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NO.1 Scorpio天蝎座The most unbearable thing to them is to find out that they have been cheated. They will not stop until they have taken revenge.天蝎座的个性极强,最让他们感到反感的就背叛,换做一般人,顶多就是心里一阵感慨,而天蝎心中的仇恨会留存很久,除非他们报却一箭之分,所以得罪天蝎座的朋友,还是抓紧时间解决,想办法得到他们的原谅,否则,只有被报复后的郁闷。其实最简 单的方便,就是不要得罪天蝎座。NO.2 Virgo处女座The Virgo boys and girls are very careful and like to be perfect. With enough independence, they know how to treat those who have betrayed them.处女座的人心思细密,凡是都要求十全十美,独立性强,懂得如何玩弄权术,如果惹到他们,他们会长时间的酝酿计划,然后站在旁边,看着你一点点的掉进去,当你哪天发现你足够倒霉的时候,也许就是哪个处女座的朋友在陷害你。NO.3 Leo狮子座The thing the Leo people cares most is their ego. As is known to all, if you do something wrong to them, they will secretly design traps for you to jump into.狮子座的缺点是不能没有尊严,大部分的人都知道:惹到狮子都会受到他们的攻击,他们会设计好一个个圈套,引你上勾,当你一步步跨进他们设计好的圈套后,他会高高在上的指着你,告诉你谁才是真正的主宰者。NO.4 Gemini双子座Gemini boys and girls are very smart and cool as well. If they find that you have cheated them once, nothing can be worse than that.聪明的是双子座为人处事八面玲珑,做事非常果断,有着冷静的头脑,而且人缘极好,如果让他们抓到你的刺头,劝你还是乖乖输吧,否则,他们会利用自己的一切关系,打压你、排挤你,非搞得你臭名远扬,没有人会再搭理你为止。NO.5 Capricorn魔羯座They are good at communicating with others, however, they are very capricious.You can play with them, but you#39;d better not make them hate you.羯座的人缘的最好的,但唯一的缺点就是心情波动时,他们翻脸比翻书还快。你可以和他们玩和他们闹,但是绝对不可以让他们讨厌你、烦你。如果你伤害到他们,遭到他们报复,不管是多好的关系,他们都会把你赶尽杀绝,不留半点喘息的机会。 /201208/193193。

  • Pizza as health food? Food chemists say yesWant a slice of pizza?It's the junk food junkie's wildest dream come true -- pizza as health food.University of Maryland food chemists said on Monday they had found ways to enhance the antioxidant content of whole-grain wheat pizza dough by baking it longer at higher temperatures and giving the dough lots of time to rise.Antioxidants are substances that protect cells from damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals. Some experts believe antioxidants can lower the risk of cancer, heart disease and other ailments.Lucy Yu, a food chemistry professor, said the findings arose from broader research into ways to improve health-promoting properties of wheat-based food products."The reason that we chose pizza is just because it is a very popular food product, not only in the U.S. but worldwide," researcher Jeffrey Moore added."So we thought if we could find ways to improve (its antioxidant) properties, doing this for such a product could have a larger impact on public health," Moore added.But Moore had a slice of advice for pizza aficionados who might want to cover theircrustwith mounds of fatty toppings like extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage and ground beef."If you're adding back all these other things that have potential negative health consequences, then you're negating anything that you're adding in terms of (health) value," Moore said.The research wasserved upat a meeting of the American Chemical Society in Chicago, a mecca for thick-crust pizza.“垃圾食品”狂热者们最美妙的梦想实现了--比萨被认定为健康食品。马里兰大学的食品化学专家们于本周一公布,他们已发现提高全麦比萨生面团中抗氧化物含量的方法,即用更高的温度烘烤、延长烘烤时间及生面团发面的时间。抗氧化物是一种能够保护体内细胞免受不稳定粒子自由基破坏的物质。一些专家认为,抗氧化物能够降低患癌症、心脏病等疾病的风险。食品化学教授Lucy Yu说,这些发现源自一项范围更广的、有关如何提高全麦食品中所含有益健康成分的研究。研究员杰弗里·尔说:"我们之所以选择比萨作为研究对象,主要是因为比萨是一种十分流行的食品,不仅在美国如此,在世界各地都很流行。"他说:"所以我们想,如果能找到提高比萨中所含抗氧化物的方法,那么为这样一种食品做研究将能对大众健康产生更大的影响。"但尔对那些想在比萨外壳上加很多如奶酪、辣味香肠、腊肠或牛肉粒等浇头的比萨爱好者们提了一条建议。尔说:“如果你把那些不利于健康的东西又都给加了回去,那之前加进来的有益物质都起不到作用了。”这项研究在美国化学研究学会在“厚皮比萨之乡”芝加哥召开的一个会议上公布。Vocabulary: crust : the hard outer portion or surface area of b(面包外壳)serve up: 提出;提供;端出(菜肴) /200808/46487。
  • Feeling a little burnt out? Run down? Overwhelmed? It#39;s time to put yourself first! Any one of these six things works like magic to bring you back home to yourself. 感觉有点累过了?跑不下来吗?不堪重负?是时间把自己放到首位了!做下面六件事中的任何一个都会像魔术般让你找回你自己。Dance 跳舞There was an unhappy marriage. The woman, in her mid-60s, was feeling sad and low. One afternoon her grandson, just 4 and unaware of her problems, had an uncontrollable urge to dance, which for him meant flapping his arms and churning his legs in such a way as to appear as if he were hopping madly around on a bed of hot coals. ;Dance with me, Grandma!; he said, hopping closer to her. She danced. And remembered delight. 曾经有一个不幸的婚姻。这个女人,60多岁,她感到悲伤和低落。一天下午,她的孙子,才4岁并不知道她的困惑,他按捺不住内心激动想跳舞去,这对他意味着拍打着两胳膊并搅动着双腿,就像在热炭上疯狂的跳跃。 ;与我共舞,奶奶!;他说,跳跃接近她。她跳起舞来。于是记忆了喜悦。Have Sex 有性生活Three kids (grown), two demanding jobs, and one dead air-conditioner later, they lay naked and sweating in their large, connubial bed. ;God, ; she said, ;I#39;m hot.; ;That#39;s right, ; he said, ;you are.; He raised himself on one elbow, and with his face almost touching her, he began to blow lightly, from one of her shoulders to the other. The room, aly warm, heated up. Endorphins were released. ;I#39;d forgotten, ; she said, finally. ;Forgotten?; ;I#39;d forgotten we were hot, ; she said. 三个孩子(成年),两个高要求的工作,和一个坏掉的空调,他们出着汗光着躺在夫妻大床上。 ;上帝,;她说,;我热(性感)。;;没错儿,;他说,;你是(性感)。;他举起一只胳膊肘撑起自己,他的脸几乎碰到她,他开始轻轻吹气,从她的一边肩膀到另一边。房间里,已经很热,是被加热了。内啡肽被释放。她说,;我忘了; 终于。 ; 忘了吗?; ;我都忘了我们是这么的性感。;她说道。Fill Your Eyes with Green 让你的眼睛充满绿色It#39;s the color many jewelers use as a backdrop when they#39;re working on a delicate piece; green is said to be the easiest color for the eye to see. It#39;s also thought to balance emotions and bring on a feeling of calm. Have you ever been mesmerized by the dense green of a palm as it swayed in a tropical breeze? 许多珠宝商总是使用绿色去做精美首饰的背景装饰,绿色据说是人眼能看到最简单的颜色。人们认为它能平衡情绪,并带来一种平静的感觉。你曾经被那在一个热带的微风中摇摆的茂密绿色棕榈树迷住过吗? Stand in a Steaming Shower 热蒸汽淋浴And let the hot water loosen the stiff muscles in your neck. Lean over and feel the water pound your back. Stand again and breathe in the steam, which carries moisture to your airways and your skin, where it replenishes the water that has evaporated from your cells. 让热水放松颈部肌肉僵硬。俯身并让你的背部感到水流的拍打。再次站直并吸入蒸汽,这样能为你的呼吸道和皮肤带来湿气,它补充从细胞蒸发掉的水份。Sweep 大扫除Too tired to dance? Husband on a trip? Middle of winter? Can#39;t sleep? Sweep. Depending on how you do it, it#39;s either the most productive way to be mindless (sweep that dusty attic floor) or the most mindful way to be unproductive (sweep the patio of falling leaves; they keep falling, you keep sweeping, sweeping, doing only this). 太累都不想跳舞了吗?老公出差了?正直隆冬?无法入睡?来大扫除吧,取决于你怎么扫,这或是放空自己最有效的方式来(去扫尘土飞扬的阁楼地板)或也是最有专注的做无用功的方法(扫掉阳台的落叶; 它们又不断落下来,你一直扫啊,扫啊,只有这样的扫)。Breathe 呼吸She used to get panic attacks. Then she learned how to ;square breathe.; Picture a square; choose a corner. Count to four as you slowly inhale. Count to four as you exhale. Reach the next corner on the inhale, leave it on the exhale. Four corners. Four deep breaths. Her heartbeat, which would suddenly gallop away, slowed to a comfortable trot. (Deep, slow breaths increase the amount of carbon dioxide in the body, which reduces the panic response.) 她以前经常会恐慌。然后,她学会了如何;广场呼吸。;想像一个广场;选择一个角落。你慢慢吸气时数到四。当你呼气时再数到四。达到下一角落再吸气,然后呼气离开。四个角落。 四个深呼吸。她的心跳会放缓像舒适的小跑了一般。 (深而慢的呼吸能增加体内的二氧化碳量,从而降低了恐慌反应。) /201202/172509。
  • So, you know, it is what it is, but Americans are totally annoyed by the use of "whatever" in conversations.也许你知道,这就是事实——美国人对日常交谈中“无所谓”这句口头禅最为反感。The popular slacker term of indifference was found "most annoying in conversation" by 47 percent of Americans surveyed in a Marist College poll.一项由美国圣母学院开展的民调显示,47%的受访者认为这个带有漠不关心意味的流行词是“交谈中最令人讨厌的用语”。"Whatever" easily beat out "you know," which especially grated a quarter of respondents. The other annoying contenders were "anyway" (at 7 percent), "it is what it is" (11 percent) and "at the end of the day" (2 percent)."Whatever" 轻松击败"you know(你知道)"位居榜首,另有四分之一的受访者称最讨厌后者。其它入选最惹人厌的用语还包括"anyway(总之;反正)(7%)","it is what it is(这就是事实)"(11%),以及"at the end of the day(到头来)"(2%)。"Whatever"--pronounced "WHAT'-ehv-errr" when exasperated--is an expression_r_r with staying power. Immortalized in song by Nirvana ("oh well, whatever, nevermind") in 1991, popularized by the Valley girls in "Clueless" later that decade, it is still commonly used, often by younger people."Whatever"是一个带有忍耐意味的表达,在语气加重时,它常被说成"WHAT'-ehv-errr"。涅磐乐队于1991年演唱的一首歌曲使whatever这个词被人们记住(其中出现歌词oh well, whatever, nevermind)。而在同一年代的后期,影片《独领风骚》中的山谷女孩又使这个词广为流行。如今,这一词汇仍然很常用,它在年轻人中尤为流行。It can be an all-purpose argument-ender or a signal of apathy. And it can really be annoying. The poll found "whatever" to be consistently disliked by Americans regardless of their race, gender, age, income or where they live."Whatever"可在结束争论时使用,或者可用来表示漠不关心,这个词的确令人反感。调查发现,无论种族、性别、年龄、收入以及居住地,美国人无一例外地讨厌这个词。 /200910/86608。
  • Aries: Thistle, wild rose, gorse, nasturtium, woodbine 白羊:蓟、野玫瑰、金雀花、旱金莲花、忍冬 /201106/140319。
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