”信奉者。Mananya told Reuters her doll, called Nong Petch, or baby jewel, had helped her win the lottery by telling her what numbers to buy in her dreams.曼安亚告诉路透社,她供奉的名为“宝珠”的娃娃提前告诉她票号码,使她得以。Panpimon Wipulakorn, deputy director-general of the Department of Mental Health, said the economic downturn exacerbated the phenomenon.泰国精神健康部副部长潘门·维普康表示,经济下行助长了这个风气。;There have always been groups in Thai society that hold such beliefs and economic worries only help to heighten these beliefs,; Panpimon told Reuters.潘门告诉路透社,“泰国一直就有这种迷信群体,而经济不景气则进一步推动了这股风潮。”;These people do not have mental health problems.;“这些人并不是有什么精神问题。”Thailand has been ruled by a junta since a May 2014 coup and the generals have struggled to revive the export-dependent economy, while promising to restore democracy with an election next year.2014年5月,泰国发生军事政变,后来该国一直由军政府统治。军中领袖重振经济的举措一直不奏效,已承诺明年恢复民主选举。泰国是个严重依赖出口的国家。Such fads have happened before. After a 2006 coup, many people turned to plasticine amulets, or charms, in the belief they would bring riches.类似的迷信风潮以前也出现过。2006年发生军事政变后,当地曾流行过泥塑护身符,据说能带来财运。Devotees of the dolls lavish attention on them.信奉者都非常痴迷这种娃娃神。;My life has changed a lot, for the better,; said beauty salon owner Natsuda Jantabtim, 45, who has had her doll - Nong Ruay Jung, or baby so rich, for eight months.45岁的美容店老板那素达·詹他廷供奉“财神娃娃”已有8个月了。她表示,“我的生活因此改变了很多,变得越来越好。”;When I hug her, I know it#39;s love. I tell her I love her all the time.;“每当我抱她时,会有一种说不出的爱的感觉。我告诉她我会永远爱她。”Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha weighed in saying people who could not afford to buy the dolls should not do so.泰国总理帕拉育也发表了看法,建议买不起娃娃的人,就不要参与了。;I#39;ve never raised a child angel doll,; he quipped.他自嘲说:“我就从来没供过娃娃神。”The dolls cost from 1,500 baht to up to 30,000 baht and some businesses are tapping in on the craze.每个娃娃售价在1500至3万泰铢(约合275至5500元人民币)不等,不少商家趁机涨价。Thai Smile said it would charge passengers who bring dolls on board and would serve them snacks.泰国微笑航空公司表示,娃娃神享有座位的话须同样付费,该公司也会为“它们”提供零食。But the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand said it would stop airlines selling tickets for dolls over concern they could be used to smuggle drugs.不过泰国民航局已表示,将禁止航空公司向“娃娃神”售票,因为担心这种玩偶可能被用来藏毒。 /201601/424507赣州祛痘印哪家医院好 Before he graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology this year, 22-year-old Liu Can spent every vacation interning in a different city.22岁的刘灿今年刚从华中科技大学毕业,大学时期的每个假期他都会去不同的城市实习。“I wanted to experience each of them before settling down in one. They’re all great in terms of career opportunities, but I identified best with the vibrant and energetic vibe of Shenzhen,” he said.“我想在安顿下来之前体验不同城市的生活。这些城市都有很好的就业机会,但是我觉得最有生机和活力的还是深圳,”刘灿说。Young people like Liu attach great importance to the chemistry they have with a city. It’s a phenomenon so common that researchers decided to investigate what it means to feel a “sense of belonging” somewhere.像刘灿这样的年轻人更关心他们和城市之间是否能擦出火花。时下,这种现象十分常见,于是研究人员决定调查一下何为人在某地会有“归属感”。Academics from Sun Yat-sen University surveyed 22,991 people from seven Chinese metropolises: Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Tianjin and Shenzhen. They found that residents in the first three identify most strongly with their city.中山大学的学者调查了中国7座城市(重庆、上海、广州、北京、武汉、天津和深圳)的22991名市民。他们发现前三座城市(重庆、上海和广州)居民的城市认同感最强。The research group divided this sense of identification into four categories, namely cultural, personal, status and regional identification. Put simply, these categories reflect how well a city matches an individual’s needs, both emotional and practical.研究小组将这种认同感分成了四类,分别是文化认同、身份认同、地位认同和地域认同。简单来说,这种分类反映了城市满足个人情感和实际需要的程度。Finding a city with the right combination of characteristics is valuable for young people, Zhang Zhi’an, dean of the School of Communication and Design at Sun Yat-sen University, told the press.中山大学传播与设计学院院长张志安告诉记者,寻找一个个性和自己匹配的城市对年轻人来说很重要。Traditionally, choosing a city involved weighing a number of tangible factors. But nowadays, young people put emphasis on the intangible qualities of a city, which determine how well they fit in, he said.通常选择一座城市需要衡量一些有形的因素。不过现在年轻人更重视城市无形的特质,这关系到他们能否很好地融入,张志安补充到。“In a city with strong sense of identity, its residents form a ‘we’ sentiment, recognizing with each other and feeling like part of a larger community,” said Yang Yiyin, a researcher of psychology at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.“在一座认同感高的城市,居民会形成一种“我们”的观念,他们互相承认彼此,并觉得自己是大社区的一员,“中国社会科学院心理学研究员杨宜音说。Chen Chen agrees. The 26-year-old Hunan-born architect left Beijing for Chongqing after her attempt to get a local hukou, or permanent residence permit, was to no avail.陈晨同意这种说法。这个26岁的湖南籍建筑师在发现无法取得北京户口之后,离开北京去了重庆。Without a Beijing hukou, people are not allowed to buy an apartment or a car in the city, unless they pay social insurance or income tax for more than five years. But there is no law restricting Beijing locals from making these purchases.没有北京户口的人不能在北京买房买车,除非他们缴纳五年以上的社保或个人所得税。而北京本地人则不用受这种法律约束。“Chongqing, by contrast, allows migrants to buy an apartment without a local hukou. Some even get a hukou because of the real estate they bought. The feeling of being welcomed and accepted is what attracts me more than the city’s opportunity and wealth,” Chen said.“相比而言,外地人没有户口也能在重庆买房。有些人甚至在购买房产之后拿到了重庆户口。这让外地人觉得被欢迎和接纳,这比机会和财富更吸引我,“陈晨说。 /201511/410666赣州俪人整形美容医院打瑞兰美白针怎么样

江西省人民医院整形美容科Jin Dynasty金朝The Rise of the Jin金的崛起The Nuzhen people in the northeast were originally under the rule of the Liao Dynasty.东北部的女真人原先受辽朝统治。In 1101, one year after Emperor Huizong ascended the Song-dynasty throne, Emperor Tianzuo succeeded to the Liao throne.1101年,也就是宋徽宗继承皇位的一年后,天祚帝在辽朝登基。While the Song and Liao declined by the day under the rule of these two inept monarchs,the Nuzhen people gradually gained in strength.当宋朝和辽朝在这两位无能的君主的统治下江河日下时,女真人逐渐强大起来。The various tribes of the Nuzhen organized themselves into a large military federation at the beginning of the 12th century,12世纪初期,女真族的不同部落共同组成了一个巨大的军队联盟,with the Wanyan tribe at its core.完颜部是其中的核心。This prosperous people could no longer put up with the rule of the Liao.强盛的族人们无法再忍受辽朝的统治。When during a banquet in 1112, Emperor Tianzuo of Liao ordered the chieftains of the Nuzhen tribes to dance for him,在1112年的一次宴会上,辽朝的天祚皇帝命令女真各部的首领为他跳舞,everyone obeyed except Akutta of the Wanyan tribe, who resolutely defied the order.除了完颜阿骨打毅然拒绝了这个要求,其他人都照做了。As soon as he became chief of the Nuzhen federation a year later,一年后,完颜阿骨打一成为女真军队的首领,Akutta began to make active preparations to rebel against the Liao Dynasty.就开始为推翻辽朝做积极的准备。With his initial victory over Liao, Akutta established the Jin Dynasty in 1115.与辽朝的首战告捷后,阿骨打于1115年建立了金朝。His imperial title was Taizu.他被称为“金太祖”。 /201512/406492 宁都县中医院激光去黄褐斑多少钱赣州治疗疤痕医院



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