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第一句:Have you filled out the customs declaration m?您填好海关申报单了吗?A: Have you filled out the customs declaration m?您填好海关申报表了吗?B: Yes, here you are.是的,给你第二句:Your customs declaration m, please.请出示海关申报表A: Your customs declaration m, please. Do you have anything to declare?请出示海关申报表你有什么要申报吗?B: No, sir.没有,先生A: What in this bag?这袋子里有什么东西?B: Clothes and books.衣和书询问和出示海关申报单的相关说法是:Let me see your customs declaration m, please.请让我看一下你的申报单当然有时候不必填申报单,你可以口头申报,不过最好先问清楚:May I give you an oral declaration?我可以口头申报吗? 197We all probably know someone who is allergic to pollen or dust, but what about cold weather or even underwear? Indeed, various unusual allergies exist, and some of them can be dangerous. Allergist Tim Mainardi sat down with FoxNews.com to discuss some of these allergens, as well as their effects and how to treat them.我们也许都知道有人对花粉过敏,有人对灰尘过敏,但你知道有人对冷空气甚至内裤过敏吗?事实上,生活中有各种罕见的过敏现象,有些还很危险过敏症专科医师蒂姆·梅娜迪莅临福克斯新闻频道,向大家介绍一些过敏原及其影响和治疗方法Cold weather: Dr. Mainardi said this allergy is fairly common. It a type of physical urticaria, which is a fancy word hives. Hives are caused by the release of histamines, which is why people generally take an antihistamine when they break out. Dr. Mainardi said hands are typically the body part that most vulnerable to this allergen. ;Holding onto cold drinks, you develop hives where the cold has touched them.; To treat a cold-weather allergy, Mainardi recommended taking an antihistamine.冷空气过敏:梅娜迪医生表示,对冷空气的过敏相当普遍,它实际上是一种荨麻疹,说好听点是物理性风团荨麻疹是由组胺的释放所致组胺释放的时候,人们需要用抗组胺剂梅娜迪医生表示,人的双手最容易受到冷空气过敏原的攻击;如果你手里拿着冷饮,接触冷饮的地方就会出现荨麻疹症状; 梅娜迪医生建议,治疗冷空气过敏的方法就是用抗组胺剂Exercise: An allergy to exercise can be dangerous and scary, Dr. Mainardi said. It usually affects people ages to 5. During exercise, a person can feel warmth then break out in hives. The reaction can become systemic, and the person can then develop true anaphylaxis. The attack usually is associated with consumption of certain foods. Decades ago, eating shellfish and exercising shortly after commonly triggered the reaction, but now it more common to see anaphylaxis with consumption of wheat. ;Anybody who has this has to be very careful about any type of strenuous activity,; Mainardi said. If you suffer from an allergy to exercise, see an allergist who can help prescribe medication and a treatment plan so you can continue to work out.运动过敏:梅娜迪医生表示,运动过敏既危险又可怕运动过敏患者通常是到5岁运动的时候,有人可能会体温上升,之后爆发荨麻疹荨麻疹的症状会遍及全身,引发真正的过敏症荨麻疹的爆发通常与食用某些食物有关几十年前,食用甲壳类动物之后马上运动通常会引起荨麻疹的爆发,但现在过敏往往是由食用小麦而致梅娜迪医生说:;荨麻疹患者要谨慎从事任何形式的剧烈运动;如果运动过敏,你就要去找过敏症专科医师开药并制定治疗计划只有这样,你才能继续锻炼Underwear: An allergy to underwear is a contact dermatitis, or an itchy rash. People can be allergic to fabrics, dyes, chemicals and preservatives in clothes— like latex, which is commonly found in the waistbands of underwear. The best way to combat this allergy is to find organic replacements. instance, latex-free clothes that use lycra are usually hypoallergenic. As far as the fabric itself, Dr. Mainardi said some companies make organic clothing and that ;natural fibers like cotton are the best.;内裤过敏:对内裤过敏是一种接触性皮炎,或是一种发痒性皮疹人们可能会对衣物中的纤维、染料、化学制品和防腐剂过敏——比如乳胶,内裤的束腰带中通常含有乳胶治疗内裤过敏最好的方法是找到有机的替代品比如,不含乳胶的莱卡衣物的过敏性较低梅娜迪医生说:;有些公司制作有机衣物在所有面料中,棉布等天然纤维是最好的选择;If you believe you have an allergy, consult a doctor bee taking any treatment.如果你觉得自己对某些东西过敏,接受治疗之前一定要去咨询一下医生 5889A photo of an old woman holding up an umbrella a young child has recently gone viral on China social media.最近,一位老年妇女为一个年幼的孩子打伞的照片在中国的社交媒体上迅速走红In the photo, the kid is not at all covered by the umbrella, which looks amusing.在照片中,孩子并没有完全在伞的遮挡下,这看起来很有趣Some web users added lyrics from Chinese pop songs to the picture, such as ;Grandma, am I the one you love most?; or ;Chilly rain pats my face.;随后,一些网络用户把中国流行歌曲的歌词添加到了照片上,如;奶奶,我是不是你最疼爱的人?;或着;冷冷的冰雨在脸上胡乱地拍;They also created emoticons of the kid.此外,他们还创造了这个孩子的表情包The girl, from Hefei City of Anhui Province, is years old. The old woman is her grandmother.据悉,这名女孩来自安徽省合肥市,今年岁而那位老年妇女是她的奶奶They were on their way to a market to claim the milk bottle left there the previous day.当时他们正在去一个市场的路上,要去取回前一天遗落在市场的奶瓶The grandmother didnt realize the funny scene until a passer-by, who took the picture, reminded her.直到一个拍了照的路人提醒,这位奶奶才意识到了这一滑稽的场景 73

Over 00 funeral pits and a massive quantity of other goods were recently excavated from the Emperor Qinshihuang (the first Emperor of Qin) in Shaanxi province.日前,位于陕西省的秦始皇陵中挖掘出了00多个葬坑和大量的其他物品Most of the burial objects were animal remains or animal-shaped pottery and copperware.其中大部分的陪葬物品都是动物尸体、或者动物形状的陶器和铜器Most of the objects were related to horses - either horse remains or horse-shaped goods.大多数出土文物都和马有关--既有马的尸体,也有马形状的物品In addition, the remains of a number of other species, including deer, muntjac, cranes and swans, were also among the excavated objects.此外,出土文物种还有其他一些动物的尸体,包括鹿、麂、鹤以及天鹅Historians believe that the number of harnessed or domesticated animals in the Qin Dynasty (1- ) was , with horses being the most important due to their strategic value.历史学家认为,秦朝(公元前1-)可利用和驯养过的动物有种,其中马因其战略价值而最为重要The discovery also proves that, dating back to ,000 years ago, animals were not only hunted meat, but were also used more widely in art and society.这一发现也明,在00年前,动物不仅仅只是被猎杀取肉,还被广泛用于艺术和社会活动The mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang is five kilometers east of Lintong County, 35 kilometers from Xian City in Shaanxi Province.秦始皇陵位于临潼县东五公里处,距西安市有35公里远In the spring of I97, when peasants sank a well in a village near the Mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang, burial terracotta warriors and horses were found.在197年春天,秦始皇陵墓附近一村子的村民在挖井时发现了墓葬兵马俑 819

A: I wonder if you could help me find something my daughter.能不能麻烦您帮我给我女儿挑一件礼物?B: Do you think shed like a laptop?你觉得买一台笔记本电脑她会不会喜欢?A: I think that would be perfect.我感觉不错B: A Mac is something most people appreciate.大部分人都喜欢Mac的机子A: In fact, she prefers Macs. How much is one?其实她也很喜欢Mac的多少钱一台?B: Our -inch Pro will cost you only $,0.英寸的只要美元A: She going to be so happy. Let me have one.她应定会很高兴的我买一台B: Youve made a good decision. How would you like to pay?您真有眼光用什么方式付款?A: Ill pay it with my VISA.用我的信用卡B: It all yours after you sign here, please.您只要在这里签字就行了A: Are there any extras that she needs?还需不需要买其他配件?B: This is good to go. If she wants accessories, just visit us again.这个就够了如果她还需要别的可以再来A: Youve been so helpful. Thank you.多谢你的帮助B: Have a nice day, and thank you shopping here.谢谢您的惠顾 66

An Australian woman who was told she might never become pregnant says she has given birth to twins conceived days apart.一名曾被告知自己可能永远无法怀的澳洲女子日前表示,她产下了一对出生相隔天的双胞胎Kate Hill was receiving hormone treatment polycystic ovary syndrome, a condition that meant she was not ovulating.这位名叫凯特·希尔的女子患有多囊性卵巢综合征,不能排卵怀,她为此接受了激素治疗She apparently conceived twins at different times despite only having unprotected sex once during that time.尽管那段时间她只进行过一次无保护措施的性行为,但却在不同的时间里怀上了双胞胎It is very rare a woman to conceive a second time when aly pregnant.一个已经怀的女性再次怀,这是非常罕见的Most twins are the result of a woman releasing two eggs at the same time, or, less commonly, a fertilised egg subsequently splitting into two.大多数双胞胎都是女性同时排下两颗卵子而来的,或者,也有少数情况是一颗受精卵分裂成两颗The twin girls, Charlotte and Olivia, were born months ago with different sizes, weights and gestational development, according to reports.根据报道,双胞胎女孩夏洛特和奥利维亚已经十个月大了,她们出生时身高、体重和发育状况各不相同;We actually did not realise how special that was until they were born,; Mrs Hill told Australia Seven Network.希尔女士在接受澳大利亚《第七频道采访时表示:“直到孩子们出生,我们才意识到这是多么的特别”Pregnancy normally stops the monthly cycle of ovulation but very rarely a woman can release another egg after conceiving. If this is fertilised it could also implant and develop into a healthy pregnancy.一般情况下,女性怀后就停止排卵,但极为罕见的是,如果在怀后还能排卵,并且能正常受精,也能着床并发育成一个健康的胚胎It is believed only cases of the phenomenon, known as superfetation, have been documented across the world.这种情况在医学上被称作异期复,是极为罕见的,据估计全球只有例记录在册Speaking about the rare conception, Mrs Hill husband Peter joked: ;Hole in one, maybe.;谈到这一罕见的怀,希尔的丈夫皮特开玩笑道:“可能是一击入洞”The couple obstetrician Brad Armstrong said the condition was so rare he was ced to search it online. ;I could not find any literature in the medical review websites at all,; he said.这对夫妻的产科医师布莱德·阿姆斯特朗表示,这一情况十分罕见,他不得不上网查找他说道:“我在医学综述网站上找不到任何文献资料” 1807

A couple who split after 3 years of marriage have tied the knot again.一对夫妇离婚3年后,再一次喜结连理Roz and Ian Ellis from Aberdeen have just got married the second time, almost 50 years after their first wedding.来自亚伯丁的罗兹和伊恩·埃利斯刚刚举办了他们的第二次婚礼,这距离他们的第一次婚礼已将近50年The couple met in Lanarkshire in Scotland in January 1967 and married a year later.1967年1月,两人相遇于苏格兰的拉纳克郡,一年后,两人举办了婚礼However, after having three sons (Ian, Stewart and Ewan) and eight grandchildren, the couple divorced in 1991.然而,这对夫妻在1991年选择了离婚,当时两人已经有3个儿子(伊恩、斯图尔特和伊万)和8个孙子了Both remarried - but remained friends - and two years ago they rekindled their romance after both their partners passed away.之后尽管两人仍然是好朋友,但各自都开始了另一段婚姻直到两年前他们的老伴都去世以后,两人之间重新燃起了爱火The couple married the second time in Aberdeen on January 3, having reignited their relationship after attending their son Stewart wedding in .年,在参加了他们的儿子斯图尔特的婚礼之后,两人重归于好,今年1月3日,这对夫妇在亚伯丁举行了两人的第二次婚礼At the second wedding, eldest son Ian was his father best man while son Stewart gave Roz away.在第二次婚礼上,长子伊恩作为他父亲的伴郎,而斯图尔特则负责将罗兹交给老伊恩Roz said: ;Our first wedding was a big traditional affair, so we didnt feel the need to do it again – we decided to keep it quite low-key with our family and friends.;罗兹说:;我们已经举行过一次非常传统且隆重的婚礼,所以我们认为没有必要再这样——最终决定在我们的家人和朋友之间举行一次低调的婚礼;;Everyone said it was such a lovely romantic story – I never thought wed get married again, but Im so happy that we did. I kept my original wedding ring, so I used it again this time round – Ian hadnt though, so maybe he not quite as sentimental as me! It like weve come full circle.;;每个人都说这是一个感人且浪漫的故事——我从来没有想过我们还能再结婚一次,但我非常高兴我一直保留着我的第一个结婚戒指,所以这一次它又派上了用场——然而伊恩的已经丢了,可能他感情没我那么细腻这感觉好像我们又回到了原点; 05

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