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C. Keywords. armchairs, bed, dresser, desk, chair, bookcase, TV, stereo, speakers, table lamp. Vocabulary. dresser, diagonally.A young couple is moving into a small apartment. Write the name of each piece of furniture in its correct position on the floor plan.Gee, I dont remember it being this small. I thought the room was a lot bigger. So did I, but itll be OK once we get the furniture in.Look, why dont we put the armchairs in front of the fireplace?Yeah, Um, maybe we should decide really where the bed goes first. It the biggest piece of furniture, after all...Right, well, why dont we put the bed behind the door as you come in? Oh, yeah, that a good idea. Um, we can put the bed in the corner.OK, now, what next? Well, how about the dresser?Why dont we put it across from the fireplace in the corner next to the closest?Im going to put it there now. Why dont you help me. Why dont you move it and Ill just watch. Oh, yeah, right.Come on. lift your end. Now dont scratch the floor. OK, but it heavy. What in it? I thought you were supposed to empty out the drawers.Well, I didnt get around to that this morning...Ah...didnt get around to it...Let me see, how does that look? It looks good. Hmm, now where do you want your desk?Well, how about in the far corner between the two windows, I mean I need lots of light.Do you think itll fit there? Well, itll probably fit if we...we can put it diagonally.Oh, good idea, and then the chairs can have its back to the fireplace. Yeah, I could live with that.All right, what about the bookcase? Well, how about on the far wall between those two windows I guess, so itll be right near the desk.Yeah, Yeah, Good idea. All right, where do you think the TV should go?How about in the corner to the left of the fireplace. So we can watch it from the armchairs.And we can put the stereo next to the TV, with the speakers on either side of the fireplace.Terrific! Now let me see, what else is there?Well, there the table lamp. Well, the table lamp should go on top of the dresser.Hold it a minute, Im...Im trying to find the outlet...You know, that really looks nice.Looking at that desk, though, I think I may need some more light to work. Well, I could buy a desk lamp. Good idea.You know, the place really looks good. Yeah, you want to put your books in the bookcase now, or do you want to wait ....? 50M^.ebO^L,WhQRly_x_71|avkER]ql凭借在《老友记第一季中菲比这一角色;;一个傻呼呼,却又十分可爱的乡村歌手,1998年莉莎bull;库卓获得艾美奖最佳女配角的提名,莉莎的表演还为她赢得了金球奖,银幕演员协会和美国喜剧奖的提名OD~5i]jQg后来莉莎转向了大银幕,同样收获丰硕9^h@HmB6Z;U5uy1997年,她被《人物周刊评为全球最美丽的五十人EP[AjITArKceDUvPN,ra曾在《在线诊疗中饰演医生的她会在节目中和主持人有怎样的互动呢?[qh]3DqB@fPwbo-Hello, Im Doctor Fiona Wallice, and you are?[qh]你好,我是菲奥娜bull;瓦利斯医生,你是;;?[qh]uIzZ-ty#N7CWGN-I am Peter Travers. And doctor, Im a movie critic.[qh]我是彼得bull;特拉维斯.@0dj;YA_G1fyWGN医生,我是一个电影家[3!NFNIA!PoVHP][qh]d]x[W0VMHM5F^Ov5z-Yes, your name sounds familar to me,so?是的,你的名字我听起来很熟悉G)E3c5W|N_Bop?1-LNu)LQ(Hla.^oN-Wah, well, doesnt, you know.哦,你不了解的vQ.]V]QKwdso_8D9qt*7L- which publication?对于这本刊物?;uS8ex_oMtOb8-It called Rolling Stone.这叫做滚石Io)+8iANa(P9Vi|S)mP-Oh, no, I wouldnt be ing that.哦,不,我不会读TnnmBP,~3x1(u3!xc@z;[Bg#xaP-Oh, God, who would? And Im miserable. And I have dreams but I know this is something you really dont like.哦,上帝,谁会呢?我惨了)ko9.y3JIV我有梦想,但是我知道你真的不喜欢6_0LGnK;L0kVeIZJqh|)0R0C*FN;p3!9m-Dreams? No, they dont mean anything really.梦想?他们没有任何意义,真的8+7%cIuHXOJz^^#!r,0ZC(f!C.d-But here is the thing that does work my ....但真的对我有作用,而且对我的g5VIb1^GFmrZe0lrE,9@KdKcCHij0JioeDF3ezA#Wfr1J7C+]BibEABRB5a-You are gonna talk about it anyway.你是无论如何都想讨论这东西了nDsyIJY3@FR379%]5#;Qf-You can ask me. I know we dont have time and Im nervous about it. But Im not dreaming this. People whose movies|6)!KUqG_xI hate are coming after me. And it not in an illusion or delusion that coming after me what do I do?...你可以问我kJUw9hqN#我知道我们没时间而且我很紧张gYNLlDfIl但我不是在做梦吧RaKU;tQJOyu7_a我讨厌那些电影跟随我Cf^Fe0UOdk,~但那不是一种幻觉或错觉,我该怎样做eve)9J0;rz9-tHwb?;9vs[3@1fON-Are you finished?你说完了?+[9hOPb~RV.G[-cKc-What do I do? What do I do?我该怎么办? 我该怎么办?df9k1d[6bM-Oh, well, I know, I mean, it sounds like maybe you have certain regrets over some of the cruel things that you saylC8]T~%yOwbGBabout people who are just trying to do their job?哦,好吧,我知道,我的意思是,这听起来就像你一定后悔干出一些你认为残忍的事情,你说那些人只是想做他们自己的工作?G#hdk+tY%FzR-But doctor, if I had regrets, I couldnt continue to do my job.但医生,如果我有遗憾,我就不能继续做我的工作ySdzJfE#jkU65G,K-ueW)|8JYJA-Then you are in the pickle, arent you?接着你泡菜,是不是?Jtg_W3Qp~G5p-That your answer?那是你的?H,QAF!TbUDGwMO6NA-Well, you have to figure it out, dear adult. You can make choices, you have free will.好了,你必须清楚,亲爱的成年人NX*ew!*Cm^U!Ci@-Lbd你可以选择,你拥有自由意志_@xyn-Z+usyTyqKES,-6e6+-B[[BhP~vuCA5-No, Im a child. No, Im...不,我是一个孩子AgDMD@Z_H0XFUStq.VAb-All right. Well if...I dont...If you are going to get emotional then this might not work out so well.很好rV]th)+wm;]Va如果;;我不;如果你正打算情感用事,那么这可能不是很好IVqGP7vWMd9lzGe-Iccnz,W;*(te-You are useless to me. Useless.你是无用的Cs;k#caHXgaW无用的+HgIDtQKAzk.WqLXf!UNdjj)yo[WB-All right, well. Then likely it only three minutes, then neither of us have wasted much time, have we?好吧5RB[+[.FCO(78;y^可能只有三分钟,然后我们都已经浪费了太多时间,是吗?w1QJs,SyU]@r-To hell with you, Im not paying my 5 dollars.去你的,我不会花付5美元Sq~dK-gttz1|e|x,6c]pJ-Goodbye.再见^@@GxgRzle_H_K9pAcnT(Ka!ge]SWEorPP1_V!@XT8(Qg!~S

8.How to Motivate Workers?8.如何激励员工?It is logical to suppose that things likegood labor relations, good working conditions, good wages and benefits and jobsecurity motivate workers, but one expert, Fredrick Herzberg argued that suchconditions do not motivate workers. They are merely satisfiers.人们会逻辑推断某些有利的因素,例如良好的劳资关系,优越的工作条件,丰厚的工资和津贴以及职业安全感都会激发工人的工作动力,但是专家雷德里克·赫兹伯格则断言这些条件并没有成为工人工作的驱动力它们只不过使其获得满足罢了Motivators, in contrast, include thingssuch as having a challenging and interesting job, recognition andresponsibility. However, even with the development of computers and robotics,therere always plenty of boring, repetitive and mechanical jobs and lots ofunskilled people who have to do them.相反,激励机制包括了拥有一份既富有挑战又有趣的工作、认同与责任等然而,即使计算机和机器人技术获得了发展,仍然存在大量无聊、重复和机械性的工作,而大量缺乏技能的人群不得不从事此类工作So how do managers motivate people iin suchjobs? One solution is to give them some responsiblities, not as individuals,but as a part of a team. example, some supermarkets combine office stuff topeople who fill the shelves, and the people who work at the check out into ateam, and let them decide what product lines to stock, how to display them and soon.,经理人如何激励从事这类工作的员工呢?解决方法之一是赋予他们某种责任,这种责任不是作为个体而言,而是将其视为某个集体中的一部分例如,有些超市将办公室人员和理货员、收银员合在一起组成了工作团队,让他们决定要上什么样的产品线,以及如何展示它们等等Many people now talk about the importanceof a company shared values or culture with which all the staff can identify, example, being the best hotel chain, or making the best, the mostuser-friendly or the most reliable products in a particular field.现在许多人在谈论所有员工都认可的企业价值和文化的重要性例如,成为最佳连锁酒店或做得做好,用户界面最友好的,或者成为某一特定领域最值得信赖的产品Such values are more likely to motivateworkers than ffinancial targets which automatically only concern a few people.Untunately, there only a limited number of such goals to go around and bydefinition, not all the competing companies in an industry can seriously planto be the best.这些价值比仅仅与一小部分人有关的经济目标更有可能激励员工不幸的是,这样的目标设定有限,确切地说,并不是某一行业中所有的竞争企业都能制定出最佳计划 389877

  Endearing terms 可爱的称呼Bernie was invited to his friend's home dinner. Morris, the host, preceded every request to his wife by endearing terms, calling her Honey, My Love, Darling, Sweetheart, etc. Bernie looked at Morris and remarked, "That is really nice, that after all these years that you have been married, and you keep calling your wife those pet names." Morris hung his head and whispered," To tell the truth, I got her name three years ago."Bernie应邀来到他的朋友Morris家吃晚餐在朋友家,Bernie发现,不管问他老婆什么问题,Morris总要在每句话的前面加上一些亲密的称呼,象蜜糖,我的爱人,亲爱的,甜心等等Bernie对Morris说,“你们夫妻俩真够亲密的,结婚这么多年了,你还叫她叫得那么亲密”Morris低下头,小声地对Bernie说,“老实跟你说吧,三年前我忘记老婆的真名是什么了” 95




  Benjamin Spock and The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care; The Florida Everglades; destroying versus destructive; to catch up; to drop off Words:pediatriciancommon sense to trust (one’s) instinctsstrict schedule to potty train affection rowercivil disobediencechildrearing to drain endangered mangrove destroyingdestructive to catch up to drop-off 3900



  Ask an American-Working e vs. offer, Something Gotta GiveWords:roleglobalmarketFDAclinical researchto negotiateobstaclespatientsjargonmultiplegeographyeoffergottato give 39

  1. Where does the man want to go?A. Tokyo Subway StationB. Tokyo Art MuseumC. Tokyo Tower. How much is the train fare?A. 0 yenB. 0 yenC. 0 yen3. Where should the man get on the train?A. platm number 3B. platm number C. platm number 5. How often do the trains come?A. about every five minutesB. about every six minutesC. about every seven minutes5. Where should the man get off the train?A. at Kamiyacho StationB. at Kamigaya StationC. at Kamiyama Station 377

  World's fully automated restaurant Let's get a glimpse of the world's first fully-automated food ordering and delivery system -Hello, can I have a table one please.-Sure, no problem.-Thank you very much.That was Sonia, and she's pretty much the last staff member I will be seeing at the Baggers restaurant in Nuremberg. Inside, its pots, cups and bottles on a roller-coaster ride. The owners say they've designed what they believe is the world's first fully automated food ordering and delivery system. Here's how it works.Let's just see what we will have today, why not a steak? And we are y to go. And that sets these guys in motion. A little sauce, some salad, then they put it into this specially-designed, well, let's just call it a food sled. And it's off to the races, straight to my table."This out of here, y to eat." Easy enough, most customers tell us they came the entertainment value.I've never seen anything like this bee, this woman says, I think it's really funny. It makes eating an adventure, he says, certainly something totally different.But the restaurant's creator says what looks like a cute gimmick makes pretty good business sense as well.In a fast food restaurant, imagine customers don't have to go to the counter, Michael Mack says, you don't need an employee to take orders or the payment process, and then the food just slides to the table. It all becomes much more efficient with less staff. Efficiency is what it's all about. No waiters, and of course, no tip. Fred Pleitgen CNN, Nuremberg, Germany.WORDS IN THE NEWS1. roller-coaster: n-countA roller-coaster is a small railway at a fair that goes up and down steep slopes fast and that people ride on pleasure or excitement.. in motion: phraseIf a process or event is in motion, it is happening. If it is set in motion, it is happening or beginning to happen.3. off to the races: idiombusy doing something . gimmick: n-countA gimmick is an unusual and unnecessary feature or action whose purpose is to attract attention or publicity. 071

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