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襄樊市襄阳区人民医院咽喉炎要多少钱襄阳附近治疗耳聋医院好Cyber-diversity网络多样性Im so tired of hackers.我讨厌黑客。Thats what happens when you have bunch of computers runing the same software. Because they share the same flaws, if you can hack into one, you can hack into them all.如果所有的电脑都在运行同一个软件很容易被黑客攻击。因为它们有着相同的漏洞,如果你能入侵一台电脑,那么所有的电脑都可以入侵。That appens in nature too. A virus exploits the same vulnerability in a genetically similar group and wipes everyone out.实质也是如此。病毒就是利用一个组群相同的漏洞将其一一摧毁。Luckily, because of random mutations in our genes, most species exhibit enough genetic variation, or biodiversity, that a disease that kills one member wont necessarily kill the next. Thats why computer scientists are trying to create a computerized version of biodiversity, which theyre calling cyber-diversity.幸运的是,因为我们的基因是随机突变的,大多数物种都呈现出足够的基因变化或生物多样性,所以让一个成员死亡的疾病并不一定能使其他成员死亡。这就是为什么计算机科学家试图创造一个用计算机版的生物多样性,叫做网络多样性。Computer Scientists are currently researching various ways to automatically and randomlymodify software in slightly different ways without changing the overall functionality. To users like us, the computers would seem the same, but hackers would have to treat computers on a case-by-case basis.科学家们目前正在研究各种方法,自动和随意地稍微更改一下软件而不会改变整体的功能。对于像我们一样的用户来说,电脑看起来都一样,但是黑客会把它们作为逐项给予的根据。Even in nature, viruses mutate. Thats why the flu keeps coming back year after year. Just like hackers. Still, the National Science Foundation is investing 0,000 in cyber-diversity. Think of it as evolution in fast forward.事实上,病毒会变异。这就是为什么流感每年都发生。就像黑客一样。尽管如此,国家科学基金还是投资了75万美元在网络多样性的研究上。认为它发展的速度很快。 /201210/203130襄阳那个医院治疗咽喉炎最好 Business商业Internet companies互联网企业Attack of the clones克隆来袭ON AUGUST 1st Airbnb, an online marketplace that helps people rent rooms, admitted that it had mishandled a complaint from someone whose apartment was ransacked by one of its renters.8月1日,Airbnb,一家在线房屋租赁公司,承认他们错误的处理了一起客户投诉,这位客户的公寓被其中一名租客洗劫一空。Brian Chesky, the firms boss, begged forgiveness and announced that from August 15th Airbnb would cover up to ,000-worth of damage caused by its customers, subject to certain conditions. 公司的老板Brian Chesky恳求客户的原谅,并宣布从当月15日起,客户所遭受的损失,只要符合一定的条件,Airbnb将会为他们买单,承担高达5万美元的费用。Soon afterwards 9flats, a rival based in Berlin, said it, too, would offer insurance.随即,一家总部在柏林的竞争对手9flats也宣布他们将为客户提供保险。An Airbnb executive gripe s that such behaviour is typical of 9flats, which he says copies much of what Airbnb does.Airbnb一位高层抱怨称这是9flats的一贯手法,对方已经抄袭了Airbnb的很多做法。Other American web superstars, such as Groupon, a discount firm, and Kickstarter, which crowdsources funding for arts and technology projects, have also been attacked by clones.其它的美国互联网明星企业,像Groupon和Kickstarter,也同样受到了克隆企业的困扰。As the cost of computing power plummet s and the prices of hot start-ups soar—Airbnb was recently valued at an eye-watering .3 billion—the clone wars will get bloody.由于计算机计算成本锐减和热门创业企业受到的热捧—Airbnb最近就被估计市值高达13亿美元,这场反克隆的战争将会愈加血腥。One battleground will be China.其中一个战场就是中国。There, opaque rules have kept many American firms at bay , leaving the field open for Chinese ones to develop similar services.在那,一些不透明的规则使许多美国企业发展受阻,为中国的本土企业发展相似务提供了很大的空间。Diandian, for example, resembles Tumblr, an American blogging platform. Zhihu, a question-and-answer service, looks a bit like Quora, an American firm.例如,点点就是模仿的美国轻客社区Tumblr。知乎,这家社会化问答网站就和美国的Quora如初一辄。Another battleground will be Germany, where three brothers, Alexander, Oliver and Marc Samwer, have become the copycat kings of Europe.The brothers have a knack for spotting good business models in Silicon Valley, and then quickly starting something similar in Europe.另一个战场会是德国,那有三兄弟Alexander,Oliver和Marc Samwer,他们是欧洲著名的抄袭之王。They later sell these clones, sometimes to the firms on which they were modelled.他们的本事就是能很快的发现来自硅谷的好的商业模式,然后迅速在欧洲发展相似的业务。再卖掉这些克隆企业,有时就卖给被他们抄袭的企业。The Samwers scored their first success in 1999 with Alando, an online auction house which they sold to eBay.Samwer兄弟在1999年觅得了第一桶金,他们在成功成立了一家相似的网上拍卖行Alando后,又回卖给了eBay。They have notched up several other big deals since then.那之后,他们还完成了若干项别的大交易。In 2007, beside their investment vehicle, European Founders Fund, they set up Rocket Internet, an incubator that uses its own pool of experts—now around 90 people—to help launch several start-ups a year.2007年,除了他们的投资工具—瓯洲创始人基金,他们还成立了一家名为Rocket Internet的公司,这是一家创业孵化器,主要依靠自己的专家—现在大概共有员工90名,每年帮助若干企业创业。Kinnevik, a Swedish investor, has a stake and also invests in its portfolio .来自瑞典的投资人Kinnevik就有在该公司的股权,并参与了其他的投资组合。Airbnb is now firmly in the Samwers sights.Airbnb现在就被Samwer兄弟瞄上了。In June, the American firm bought Accoleo, a start-up in Hamburg, as a way into the European market.在6月,这家美国企业买下了在德国汉堡的一家创业企业Accoleo,借此进入欧洲市场。It faces stiff competition not just from 9flats but also from Wimdu, a clone backed by the Samwer brothers and staffed with experienced hands.它所面临的严峻竞争不单来自9flats,也来自Samwer兄弟投资的另一家拥有经验丰富的员工的克隆企业Wimdu。Arne Bleckwenn, the boss of Wimdu, is on his third start-up for the Samwers. Gamegoods, his first, was a rare flop.对Wimdu的老板Ame Bleckwenn来说,这已经是他的第三次创业了。The second, GratisPay, a virtual-currency platform for internet games, was sold last year to SponsorPay, a German rival.他创业的第一家企业Gamegoods是一次十足的失败。第二家是专为网络游戏提供虚拟货币的平台网站GratisPay,在去年卖给了德国的竞争对手SponsorPay。Wimdu is no shoestring operation: in June it raised m from its core investors.Wimdu可不是小本经营,仅在6月它就从核心投资者那儿获得了9千万的投资。In July the Samwers raised more money for Zalando, an online shoe-shop that resembles Amazons Zappos.在7月Samwer兄弟又为Zalando带来了更多的投资,这是一家在网上卖鞋的网站,和Amazon的Zappos类似。Both Wimdu and Zalando may ultimately be snapped up by other firms, though the Samwers could choose to hang on to them or to take some equity in the buyer—a strategy Rocket Internet adopted when it sold CityDeal, an online-discount firm, to Groupon last year.不管Wimdu还是Zalando,最终都可能会被别的公司收购,虽然Samwer兄弟可以选择是自己经营还是从购买者那保持一定的股份—在去年将CityDea卖给Groupon时,Rocket Internet就采取了后一种策略。Rocket Internet has been helping to develop Groupons international business, along with two of the Samwer brothers.Rocket Internet和Samwer兄弟中的其中两位决定帮助提升Groupon的国际业务,It stands to make more money from Groupons planned stockmarket listing .这样他们就可以从Groupon的上市计划中获利更多。Florian Heinemann, the boss of Rocket Internet, is unrepentant about cloning.Florian Heinemann,Rocket Internet则对克隆企业的做法不以为意。Internet ideas are rarely patented and rightly so, he says: patents create a temporary monopoly which tends to stifle competition.互联网的创意大都没有申请专利,并且他认为专利会造成一时的垄断,扼杀竞争。Mr Bleckwenn at Wimdu also defends copying good ideas:BMW didnt invent the car, he observes.Wimdu的Bleckwenn也认为模仿好点子的做法合理。宝马公司也不是汽车的发明者,他说道。German mechanical engineers are brilliant at improving existing inventions.德国的机械工程师们很擅长对已有的发明进行改进。From their perspective, the Samwer brothers are simply applying that same genius to the internet.对Samwer兄弟而言,他们也仅是将自己的这一天赋用于了互联网而已。Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but some of the imitatees cant take a compliment .模仿这一说法也许是最真诚的恭维方式,但对一些被模仿者却不愿领情。They hate having to buy back their own ideas at a hefty premium.大量的费用买回原本就属于他们的创意。And they gripe about the clone troopers aggressive tactics.并且他们抱怨这些后来者咄咄逼人的策略。Airbnb claims that clones have sent people to rent its properties so they can give owners a sales pitch .Airbnb就埋怨说那些克隆网站会派人去租他们的公寓,这样他们就能向房屋所有者推销他们的务了。Such tricks make Silicon Valley types choke on their freshly squeezed mango juice. But they are perfectly legal.他们不想要再以额外尽管这些伎俩会令硅谷的榜样们被他们的鲜榨芒果汁给呛着。但他们这样全是完全合法的。Fred Destin, a venture capitalist at Atlas Venture who has worked in both Europe and America, sees a double standard.来自Atlas Venture的Fred Destin,作为一位在欧洲和美国都工作过的风险投资家,他发现了其中的双重标准。When something works in America, he says, eight companies immediately go after the same opportunity and venture capitalists fund them.当一些企业在美国兴起时,他说道8家相同的企业会立马获得相同的机会,得到风投们的持。But nobody calls them clones.但是却没有人说他们是抄袭。The fact that Groupon has been willing to work with the Samwers on building its business is another sign that some of the outrage is overdone.事实上, Groupon愿意同Samwer兄弟合作发展业务的意愿就给了我们一个信号,来自克隆企业的冲击太过分了。Still, start-ups do need to think about the threat.然而,创业企业们还是得考虑一下这些威胁。Suing clones is hard, says David Goldstone, an intellectual-property specialist at Goodwin Procter, an American law firm.要想控告这些克隆企业很难,来自美国律师事务所的知识产权专家David Goldstone认为。Registering patents in many countries is both costly and time-consuming, and they may prove hard to enforce.在很多国家,注册专利费钱又费时,很难进行。A better bet is to out-innovate the opposition.一种更好的弈就是在创新上超越对手。Firms that can harness powerful network effects,in which users encourage friends and family members to join them on a particular service, may be best placed to fight off the clones.那些能够打败克隆者的,往往是能有效利用强大的网络影响,让用户们鼓励亲朋好友来使用它的某种特定务的企业。Others will just have to draw their light sabres and hope that the Force is with them.而其它的企业则只能手执佩剑,希望自己也能拥有这样的力量。 点击此处下载本期经济学人讲解PDF与音频字幕 /201303/228780Books and Arts; The Spanish civil war;Never forget;文艺;西班牙内战;铭记于心;A dark time in history finally comes to light一段黑暗史总将真相大白In need of a truth commission需要真相委員会The Spanish Holocaust: Inquisition and Extermination in Twentieth-Century Spain. By Paul Preston. ;《西班牙大屠杀》:二十世纪西班牙的审与杀;保罗·普雷斯顿著;The Spanish civil war and its repressive aftermath, following the victory of General Francisco Franco, was a particularly savage conflict. But it is far-fetched to describe it as a holocaust, as Paul Preston does in his latest book. His provocative title raised eyebrows when it was published in Spain last year, as the countrys horrors still pale in comparison with the magnitude of the Nazi Holocaust. Mr Preston, an emeritus professor at the London School of Economics and leading historian of 20th-century Spain, contends that no other word aptly conveys the whole of the Spanish tragedy, which included a strain of anti-Semitism. Thankfully he exercises better judgment within the covers of this meticulous and well-argued book.西班牙内战以及殖民军首领弗朗西斯科?佛朗哥取得胜利后的强力镇压是一次特别野蛮的冲突。但是在保罗·普雷斯顿(Paul Preston)最新著作中将其描述成大屠杀有些过于牵强。这本书去年在西班牙发行的时候颇具煽动性的题目令人惊奇,但是相比于纳粹大屠杀的程度,这个国家的恐怖行动仍显得苍白暗淡。保罗·普雷斯顿(Paul Preston)是伦敦经济学院荣誉退休教授而且还是20世纪中叶西班牙历史的权威学家。他认为找不到一个更恰当的词来表达西班牙的整个悲剧,其中包括反犹太主义。他之前的判断(说反犹主义)有误,幸好这本书的内容还算合情合理。Mr Preston puts the number of those who died in battle at 200,000, after Nationalist military rebels rose against the democratically elected Republican government in 1936. He counts an additional 150,000 murders by the right-wing Nationalists—plus 20,000 more after the civil war ended in 1939—and a further 50,000 killings in areas held by Republicans.保罗·普雷斯顿指出,民族主义军事反政府武装在1936年发动了针对选举的军事叛乱,战场上死亡的人数达到了20万。保罗·普雷斯顿统计于右翼民族党残杀的15万人(附加上了1939年内战后死的2万多人)和共和党杀害的另外5万人。The book is largely based on secondary sources. Victims in the Republican zone were documented by the state investigation set up in 1940. But the sheer scale of the atrocities committed on the other side have come to light only recently, in a flood of books and exhumations of mass graves. A proper reckoning of the war had been avoided by the generation of politicians who followed Francos death in 1975, to smooth the transition to democracy. Yet the past decade has seen various groups, often led by the relatives of Republican victims, unearthing the past—often literally.这本书的素材来源很大程度上是二手的。共和党区的受害者信息记载于1940年建立的国家调查组的文献中。但是在另一边(右翼民族党区)大规模的残暴罪行最近才得以显露,这得益于大量的书籍以及大量墓地的开掘。1975年佛朗哥死后的一代政治家回避了这场战争的,为了国家顺利过渡到民主主义社会。然而,近十年我们可以看到各种共和党受害者的家属组成的团体时常揭露事实真相。In a recent trial in Madrid against Baltasar Garzón, Spains most famous magistrate, relatives of slain victims aired their stories for the first time. Mr Garzón was charged with abusing his powers by calling an investigation into the deaths of 114,000 people under Francos dictatorship, despite a 1977 amnesty law. He was ultimately absolved of this charge, but in another case last month the conservative judiciary barred Mr Garzón from the bench for 11 years, thus ending his career.在马德里最近的一次针对西班牙最有名的法官巴尔塔萨·加尔松的审判中,内战中受害者的亲属第一次讲述了他们受害人的故事。加尔松被控告不顾1977年的大赦律法,滥用私权号召一个关于佛朗哥的独裁统治下那11.4万人的死亡情况的调查。他最后还是在这次控告中得到了赦免,但是上个月的另一个案子中,保守的司法禁止法官加尔松11年内不得再入法官席,因此就这样结束了他的职业生涯。Mr Preston does not hide his loathing of the rebels and empathy for the left. He argues with impressive detail that the repression by the Nationalists was largely planned and institutionalised, whereas the Republicans violence was more spontaneous and mainly in defence against the better armed and trained Francoist forces. Other scholars say that this view is too simplistic. The author is on new and firmer ground in his examination of the role played by the NKVD, the Soviet secret police, particularly in the massacre of hundreds of Franco supporters at Paracuellos in 1936. Santiago Carrillo, a communist leader at the time and the only war protagonist alive today, has always claimed he had nothing to do with the killings, and has never been charged. Yet Mr Preston argues otherwise, citing his ties with Josif Grigulevich, a sinister NKVD agent.保罗·普雷斯顿一书中并没有回避他对叛乱分子的厌恶和对左翼共和党的同情。保罗·普雷斯顿以令人印象深刻的细节描述有利论了民族党派的镇压很大程度上是有计划且被制度化的,然而,共和党的暴力更多是自发地出于抵御先进的武器装备和佛朗哥特训过的部队。其他学者称这样的过于简单化了。本书作者在新的领域里审查苏联秘密警察组织(NKVD)所扮演的角色,尤其是1936年,在马德里Paracuellos在内务部的掺和下,共和派对佛朗哥同情者的镇压。圣地亚哥·卡里略是当时的一位共产党领袖,如今唯一活着的战争领导人,现总是声称他与屠杀无关,从来也没有被控罪。然而保罗·普雷斯顿认为他和那个NKVD内务部特工有联系。“The Spanish Holocaust” is a compelling chronicle of a grim time in history. It would be a pity if the books dubious title discouraged a wider ership.《The Spanish Holocaust》是一本令人信的残酷编年史。如果这本书可疑的书名使得广泛地读者群沮丧的话那真是个遗憾。 /201211/207840襄阳医院看外耳道炎大概多少钱费用

襄阳耳喉科费用多少治咽炎襄阳哪个医院好 NASA unveiled a new lunar rover which aims to transform space exploration by allowing astronauts to roam large distances without cumbersome spacesuits when they return to the moon by 2020.美国宇航局推出了一款新型月球车,旨在让宇航员在2020年重返月球时能够不穿着笨重的宇航就可以在太空漫步很远的距离。A team of scientists is testing the Small Pressurized Rover Concept vehicle-which resembles a small, futuristic recreational vehicle mounted on six sets of wheels-12 in all-in trials in a rocky, barren corner of northern Arizona, selected for its similarities to the surface of the moon.一个科学家小组正在测试一种小型增压“漫游者”概念车。这是一款具有未来派艺术特色的小型休闲车,车身安装在6组共12个车轮上。目前它正在亚利桑那州北部荒漠的岩石轨道上进行测试——该地区的地理特征与月球表面相似。The battery-powered rover travels at speeds of up to 6 mph (10 kph). It is part of a range of systems and equipment being developed by the space agency for its planned return to the moon over the next decade.这款电池驱动的“漫游者”太空车的行驶速度可达6每小时英里(10公里)。它是航天局为了在未来十年重返月球而开发出的一系列系统和设备中的一部分。NASA hopes to build a permanent manned base on the moons surface as a prelude to subsequent exploration missions to Mars.美国宇航局希望在月球表面建立永久性载人基地,作为随后进行的火星探测任务的前奏。The new rover prototype would allow a crew of two astronauts to take extended exploration trips for up to two weeks at a time, covering distances of up to 625 miles (1,000 km).新“漫游者”原型车将允许两名宇航员的每次勘探考察活动可以延长到两个星期,漫步距离可达到625英里(1000公里)。The crew would not wear spacesuits while in the vehicle, which is fitted with large windows offering extensive views of the terrain, but to step outside, they would slip into spacesuits mounted on the outside of the vehicle through special hatches in the rover, officials said.“宇航员在太空车里不需要穿宇航。太空车上安装了大窗户,这样宇航员的视野可以更加宽广。如果宇航员想外出,他们可以通过太空车上的特殊舱门滑入安装在太空车外面的宇航里。”宇航局官员说。注:本文译文属原创,,。201205/181137襄阳鼻窦炎哪个正规

襄阳鼻炎非常好;MAURICE is immortal,; says the chief executive of a French multinational. When told of his friendrsquo;s comment, Maurice Leacute;vy, boss of Publicis, one of the worldrsquo;s biggest advertising firms, is visibly flattered. But he demurs. ;When you think you are immortal, you will make the biggest errors of your life,; he says. ;I know that if I fail to find the right successor, my entire career will be a failure.;一法国的跨国公司董事长说,;莫里斯是无人能代的;。当谈起对其朋友,全球广告业巨头阳狮集团的老板莫利斯.列维的评价时,这位董事长难掩溢美之词。但是,他也提出了异议。;当你自认为无法取代时,你可能犯了一生中最严重的错误,;他说,;我不知道如果我找不到合适的接班人,我的整个职业生涯都被毁了。;Mr Leacute;vyrsquo;s longevity at the top is unusual in a business known for short attention spans. But Publicis is unusual, too. Since the Paris-based firm was founded by Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet in 1926, it has had only two bosses: the founder and Mr Leacute;vy, who took over in 1987. Mr Leacute;vy, who turns 70 in February, had planned to retire at the end of this year, but the board recently raised the age limit for its members to 75. On November 29th Publicis said that all of them had been reappointed for four years.列维先生在以注意力转瞬即逝著称的行业中长期占据高层领导的位置实属罕见。但是阳狮集团也是一个非比寻常的企业。自从这家总部在巴黎的公司由莫里斯.布朗谢于1926年创建以来,它只有过两位老板:创始人和于1987年掌权的列维先生。今年二月份就满70岁的列维先生,已计划年底退休。但是最近董事会将其成员的退休年限提高到了75岁。11月29日,阳狮集团声称所有的董事会成员将再任职四年。The board wants him to stay, says Mr Leacute;vy, because the economic crisis could last, so they want a safe pair of hands at the top. He sees lots of uncertainty next year, though he does not think that companies will cut back advertising spending as sharply as they did after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Their response to the dire state of the economy will vary from one industry and country to the next. In Europe, not surprisingly, the outlook is bleaker the farther south you go.列维先生说,集团董事会要他留下来,因为经济危机可能会持续一段时间,他们希望有经验且让人放心的人能在高层掌舵。他看到了明年的许多不确定性,但是他认为各公司不会像在2008年雷曼兄弟破产后大幅度地减缩广告开。他们对严峻的经济形势的反应因各行业各国家的情况不同而各异。在欧洲,其经济状况越往南越糟糕,这一点都不奇怪。Yet the forecast for global ad spending in the next few years released on December 5th by ZenithOptimedia, an agency owned by Publicis, is fairly rosy. It says spending will rise by 4.7% in 2012 to 6 billion, having gone up by 3.5% this year. A good chunk of next yearrsquo;s increase is due to events that come around every four years: a presidential election in America, the summer Olympics and the European football championship. The forecast for the next two years, though, is even better: 5.2% growth in 2013 and 5.8% in 2014 (see chart.)但是阳狮集团旗下的ZenithOptimedia公司于12月5日发布的对于明年全球广告开的预测却相当地乐观。该报告认为今年各公司广告开已上涨了3.5% ,2012年将上升4.7%达到4860亿美元。明年广告开上升的原因主要归于每隔四年出现的大事:美国的总统选举;夏季奥运会和欧洲的足球锦标赛。但是对于未来两年的预测更加地乐观:2013年、2014年分别增长5.2%和5.8%(如表所示)The internet and emerging economies are the two fastest-growing areas in the ad world. Mr Leacute;vy is betting big on both. Five years ago he bought Digitas, an internet-ad agency, for .3 billion. Some thought that pricey. Undeterred, Mr Leacute;vy bought Razorfish, an American digital agency, for 0m in , and Rosetta, another, for 5m in May this year. Today internet advertising accounts for more than 30% of the revenue of Publicis, against around 20% for WPP, its British rival.互联网和新兴经济体是在广告业中增速最快的两大领域。列维先生对这两个领域都寄于了厚望。五年前他以13亿美元收购了网络广告机构Digitas。有人认为那次收购是天价。列维先生并未怯步,年他以5.3亿美元购下美国的数字处理公司Razorfish。同一年的五月以5.75亿美元将另一家数字处理公司收入囊中。现如今网络广告收入占阳狮集团的30%以上,其英国对手WPP仅占20%左右。201202/170380 However, the effect was short lived. Within three months, both groups of callers were more or less equal when it came to how many had remained smoke-free. The researchers are optimistic, though, that continuous positive messages about the benefits of quitting smoking could have a longer lasting effect. Most people, smokers included, are well aware of the dangers of nicotinendash;so well aware, in fact, that warnings about the health hazards of smoking may come across as annoying or redundant. The researchers suspect that emphasizing the benefits of quitting may be more effective because it promises a certain, beneficial outcome. And with enough positive encouragement, smokers learning about the benefits of a smoke-free life may be more inclined to quit.然而,其效果是短暂的。三个月内,组戒烟的人中能成功戒烟的人数大体相等。不过,研究人员仍然很乐观,持续的告诉人们戒烟的好处对人们有更持久的效果。包括吸烟者,大多数人都清楚地认识到尼古丁的危害;;十分了解,事实上,关于吸烟危害健康的警告可能会恼人或太泛滥了。研究人员猜测强调戒烟的好处可能更有效,因为它承诺了一定的,有益的成果。给予足够的积极鼓励,了解有关无烟生活的好处的吸烟者可能更倾向于戒烟。201201/167981老河口第一医院 鼻息肉治疗的价格保康县治疗声带息肉价格



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