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全南县妇幼保健人民医院做抽脂手术多少钱宁都县人民医院治疗痘坑多少钱Charles Abior and his family have been doing business in China for more than 40 years, but this debonair Nigerian says he was denied entry to the recent Canton trade fair owing to fears that he was an Ebola carrier.查尔斯#8226;艾比奥(Charles Abior)和他的家人在中国做了40多年生意。然而,这名乐观自信的尼日利亚人表示,由于担心他是埃拉病毒携带者,最近举办的广交会不让他入内。Now police call his hotel regularly and government doctors show up to take his temperature every few days. “I keep telling them, Nigeria is Ebola free,” says the businessman, who buys cosmetics in China and sells them in Nigeria.中国警方会定期给他所在的酒店打电话,政府派出的医生每过几天就会来给他量体温。这位商人表示:“我一直在告诉他们,尼日利亚没有出现埃拉疫情。”艾比奥在中国采购化妆品,然后在尼日利亚销售。Africans around the world – even those from countries far removed from the west African nations most affected by the virus – are feeling the brunt of public panic from locals who fear they may catch the ded virus from them.全球各地的非洲人都感受到了民众的恐慌,当地人担心会被他们传染上可怕的埃拉病毒。即使他们来自的国家与埃拉疫情最严重的西非国家远隔千山万水,也能感受到这种冲击。China, with its 1.4bn population and overcrowded cities, has had no confirmed cases of Ebola, and controls on the media appear to have kept the level of public concern relatively low. Beijing will do whatever it takes to keep Ebola out of China, including effectively banning some Africans from the recent Canton fair and enlisting hotels to help monitor others. After being turned away from the fair, Mr Abior travelled to Yiwu, the vast international market town in eastern China where African traders come in their thousands to buy everything from rubber gloves to hairbands, from bedsheets to women’s underwear, from 200,000 vendors. Yiwu is on the frontline of Beijing’s efforts to keep Ebola out of China, along with Guangzhou, host of the Canton fair.中国有14亿人口,而且城市人口极为密集。目前,中国并未确诊埃拉病例,政府似乎也已通过对媒体的监控,将公众的担忧保持在相对较低的水平上。为了把埃拉病毒封堵在中国之外,中国政府会采取一切可能措施,包括从实质上禁止部分非洲人参加近期的广交会,以及要求酒店帮助监控其他非洲人。在被广交会拒之门外后,艾比奥来到了义乌。义乌是华东一个规模巨大的国际化集镇,数以千计的非洲商人来到这里,从20万摊贩手中购买从橡胶手套到束发带、从床单到女式内衣在内的各种东西。和主办广交会的广州市一样,义乌也是中国政府将埃拉病毒封堵在中国境外的前沿阵地。Lin Songtian, head of the Africa bureau at the foreign ministry, said: “China has instituted strict controls at airports and customs entry ports, in line with worldwide practice.”中国外交部非洲司司长林松添表示:“我们按照国际社会通行做法,在机场、海关等边境口岸采取诸如检测体温、填写登记表、预留联系电话等措施,但没有禁止非洲公民来华旅游、经商和开展合作。”But it is a balancing act: Beijing needs to protect the local population without offending Africa, at a time when its trade and investment ties with the continent are increasingly crucial to its foreign policy. Beijing insists it has not formally restricted entry to China by the three countries most affected by Ebola: Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.不过,中国政府这么做需要权衡两方面的因素。一方面,他们需要保护本国民众。另一方面,与非洲的贸易和投资联系在中国外交政策中日趋重要,中国必须确保相关措施不会冒犯非洲。中国政府坚称,对于几内亚、塞拉利昂和利比里亚这三个埃拉疫情最严重的国家,中国并未正式限制人们从这三国进入中国。Canton fair officials say the local government told them to reject visitors from those three countries as well as Congo – even though China’s foreign and health ministries do not consider Congo to have an Ebola epidemic. Gao Fu, vice-director of the China Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, says if the epidemic in Africa continues, it is “just a matter of time” before China sees its first Ebola case. “But I don’t think there will be an extensive outbreak in China, since China has set up a very good infectious disease control and prevention system on the basis of lessons we learnt during the Sars [outbreak]” about a decade ago, he says.广交会的有关官员表示,当地政府已要求他们拒绝来自以上三国及刚果的访客——尽管中国外交部和卫生部并不认为刚果出现了埃拉疫情。中国疾病预防控制中心(China Centre for Disease Control and Prevention)副主任高福表示,只要非洲疫情继续扩散,中国出现首例埃拉感染者就“只是个时间问题”。不过他还表示:“自从(大约十年前)SARS爆发以后,我们国家建立起了公共卫生防控体系、全国的联防联控机制,再加上各个地区的疾病预防控制的基础设施,大规模爆发的可能性是没有的。”In Yiwu, Jason Ding, manager of the Longteng Hotel, is part of that system. “Currently, we mainly target countries that have a serious Ebola epidemic #8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;We take the temperature of the guests from [those] countries when they check in and also in the morning and afternoon,” he says. “We disinfect everything in the lift that can be touched by human hands,” along with television remote controls, chair arms, telephones and tables, he says.在义乌,龙腾宾馆的丁经理是这一联防联控机制的一部分。他说:“目前,我们主要关注的是埃拉疫情严重的国家……我们会在(相关)各国旅客入住时为他们测量体温,并在每天早晚各量一次体温。”他还表示,电视机遥控器、沙发扶手、电话和桌面以及“电梯中所有人手可能接触的部位都会采取消毒措施。”“When the guest checks out, we infrared sterilise the tea cups,” he adds. But most of Mr Ding’s current guests are Nigerians who arrived after the country was declared Ebola free, “So our job is almost finished. Most Africans in Yiwu are Nigerians or Ugandans” with few from Ebola zone countries, he says.他还补充说:“客人离店后,我们还会对茶杯采取红外杀菌措施。”不过,在丁经理目前的客人中,多数都是尼日利亚人,他们都是在尼日利亚被宣告不存在埃拉疫情之后来到义乌的。他说,“所以我们的工作已基本结束。义乌多数非洲人都是尼日利亚人或乌干达人”,很少来自埃拉疫区国家的人。Zhang Zhengbing, an Yiwu taxi driver, says “so long as I don’t shake hands with them it should be OK”, echoing government advice to restrict hugging and handshaking. But Mr Abior says that does not bother him, adding that he does not feel any fear or ostracisation from the local population. “Most Chinese don’t do much handshaking anyway,” he says. “How often do they hug you normally?” he asks with a grin.义乌出租车司机张正兵表示,“只要我不跟他们握手就应该没事”,这话与中国政府关于尽量不要拥抱和握手的建议完全一致。不过,艾比奥表示这并未对他造成困扰,并称他没有感到当地人的恐慌和排斥。他说:“反正多数中国人都很少握手。”他还咧嘴笑着问道:“你说他们一般会多久拥抱你一次?” /201411/340807定南县除皱的费用 On Monday, December 8, the newly-christened CSCL Globe left port in Shanghai en route to Europe on its maiden voyage. Capable of carrying 19,100 twenty-foot shipping containers—19,100 TEU, as they say in the industry—the Globe, constructed by Hyundai Heavy Industries and owned by the state-run China Shipping Company, is now the world’s largest container ship by volume. It is also among the largest ships in operation by raw size, at 400 meters long and 59 meters wide. If you cut the antenna tower off the Empire State Building, it would be 20 meters shorter than the Globe is long.12月8日周一,这艘全新的中海集运“环球号”离开上海港驶往欧洲,开始了它的首航。“环球号”可装载1.91万个20英尺标准集装箱(或业内所称的1.91万TEU),由韩国现代重工集团建造,隶属于中国海运集团总公司,是目前全球容量最大的集装箱船只,长400米,宽59米,单是其尺寸就已跻身目前世界最大的运营船舶之列。如果不计算纽约帝国大厦楼顶的天线塔,那么该船的长度比帝国大厦的高度还要多出20米。But the CSCL Globe is more than just a really, really big ship. Its massive size reflects equally massive changes that have reshaped the ocean shipping industry over the past decade as carriers build ever-bigger ships to capture economies of scale in fuel and crew costs. The capital-intensive strategy is squeezing out smaller players and triggering consolidation across an industry that has long resisted it, while putting new demands on global shipping infrastructure.但中海集运“环球号”绝不仅仅是一艘巨轮而已。其巨大的尺寸同样反映出过去十年间航运界发生的巨大变化。为了实现燃油和人工方面的规模效益,航运公司建造的船只越来越大,而这一变化重塑了整个行业。这种资本密集型战略正在把小竞争者挤出市场,也在促使此前长期抵触整合的航运界开始了全行业的整合,同时也对全球海运基础设施提出了新的要求。So-called megaships have come to dominate container shipping with astonishing rapidity over the past decade. The industry was bowled over in 2003 by the arrival of the then-massive OOCL Shenzhen—but its 8,063 TEU capacity is unremarkable by today’s standards.过去十年间,巨型船舶以令人惊叹的发展速度开始引领集装箱船运市场。2003年,深圳东方海外的巨型集装箱船曾经征了当时的市场,但以今天的标准来看,其8063标箱的容量已不足为奇。The shift to larger ships was pushed along by the global financial crisis and rising fuel costs. After rates for container shipping hit record highs in the 1990s and early 2000s, prices collapsed along with global trade in 2008 and 2009. Orders to shipbuilders around the world were cancelled in droves.全球金融危机和不断攀升的燃油价格也是船只尺寸变大的推手。集装箱船的运价在90年代至21世纪早期达到历史高点后,于2008至2009年间随着全球贸易的萎缩出现暴跌,各地造船厂的订单都被陆续取消。When orders picked up again, they were almost all for megaships. Hyundai Heavy Industries, for instance, reports that since 2010 it has built 82 ships of more than 10,000 TEU but has received orders for only five ships in the 5,000 TEU range.随后,虽然订单量再次回升,但几乎所有的订单都是巨型船舶。比如,韩国现代重工的报告表示,自2010年起它们已建造了82艘容量超过1万标箱的船只,但只有5笔容量为5000标箱的订单。These capital-intensive larger ships have, predictably, concentrated in the hands of the largest carriers. “To play with the big boys now, you have to be putting a huge amount of money out,” says Sam Chambers, editorial director of the trade journal SinoShip. According to a Drewry Maritime Research report from July 2014, MSC operates 696 ships above 10,000 TEU, Maersk operates 433, and CMA CGM Group has 363.可以预想,这些资本密集型的大船已经集中在规模最大的海运公司手中。行业刊物《中国船运》编辑主任萨姆o钱伯斯说:“要和大佬们玩,你就得花大价钱” 。德鲁里海事研究公司2014年7月的报告显示,地中海航运运营的船只当中容量超1万标箱的有696艘,马士基有433艘,达飞有363艘。The efficiencies of the larger ships are a boon for individual shippers, and for the global environment. They consume as little as 50% of the fuel per container moved as older ships, while also more than halving insurance and staffing costs. A megaship requires the same 20-odd crew as a smaller ship but can carry three times the cargo.大船效率的提高对于个体承运人和全球大环境来说都有益处。其单个集装箱运输所耗燃油仅为老船只的50%,保险和人工成本也降低了一半多。和较小的船只相比,一艘巨型船舶同样需要20多个船员,但运力却是小船的三倍。The effect on the industry as a whole is less sanguine. “In terms of supply and demand, the industry is blighted by what we describe as structural overcapacity,” says Simon Heaney, Drewry’s senior manager of supply chain research. Large carriers have mitigated that oversupply to a degree through a practice known as “slow-steaming”—intentionally operating ships at as little as half their normal speed, which both reins in capacity and offers further fuel savings.巨型船舶对整个行业的影响则没有那么乐观。德鲁里供应链研究高级经理赛门o希尼说:“供求方面,行业遭遇了我们所说的结构性产能过剩的冲击”。大的运输公司通过“减速航行”的方式来削弱过度供给造成的影响,即刻意地让船以正常航速的一半来航行,既控制运力,也进一步节省了燃油。With less access to efficiencies of scale or speed, smaller carriers are losing ground fast. Carriers outside of the global top 10 operate only dozens or, in some cases, zero megaships. Some have been forced into mergers, such as the acquisition of CSAV by Hapag-Lloyd in April. Further consolidation has taken the form of cargo-sharing agreements. By early 2015, the Asia-Europe container trade will be entirely controlled by just four major alliances.由于难以获得规模效益或在速度上做文章,小型运输公司的处境迅速恶化。全球排名前十之外的运输公司仅运营着几十艘巨型船,有些甚至连一艘都没有。其中的一些公司被迫投入他人的怀抱,比如4月份赫伯罗特就并购了南美轮船。此外,货运共享协议也是行业整合的另一种形式。到2015年初,仅四大海运联盟就可以完全控制亚欧集装箱业务。Infrastructure limitations have kept the largest of the megaships confined to those Asia-Europe routes. Ships the size of the CSCL Globe are too large to fit through the Panama Canal, and neither East nor West Coast U.S. ports are equipped to handle them anyway. The expansion of the Panama Canal to accommodate megaships is underway, and the Hong Kong-based investment group HKND is currently exploring the construction of a large canal across Nicaragua. But the megaships are having ripple effects around the world by pushing older, smaller ships out of service on Asia-Europe routes, inflating capacity and pushing down prices everywhere.由于基础设施的限制,巨型船舶中尺寸最大的都只能在亚欧航线上运营。像中海集运“环球号”这样尺寸的船已经无法通过巴拿马运河,而以目前的设施水平,美国东海岸和西海岸的港口也都无力接纳这样的船只。巴拿马运河扩容工程目前正在进行,投资集团香港尼加拉瓜运河开发投资有限公司也准备在尼加拉瓜开发建造一条运河。巨型船舶所产生的涟漪效应已波及世界各地,因为它迫使老船和小船退出亚欧航线的运营,并造成了运力的膨胀和运价的普降。Industry watchers say the CSCL Globe is unlikely to retain its world’s-biggest title for long. Sam Chambers of SinoShip expects to see a 20,000 TEU ship ordered by early 2015, and ships of up to 24,000 TEU would be viable with current Asia-Europe infrastructure. That would mean continued chronic overcapacity, and even more pressure on smaller shippers worldwide.行业观察者说,中海集运“环球号”世界第一的称号可能不会长久。《中国海运》杂志的萨姆o钱伯斯预计,2015年初可能会出现2万标箱的船只订单,以目前亚欧航线基础设施情况来看,未来制造2.4万标箱的船只也是可行的。而这意味着,产能过剩的局面将会长时间持续,同时也会为全球的小型运输公司带来更大的压力。(财富中文网) /201502/359905North and South Korea officials hold talks Thursday aimed at resolving a protracted wage dispute at a jointly run factory complex.朝鲜和韩国官员星期四举行会谈,争取解决双方长期以来围绕开城工业园区工人工资问题的分歧。A South Korean delegation left early Thursday for the Kaesong Industrial Complex, which lies on the North Korean side of the countries#39; tense border.一个韩国代表团星期四清晨启程前往开城工业园区。该园区位于事态紧张的南北朝分界线上朝鲜一侧。Lee Sang-min, head of the Seoul delegation, said it will be the first meeting since June for the joint commission in charge of running the complex.韩国代表团团长李相民说,自今年6月以来,这将是负责运营开城工业园区的联合委员会首次举行会谈。The two sides have been mired in a months-long dispute over the North#39;s unilateral move to raise the minimum monthly wage for its workers at the complex from .35 to .00, starting in March.从3月开始,朝鲜单方面将园区内的朝鲜工人最低月薪从70.35美元提高到74美元,双方就这一问题进行了持续一个月的争执。South Korea insists that any wage change must be determined through mutual agreement.韩国坚持说,对工薪所做的任何调整都必须由双方共同决定。More than 53,000 North Korean workers are employed by about 120 South Korean factories in the park, which opened in 2004 and is one of the few areas of North-South economic cooperation.开城工业园区有大约120家韩国工厂,雇用着5万3千多名朝鲜工人。该园区于2004年开始运营,是南北双方为数不多的经济合作项目之一。 /201507/386316赣州俪人整形美容医院玻尿酸多少钱

江西省赣州俪人整形医院隆胸多少钱To the people, food is the most important issue under the sky.” So says an old Chinese proverb; but if that is so, the clouds may be darkening. As the world’s population grows – and as its people grow more prosperous and more carnivorous – it will only become more difficult to provide a plentiful supply of food at affordable prices.中国有句古老的俗语是“民以食为天”。但如果它说得对,那么天空可能开始乌云密布。随着世界人口的增长,且人们变得更富足、更爱吃肉,以民众付得起的价格供应足够粮食只会越来越难。In many countries, food security is aly an urgent challenge, as the world food price crisis of 2007-08 showed. According to research by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, global grain production will have to increase by 70 per cent to meet the rise in food demand caused by population growth, changing dietary habits and urbanisation. The world has no shortage of fertile land and every prospect of meeting that target. But the crops will not plant themselves. Meeting the world’s need for food will require long-term investment – which, in developing countries, will have to increase by as much as 50 per cent from the current level.粮食安全现已成为许多国家面对的一项紧迫挑战,这在2007年至2008年的世界粮价危机中得到了印。联合国粮农组织(UN Food and Agriculture Organisation)的研究表明,只有把全球粮食产量提高70%,才能满足人口增加、饮食习惯变化和城市化所导致的粮食需求上升。世界不缺少良田,很有希望实现上述目标。但农作物需要人去种植。满足世界粮食需求,需要进行长期投资。在发展中国家,必须将粮食长期投资从现有水平上提高50%。Since governments everywhere are stretched, the private sector and institutional investors have a significant role to play. But it is difficult to attract small and short-term investors to this sector since crop prices are volatile, assets (once acquired) are difficult to dispose of quickly – and that is not to mention the burden of onerous regulation. While some private capital has been drawn to businesses in sectors such as agricultural supply-chain management, processing and distribution, it has by and large shunned investment in the assets most closely involved in increasing the food supply. The drought of capital afflicts the entire industry, from infrastructure, such as irrigation, to grain and animal protein production, to support services such as transport, storage and processing. This is a serious misallocation of funds. All these areas require investment if adequate supply is to be produced.由于各地政府手头拮据,私人部门和机构投资者可以从中扮演重要的角色。但这个行业很难吸引到短线小投资者,因为农产品价格波动剧烈,且资产一旦购入便很难快速处置,更别提还要承受繁重的监管负担了。尽管有些私人资本被吸引进入了农业供应链管理、加工与分销等领域,但基本不会投资与增加粮食供应密切相关的资产。资本匮乏困扰着整个粮食产业,从灌溉等基础设施,到谷物与动物蛋白质生产,再到运输、加工与存储等持性务。这是一种严重的资金错配现象。要想提供充足的粮食供应,就必须对所有这些领域进行投资。And yet, difficult as this sector is, for long-term and patient investors it can offer bounteous returns. For the past four decades, farmland in the US and other advanced markets has outperformed investments in stocks and bonds. This has attracted the attention of some of the world’s savviest investors. Pension funds in North America, the Nordic region and Australia are cultivating portfolios of agriculture investments. Some have developed their own vehicles. Others have formed consortiums with peer funds. Many are reaping handsome rewards.尽管粮食产业是个困难的投资领域,但它能给专注长线的、耐心的投资者提供丰厚的回报。过去40年,美国等发达市场国家的农田投资收益高于股票与债券投资。这已引起世界上一些最精明投资者的注意。北美、北欧和澳大利亚的养老基金开始构建农业投资组合。有些基金建立了自己的专门投资工具。也有些基金与同行组建了投资财团。许多基金开始收获可观的回报。China Investment Corp oration is a long-term financial investor with a diversified portfolio. We believe the agriculture sector offers stability, a way of hedging against inflation and a device for sping risk. We are keen to invest more across the entire value chain – in partnership with governments, multilateral organisations and like-minded institutional investors – in areas that will help to unlock the industry’s potential, increase the food supply and offer attractive returns.中投公司(CIC)是一个进行多元化投资的长线财务投资机构。我们认为,投资农业可以获得稳定回报,有效对冲通胀,并分散风险。我们希望对整个价值链进行更大投资,与各地政府、多边机构和志同道合的机构投资者合作,共同投资于那些有利于释放农业潜能、增加粮食供应和提供可观回报的领域。While we are focusing on existing assets, we are also keen to work with the right partners to invest in greenfield projects.我们不但关注于投资既有资产,而且也乐于跟合适的伙伴一道投资新建项目。Food security is a global issue that no one can afford to ignore. While CIC invests to make stable financial returns over the long term, we also strive to shore up food security in places that we invest in, and contribute our share to local job creation and economic growth.粮食安全是一个谁也不敢忽视的全球性问题。中投公司在通过投资获得稳定的长线回报的同时,也努力增进所投资地区的粮食安全,在创造就业和推动经济增长上为当地贡献我们的力量。The countries of the world must do more to make sure that their growing populations will have enough food. However, an unmet need is an investor’s opportunity. And investors everywhere will prosper if they can help the people of the world meet one of the most basic needs of all.世界各国必须加大努力,确保为不断增加的人口提供足够粮食。然而,未满足的需求对投资者来说便是机会。如果能帮助世界人口满足最基本需求之一的话,各地投资者都将收获自己的成功。 /201406/308089赣州市脱小腿毛多少钱 A French collector on Monday returned 24 gold ornaments stolen from 2,000-year-old tombs to China, following a similar action earlier this year.在周一,一位法国的收藏家返还了24件从具有2000年历史的古墓中盗出的黄金饰品,类似的事情在前一年也发生过Christian Deydier made the hand-over while visiting northwest China#39;s Gansu Province. They will be stored in Gansu Provincial Museum, according to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage.根据国家文物局表示:克里斯蒂安·戴迪安在他到访中国西北城市甘肃时,举办了这个文物移交仪式.这些文物会存放在甘肃省物馆。The gold items came from tombs in Dabuzishan in Gansu. They belonged to residents of Qin, one of the many kingdoms during the Spring and Autumn period (770 -476 ) of Chinese history. In 221 , the king of Qin united the kingdoms and became China#39;s first emperor.这些黄金饰品都是从甘肃大堡子山挖出的.历史上这里属于秦国.秦国处于中国历史当中的春秋战国时期(公元前770—476年).在公元前221年,秦始皇统一了所有王国并成为了中国第一任皇帝Deydier and another French collector Francois Pinault returned 32 artifacts from the same tombs in July, the first time cultural relics have been successfully returned to China following bilateral negotiations between the Chinese and French governments.戴迪安和另一位法国收藏家弗朗克斯·皮诺特在7月归还了同一个古墓出土的32件手工作品,这是在中国政府和法国政府双边会谈后,第一次成功的把文物归还给中国While attending an exhibition on the tombs, Deydier said he hoped all Dabuzishan artifacts lost in foreign lands could soon ;return home and be united.;在参加古墓文物展出时,戴迪安称,他希望所有大堡子山遗失海外的文物都可以尽快“被返还到家园团聚”Xia Hongmin, vice governor of Gansu, extended gratitude on behalf of the provincial government, to Deydier for his two generous acts.甘肃省副省长夏红民,代表甘肃省政府对戴迪安的慷慨举动表达了他们的谢意Tombs in Dabuzhishan were badly looted during the 1990s and a large number of relics, including the gold ornaments, were smuggled abroad. The gold ornaments may have been used to decorate coffins or for horse armor.大堡子山古墓的文物在上世纪九十年代被大量的掠夺,包括黄金饰品在内被抢夺到了海外。这些金属饰品也许曾经被用于装饰棺材和马匹盔甲Earlier this year, a 1,000-year-old Buddha statue, with a mummified monk inside, was pulled from a Hungarian exhibition following allegations that it was stolen from a Fujian village. Its Dutch owner said he was willing to give it back to the village if it is proved to have been stolen from there.在今年早些时候,在匈牙利展出的一尊内部有1000年历史的风干僧人的佛像,被指控是从福建省一个村子偷走的。该文物的荷兰持有者称如果可以实是从那里偷走的,那么就会归还给当地. /201509/401406赣州隆鼻医院哪家好

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